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August 9th, 2009, 2:48 PM
Pokémon: Fight of the Mini Legendaries

One fine spring morning, in the Eterna Forest, Wurmples happily ate leaves as groups of Beautifly flew all around, pollinating the flowers. There were rocky ledges outlining the forest, like a majestic castle wall, protecting all that lay inside. Geodudes and Golems played around the large boulders. A family of Ursaring and Teddiursa searched through the grass for berries. Sitting on top of a tall rock was a very strange looking pokemon. It was gray and black, with red stripes on its chest and dark, jet-black eyes. It had two ghost-like wings protruding from its back. The tips had a rather large red spike coming from the black, misty wings. This pokemon seemed intimidating, but was very powerful looking for its size. The pokemon was only the size of a baseball. The pokemon’s name is Giratina. Giratina yawned and looked around, watching all the pokemon go on with their busy lives. It walked slowly down one side of the rock, using its small wings to glide off of sharp angles. Giratina trotted happily over to a small puddle of water, just deep enough for swimming, and jumped in. It swam around in a circle, splashing in the water and taking three long sips from the sparkling liquid. Giratina was having a fantastic time, but it was interrupted by an ear-piercing roar coming from behind it. Giratina threw its head around and was staring into the eyes of a dark blue pokemon. This one was also strange; it had red eyes and a long head. Silver spike-like outlines were wrapped around its body in several places. The pokemon stood on four legs, where Giratina stood on six. The pokemon Giratina was looking at was Dialga. It was the same size as Giratina, and was very angry at something. Giratina opened its mouth to speak but Dialga cut it off with another roar. In a quick and squeaky voice, Giratina asked Dialga a question.
“Excuse me, why are you so upset?”
Dialga tilted its head to the right, as if trying to understand and growled.
“You are in my puddle!!!” it exclaimed, also with a squeaky voice.
Giratina looked down at the puddle it was playing in and felt a frown spread across its face.
“Oh, I’m very sorry; I thought this puddle was abandoned.”
“Well it’s NOT! Now get OUT!” Dialga roared and shot a shadow ball at Giratina.
Giratina yelped and tried to duck, but the ball struck it in the chest, severely hurting it. Dialga seemed pleased and ran over to Giratina, who was clutching its chest, with tears running down its face. Dialga snickered and started to laugh.
“You cry? HA! I haven’t cried since I was a baby”, Dialga fell on its side, laughing hard.
Giratina sniffed and got to its feet, clearly upset. It widened its stance and closed its eyes. Drawing in power from around itself it gave a roar and unleashed a purple-black veil of mist that threw Dialga only a few feet. Giratina opened its eyes and looked at Dialga, who was laughing extremely hard on the ground. Giratina turned away, ashamed, and stomped off, crying harder than before. Dialga gasped for air as tears enveloped in its eyes from laughing so hard. Dialga got to its feet and started to taunt Giratina with very hurtful comments. Giratina felt his feet slam harder into the rocky earth and it felt a rumbling in the ground. Dialga was about to yell another series of insults at Giratina, but was stopped dead by a blast of rocks and soil from the ground under its feet. Giratina turned around as he heard Dialga yelp in fear. Another huge blast of rocks hit Dialga right in the face, which made it fall on its back, panting. Giratina smiled with a very evil grin and started to jump up and down on purpose. Dialga shouted for Giratina to stop, but it was having too much fun. Finally, Giratina jumped up very high in the air and used its wings to help it dangle there for a moment, then released itself and came crashing down on the rock. The jump caused a huge ripple in the solid rock and exploded under Dialga’s feet, sending it flying into orbit, screaming the whole way. Giratina felt a proud smile tug at its face, and happily marched away, skipping and singing a song from a movie it saw through the window of someone’s home.
Dialga floated in space for a moment, gazing at the stars, then felt a burning sensation in its behind as it started to fall back to earth. Screaming the whole way, Dialga landed hard in a small river, face first. Giratina was waiting on the shore and started to laugh. Dialga stood up and felt its throat tighten as it started to cry. Giratina gasped and swam out to Dialga.
“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Giratina frowned and looked into Dialga’s eyes.
Dialga sniffed and grinned a bit, “I guess I deserved that, I’m sorry too.”
They both smiled and gave each other a big pokemon hug, and they both were great friends.

Giratina and Dialga were playing in the same puddle they both discovered and spent most of the afternoon with each other. They played with a plump Oran berry, using it as a beach ball.
They both jumped as a whale-like pokemon with strange red markings and huge wing-like fins flew past them. Giratina and Dialga looked over to where the pokemon was and another came running out. This pokemon was the colour of molten lava and had a very big, flat tail with sharp claws and spikes along its body. It roared at the blue, whale-like pokemon, cursing under its breath as the other pokemon sped up. Dialga heard a snarl from overhead and shot its head up. There was a very weird looking snake-like pokemon floating in the sky. It was a deep hunter green and had two small arms. It roared at the other two pokemon to stop, but they continued their little quarrel. Giratina called out to the green pokemon.
“Excuse me! May you three play somewhere else, my friend and I are having a play date!”
The green pokemon seemed offended by this, and dropped down with bullet-speed right beside Giratina and Dialga.
“My name is Rayquaza, and we three are NOT playing!”
“Oh, I’m very sorry. If I can ask, what are you three doing?” Giratina asked.
“Well, Kyogre made Groudon angry because Kyogre thought it would be funny to trip Groudon while sleep walking into a pile of berries.”
Dialga felt a chuckle roll in its throat, but coughed and looked away as Rayquaza snapped at its face.
A white and pink pokemon came walking around the corner, holding an ice cream in its hand and smiling happily. It looked like a T-rex, but had big claws and a strange Mohawk-like fin on its head. It looked up from its ice cream and saw the two pokemon racing towards it. The pokemon shrieked and hurried up and swallowed its ice cream whole, roaring in pain from a brain freeze. Kyogre looked behind to see where Groudon was and slammed right into the other pokemon. Groudon yelped at crashed into the back of Kyogre. The three of them tumbled endlessly down a rocky slope, barely missing jagged edges and sharp rocks. They fell into a thorn bush and cried with pain, holding their rears as thorns poked at them.
Rayquaza, Giratina, and Dialga looked over the edge and laughed. Rayquaza doubled over from laughing so hard.
“Ha, that’ll teach em”.
They went down and helped the three pokemon out of the bush, brushing off all the thorns. Giratina looked at the white pokemon and asked what its name was.
“My name is Palkia! Glad to meet you.”
They all smiled and shook Palkia’s hand in greeting. Groudon pinned Kyogre to the ground and roared in its face.
“Don’t EVER do that to me again!”
Kyogre struggled to get up, but Groudon was too strong.
“I promise I will not do it again.”
Groudon was pleased with Kyogre’s answer and got off of it. Rayquaza crossed its arms and tapped its long tail on the ground. Groudon and Kyogre looked down and turned to face each other. They looked each other in the eyes and took turns apologizing. After that, they gave each other a hug and spent the day with Giratina, Dialga, Palkia, and Rayquaza in the puddle.
They all became great friends and went on their own adventures together and met many pokemon along the way.

The End

*I would like to dedicate this story to my boyfriend for giving me the idea of making Giratina and Dialga fight, and for the idea to make them mini-pokemon instead of their monstrous sizes. Thank you!*

I wrote this story for fun, and to set up all the Legys for a 2nd story that will include pranks and funny spills. Enjoy!