View Full Version : Offering a Giratina with POKERUS

July 22nd, 2009, 10:11 AM
Omg I just got lucky and got Pokerus I spreaded it around to the Pokemon I plan on EV training as well as an old Cut Slave I don't use anymore just to have it stored in the PC for the future.

The Giratina I'm offering isn't EV'd and the nature isn't that great but it has Pokerus which can be spread to your Pokemon.

I'm looking for event Pokemon (Shaymin, Mew, Darkrai, Arceus, etc.) I already have Manaphy but will consider getting another Manaphy if it's Modest nature and/or shiny.

Those offering Arceus, Mew (Modest or Adamant preffered), or Modest Manaphy move to the front of the line.