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October 8th, 2004, 3:00 AM
this is a diferent kind of RP. this is what you call a chain RP. it works a bit different. you don't control a character. you control the story. and add more to the story. this how it starts. i start the story then the next person add to the story and type something to add to the story. it must have something to do with what it happening. there is one main character but other character can come and stay with the main character (like ash and his friends). i give you an example:

ex: first post: john got up and got his first pkmn...bhahb ....then he found him self in a battle with an evil person

second post:john sends out his krabby to attack. the evil person sends out and giant evil looking electabuzz.....bhahb......john was able to escape with his pkmn and all but the evil guy was no where to be found.

that how it is.

Now the story polt! it about a coming to age pokemon hero but all great heros need to start somewhere so where to start with is to get his first pkmn and a gym quest. eventally he will do something to become a hero and it ends until we feel there nothing to add

now lets start

"Sean time to get up!!! you going to be late to met Professor Oak." my mom called from my door. i got up and saw the time. i read that it was 8:44. "WHAT!!!! i late!!! MOM!! how come you didn't wake me up at 7:00." i said as i but on my black jean pants. she responed "because i wasn't awake at that time. hurry up and come get your breakfast" man! mom can be a bit lazy. where are my red shrit and my yellow jacket. there it is "comeing mom." i ran down the stairs and grab my blue backpack. my mom talked a bit but i wasn't listening. i was trying to eat my food. when i was done i said "yeah mom well bye." and gave her a kiss goodbye. i felt said when i gave her that kiss and she feels the same as i am the 3rd of her childern to leave on a pkmn journey.

i ran to proffessor oak's lab to reach him i time. bust througt his lab door and saw him in the back of his lab and ran to him. "hi Sean nice to see you. i think you are bit late but..." said proffessor oak. i interrupted "so sorry i late. do you have a pkmn for me." professor oak said "i do have one but not a elmental pkmn like the ones i give out it is..." he was showing me a pokeball. then i took it and "said go pokemon" the pkmn that came out was an eevee!!"like i said this one is different. and this is what you get when you come late. just remember this pkmn can evo to different kinds of pkmns. time to leave and keep in contact" i was a bit dis appointed as i left the lab.

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October 8th, 2004, 7:27 AM
Why not

I recalled Eevee and left the lab. Heading for the forest I heard someone call my name. "Sean hey Sean." I turned and saw a girl running towards me. "Hi Jodi." I said waving. She stoped in front of me and replyed. "Hi Sean, I see that you've goten your first Pokemon." "Yeah" "Well I'm going to get one to but I don't want one from the Prof." "So how are you going to get one?" "I'll catch it." "Well Ok then bye." I turn to leave. "Wait" Trns back. "Huh" "I was wondering if I could come with you. At least until I have my first Pokemon." "Umm well sure I guess." We turn and head for the woods.

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October 12th, 2004, 2:36 AM
ooc:that was good.

ic:so me a trns were walking in the woods up to viridian city without a word between us until eevee spread out on all fours. i said "whats wrong eevee?" trns takes a look and then look in the direction were eevee was looking. "maybe it seasns a pkmn." trns said. maybe. i command eevee "eevee use tackle" eevee tackle what was in the bushes and it was a pidgey. the pidgey flew up and was diving to attack. i ask trns "do you want this pidgey?"

October 12th, 2004, 4:55 AM
OOC: Whos Trns? WHat happened to Jodi?

October 13th, 2004, 2:47 AM
ooc:that her name oopppss ok i must hve miss read the name so ook. keep on posting

October 13th, 2004, 8:25 AM
Jodi looks to Sean and replies:

" No, this is your first battle. I want to catch mine on my own."

Sean looks at her and then turns back to his eevee.

" Well, ok than. Eevee dodge it!!"

As Sean calls, the eevee jumps to the side as the pidgey strikes.

" Tackle, again!!" The eevee waits for the pidgey to come in close and than it tackles the pidgey. The pidgey lands on the ground lying there twitching a wing in attempts to rise.

October 14th, 2004, 2:40 AM
we countined walking to viridian city and saw a person in shorts and a tee on. jodi ask him "what you doing here. are you going to viridian too." the kid said "no. ilooking for a battle. how about it? you want to battle little girl?" jodi looked scared and said "no, i have no pkmn on me" the kid look angery and said "a person without any pkmn i a person without anything." then he push her. this got me mad. how could he do this to her. saying she has no pkmn and then push her. i told him. "i battle you. go eevee." eevee step forth in front of me to battle angery too. the kid look happy and grab his pokeball. "this isn't going to be a pidgy battle. go mankey. use karate chop." i saw the mankey move fast so i told eevee "use quick attack!!!"

October 14th, 2004, 4:36 PM
"Eevee dodge." Eevee moved aside quickly and this made Mankey mad. "Great now use Quick attack." Eevee hit Mankey but it had little effect. "Mankey Hi Jump Kick!" Eevee was sent flying throught the air. "Eevee get up." Eevee strugled to her feet. "You can do it Sean." Cried Jodi. Sean nodded. "OK Eevee use Double Team!"

October 15th, 2004, 2:50 AM
eevee created many alusion of it self. the mankey was looking for the real one. the kid said "attack the one in the middle with low kick!" the mankey slid and hit an alusion. it was off grade "eevee use quick attack." mankey didn't saw what happen and smash. it flew and hit a tree and fainted. the kid with look of surpise "what what i one of the most powerful in my ...... how can a kid like you and your little eevee beat us?!?!!? that eevee must be speaical!! you won't see the last of us!!" then in a flash of ligth the kid was gone! jodi was happy with me victory and said "wow the was so cool!! how you were able to beat that guy. but what was he talking about and where he went?" eevee jump into my hands and said "wweevv" in a happy way. i was gald to hear that my eevee is happy with this because i sure am. but that guy "that was a good one but tough. that guy must have been a nut or something"

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October 15th, 2004, 9:35 PM
Almost out of the woods coming before the city Jodi spots something clung to one of the trees.

" Sheesshhh!!" she says hushly to Sean as she crouches in her approach. This was her chance to catch her first pokemon.

As she nears the creature on the tree came to be a heracross. It was sucking the sweet sap from the exposed bark of the tree. It hadnt noticed the two approach as they happened to be down wind.

"How do you plan to catch that?" Sean asks in a whisper so as not to startle the pokemon.

" Just watch." jodi replies in the same manner.

Taking a twig from the ground she jams it into a nearby tree. After working it a few seconds, sap begins to ooze easily from the cuts. Taking a piece of flat bark like a plate she allows the sap to cover it in abundance.

Meanwhile the heracross has been fluttering its wings as it happily gourges itself on the sweet nector. Still slowly keeping watch and being quiet Jodi makes her way towards the pokemon.

She had fastend one of her shoe laces onto the bark and so leaves it out in the open while backing away again into the brush. Taking some small pebbles she throws these at the heracross to get its attention. Finally after ten rocks the bug pokemon catches sight of the tray of sap. It jumps quickly at it but Jodi pulls on her shoelace and the plate moves away from the heracross.

Jodi continues this untill the heracross is almost right by her. Quickly she takes some sap from the tree she cut and puts alitlle upon her hands, arms and cheeks. Than with one last tug on the lace the bark comes into her hand. The heracross pauses a second, than deciding that it really liked the sap jumps onto Jodi licking the bark clean. having the bark drained of sap the heracross than begins to suck upon the sap taht was over jodi!!.

Woth a free hand she grabs her only poke ball, saved for a time such as this. When the heracross seemed quite at ease being on her Jodi tosses the ball and it lands on heracross. And as simple as that the pokemon was caught.

" You know, I think I will call it Nector. *Giggles* What do you think?" she tells Sean.

" I think all girls are crazy." and with that they both laugh as they continue their way to Viridian City. Though Jodi made sure to collect some of that sap for her new friend, for later on.

October 16th, 2004, 5:31 AM
They arive in Veridian City just before sun down. "Come on we'd better get to the Pokemon center." Said Sean as a cool wind picked up. They walked through the sliding doors and asked Nurse Joy to look after their Pokemon. She said she would. Then she gave them a key and directed them to a room. "This is nice." Said Jodi looking around the room. There were two sets of bunk beds and the room was of good size. "I'll sleep here." Said Jodi pointing to the bed on the right. "Then I'll take the one on the left." Replyed Sean. They got into bed and imedeatly fell asleep.

October 18th, 2004, 2:55 AM
it was the middle of the nigth and Sean a woke to get a glass of water then walking down the hall and was scared to death by a chansey who was prtorling the halls. Sean countined walking to get his water. pass the nurse's counter and saw the nurse tied up and two guys next to her. one of the guys was the person i battle in on the way over here. i ran to Jodi to tell her what i saw.

October 18th, 2004, 9:59 PM
Jodi woke up to find Sean shaking her. "Whats up?" She asked seeing the expresion on his face. "That guy I battled is back and he has a friend. They've tied up Nurse Joy. Not sure what they want but we should help." Jodi nodds and they hurry back down the hall to where nurse Joy is tied up. "Hey let her go." Says Jodi running up to them. She is about to release her Pokemon when one of them knocks down. She gets back up fuming.

October 19th, 2004, 2:45 AM
"jodi!! why you did..what!!! eevee good job!!!!!!!!" eevee tackle the guy down who was geting to hit me with a chair. the kid look at me and said "you the one who beat me before but not this time because i am now with my fellow brothers. i am an Surprem." jodi was able to get up so i ask her if she knows what this guy is talking about? jodi gave a no and said "i think this guy is crazy." the guy who hit jodi got to the side of the other guy and said "Brother Web is not crazy. he and i are part of an organzation who belive that pokemon should only belong to the best people not the weak. so we steal pkmn and keep them for ourselfs. we are the Surprem. and you both don't deseave pkmn." the guy i battle spoke and said "yes you are rigth Brother Net. you were only luckly when you beat me this mourning. but now i have help. i chanllgege you to a double battle. an you only have one." the guy is rigth but "no. he not alone. he got me." it jodi who said this. "go necture. it time for battle." look like it even. "eevee are you ready to battle!" eevee gave out a "WEEVV!!!"

October 19th, 2004, 6:46 PM
"Very well then Go Houndoom!" "And I'll choose Golduck." "Alright then Necture use Tacle on Gyarados." "Eevee Quick attack on Houndoom." The two Pokemon obeyed. "Houndoom Flamethrower." "Golduck Water Gun."

October 21st, 2004, 2:35 AM
ooc:what?? who who pokemon. the eevee and heracross is the good guys and the houndoom and golduck and gyardos belongs to who

October 21st, 2004, 7:15 PM
A third individual appears from around a corner and recalls the Gyarados. This guy is about 5'11'', has long blue hair with spiked bangs that stick out above and below, and seems to be dressed oddly for a Pokemon Trainer. He wears what seems to be a white and blue uniform similar to ones that Jodi and Sean have seen on some Sci-Fi movies.

"Actually, THEY are the ones that you want to be fighting, not me..." he says to Sean and Jodi, as he pulls out another Poke-Ball, holding it in his left hand. He stares back at the two thugs and chuckles. "So, what's Team Dark doing in a place like THIS??" he asks.

The two thugs appear insulted at this remark, and the one that had the chair earlier steps up. "You don't need to know our business, outsider!!"

"Ahh..." the uniformed individual says. "I don't? Actually, I was just here getting my Pokemon healed, I went to the restroom for 2 minutes, and I came back out here to find a battle happening right in the middle of the freaking Pokemon Center! I can NOT just let you fools do as you please!! Sooo.... I'm gonna help these Trainers stop you."

The uniformed individual (whom I will refer to my character as until he gives his name.) holds up his right arm. "PD 002! Activate!" With that, his right sleeve falls to reveal what looks like a Poke-Dex attached to his arm.

October 21st, 2004, 11:12 PM
Jodi watches the newcomer. Team Dark is fuming at the insult and Sean is waiting for the right oppertunity to attack. He taps her on the shoulder and indicates a sneak attack. "Right. Necture Giga Drain!" "Eevee Quick Attack!" The two Pokemon attack the oponents head on.

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October 22nd, 2004, 2:46 AM
i have no idea who this guy is but if he's on our side that good enothe for me. anyways i don't think i want to battle a gyarados.

"eevee use double team" i use that attack just in time because the golduck just tried to use mega punch on eevee. jodi told her necture to attack with another giga drain so i told eevee to use take down on the golduck. i thougth that it be easier to attack just one pokemon. the mystery guy is still uploading his pokedex looking thing

October 22nd, 2004, 6:34 AM
The uniformed guy closes his right hand, and the device opens. "Ok Dex! What level are they on?"

"Houndoom has a Level of 6, while Golduck seems to be hovering between 10 and 11. The Heracross seems to be between Level 5 and 6. The Eevee is the strongest one here, at Level 13." The PD 0.02 said in a scientific-sounding voice.

Chezni gauges the surroundings, still clutching his Poke-Ball in his left hand. "Ok. There seems to be enough room for one more Pokemon. Alright Silfayree! Let's do this!!" he says as he launches the Poke-Ball.

A silverish sprite-like creature emerges, which seems to stand barely one and a half feet tall. Its wings seem to resemble Celebi's and it has two red antennae lining its long pink hair. It also seems to be wielding some sort of wand in its right hand. "Sil! Sil!!" is all it says.

The guy grins at the two hooligans. "You guys are in for it now! Silfayree! Use Silver Wind on Houndoom!!"

Silfayree spins around in a sort of flashy dance and points the wand at Houndoom. Immediately a gust of wind hits the Pokemon, sending it into a wall. It struggles to get back to its feet, but coupled with the punishment from Heracross and Eevee, it is unable to and faints.

The two thieves seem shocked at the display. The one that owns the Houndoom immediately goes to it and recalls it. "How do you have a Silfayree?! They're only found in the Zanta Region!!"

The uniformed guy simply grins at the remark. "That is an established fact. I'm FROM the Zanta Region!"

October 24th, 2004, 10:53 PM
((( Ok, just to establish a correction to an error, the name of the Heracross is "Nector", NOT "Necture"....I think that makes more sense. )))

October 25th, 2004, 9:58 AM
The Heracross' Giga Drain starts showing its effect on Golduck, as the blue Pokemon seems to slow down from it.

Eevee's Double Team works perfectly as many images of it are spawned. Even the uniformed individual seems impressed from the display. "That Eevee is much more skilled than I thought... I wonder if..." he says.

Suddenly, Golduck launches a Psy Beam at Sean. Silfayree tries to intercept it, but it's too fast. "No..." the uniformed guy says.

Suddenly, what seems like a ball of light hits the Beam and redirects it toward an open window, rendering the attack useless. Sean, Jodi, and the two Team Dark members are left in a state of shock, as the light around the object dissipates, only to reveal Eevee standing between Sean and Golduck. It appears to be enveloped in a golden aura.

Eevee then shoots toward Golduck, like a bullet fired from a gun. In an instant, Golduck is unconscious on the ground. The Team Dark member that owns the Golduck recalls it and both men run out of the Center. "This isn't over!!" one of the guys says, as they disappear into the crowd.

After the aura around Eevee dissipates, it collapses. Sean runs to Eevee and picks it up. He then turns to Nurse Joy, who finally comes out of hiding. "Is Eevee going to be alright??" he asks, still a bit stunned.

The uniformed guy recalls Silfayree and approaches Sean. "Don't worry. If I am right, Eevee is going to be just fine..." he says.

Jodi looks at the stranger and finally speaks. "Ok, Mr. Mystery! Who exactly ARE you??"

The guy looks dumbfounded. "Um, OH!! Sorry... My name is Chezni! As you probably already heard, I'm from the Zanta Region." he says. "That Eevee... is special, alright... Whatever you do... don't evolve it... at least, not yet..."

Sean looks at Chezni. "What the heck are you talking about?" he says.

Chezni begins to stare out of the window. "I know... Your memories must have been erased... It's the same all over the world... No matter... I tell you what. Let's go to the Viridian Gym. If you defeat the Gym Leader there, I'll tell you my entire story." he says.

Jodi has a concerned look now. "Wait a second! The Viridian Leader is the strongest Gym Leader in Kanto! At least, that's what I heard... How can Sean stand up to that with only ONE Pokemon?!" she says, then looks at Eevee. It seems to be fine now.

Chezni simply replies. "If I am right... One Pokemon is all you are going to need."

October 27th, 2004, 2:51 AM
this guy is crazy thinking that. how could i beat him. the Viridian gym leader is the touthest and figthing him now will be suicide. i look at eevee which was being healed at this moment and how it did that?

remembering the gold arua that eevee fromed. it was able to counter and take down that golduck attack.

eevee good but not that good but... the nurse came and said,"your eevee is ok and fine. it will be able to battle in no time."

"thanks a lot." i said to the nurse. seeing that she was ok after what those team dark people had done.

"Excuse me but i hread ,even it was a bit rude of me to but if you planning to figth the gym leader in this town that she going to be tougth. she just as tough as gray was maybe even tougher"

in amazement jodi said,"she! i thougth the gym leader was a guy named gray. that guy lived rigth next to me all my life. what happen to him."

the nurse replied," here your heracross. well gray left a month ago saying that he had a change of hreat. he was tried of the life of constand battling was he going to try to be a pokemon researcher just like his grandfather."

"well thats cool" said jodi. "how about we get some sleep now and plan what we going to do in the mourning.

"fine. i think." and me and eevee walk of to our rooms while chezni fell asleep on the couch. what should i do. battle the gym leader or go on. "weevvv" eevee said. "what eevee." i said back

eevee said "weeveev weevvwee wevee." i had no idea what he said but i think he wants me to battle the gym leader. i said "do you want to battle the gym leader even thouht we my get our butts beat and sevred to us on a gold plate." eevee nodded. "then we are going to battle!!!"

in the mourning me, eevee, jodi, and chezni were in front of the gym doors and then they open. the gym battle ground was cover in sand and the female gym leader was standing there and said "you have come to battle."

i said "yes but i have only one pokemon" to the girl leader wearing the pink jump suit.

she look surpirse and said "well i will battle with three ground-type pokemon but you can battle with one if you like but you will not win. go donphan. use rollout!"

i send out eevee. "use double team

October 28th, 2004, 9:02 AM
Chezni looks at Jodi. "Don't worry..." he says. "He's going to win." Chezni constantly seems to be distracted about something. How indeed does he know so much for someone who supposedly just began his Pokemon journey?

Or, is it that he's just hiding something... Even still, why doesn't he seem worried about this battle?? It's as if he's a hundred percent sure how it will turn out... These are thoughts that are going through Jodi and Sean's minds.

As these thoughts are exchanged, Eevee is hit hard by the Rollout Attack. Despite this, it gets up with little difficulty. Immediately, it shoots forward in a similar fashion to before. The Red Headed Gym leader seems unprepared for the sudden burst of speed. Donphan is thrust out of the battlefield.

"Ring Out!" the Referee says. "Donphan is unable to battle!"

Chezni gives a slight nod. Jodi seems to be worried as well. "Wait a second... I thought that these Pokemon were on a much higher level..."

Chezni looks back at her. "Levels aren't necessarily everything... And remember... Sometimes, the actual Level of a Pokemon can remain hidden from the eyes of even a PD2..."

He points his arm at Eevee. "It is as I thought... Eevee will win this battle without any difficulty... You see, though the Gym Leader has Pokemon that are on Level 60, Eevee... is now at Level 400... It's already far stronger than most Pokemon ever get... In fact, only a Legendary Pokemon could stand up to such a level..."

Jodi doesn't seem to believe Chezni, but the numbers on the PD2 don't lie. A PokeDex is NEVER wrong about a power display. It read 408 for Eevee. "How on Earth..."

Chezni responded. "Just watch. Watch what happens."

The Leader recalls Donphan. "Chezni!" she says. "It appears that you are right about this one!"

Chezni nods at the remark. "I think it will be OK to test this Pokemon."

The Leader pulls out another Poke-Ball. "Sean! Let me make it clear to you now. The Earth Badge is yours, no matter what happens from here on out. There is no way that the Viridian Gym Pokemon can defeat you. At least, not against Eevee there... However, I want to see how strong it really is..." With that, she throws another Poke-Ball.

Despite being a Rock Trainer, it is a white Pikachu that emerges. Its normally brown stripes are black instead and the red circles on its cheeks seem to glow with a strange energy. It looks back at the girl with a hint of irritation.

"Sorry," she says. "I only put you in there to transfer you. He'll come in person to pick you up in the morning."

Chezni chuckles a bit. "You ACTUALLY convinced Him to lend you his Pikachu, huh Rui?"

The girl responds. "With what's getting ready to happen, of course he's more than willing..."

Sean pulls out his PokeDex. After a few beeps it comes up with a reading. "There is no information on this Pokemon." Sean looks back in concern.

Chezni walks up to him. "Don't worry. Eevee is going to be fine. But this battle might be long."

With that, the battle starts.

October 29th, 2004, 3:00 AM
i hread that she said that she will give me the badge no matter what happen but i don't want that. so i yelled "hey!! HEY!! i do want the badge but it will be fair which means that i must win the battle. because i don't think my eevee will be proud with that kind of victory because i woundn't." thinking about all the other trainers who came to this gym and were defeated and got nothing. the i hread eevee said "WWEEEVV" this gave me the confendance to keep on battling to try to win because if eevee think we can win then we can win and if we lose then. well we lose.

the gym leader just seem to nodded and said "piki(the pikachu) use rock slide." it slap its tail on the sand and rocks came smushing eevee. i know that pikachus use elecltrc attacks and that was no electic attack. the attack happen so fast eevee didn't have a chance to counter it. "use rock slide again piki" the samething happen again but i yelled "eevee use agility" eevee got a boost in speed and ran more then fast enonthe to dodge the attack. "use quuick attack piki" the pikachu came fast so i said "use quick attack too." there use an explorison and eevee was on the ground but quickly got up but piki was standing. "use tunder" the pikachu charge and then the bolt came down fast and hard on eevee. he was in shock the i hread "again" the bolt came down and hit eevee again but when the attack clear eevee use gone. "what he disappear where he went!!" the gym leader said sorry "i ssooooo sooo sorry i didn't meant to do that." the there was a cry from the pikachi. it was eevee. it was attacking from the ground. then i saw a hole where eevee was and i understand "smart thinking eevee. to use dig." eletic was weak against ground. the ref. said piki is unable to battle.

the gym leader siad "well that was a bit surprisng but now let take this to round 3. "go Claydol."

October 29th, 2004, 9:10 AM
Chezni looked with a dumbfounded expression. "Huh? Piki??? What the..."

As he contemplated this turn of events, Claydol came out of the Ball. Rui looked at Eevee with a profound interest. Pikachu had regained consciousness and looked at Rui. "Pika??" Rui simply giggled.

"Sorry, but you gotta admit it, it makes you sound way cuter..." she giggled. Pikachu simply closed his eyes and shook his head. "Pikaaa..."

It was then that the Gym doors suddenly swung open. Rui and Chezni both looked to the entrance in surprise. Pikachu simply ran to the individual that emerged from the entrance. He had short spiked black hair and wore what seemed to be a black leather jacket. Chezni broke the silence. "Ahh, Ash! It's been awhile!"

"You did great, Pikachu." Ash said. "If you hadn't held back, you would've won, hands down." He then looked up at Chezni. "Two years. And it seems like yesterday." With that, he stepped toward the battlefield.

Eevee and Claydol were already going at it. Claydol was surprisingly fast for a Rock Pokemon, and was giving Eevee a run for his money. Sean was beginning to question whether he should have been happy beating two Pokemon with only one, or if this was really a wise idea.

Ash simply looked back at the battle. "Eevee is the strongest one in this fight. Claydol is the underdog. Donphan was on the lowest Level of your group." Rui simply nodded at this.

"You've been using your gift, I see?" she said to Ash.

"Yep." he said back. "It works nicely. I only need my Pokedex for identifying Pokemon now."

Eevee finaly found an opening which was enough to get in a Tackle Attack. Claydol was knocked back slightly, but didn't seem to suffer any damage. The entire fight was beginning to take its toll on Eevee.

Chezni looked at Ash. "Sean was the one that wanted to go against the last Pokemon." he said as he shrugged. "Rui offered him a Badge after the first one."

Ash chuckled from this. "It won't matter. Eevee is going to win. Look."

The familiar aura began to envelope the Eevee again. Suddenly it was nowhere to be found. Everyone looked around, as it seemed to reappear right above Claydol. Claydol attemted to get out of the way, but Eevee had already plowed into him. Claydol got slammed into a Gym wall, as Eevee fell on the ground. In a moment, Eevee got back up. Despite a cut on its head, it seemed fine.

"Claydol is unable to battle" the ref said. "Eevee is the winner! The winner of the Viridian Earth Badge is Sean!!" Applause followed from everyone in the Gym, including Rui.

With that, she stepped toward Sean, who had tied a bandage around Eevee's head. "You really surprised me. I thought for sure that Pikachu would defeat you, but you STILL won. You've certainly earned this!" she said as she presented the Earth Badge.

Sean took it without hesitation. "I don't believe it..." he said. "The Earth Badge... The toughest Badge to get in Kanto..." Even now, Sean found it difficult to comprehend all that had transpired. Eevee's aura, the increase in power, the domination over the Viridian Leader... And now... A legend of a Pokemon Trainer standing in the Gym... "No WAY!!!" was all he could think of saying.

Ash, Chezni, Jodi, and Sean proceeded to the Pokemon Center. As they got there, Rui's voice could be heard. "You are all going on ahead. Why don't I come too?"

Ash turned to see Rui dressed in casual shorts and a tank top. "Don't you have a Gym to run?"

Rui simply smiled. "Well, you're going to see Jirachi, after the trip to the Center, aren't you?" As she finished, Jodi and Sean looked in shock.

Ash nodded at the remark. "Fine, you can come." he said. In eagerness, she ran into the Center. The rest of the group followed, though Jodi and Sean more reluctantly than the rest. What the heck did they get themselves into??

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November 1st, 2004, 3:46 AM
jodi said "what are we doing?" in a puzzle look while she was feeding Nector in the pokemon center

i have some idea but i was just proud to get out of that battle alive with eevee. i was holding eevee who was sleeping in my arms. eevee put up a good figth but won in the end. i was proud of it and it is proud too. i still want to know thougth why eevee dose that and how? what makes my eevee so specal? i mean he speail to me but it just confusing.

in the mean time jodi was thinking about what was happening. it happening so fast. i join Sean to she him battle the gym leaders then his eevee has this gold thing when battleing and now Sean and eevee defeated the most powerful Kanto gym leader and instand of going to the other gyms he traving with the campanion ash ketchem and chenzi. "so what are we doing again?" said jodi

rui answer this one "we all going to see jirachi i think it been a long time since i talk to chenzi about this but it best to him to explain. then out of no where ash and chenzi came and then sean said "whats make my eevee so specal? why does my eevee get a gold arua when it figthing a intense battle? i promise to tell me all when i beat the gym leader." saying this all to chenzi

November 1st, 2004, 8:40 AM
Chezni looked at Pikachu. Ash had him by his side, as usual.

"Ok. I'll try to explain, though I'll only be able to give so much detail. There are terms for the type of Pokemon that you and Ash have. Many people call them Shinies, or Shining Pokemon. They are types of Pokrmon that look similar to their respective types, but their color is usually warped." Chezni began.

Sean interrupted, "So, the coloring indicates this?" he asked.

Chezni continued, "Sometimes. But, something else also indicates this. The power a Pokemon has. You see, normal Pokemon can usually only realize a level of just a little over 100. But, Shinies, or Celestials as they are called where I'm from, can realize levels much higher than that. Eevee's level in battle is a prime example of this."

Jodi intervened, "So, that would explain the reading on the PokeDex!"

"Exactly!" Chezni stated. "Also, the increased levels open up entire plateaus of Attacks and Abilities that would normally be impossible for a Pokemon to master. The Golden Aura and Shining Tackle are two examples. Those seem to be the initial ones that Eevee has mastered. Your Eevee will gain levels at a rate far faster than normal Pokemon, gaining a whole degree of new attacks in the process... It's really going to be interesting to see where he tops off at... He could very well end up stronger than Pikachu..."

Ash looked at Pikachu. He constantly seemed to have something on his mind. Both Sean and Jodi noticed this.

"Are you alright?" Sean asked.

"Yeah, just thinking about something..." Ash answered back.

At that time, Nurse Joy came back with Eevee. "You're all set!" she said. The group thanked her and left the Center.

A flash could be seen in the direction of Pewter City. Everyone noticed it.

"What the heck IS that?" Sean asked. Eevee seemed to growl in that direction.

Ash looked to Chezni. "It's starting... They're trying to cut us off from Cerulean City, so they can capture Articuno, no doubt... That could only mean..."

Chezni looked in the direction of the light. "Yes. It is as we feared... Asmodia is back..." As he said that, small lights could be seen in the distance. The People in Viridian City now noticed it and were talking amongst themselves.

"We have to get to Viridian Forest and find Jirachi! Now!" Ash said.

Chezni looked back at Sean and Jodi. "If you two want to find out what Eevee really is, you should come with us. I warn you though. It will be very dangerous, and I cannot guarantee your safety."

Sean and Jodi both nodded and followed. After all, the next Gym was in Pewter City anyway. This was just on the way.

November 2nd, 2004, 3:38 AM
we ran out of the city and striage into the forest. the forest was thick and was crawing with bugs then all of a sudden their was a scearm. it came from jodi. she said "Sorry. i just scare of weedles and caterpies. they sooooo crippee." she was looking scared so rui just atay near her.

we countinued througth the forest until we saw a group of people(3) in black jackets. they were blocking the path. one of them saw us and turn around. we saw a silver D on the chest of the jacket. we hread chezni said "team dark" so ash went up to one of them and said "excuss me but could you move so we can get througth." the guy push ash and said "we have orders to not let anybody pass."

jodi just came in frount of ash and said "i tire of dealing with you team dark people always in the way" i could tell she was mad but about what. these team dark members are just inocent bystander who just going to by her punching bag. jodi continued "you can not be doing this. go nector(her heracross)!!" grabs a pokeball and sends him out. "use horn attack!!"

the team dark member was fast and use his own pokemon to block. "golem use protect"
the golem got in the way and took the attack with no damage. the other two jumps in and sends out a steelix and the other a cacturne. they look like they were going to double team on nector and and jodi but pikachu hit the steelix rigth in the eye. i had to help

"eevee use quick attack on the cacturne." eevee hit the thing but it recovered jodi look surpise and ash said "we take care of these two while you take care of golem.

November 2nd, 2004, 8:53 AM
The eevee, heracross, and pikachu get their opponents pokemon into a corner backed against eachother.

"Nector!!" Jodi calls, " Horn Attack!!"

The heracross runs forward straight at the golem in front. Ducking under a swinging punch the heracross pivots its horn underneath the golem. Than using all four limbs it pushes up from the ground throwing the rock pokemon in the others and into their masters.. It appeared that the blockers were all knocked out.

Their pokemon ran and jump back into their owners arms. Jodi gives her heracross some sap for a job well done and Sean just lovingly embraces his eevee.

As for the pikachu as it leaps towards Ash its eyes flash red. Ash catches it still unaware of its current condition. The pikachu clutches on to Ashs clothes and lights up the sky as a massive bolt of lightning thunders down striking Ash as the pikachhu electrifies him with all he gots. At the same time, the little rodent knaws at Ashs neck ripping through his arteries. Ashs heart burst from his chest from the rapidity of beats cause by the electric charge and blood spurt from his neck as the now rabid rat devours his masters flesh.

As quickly as it started it stopped. The pikachus eyes flasha white and it releases Ash and stand upon the ground before his mangled corpse. Trying to figure out what had happened and why it had done such a thing the Pikachu is encased in a dark container.

Made of complete rubber, and in the shape of a box, in the confusion of the incident with the now late Ash more members of Team Dark had recovered their fallen members and found that this oppurtunity could not be passed. Before any of the others come to realize what had taken place Team Dark had already fled taht area of the forest.

Sean looks to the others than down at the dead body. Jodi runs off abit crying. Silence falls upon them for their fallen commrad. This was the Ash they had known, not an imposter as some would thing, not as a machine for this was real blood and flesh, it would be that their mission was to be filled with struggle. The great legend of Ash now has an end to its great tale.

(((Yah!!! Ash is dead!!!! Please dont find some way to bring him back...yeehee)))

November 2nd, 2004, 8:57 AM
A Lightning Bolt hits Ash and revives him. He turns to Pikachu, who seems to be completely fine now. Olidamaara's voice could be heard in the distance. "Yeah, I got your back, guys..."

Ooc: Please don't kill off any characters. Without them, the RPG can't continue in the direction I have planned... Ooc

"Ok Pikachu! Let's turn up the heat!!!" Ash said. With that, Pikachu began generating an aura around him. It looked similar to the one that Eevee used. Even Chezni was surprised.

Ash turned to Chezni. "You know, if Max was here, he'd say 'Pikachu shouldn't be able to do THAT'..." As Ash finished, both him and Chezni laughed.

"That's enough, Boys!" came a mysterious voice. The three Team Darkies called off their Pokemon as Sean and Jodi looked around. A Green Robed woman suddenly appeared out of thin air. "You three can go back to the Anxiety now!" she said. The three nodded and ran off. The woman pulled her hood back to reveal long blonde hair.

Chezni was the first to react. "Tyr! I thought it was you... What is it THIS time?! More mind-control tricks?!"

"Not so fast, honey!" she said. "I'm just here to prevent you from interfering in our operation, that's all!"

Ash broke into the conversation. "You have no clue what you're dealing with, do you?"

Tyr responded. "Eevee's a Celestial, I know! No matter. You won't stop... THESE!!!" With that, she put her arms into the air and about twenty Alakazams seemed to appear out of thin air. All of them seemed to be fully under her control. "Like them? They're my new recruits, fresh out of the Clone Lab!"

Chezni scowled. "That's impossible! Manachu destroyed that place! Nothing was left!!" he exclaimed.

Tyr simply laughed. "Oh, come now! Zarnon has many abilities. One of them is the power of Alteration. He simply altered the history of the Lab, and brought its past form into the present. After that... Well, you get the idea..." she finished.

Chezni simply shrugged. "We'll just destroy it again! Enough talk! Let's do this!" he said.

Ash nodded. "Chezni." he said. "Don't hold back in this fight."

Chezni simply grinned. "I don't plan on it. You don't either." Ash nodded in response.

Pikachu suddenly launched at one of the Alakazams. As he did this, Eevee and Corphish each took on two more. Chezni pulled out a Poke-Ball.

"Ok Silfayree! Let's do it!" he said as he threw it. Silfayree came out, wand in hand. "Silfayree! Use Starburst!!" As he said that, Silfayree did its familiar dance routine, pointing its wand at a few stray Alakazams. A star erupted and hit the Alakazams, exploding on impact.

Suddenly, Chezni launched at one of the Alakazams with his fist extended. "Piledrive!!" he said, as he hit the Alakazam, knocking it into a tree. As Chezni landed, he turned to Ash. "Like my new trick?" he said. "I learned it from Al!"

Ash nodded and looked at Sean and Jodi. "Just fight them like normal enemies!" he said.

Eevee and Corphish were doing surprisingly well. Eevee had tackled one, knocking it out, and launched at the next one. Despite an attempt to block, it slammed into a tree.

Corphish was just using constant Crab Hammers on its opponents. Even Tyr was impressed.

She suddenly launched at Chezni without warning. Chezni grinned, knowing this was inevitable. He seemed to fly toward Tyr, as well. When the two hit, a slight tremor could be felt by everyone.

Chezni closed his eyes. "I'm really in for it when I get back..." he muttered. Suddenly, Tyr threw Chezni into a tree, breaking the tree in two. Chezni got up without much difficulty. "Don't celebrate yet!" he shouted. "This battle's just beginning!!!"

November 2nd, 2004, 3:33 PM
(((Dude SBaby read my post...right before your last one....I guess we were writing at the same time...)))

November 3rd, 2004, 3:50 AM
OCC:don't kill characters!!!! you can kill them but not in a blood just no reason way. their death got to have meaning. read a book and see.

crazy how things have goten but now i punching an Alakazam and eevee is just taking them down in an ease. then in the couner of my eye i saw jodi walking thorugth the battle ground like nothing. i gave one hard punch to the alakazam and ran to jodi. nector and eevee follow me. i got to her and said "are you ok?" but she didn't anwser.

her face was expressless. her eyes were growing white and were wide open. she just walk in a trance-like state. not noticeing the battle around. nector try talking to her and shake her but she just kept walking. she just walk and eevee lick her face. i yelled at her to get back to earth but it wasn't working.

she was walking througth some trees and eevee, nector and i follow. then we heard some vocies saying "the chosen one. she has come." over and over and over again. then we reach a clearing and their was a white ball their.

jodi then open her month and started to sing. her vocie was so preety and soft and beatiful. but the words she sang were in a different lanuage i didn't know.

the ball open while she was singing and a little white thing appear that had a yellow half star thing on it head and 3 blue tags. one on each point.

November 3rd, 2004, 10:27 AM
Ooc: Yeah, that way, but explain it. Ooc)

The figure of Jirachi could be seen in the midst of the remaining Alakazam. Tyr quickly raised her hands in the air, causing the remaining Alakazams to vanish. "You won this one, but I'll be back!!!" she said. She then looked at Jirachi. "See you later, honey!" With that, she disappeared, and the battle was over.

Jirachi seemed to hover in front of the group. Ash and Chezni simply nodded. "I see you've brought the Celestial to me..." Jirachi said.

Chezni responded. "Yes. It was difficult to find, but it looks like our efforts have paid off." He then looked into the sky. "Strange... Olidamaara showed up to revive Ash... I guess the worlds are still connected in a few ways... It makes sense why he'd help Ash, given his... 'situation'... The Gods must be aware of Zarnon's return..."

Jirachi nodded and question marks could be seen above Sean and Jodi's heads. "Wait a sec!" Sean said. "Who are these guys, Zarnon and Asmodia, that you keep mentioning??"

Jirachi hovered, looking at the group. "This is a long story, dating back to the time before Deoxys put the curse on me..."

Ash intervened. "The one that was removed two years ago!!"

Jirachi responded. "Yes, that is why I don't have my 'Third Eye' anymore..." Everyone noticed that the slit that was supposed to be in Jirachi's stomach wasn't there. Sean and Jodi had read about that 'Third Eye' and how it was where his Celestial powers came from.

Jirachi continued. "Six thousand years ago, an evil wizard named Zarnon created a powerful Pokemon called Asmodia. As a result, the world was plunged into an age of darkness. I joined up with Celebi, Mew, Latios, and Latias, and we chose a group of people to utilize our powers to stop this threat. That is how the first Pokemon Trainers were born."

Sean and Jodi were shocked to hear this. The first Trainers in the world actually came about to stop the forces of evil?? This couldn't be true!!

Jirachi continued. "Asmodia was sealed in a similar fashion to myself, except that he would never reawaken again. However, two years ago, Zarnon returned to this world, and revived Asmodia, restarting their reign of terror. Ash, Chezni, Myself, and many other Trainers put an end to his plans once again."

Ash nodded. "That was when I found out about Pikachu's true power..."

Jirachi finished. "But now, Zarnon has found a way to come back and resurrect Asmodia. The evil Pokemon will undoubtedly be aiming to evolve into his ultimate form. If this happens, even the Legendary Pokemon may not be powerful enough to stop him... That is why I brought you here."

Sean and Jodi were both as confused as ever. "Why us??" Jodi said.

Jirachi responded. "Jodi, you, Sean, Ash, Chezni, and some others have innate powers within you. Jodi, your courage and kindness enabled me to choose you as the Trainer for me."

Ash responded. "Max isn't going to be too pleased." he laughed as he said that.

Jirachi responded. "Just because he isn't my Trainer doesn't mean I'm not his friend. He'll see me again. As for the rest of you. Some of you know who your partners are, while others do not. However, you will know who is fit for you when the time is right..."

Ash nodded. "I am chosen by Mew."

Chezni shrugged at this remark. "I got no clue who I'm chosen by..."

Jirachi responded. "Remember, there are now more than 5 Chosen Pokemon. We could end up with any number of them."

Chezni looked up at the sky. "If we get to Saffron City, we can see if the Chrono Door is still open. If it is, we might be able to call in some reinforcements from the Realms..." Chezni laughed at this. "Neb and Roan would be surprised to see me again..." he said.

Jodi and Sean once again were left in a state of confusion.

Chezni responded. "Oh! Don't worry! You'll see when we get there. It's really a cool place. You two will probably like it. Not to mention it's got the best..."

Ash suddenly grunted.

Chezni stopped. "Oh, right... Al would never let them... Maybe an 'Alexander' at best..."

With that, the group finally continued on. After a few hours, they reached the city of Pewter. Many of the buildings were demolished, but fortunately the Gym seemed to be intact. Team Dark seemed to be gone, at least, to the naked eye...

Sean rushed to the Gym and opened the doors without hesitation. Chezni laughed at this. "Sean is gonna freak..."

Standing on the side opposite of the entrance was the Gym Leader. A figure that stood about 8 feet tall, with blue skin and small horns protruding from his head. A tail could be seen wagging behind him. He stepped forward and gave a smile. Fangs could be seen in his mouth, and it became obvious that this wasn't a Halloween Costume.

His voice echoed throughout the Gym. "Welcome to Pewter Gym!"

Chezni simply laughed. "Allicko!!! It's been two years!! I can't believe you're still the Gym Leader!!"

Ash simply waved to the huge Demon-like thing standing in the Gym.

Ooc: Al is a good guy, despite his appearance, just to let you know. Treat this like a regular Gym Battle; he knows the rules...

November 3rd, 2004, 11:15 AM
(((Dude thats why its a Chain story...something happens that isnt explain than another can explain it....say a mind control devise..say a hypno who worked for team dark....and if its no blood you want than I can change it so that hes still dead but w/o the gore. I used the gore so as there wont be a way for him to return to life if he has no blood to the brain and his heart is in little pieces. Ash seriously needs to die and he did...why cant that be accepted instead of disregarded? And Sbaby, this is Char Ma's thread not yours. Its purpose is to be a combined story not just one persons. It is about Sean and Jodi not anyone else. And a story can continue with characters abducted and killed off, if not than its not anything different than all the other tales that people have created on this site. So please if I add something dont just do something to tell that it didnt happen, thats bad RP )))

November 3rd, 2004, 11:57 AM

Zarnon was aloft in his chambers. There were important matters that he had to attend to. It seemed that so far his plans have gone perfectly, with only minor intrusions.

A knock is at his door. At first he turns away from the portal and scoffs, yet the rapping continues. Regretfully Zarnon opens the door.

Immediately as the knob turns the door flings open, realing Zarnon upon his rear atop the floor. A figure stands before him, clouded from view but Zarnon knows his form. Reaching down at Zarnon the camera spans out of the window in Zarnons quarters and only gives a shot of the shadows moving while it moves back into the surrounding forest. The only knowing of what went down was the screams that sound of come from Zarnons voice.

A shadowed figure, the same form as the one above is seen entering the woods, a bad the size of a body tossed over its shoulder. In the distance smoke is seen rising from a burning building...the building Zarnon was in.

November 4th, 2004, 3:56 AM
OCC:please don't double post. use the edit button. i just don't want people to die with out a meaning. like pikachu goes crazy and kills. a pointless death just because you hate him. ash isn't one of my fave characters but he cool.

IC:sean was a bit scared to have a battle with a deamon like creature. jodi also was scared too but said "hey.you. hey Al. i thougth that brook was the gym leader here. where is he?

al look not suprise by this question and reply. "he wanted to continued his journy of pokemon as a pokebreeder. and his family were missing when the last attack 2 years ago when Zarnon came.

"while a battle is a battle. now go eevee." sean said.

al grab a blue great ball. throw it and send out omastar. it shell was darker blue then it skin. al said "i just like blue. omastar use ice beam!!"

this one is intresting sean thougth and then told eevee "use quick attack" the attack hit omastar but eevee hurt his head on the hard shell.

al said "omastar use anicent power" rock came and hit eevee out of now where.

"eevee use double team!!!!" this should buy me some time thougth sean

November 4th, 2004, 9:14 AM
(((and here I thought it being a good twist...oh well..Ash will die, I promise you...and it will be in a way that none can dispute or resurrect him from!!! muahahaha)))

November 5th, 2004, 3:52 AM
OOC:just add something to the story

the battle rages on bewween al's omastar and sean's eevee. eevee created the illions of muitiple eevees. omastar look a bit confuss but al saw this and said "use water gun" the shot of water miss and hit an illiosion.

sean put a smile on his face and yelled "good job eevee. keep it up and use double team again. this time there was twice as much eevees on the field.

rui then look to ash and said "back in the forest. that lady who attack us. who is she. she acts as if she has a relationship with chezni and a close one."

ash seem a ok with the question while pikachu watch the battle from his showder. ash responed "that lady name is tyr. she and chezni go way back. actally they are married. but i don't know why they don't get a divorce. but don't tell chezni i told you. he dosn't want any body to know.

rui then ask another question with a smile on her face "do you have a relationship with anybody OR do you llloooovvvveee someone speacal?

ash was surpise with this question. and blush. and said "well you do not need to know that." then think about a speacal red-head.

jodi notice her partern jirachi was shaking and ask "are you ok?"

jirachi said in sacared voice "i feel there is a bad person here. a person who hurt me. i don't think that al is ok."

jodi said "i notice the samething about him.

chenzi said "go easy on the kid he is still learning"

back to the battle "omastar use hydro pump." said al. the blast of water hit many illosions of eevee but it hit eevee too.

sean saw the hit it made on eevee. eevee was ok but it took a lot of damage. think about what to do sean said "hit him hard and fast. use take down" eevee ran fast and jump but before hiting omastar eevee glowed brigth white and it put it plaw up and it look like it was a spear. then hit omastar. the pkmn flew and hit the ground. and fainted.

al said with a look of surpise. "omastar is unable to battle." then send out a other pkmn in the blue great ball. this one was a magacargo.

chenzi was dumbfounded at what just happen. said "he has gone up. he has learn ligth spear. that impossible from him to do at this level and time! but how?"

sean was surpise to but he look at eevee. he look abit ok but a bit tired out. "eevee can you countiued to battle. eevee just noded yes.

November 13th, 2004, 12:05 PM
Ooc: Sorry about not posting in awhile. Our Internet Connection died, but I'm back again!! Now, to get to work...

Chezni looked on at the battle, but seemed to occasionally glance at the entrance of the Gym. "No...... It can't be... Everyone! Get away from the front!!!!"

As Jodi and Ash ran from the front, a cloaked individual appeared carrying a large sack. Allicko looked at the individual. "Gillim?? Hey, Gil! What's up??"

Without a word, the figure removed his hood and revealed dark grey skin and pointed ears. He dropped the sack, and part of the cloth shifted to reveal the head of an old-looking individual. "Al." he said. "It has been a long time indeed..." He began to grin in a malevolant way. "Since the Battle of Seven Swords!!!"

Al looked stunned at this remark, and for the first time as far as anyone could tell, he seemed to tremble. "Drizzt!!! You've returned.... I... thought you were killed... But..."

The dark skinned individual simply looked back at Al. "You are right... in a way... I am Gillim, and Drizzt Do' Urden, slayer of Lolth!!"

Pikachu and Eevee both seemed to have a look of sheer fear on their faces. Chezni was the first to respond. "I f... feel it... I... It's... almost pure evil..."

Drizzt looked at Sean. "Well, we ARE in a Pokemon Battle, are we not??? Yes..." he said with a coldly straight expression. "Why don't I take over from here??" With that, his eyes glowed, and he was now standing where Al was and Al was standing where he was. Drizzt had taken Al's place on the Gym Leader side of the field.

"I'll grace you with a fully recovered Eevee." he said. With that, the room flashed and Eevee was healed completely, as well as the other Pokemon. He then pulled out a red and black Poke-Ball and simply grinned. "Let the games begin..." With that, he threw it and a giant black spider emerged.

Its shape resembled that of a Black Widow, but its legs seemed to be made of a strange blue metal. "Steelder! You like it? It is going to be the beginning of your undoing. Now, let's make this just me and you..." With that, Drizzt raised his arms into the air.

"Vamos, ette ulaa LI!! I summon the Seal of the Planes!!! Surround the doomed in your impenetrable force!!" As he finished the spell, the battlefield was enveloped in what seemed to be a red light. Sean, Eevee, Steelder, and Drizzt were trapped in the field. The rest of the group could only watch, unable to do anything.

Chezni simply spoke. "Sean... It is all up to you now..." With that, the battle resumed, against a new opponent...

November 16th, 2004, 3:49 AM
chezni said "it one of the pokemon from where i am. you best be careful sean or you going to lose"

sean dosen't know what to do but eevee seems ready and if he ready sean was ready. he fuel by belife in his eevee. "eevee use double team"

"a typical move from an amuther but i stop that! Steelder use tunder strick" and with that a narrow bolt of ligthing came out of the spider and hit eevee with full effect. and all the eevee illisisons were gone.

sean was thinking how do yous stop an unkown pkmn. eevee was hit bad and his take down attack is useless against a steel type. "use rapid spin steelder" said drizzt
the attack hit head on and eevee flew and hit the wall. drizzt said "that will be the end of this battle."

sean saw that this was not over because if he willing to figth then eevee is too. then a "wev" was hread but it was tough and stong one sean saw this and said "eevee i knew you will get up." as sean said this eevee was geting up and ready for battle.

"impossible!!! he should be down but it doesn't matter. your and eevee down fall will come" steelder was angerly too and took the next attack command "use doom desire"

steelder glowed brigth white and and ran towards eevee but sean said "double team" and with that the eevee illsions return. and the attack miss.

steelder look at the 8 illsions of eevee and drizzt said "use tunder strick" the narrow bolt of ligthing hit an illsion of eevee and leaving only 7.

"time to finish it eevee use ligth spear" eevee glowed in a white fire and ran towards steelder and it paw was in a spear like-form but not only eevee attack but it illsions too. all of the attacks hit after everyone steelder fell. the illsions all dissappear

drizzt was surpise and dumbstuck but he grab another pokeball. "go lilier" a flower like pkmn with huge petals and it had tenitcole looking roots and in the center of the flower was a month full of fire

"eevee can handle this." said sean. because if they don't then they all be doom

November 16th, 2004, 10:38 AM
Chezni continued watching the battle with a profound interest. "So, Al. This 'Drizzt' is as old as you??"

Allicko looked at the fighting and responded. "He's much older... You see, he was born over 2000 years before I was... I may be almost 2000 years old, but he's almost 5000..."

Chezni nodded, as if not surprised. "Gil is usually calm and very gentle... How could he change so abruptly??"

Al responded. "He is torn between his two halves... After killing Lolth, Drizzt went mad and declared war on all of Ahm... But..."

Chezni responded. "That's when the false Flaming Fist appeared!!... And Tiamat..."

A voice could be heard from in the bag. "He he he... That is right... Tiamat was behind it all!!" With that, the bag was torn asunder to reveal Zarnon's body, seemingly completely healed. "She was also behind MY resurrection!! Which is to say, the reason for my... lack of an ability to die... Ehe hee hee hee hee hee!!!!!" As Zarnon got up, a tremor could be felt throughout Pewter city.

Ash was the first to say anything. "Team Dark!!"

"Yes..." Zarnon said. "Team Dark has begun its attack on Cerulean City. My little decoy worked perfectly!!" With that, he looked at Drizzt.

Al spoke up. "A Doppleganger!! They can change into anything..."

"Very perceptive..." Zarnon said.

Eevee quickly shot toward Lilier, knocking it out. Ash looked on in what seemed to be anger, as Drizzt simply grinned.

Sean couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right here. Without warning, Drizzt seemed to vanish, as well as the spell surrounding the field.

"Time's up!" Zarnon said. "It's my pleasure to introduce you to the one and only... Asmodia!" At this, the ground under the group began trembling. "Have fun!! Ehe hee hee hee hee!!!!" Immediately, Zarnon disappeared.

A figure appeared behind the group. It had bat-like wings, purple skin, and two horns lining what seemed to be black hair going straight back. It simply showed a fanged grin.

Chezni responded. "Asmodia... It's been two years..."

Ash looked at Pikachu. "I won't go through what he did again... And I won't let anyone else go through it either..."

Asmodia looked at the group. "I see you have another Celestial." he said. "Unfortunately, I must make this meeting brief. I just came to tell you that 'someone' decided to kill the residents of Pewter City... There was absolutely 'nothing' that I could do about it... It just 'happened'..."

Chezni immediately launched toward Asmodia. "You son of a..." In an instant, Chezni was put through the right wall of the Gym. Asmodia had backhanded him.

"That was my introduction." Asmodia said. "I'll see you later... Especially you!" he said, looking at Sean and Eevee. He then flew off through the roof, making a nice hole in it.

Chezni staggered back into the Gym. "Are you alright?" Sean asked.

"Yeah. I'm... fine." Chezni said, holding his right arm. "I think my arm's broken though..."

As the group went outside, they looked in horror, as the entire city, except the Gym had been leveled. Chezni would have to wait to get his arm fixed. At least, until they got to Mount Moon...

November 17th, 2004, 3:44 AM
"jirachi?do you know him?" ask jodi to jirachi

jirachi with a face of fear resonded "yes but i didn't expect to see him this soon."

then sean and eevee came and ask "where is rui? i saw here watching the battle"

chezni was also puzzle to where rui was and ash and pikachu were puzzle too. until chezni said "she must have ran when she saw Asmodia."

then the gym doors flew open and rui was there with a guy on her sholder. she was tired out. "the the the cit-y it all destory. i went out when i hread that the city was destory." everybody went out to find a burn out city. what was once the beautiful pewter city was now a blacken wasteland.

"who that on your sholder?" asked al.

rui layed the guy down and said "i found him after the exporson. he must have survive"

"it's Brock!!!" ash said pointing at the guy in the brown vest and white under shrit with white pants.

rui then just notice chezni and his arm. "what happen to you?" then open her backpack and took out some baddages. "let me take care of it"

sean said "he was attack by asmodia" while he was healing his eevee with potions.

"look like we going have to wait before we move on to mt. moon" said jodi

November 17th, 2004, 10:00 AM
Rui had put Chezni's arm in a sling to immobilize it somewhat, and was now checking over Brock. "Let's see. Brock, you are the luckiest guy on the face of the Earth..." she said. "It looks like only a few burns and cuts." She then motioned to Chezni. With that, Chezni got out a strange circular cloth.

Sean noticed this right away. "What's that?" he asked. Allicko seemed to chuckle at its sight.

Chezni motioned to Al. "I'm going to need you for a sec." he said, as he unfolded the cloth-like object with his one good hand and placed it on the ground. It made a perfect circle.

Al nodded. "Oh, right. You need healing items..." With that, he stepped onto the circular object and seemed to sink inside of it, until he couldn't be seen anymore.

Jodi and Sean were both shocked at this. "Where the heck did he go?" Jodi asked.

Chezni looked in their directions. "Oh. This is a Portable Hole. It's used to store a mass of items, even more so than can fit in your backpacks. Best of all, anything that's put in there weighs absolutely nothing, regardless of how heavy it is! It's a bunch of 'dimensional proportions' junk that even I can't understand completely..."

Jirachi simply shook his head and sighed. "You really need to pay more attention in your Trans-Dimensional Physics classes..." Jirachi said.

Chezni looked at him. "Oh, like YOU know how it works?!"

Jirachi shrugged. "No idea..." was all he said.

After a moment, Al poked his head out and brought up an armfull of various items. "Ok... We have... A Sun Blade..." As he said that, he put a sword on the ground. It seemed to give off an obvoius aura of light. "A bunch of Rings..." He put those on the ground as well. Despite the quantity of items, Al seemed to have no trouble placing them on the ground, and very neatly as well. "OOOOOOOOO! A really nice ring! Can I have it??" he asked, holding it.

Chezni responded. "No. Not THAT one. Take one of my Rings of Protection, but not that one..." Al reluctantly put the ring on the ground, and picked up one of the others.

"And..." he said. "Some Potions... Healing, Invisibility, Giant Strength, Heroism..." He said as he put the small vials down.

Chezni nodded. "This one should do." He gave it to Brock. "Drink this. It should help."

Brock drank the Potion. In a moment, the cuts began to mend themselves. It was almost like a Potion for Pokemon, but it seemed to work even faster! "That's amazing!" Brock said. "Where did you get these??"

Chezni grinned. "These came from the Realms. Oerth, you know..."

Brock nodded. "I should've known... So, we going back there?"

Chezni looked toward Mount Moon. "First we need to check on Cerulean City. That's where Misty, Max, Tracie, and May are. Man! We'll have the whole group together soon..." Chezni Put the rest of the items in the 'hole' and folded it, pocketing it. "I'll let Gillim worry about equipping you when we get to the Moonglades... For now, let's focus on Cerulean City. Also, there's a Gym there anyway, so..." Sean perked up to this fact.

With that, the group headed toward Mount Moon, where the Clinic and Pokemon Center could fix Chezni's arm. Until then, he'd be out of commission, battle-wise...

November 18th, 2004, 3:52 AM
the path seems to get a bit greener as the group got father away from pewter city. the grass was green and fresh. the flowers were brigth and big. "it amazing that this pack was uneffected from the exporsion over there."

brock who was now walking said "it is because of this place i was able to live. i was walking here looking for my glaveler when i finally found him i went back to pewter. was only a few feet in the city the explorison hit and i got the small blast of it." was looking a bit depress about losing his home town.

ash saw this and said "don't worry brock. we will rebuild pewter city when this is all done." with pikachu adding a "pika"

"thanks, ash and pikachu" brock said with a smile. the group countined to walk forward until they made it to the pkmn center. they walk into the center and nurse joy saw chezni injury.

"i must treat this injury now or it will get inflected." said the nurse. all of a sudden pikachu jump off ash's sholder with a face of anger and eevee was on showing similar condidtions and was growling at the nurse. jirachi was nerves at the sigth of nurse joy.

ash was looking consened about pikachu and said "it ok pikachu. it just nurse joy. we seen her before."

eevee was in his battle postion and sean said "eevee. its ok we not going to battle anybody. this is a poke center."

the nurse was scared now. "i think your pkmn are not ok. i help them once i fix this guy arm" holding chezni arm.


"how do you know" asked sean.

"because of my nurse joy senses are not tingling. i know a nurse joy when i see one and that is not a nurse joy." said brock

"trust me you will knew. after years of travel with him you will know" added ash

then eevee jump up and slash the nurse's arm but instade of blood coming out it was brown. the nurse transform into deoxy. "deoxy!!" said brook, ash, chenzi, and al. chenzi pull out of the formal joy-deoxy grip and join the group.

"how you got out of your prison deoxy" said al

"master Zarnon freed me and now he gave me orders to kill all of you guys" said deoxy

November 18th, 2004, 11:47 AM
Chezni seemed to look a bit confused here. "Why are you serving Asmodia and Zarnon?! I thought you originally helped Manachu defeat Asmodia before!!"

Deoxys simply kept his straight expression, which was normal for him. "You truly ARE a fool. That was a long time ago and I learned alot since then... About how humans go around capturing Pokemon and forcing them to fight each other!! You KNOW I couldn't sit as an Overseer after seeing the truth of it... And it was thanks to Zarnon that I learned it when I did!"

Chezni shook his head. "You have it all wrong... Our Pokemon go with us because they choose to... Not because we force them to..."

"Pika!!" Pikachu said to confirm this.

Ash was shuddering for some reason. "You sound like someone I used to know... Jade!! You can't be..."

Deoxys almost seemed to laugh at the remark. "You catch on very quickly. Jade is within me as well. It was... two years since he told you the truth about your so-called 'master trainer father'..."

Ash scowled at Deoxys. "I know... But I don't care! He was never there for me anyway, so as far as I'm concerned, I have no father!!"

Deoxys simply chuckled at this. "Oh, 'I'll be the greatest Pokemon Master, just like my father'..." Deoxys mocked. "Ha!! How ironic that your father is the most wanted man alive!"

Chezni looked at Ash. "Ash! We don't have time to listen to this crap! Cerulean City is in immediate danger! Just hold Deoxys off while I get something to help us!" Chezni opened his Portable hole again. "Al!!"

"Oh, right." Al said as he jumped in.

Deoxys looked confused at this. "What are you doing?"

Chezni simply grinned. "I think you have bigger concerns than me..." Chezni said, as Pikachu and Eevee became battle-ready. "And Ash!"

Ash looked at Chezni. "Yeah?"

Chezni responded. "Don't hold back in this fight!" Ash grinned in response to this...

November 19th, 2004, 3:50 AM
"so its a battle you want it is a battle you get" say deoxys is a amuzing way he hold a tenacule up and throw a shadow ball towards pikachu. eevee ran infrount off pikachu with no damage.

sean was surpise at this when ash said. "eevee is a normal type pkmn and is unaffected by ghost attacks." ash took a look at pikachu and with anger he said "pikachu don't hold back and use tunder!!" the bolt of ligthing was huge and it flew in the arena and hit deoxys.

sean saw his moment to attack and said "eevee use your take down attack!" deoxys was trapped in pikachu's tunder and slam into deoxys.

deoxys look unaffected and seems to be amuse at the attempt to figth him. "that all you have? i thougth you guys had slaved the Celestials pkmn. but it only look as if you have just weaken them.

ash angered by this said "they not our slaves they are our friend. but you want power then have a celela ligthing." the ligthing bolt was blue but it was made of mini pins all being connected seem to hit hard on deoxys.

sean and eevee was amaze by this attack. it must be a Celestials attack move. "ok eevee use your Celestials attack move. use ligth spear." eevee ran and it paw slam into deoxys and did nothing.

ash was fusterated and said "celesrial attacks don't always work. your eevee needs to master it for it to work all the time."

"and because of that your eevee will die" said deoxys as he was powering his pycho boost and aiming it at eevee. pikachu tried to save eevee but instade he got hit too.

"Nector use horn attack" nector flew into deoxys but he use a simple confusion to knock him away.

sean was surpise and said "what are you doing? he could get hurt!!"

jodi responed "I can't let you go thourgth this and get hurt. i want to help!!"

jirachi said "i can help your heracross to have Celestials powers for a bit do you want that?"

"i guess" said jodi looking at how badly injure he was getting. jirachi was glowing and send a ligth to nector and the nector glowed. giving him power. "use mega horn on deoxys." his horn glowed silver with the rest of his body instade of white. it slam him and made him flew into a wall.

ash said "jirachi has the power to give pkmn temperaty Celestials powers."

at that moment eevee and pikachu awoke and sean said "eevee nector was able to weaken deoxys. use ligth spear." this time eevee attack hit the mark with ligths and all.

"pikachu use celela ligthing." this attack was the final blow.

deoxys said "you think you seen the last of me. i be back!!" then in a smoke he left.

"now where is chezni" ask jodi

OOC: i won't be posting much next week due to it going to be thanksgiving hoiday. but i try to come to PC and to RP. so don't worry if i don't post next week

November 19th, 2004, 10:56 AM
Chezni waved from the corner of the Center with his one good hand. "Hey! I'm over here! And look who I've found?"

Brock was immediately over there, as if drawn by a tremendous force. Nurse Joy emerged from a closet. "Nurse Joy!" Brock said. "I, the Hero of Legend have come to rescue the fair maiden from the clutches of evil!"

Chezni simply sighed. "Hey, Brock! Can I talk to you for a sec? Over here?" Brock nodded and followed Chezni. The two seemed to whisper for a few minutes.

Brock went back to Nurse Joy. "Um... Sorry. I thought you were... someone else..." Nurse Joy seemed dumbfounded by this.

"Let me take a look at Chezni's arm." She said as her and Chezni went into the ICU.

Ash had a confused look on his face. "What just happened?"

Brock shook his head. "She... already has a boyfriend!" he said, with the familiar tragic look upon his face.

Al simply laughed. "You and Neb would really get along..." he said.

After a few hours, Chezni came back out, completely healed. He seemed a bit out of breath, as did Nurse Joy. "So..." he began, catching his breath. "Are we ready?"

Jodi simply gave a confused look, as did everyone except Al, who seemed to just grin. Chezni simply winked to Allicko. "Aoowright!" Al suddenly said. "As Neb would say." Chezni simply laughed at this.

Nobody else seemed to have any clue what that was all about. With that, the group headed out of the Center. Chezni was the last one out.

Chezni opened his Portable Hole once again. "Now that everything's sorted... Here!" he said, pulling out a ring with a green gem on it. He immediately put it on. "Alright. Everyone stand back!" The group took a step back, and the ring began to glow. It seemed to shoot a beam out in front of Chezni, that resembled what a Poke-Ball looks like when it's opening.

A green genie-like figure appeared and bowed to Chezni. "How can I help you, little master?" the creature said.

Ash and Sean simultaneously pointed their PokeDex units at the creature. "There is no information on this Pokemon." was all it said.

Chezni simply responded. "It's a Djinn. It's from the Realms, so there won't be any info in there about it."

Al looked happy to finally see something more familiar than the things he's recently seen. "This brings back memories..." he said. "Dru has a wind Djinn as well..."

Chezni looked at the Djinn. "We need to get to the City that is past this mountain."

The Djinn nodded. "That will be easy! Everyone huddle together!" The group huddled. "Now, hang on!" With that, everyone seemed to be lifted into the air. They were actually flying over Mount Moon, and after a good 20 minutes, they were in Cerulean Forest, walking distance from the City.

Chezni nodded. "Thank you! That is good for now." With that, the Djinn nodded and receded back into the ring. Chezni put it back into the Portable Hole.

As the group continued on, they could finally see the City. And not a moment too soon. Hundreds of Airships were in the sky surrounding the City.

Ash looked on in the distance. "Team Dark! They're here!" Ash said. He seemed to be possessed by some sort of force. "Zarnon is here as well..."

Chezni looked towards the largest Airship. "The... Anxiety..." he said. "I thought it was destroyed..."

November 29th, 2004, 3:51 AM
"what is the Anxiety?" asked rui

al was the one who aswered this,"the Anxiety was an airship that ash, chezni, and i frougth on. it was the last battle of what we thougth destory Zarnon. when our battle with him ended. the airship was destory and you know the rest."

"so this is Cerulean City? thougth it would be better." said sean

jodi look around and said in surprise "it was better when i lived here."

"been here before?" ask chezni then look around as if he was looking for a friend

there was nothing but a dark cloud above the city and a erie hum from the ship flying high in the city's airspace. when ash broke the slence saying "then you must know me firend, jodi. and speak of her, here she comes."

the group saw a young women running. about ash's age she looked. was wearing bright yellow shorts and a large oragen shrit to covering her bekini. had red hair with one stran being blue. she gave a hug to ash and kissed him saying. "havn't seen you in a long time."

ash resoped "me too. me too."

then the girl said "hi pikachu. missed you too." with that said she left the group puzzled

November 29th, 2004, 5:49 PM
Chezni looked up at the armada of Airships. A large blue figure could be seen evading a few small lights that were flying through the air. "Wow, Articuno's gotten alot stronger..." Chezni said.

The blue figure seemed to get closer to the group, as its bird-like features could be made out more clearly. Without warning, a beam erupted from one of the Airships. Since Articuno was heading toward the group, so was the beam. Barely dodging it, Articuno could only look on as it headed toward a new target.

"No!" Chezni said. "It's coming this way!"

The beam seemed to strike a figure that suddenly appeared in front of the group. As it dissipated, a forcefield could be seen surrounding the white figure, which stood just over 4 feet tall. It seemed to wear a red cape tied to its neck.

Ash immediately recognized the figure. "MewTwo!" he said.

MewTwo launched toward the Airship that fired at the group. In no time, it was destroyed in an enormous explosion. The group could then see his outstreched hand pointing at the Airships over the city. Suddenly, he closed his hand, and three of the Airships were crushed and flung away from the city. At this point, the rest of the armada began to retreat.

MewTwo landed in front of the group. "Things have gotten worse than I thought..." he said, looking at Ash and Chezni. "Much worse..." he then said, looking at Sean and Jodi.

November 30th, 2004, 4:01 AM
sean and jodi were shock to see a rare and powerful pkmn with them until the silnce was broken by Ash saying "whats wrong? what so bad?"

"it not like they going to destory Cerulean City like they did in Pewter." said Chezni

Rui seem surpise by this thougth said "they won't do that!?!?"

"no they can't. not as long as i am here to protect this city." mewtwo said then look up to the sky. " it is "

then the girl with the redhair came back and said "sorry. i saw something that need to be done. my name is Misty."

"ash? is this your girlfriend?" said Rui

"not now. Mewtwo is about to say something important." said al

"yes, as i was saying. the news i about to say is that...mew was been murder." everybody was quite and were shock to here this."

"are you sure? said ash

"yes. team dark did it. only a few mintes before your group came." said misty

"it happen up in the sky. with one shot from a red beam" said mewtwo

"they must be tring to get rid of us" said jirachi

"yes they i guess." said mewtwo "but before mew died he said to look for the pkmn that has his sprit in it. it comeing this way rigth now." then just gazed at the group "he must have saw his death a few years back so he implanted a bit of his sprit in a pkmn." then took a look at sean and eevee "i know of the feat you and your eevee have done and i think your eevee my have his sprit."

misty then interreoed saying "they now leaveing the airships. and i know that they can't go to saffern due to the city is protected by a energy shild and asi i want to come with you guys"

November 30th, 2004, 7:39 AM
Chezni began looking around. "Mew DOES have the ability to give some of his power to Pokemon... But it should've only given Eevee Psychic powers... There must be something else..."

Allicko suddenly looked toward Cerulean City. "A few minutes ago... Is Mew in the City?"

MewTwo looked at Al. "Yes. He was last seen near the Pokemon Center. He was hit with a beam that would've destroyed the Center."

Articuno let out a screech that reminded Al of a Griffon's cry. The Pokemon looked toward a spot in the forest. Without warning, Al ran to that spot.

Chezni continued to ponder these events with the rest of the group. "If we can find Celebi, this can be undone, but... Of course! Brock is with him! They should be in Johto!"

Al came back with a pink Pokemon that lay limp in his arms. "Is this Mew?" he asked.

MewTwo nodded. "Yes. Those monsters killed her in cold blood..." MewTwo said.

Chezni unfolded his Portable Hole and tossed Mew's body inside. "Until we find Celebi, we're short one Legendary Pokemon... This should buy us some time, but it will be hard to get to Johto within 5 days."

Al interrupted. "We could try the Door of Doors!"

Chezni's eyes suddenly lit up. "You're a genius, Al!" he said, folding up the black object. "Yes, the Door of Doors would enable us to get to the Johto Region much faster than on foot!"

Sean broke his silence. "What is the Door of Doors?"

Al explained. "About three years ago, something happened that caused worlds from different dimensions to fuse together. All sorts of problems resulted from that. A Door of Doors was erected around the tear to keep it in check. There is actually one for almost EVERY world in existence. We could even go to the Realms if we wanted."

Chezni began to mutter to himself. "That's not all they're used for..."

Misty interrupted. "Where is this 'door'?"

"It is actually on Mount Moon." Al said. "It's pretty far up; it'll take us a few days to get there. And magic doesn't work near the Door." Al said, looking at Chezni.

Chezni replied. "So we have to go on foot? No Djinn..."

Al simply nodded. With that, Sean, Jodi, Chezni, Jirachi, Al, Ash, Misty, and MewTwo headed back to Mount Moon.

December 2nd, 2004, 3:58 AM
Jodi just then notice that Brock was not with them anymore nor Rui. and asked "How did brock got to Johto and where Rui?"

Chezni resoned and said "When Djinn transported us is sent Brock to Johto to find Celibi and Rui i have no idea but she would appear later like always."

after that the group countin taking the diffrcult route to Mt. Moon while the city left behide was slowly returning to normal. then Misty walk to Sean and said "Sorry we can't have our gym battle rigth now due to the things that are happening rigth now, but when everything is done a promise to battle you. Its okay with you?"

Sean was think of other things at the time but hread what she said and told her "Yeah. It cool. i know there a time for battle and a time for things like saving the world. This is just the time not for one. Rigth Eevee." hearing Eevee resonds put a smile on Misty face.

Sean was thinking about what Mewtwo was saying about Eevee. How can his pokemon have the power of the dieing legendary pokemon. Is this the reason why Eevee have these celasist powers that Chezni talks about. But how will this effect Eevee. Will it go on it own. He knows he is my only pokemon i have. What if i try to evo. it. Will it evo. into a weird ceature or a over powerful Eevee evolution. With that thougth he saw a flame demonic ceature in a from of a giant dog. Sean didn't want that. Then decided that Eevee will not evo. no matter what. Before he knew it they where in the cave and saw Team Dark members on the floor and knock out. they ran into the cave and found Rui there infrount of a huge crack.

"Finally you got here. i ran ahead to find the crack and saw these Team Dark members and i beat them up an tie them to a tree outside." said Rui.

"Impressive. you must be talented as a tranier." said Mewtwo

"Well the Door of Doors is here. Just like before. Now we just need Chezni to get the key." said Rui

With that said Chezni got out of the Portable Hole with a small green stone. "Here it is the key." said Chezni.

"That the door. A crack in the side of the wall of a cave." said Jodi in surprise.

"Al said "it more then a crack. It the Door of Doors."

With that Chezni rub the stone on the crack the a glow came from the crack and it open up then it form a door like image made of ligth."

Now the group were standing in front of the Door of Doors

December 2nd, 2004, 11:31 AM
Ooc: This'll be a long post, so bear with me. Ooc)

Chezni looked at the Door of Doors. It was the first familiar thing he'd seen in awhile. He actually grinned a bit. At that time, an old man emerged through the Door.

Allicko nodded. "The usual, I suppose?" he said, unstrapping a belt. It was then that everyone noticed that Al had all sorts of weapons on the belt. After putting his weapons on the ground, Al simply stood there. The old man nodded and Al stepped through the Door.

Sean, Jodi, Rui, Ash, and Misty stepped through next, seeing as they didn't have any weapons on them. On the other side of the Door, it became clear why it was called the Door of Doors.

The area looked like an enormous marketplace with a seemingly endless amount of doors lining the perimeter in a circle. As the 5 Trainers looked in awe, Chezni slipped in through the door.

"Here's the deal everyone." Chezni said. "In this 'space', time is non-existent. That means we don't age, we don't tire for the most part, and when we exit out of any of the doors, not a single second will have passed since we entered. Actually, since we got into that cave... Therefore, we literally have an unlimited amount of time to do whatever we need to in this area. I suggest we shop."

With Mew in the Portable Hole, Chezni knew that they had alot of time to bring her back, but he didn't want to get the Trainers' hopes up. Resurrection in the Realms had never been attempted on a Pokemon before. It was uncertain whether it would even work or not. But, this little excursion might be helpful and entertaining as well, in the midst of what has already happened.

Chezni headed toward his 'usual' shop.

Sean and Jodi decided to stay together, and eventually found a shop that caught their eye. It had what appeared to be a human with bulging white eyes with tiny black pupils sitting behind the counter. Age had certainly not been the kindest to him, as he was wrinkled and bald. But, he was obviously well-built for his age.

They just stared at the various swords that lined the shelves. Almost ALL of them seemed to be from the feudal era. One in particular caught Sean's eye. It seemed to be a Katana that was made out of pure jade. "These are amazing!" Jodi said.

"It's about time someone noticed my craftsmenship." the man said in a sort of commanding voice. "That sword is called the Botousai, or Man-Slayer. I do have to admit, I didn't forge that one, but it was instead made by my Father's, Uncle's, Cousin's, Brother's Master. He was the one that originally taught my family the art of Craftsmenship. Unfortunately, I can't sell it to you. However..."

The man headed to the back and returned with a Murasame Blade. "This one has almost as much power. And it's yours for 50 Gold Pieces."

Sean and Jodi both marveled at the Blade. "I don't carry Gold Pieces, though..." Sean said. "I only have $P."

The old man looked at the money. "Hmm... Well, it's legitimate... Tell you what. 50 of those will be good enough. Everything here is 1/1 in currency."

Sean gladly accepted, and the man gave him a scabbard shaped like the sword. As Sean took the scabbard, he fastened it to his belt. As he took the sword, images of Feudal Japan started flooding into his mind. He somehow felt like he had just gone through 100 years of Iaijutsu Training.

Ooc: Sean now has ALL of the abilities of the Samurai that owned the sword previously. Since this is a Team DM, or Chain RPG, I'll explain about the Door of Doors now. The old man is Master Totousai from InuYasha, if you didn't already figure that out. Anything or anyone you can thing of, real or fictional, from novels, Anime or movies, or anything else COULD BE HERE! And items are very inexpensive too, as you can see. Anything you can't afford, Al can (within reason; they don't have Antimatter Cannons though). So go ahead and make up what's here! Ooc)

December 3rd, 2004, 9:14 PM
meanwhile Rui was looking around the market for a shop but soon a shop caugth her eye. this shop had many misticalys. it had a lamp on a chain and other things. this shop was owned by a a person in a black robe. this person deep voice then asked "what anything? you be surprise what you find."

"Oh. i just looking." said Rui. then she saw a black pendant. nothing fancy. just had a black stone on a chain. she sence that this thing was calling to her.

"oh. you intersted in the pendeant. this item i just recieve. it very preety though. i can sell this to you for only 10 gold pieces. good deal. yes yes" said to hooded person

Rui saw this was a good deal. she also had some gold pieces on her too. the thig was calling her and she must have it. "i take it!" with that the person gave her the pendant and Rui put it on on the spot. then at that monment she felt something awake in her but she countined on looking for the group.

"thank you for helping our cause." said the hooded person.

back with Jodi, Sean and Eevee. Sean was amiring his new sword while Eevee watch. then jodi asked "what are you going to evo your Eevee too. i know its cute but it be better if it evo."

Sean remembering the image of the firely demon dog said "i won't evo Eevee. Never. i will stop it evoution." with those words Eevee seems a bit happy but worried.

Seeing the subject close she notice a small jewlery shop. it had necklaces and earrings and other stuff. "ohh! this nacklace look good and mysterists." speaking about the nacelace with a small eygptian eye on it. with that she grab it and put on her chest and asked "does it look good on me?"

Sean and Eevee gave look of disbelft being ask this but responed postivly. this put a smile on her face and look for the shopkeeper. soon a man with a turban came and saw here with this item and said "i hope you know what you got there. it was something i got and looking for the rigth person for it. if you like it it will cost you 100 gold pices."

JOdi uncertain paid up the money but in $P. this made no differecne to him and gave it to her. "wow. it look even more better. i puting it on now" with that see put it on and the a flash hppen before for eyes. she was having a vision.

she saw Sean with the sword and riding on a dog like creature. it was brigth white. it mane around the neck was long and beautiful. the tale was long and shiny. it had wings coming out of it back. then there was a giant monster in front of them it look like that monster they meant at the gym in Pewter but more evil looking and powerful. then the vision ended

"are you ok? Jodi? Wake up!!" yelled Sean with worry in his tone.

"Yeah. i fine" said Jodi not wanting to tell Sean what she saw.

Occ:jodi just got the an item that allow her to see the fulture. the Mellanium necklace fotr those who don't watch the Yu-Gi-Oh anime. i watch others but couldn't think of anything else

December 4th, 2004, 11:07 AM
Ooc: Yu-Gi-Oh!... That's new. I've never been to the Egyptian shops in the Door of Doors... But, you have the right idea! Ooc)

Ash was doing his usual-trying to get the GS Ball identified. He ended up at what seemed to be a brand new shop. There were two people in it, and they seemed to be making some different trinkets. One of them started waving his hands in a peculiar pattern around one of the trinkets, and it began to glow.

"Excuse me!" Ash said. "I was wondering if you know anything about THIS." he said,. handing the GS Ball to the duo. They examined it for a minute.

Ash continued. "I know some of its abilities, such as how it can evolve certain Pokemon and how it can store a soul inside of it temporarily, but..."

One of the two people looked back at Ash. He had a look as if he had just seen a ghost. "Where did you get this?"

"I got it in MY world..." Ash said, not wanting to give too much information on his origins. He knew all too well what could happen if he did.

The man replied, "I'm sorry. I don't know what it does. Goodbye! The shop is closed!" With that, he gave the GS Ball back to Ash and closed the shop.

Ash looked at the GS Ball. "What's wrong with it? Is it what I said, or something else?"

December 4th, 2004, 9:38 PM
"It look like that he knows something about the ball."said misty

"yeah" said ash thinking what to do next while pikachu was wondering too.

Meanwhile Al saw a shop where people were doing magic. these two guys were making circles with paterns on them then by puting something in it and a shock of ligthing an item appear in this case it was a rose. "who you did that. it different form any magics i seen"

"it not magic. it is alcaemy. it a science where making of items by exchanging something in return." said the kid.

"it nice to be in a place where we can do this freely" said a kid in armor

Al saw them preform making our things until a guy with a black overcoat with a charizard came and saw Al. the guy said "i thougth i will find you here. look like things are geting worse as you can see."

"Ah Mike. Nice to see you. i guess you rigth. the rip is geting bigger if people with things i never seen are here." siad Al

OOC: the people who were preforming alcaemy are from a show i just got done watching called fullmetal alcamist. for those who don't know. it's new

December 5th, 2004, 4:56 PM
Ooc: I wish I knew the two peoples' names... I know who you're talking about though... Also, references to the Pokemon Realms RPG do not necessarily reflect how it will ACTUALLY turn out... That will depend on whether the characters are wise or not...

Chezni walked up to Al. "Actually, the rip is contained. Ever since this 'door' was created, it seems to have completely stopped it... But... If that's true, how did Asmodia get revived? Resurrection doesn't exist on Terra II... And Celebi wouldn't have done something like that... I think someone else must have interfered..."

Allicko looked at Mike. "You helped me out before, didn't you? I remember... That was awhile ago. How have you been?" Al said.

Mike looked at the various shops that were seemingly scattered about. "Busy, for lack of a better term." he said. "Team Dark has been increasing activity for some time. I've managed to hold them off from the League Headquarters with the Elite, but it's been difficult. Many people have already died... Pewter and Cerulean City were already razed..."

Al looked toward one of the rear doors. "I know..." he said. "That's why I'm calling in reinforcements... We're 'en route to Oerth now."

As Al finished, the rest of the group finally caught up. Ash was the first to say anything. "So, when are we leaving?" he said.

Chezni looked to the door that Al had looked to. "Now." he said, as he headed toward the door.

The rest of the group followed. Al suddenly rushed to the head of the group. "I should go first. This door leads to Prog. They will attack you if they don't know you."

He headed through the door. Soon, everyone followed. On the other side of the door, Ash, Misty, Sean, and Jodi were left in a state of awe. The surroundings were obviously medievil, as the houses seemed to be made of wood and brick, with almost no metal whatsoever in the construction. One of the only exceptions was a temple that stood out. It was lined with gold on the roof, and gigantic platinum doors seemed to stare into everyone's faces. More bizarre was the insignia on the door, which resembled a mask that had a half frown and half smile on it.

Another thing that stood out was what looked like a giant metal bird with gold plating. Its technology didn't seem to fit the times.

Something else that stood out was the fact that about a third of the city's population seemed to be wrapped from head to toe in red, black, and white cloth robes that were tied to them in such a way that no features could be made out regarding them.

Allicko simply stood in front of the group and gave a big, fanged grin. "Welcome to Prog, my home City!" he said.

December 6th, 2004, 3:47 AM
"this place is your home. back here again." said mike then look around and said "well sorry but i be leaving. as you can see things are geting worst at my homeland and everywhere else in the pokerealm. and someone got to try and protect the place while you guys are gone. so see you guys later." and with that he walk thougth the door and disappear.

"Who was that guy named mike?" Asked Sean

Chezni awnsered this one "he a guy who helped us a few years back. he a great trainer and some sort of hero back in his homeland of Chanano, i believe the place he is from, but now he watching things but i think he be back to see us if anything goes wrong."

"what is this place" asked Jodi

"this is my home Prog. it is a city that is part of this land where this land is part of a realm where this realm is part of a cluster of many other realms like you realm. or something like that." said al leaving the rest of the group a bit puzzled.

"doesn't matter" said chenzi looking around and took out his portable hole and said "best armed yourself people tend to leave the wreid looking ones alone."

"you calling us wreid?" said jodi. not noticing the people around them.

"no but the people around us do!" said Rui.

"you guys are a bit horn-less and a bit out of color." said Al and the group looked around to see horned people around the city.

"well i armed" said sean taking the a green jade blade out the one he brougth.

Sooned Ash took a big sword that look like it took two hands out. then misty took out a ball and chain weapon out and al had his sword on his belt. Rui then went into the portable hole and took a small sword out. Chenzi took out a sword looking the same but bigger. leaving Jodi weaponless "what about me? i have no weapon.!" said jodi

"here" said Chenzi taking out a black bow with a blade on it form the portable hole. "it able to turned into a sword and the arrows are made of a ligth force.

the group was now ready to see what a head of them

OOC: the guy in the armor is named Al and the ohter guy ,his brother, is named Ed. just thought you wanted to know

December 6th, 2004, 9:59 AM
Ooc: Great... Al has another relative... Ooc)

Sean and Jodi were still puzzled about the people in the robes. "What's with those people?" Sean finally asked.

Al looked around. "Oh, they're undead." he said.

Sean and Jodi both looked freaked out. "Undead?" Jodi said. "You mean like skeletons and zombies?"

Al chuckled at this. "Yeah, but they're harmless. They're controlled by the local Necromancers. And that brings up a good thing I should warn you about. Whatever you do, don't die in this city."

Sean and Jodi both shrugged. "We aren't going to die here." Sean said.

Al looked at the two, then at Ash and Misty, who were both giving similar looks. "Good." Al said. "A while back, actually about 2000 years ago, we made a deal with Prog's Necromancers. In excange for their protection, we agreed that if anyone died within this city, they would be allowed to raise them as undead, to serve Prog for all eternity. That is why there are so many robed individuals."

Chezni laughed at this. "Sucks, doesn't it?"

After awhile, the group made their way to the Temple. While it was large, seeing it from the Door, it was enormous to see up close, bigger than ANY cathedral Sean and Jodi had ever seen. Inside, there were golden pews, lined with platinum, leading up to an altar that was made out of pure diamond.

A gigantic golden statue of a man wearing the same mask that was on the door seemed to be reaching for something. At the foot of the statue was an inscription that read:

"Anything that is not nailed down to the ground is mine, and anything I can pry up isn't nailed down."

Al looked toward the side of the altar area. A slim individual stood there. He seemed to be wearing a leather outfit and had blue hair that was shorter than Chezni's.

"Neb!" Al said. "I see you've been keeping the appearance of Olid's Temple up to par!"

The slim individual looked at Al, then at the rest of the group. "Ok, some of you I know, and... Some of you, I never met... So, what's up?"

December 7th, 2004, 3:58 AM
"well my name is is Sean and my friend here is Eevee" said Sean who was geting a bit use to seeing demon-creatuers. "and the girl over there is Jodi" sean introduce because Jodi was not as use to seeing demon-creatures.

"i see Jirachi has became your legendary partern." said Neb

"you remember me rigth Neb. it's me! Rui!" said Rui

"How can i? you try to kill me." said Neb

"i was under a dark control but that was in the past" said Rui.

"remember me" said Ash

"you still looking good Ash and i believe you are Misty" said Neb to the red-head

"well we done with introducions no i have a request Neb" said Chezni

"Shoot" said Neb while he look at the ceiling

Chezni was unsure but said "Can you relive Mew?"

December 7th, 2004, 11:31 AM
Chezni brought out the small Pokemon. Neb looked at it. "Let's see... Just give me a sec and I'll see if I recently sto... acquired a Rod of Resurrection..." Neb said, a bit hurriedly.

Al looked around. "It's good to be back in a Temple of Olidamaara... But, I have to see to something. I'll be back." Al said as he left.

After a few minutes, Neb came back with a ring. "I think this'll work even better." he said, as he slipped the ring on. "Everyone give me room."

With that, the group backed off somewhat. Neb looked at Mew. "Alright. You're Mew?" he said.

Chezni nodded. "Yes. Asmodia killed him."

Neb grinned. "Ok. I think I can do this." he said as he pointed the Ring at Mew. "I wish that the one in this room, who is called Mew, be revived immediately."

The ring glowed a bit, and after a moment, the wound on Mew disappeared. Gradually, Mew's eyes opened. "Mew?" she said.

MewTwo ran up to Mew and hugged her, sort of out of character for the cold Pokemon. He quickly backed off. "Um... Yes. It's good to have you back..."

Ash was just as happy. "Hey Mew. I thought we had lost you." Mew flew straight to Ash. Pikachu chuckled as Ash fell backward from the momentum.

Neb simply grinned. "Yeah, I still got it. Aooow-right!"

December 8th, 2004, 3:49 AM
"how were you able to do that?"ask Jodi to Neb.

"it was just a simple sprirt reattachment. useing the ring i am able to call into the sprirt world and sommond the sprirt of Mew. then since i use the rod first it just made it simplier to reattach the lost sprirt to it body. then once Mew return to its body. it took care of repairing the body." said Neb

Sean and who was listening got a bit lost in the explainion of this whole thing but jodi understand it as if it was explaining why 2+2=4. the Jodi said "what about the power that Mew gave to a pokemon was that retuen to Mew since it was mews to begin with because she gave it to her when she died."

Neb was a bit confused but Mew explained this part. "the power that was transfer to Eevee could have been returned if i wanted it. but leting it keep it."

Sean now said something about this "but does that mean my Eevee has some sort of Legendary power or something."

"Only when it is in Celasita powers are in use and that should be esay because it is a celasita. but it has more power then you or Eevee knows. it power could do powerful things. it just need to devolpe" expaline Mew

"But..." said Sean but not knowing what to say.

December 8th, 2004, 8:21 AM
(Great... Mew learned Common...)

Chezni went over to Neb. "So, you're still trying to make people think you're smarter than you are?"

Neb laughed. "No, it's the truth. Honestly."

Chezni grinned. "Yeah, about as true as if you were to say you never stole anything..."

Neb looked innocent for a minute. "It's not stealing. It's borrowing something indefinitely without permission."

Chezni went to Sean and Jodi. "You know Jirachi? How he grants wishes?"

Sean looked a bit concerned. "Yeah, it's in the old manuscripts that Professor Oak dug up."

Chezni motioned to where Neb was standing. "That ring has a similar power. It can grant wishes. Neb simply wished for Mew to be revived. And it happened. But, it had a surprising side effect."

Mew looked confused. "What do you mean?" she said.

Chezni replied. "You speak common now. You never did that before."

December 9th, 2004, 3:31 AM
"what common?" asked Sean who didn't understand

"if speaking common is so bad then may be ther e are any other side effects. maybe that not the ture mew or mew cannot do some of the things that it was to do or something much worst. Chezni tell me if there are any other side effects that ring have."

Sean geting fusterated said "But first explain what speaking in common means."

"you speaking it rigth now" said Mewtwo

December 9th, 2004, 11:03 AM
Chezni explained. "Common is just the language you are used to hearing. In this universe, it would be the way we're speaking now. Instinctively, we've always known this language, which is why it sounds like second nature, even if you've never heard it before. Some say that a long time ago, a supreme being created humans and gave them this language. After awhile the humans decided to rebel against this being and as a punishment, the being created different languages and gave them each different ones, so it would be more difficult to understand each other. But the peoples' memories of the old language couldn't be completely erased, so instead the being sealed the language deep into their subconscious. However, with research and knowledge, some of them managed to relearn the language. More amazingly was that when anyone heard the language, they instantly recognized it, as if by instinct."

Allicko came back about this time. "OK. Everything's set. Our next destination is the Moonglades."

Chezni nodded. "First, we need to get a ride. How about an Airship?"

Allicko nodded in agreement. "There is one at the edge of town waiting for us."

December 10th, 2004, 3:53 AM
the group started their way to the airship port. some members of the group took a chance to notice the palce around them. they saw little deomon-like kids runing around with stick playing some sort of tag with it. some saw a couple made of a boy and girl looking no older then Jodi and Sean which seem to be sucking and puffing green smoke from a ball-like tube. some saw houses that were made out of some of the metal-like material with better looking clouthing. when they got close to the Port Misty saw a man coner and was geting beaten by a a tougth bigger man. she walk forword to help but saw stop by Al

"best not get invole. he seems very skill with that club on his belt." said al

when they got inside the airship port they saw a group of the deomon creatures all with a black band wrap around their head with one human in the group seems to be directiong the group. it soon until the group was discover there.

the human leader said "block all exits. we can't let those go."

"look like we need to figth." said al

"it a figth they want then it a figth the get! ready Pikachu!" said Ash

"we could use a battle too." said Sean to his Eevee

"so you want to battle like that" said the human leader and then wave to two of the five other deomon creatures. then they grab a brown pokeball looking thing and throw them. one of the pokemon was a tauros, another was a quagsire and las t belong to the human was a snorlax.

"Eevee use take down on the quagsire" Eevee rushed and then was hit eith a club by its owner." sean was surpise by this

"you Okay Eevee." said Sean. Eevee said it was ok "that was a cheap shot."

"that how you battle in this releam. pokemon, what few they are here, trainer and pokemon figth together." said Al. the took out a pokeball and send out omastar and then he took his hammer out." Sean took his jade green blade out and ash took his sword out.

now they group was ready to battle

December 10th, 2004, 9:19 AM
Chezni seemed a bit confused by this. "I don't recall Pokemon being in this world... It must be getting close to the Pokemon World."

Al looked at Chezni and grinned. "I told you the fusion wasn't halted."

"Ha ha ha ha!!!!" A voice echoed from the far side of the demons. "I see you still believe in fairy tales, Allicko."

Al stopped in his tracks, as the three demons moved to one side. A woman in her late twenties suddenly appeared. She had red hair and her eyes seemed to almost flash an array of colors. Chain Mail covered her body, as did a belt with more of the brown Poke-Balls on it. Strangely, there were about ten of them strapped to her.

She spoke again. "There is no such thing as 'universes fusing'! It's all made up, and being a Goddess, I should know!"

Chezni had a similar look to Al. "Tiamat..." he said. "What do you want this time?!"

Misty also looked at the strange woman. "Tiamat?" she said, looking at Al. "Who is this person?"

Al responded. "She is the Goddess of Chromatic Dragons... Evil Dragons..."

Tiamat looked at the battle with glee. "Do you like it? The Poke-Balls make these fools do whatever I say! I don't have to even lift a finger. They'll destroy you for me!"

Chezni looked back at her with anger. "How could you... They've done nothing to you!"

Tiamat looked insulted by the question. "Who are YOU to question the actions of a God, MORTAL?! I have no need to answer a question from an insignificant bug like you!"

Ash heard every word that Tiamat had said. He suddenly seemed extremely focused on the words. "Bug?! Perhaps YOU are this 'BUG' that you mentioned!" Suddenly he turned around and faced Tiamat. "Sean! I trust your Eevee. But, I have to do this."

Sean nodded, as Ash, Pikachu, and Tiamat seemed to almost teleport away. From the Airship, the trio could be seen on the ground of the Port, some distance away.

Ash seemed to grin at Tiamat. "So, why don't you make the first move, so-called 'Goddess'?"

Tiamat was furious at this individual's arrogance. "You are a bigger fool than that one named Chezni. It has been a while since someone has had the nerve to challenge me... This should be interesting..."

With that, she unstrapped the belt with her Poke-Balls on it. Grinning, she threw the belt into the water. "I have no need for these weak Pokemon..." she said.

Ash looked stunned. "You... They'll drown!" he said, as he prepared to dive in after them.

Tiamat simply pointed to where the belt floated. "I'll take care of it. Don't freak out." she said, as her finger lit up. "They won't drown... They'll just die!" As she finished, a beam shot from her finger hitting the belt and causing an explosion on contact. Ash was left in a state of shock at this, as was everyone else, who saw what happened.

Tiamat's eyes began to glow the multiple colors again, as she grinned. "Now..." she said. "Shall we begin?"

Ooc: The battle in the Airship is still going on. There's just two going on at the same time now. Ooc)

December 11th, 2004, 9:33 PM
Sean thinking to him self that it look like it 3 angainst 1. Ash is figthing a goddess and Al is to mush in a shock to battle. "Eevee. i go in first and you back me up" Eevee nodded and sais "WEEV"

Sean went in and attack the deomon guys and they stging in return but Sean was seeming to be enpowered by the sword seem to disappear and then slash the guys. then eevee simple took care of the pokemon by a double team and ligth spear combintation. "now for the human" said sean. but he was nowhere to be found.

"he escaped" said Jodi.

then in a flash of ligth a puff of smoke appear from the pokeballs with Tiamat's dead pokemon. "Souls come to me. give me your power"

Now there the battle between Ash and pikachu with the goddess Tiamat

December 12th, 2004, 9:51 AM
Sean stood there stunned at what had just happened. "How could she kill those innocent Pokemon?! What kind of world is this?..."

Chezni looked at Sean and Jodi. "We need to stay here. Ash will handle Tiamat."

Sean interrupted. "Handle her? She's a Goddess! How can he handle something like that?!"

Chezni simply replied. "He's fine. Just watch."

Al finally spoke up. "I need to go into town for a moment." As he finished, he ran to the Temple.

Misty got a confused look on her face. "Where is he going?"

Neb grinned. "Don't worry. I have a feeling he's going to get something that he lost awhile ago... in a manner of speaking..."

Tiamat looked at Ash and Pikachu with glee. "A Celestial... And you DON'T worship Bahamut! Ha ha ha! How interesting!"

Ash simply glared back at Tiamat. "Shut up!"

Tiamat got her familiar insulted look on her face again. "How dare you... Do you know who I am?! Do you realize that with a single hand I could level this city?!"

Ash grinned. "So what? I've dealt with your kind before... always cocky and arrogant against those weaker than yourself." It was then that Ash and Pikachu began glowing. "But when you're faced with an opponent that is stronger than you..." Clouds could be seen in the sky, as bolts of lightning began raining down. "You always want to back down and run away!"

Misty grinned at the sight of Ash. "That woman is REALLY in for it now... Pikachu is about to transform..."

Chezni nodded. "Yes." He then looked at Sean and Jodi, as Jirachi and MewTwo both looked on at the fight. "Sean, Jodi! Pay attention. You two are about to see the true power of a Celestial Pokemon!"

At that point, a very large beam of light hit Pikachu from seemingly out of the sky. His entire form began to change, as if he were evolving. But it became obvious that he wasn't evolving into Raichu.

The figure was human size, for one. As the light dimmed, two angelic wings could be seen on either side of the creature's back (4 total). A seemingly golden breastplate covered its chest, and it had muscular arms and legs. In fact, the only thing that resembled Pikachu was its pointed ears. The rest of the features were almost human. Except for the long silver hair, that is.

The light finally faded and the creature glared at Tiamat. "Now," the creature said. "Are you going to run? Or are you going to fight?"

Misty and Chezni almost cheered at the sight of the strange new creature. Misty was the first to say anything. "This is going to be good..."

Sean looked at Chezni. "What is that creature?"

Chezni responded. "That is Manachu, a Legendary Pokemon."

December 13th, 2004, 3:40 AM
"great little transformation but i can transform too." said Tiamat. then she began to to spourt flygon looking wings. red bug-like eyes, a pair of flygon attanas, she spourted a tail and lastly her skin turned green.

"she looks like a flygon!" said Rui

"i just did the samething your friend did. expect i had to kill my pokemon and asborb their souls soon after then fuse with them." said the dragon goddess

"that is sick. but you are also sicking too and i not talking about your looks." said the Manachu. with that said he attack with a tunder attack but it was white

"the attack won't do nothing to her because she fuse with flygon and flygon is part ground and electic attacks are useless against ground attacks." said Sean and he was rigth

"novtice" then she open her month and fired a beam. the beam hit Manachu and it seam to do nothing.

"Manachu is that powerful to take that attack" said Jodi

"time to use some of my Celestial power." then it started to rain huge balls of white ligth from the sky. each one hit the goddess and dealt lots of damage.

"Celestial Storm, a powerful attack" said Chezni

then the flygon goddess creature use a earthquack and seem to fo something to Manachu but he recoverd and use another Celestial Strom witch tramsformed the goddess it to her regular from.

"i have two more pokemon froms and they both dragon types." then she began to transform again but spruot dragonite's wings and its head strings from her forehead and last her skin turned dragonite orange

the battle has now enter round two

December 13th, 2004, 3:46 PM
Chezni was perplexed to say the least. "I don't understand it... Why isn't Tiamat using her true power?"

Allicko continued to watch with interest. "She is testing Manachu. Unsure of what she is up against, Tiamat wants to see if she can pinpoint a weakness before using her full power..."

Jirachi interrupted. "It appears to be the same thing with Manachu. He hasn't even used his sword yet..."

MewTwo looked at Mew. "You know..." he said. "We could fuse and this would be over by now..."

Mew looked back at MewTwo. "Fuse?" she said. "But I want to see if Manachu can stop her!"

Manachu seemed to be gaining the upper hand once again. After one last collision of Tackle Attacks, she finally stopped. "I'm impressed... You've managed to best me in each attack thus far, but I'm afraid your luck is about to run out."

Allicko leaned forward intently as the two figures simply had another stand-off. "This is it..." he said. "She's going to transform into her Chromatic Form..."

Tiamat grinned at Manachu. "You may be strong against Pokemon Attacks, but let's see how you do..." As she spoke, her form began to change once again. She began growing at an alarming rate. "Against Attacks from the Realms!!!"

As she finished, Ash and Manachu looked on at the figure that now beheld the group. It had what appeared to be gigantic wings of fluctuating colors, red, blue, white, green, and black. It was the same as her eyes.

Five heads sprouted from her torso area each one a different color, red, blue, white, black, and green. On top of that, she was now about 4 times the size of the Airship. It was then that she broke her silence. "I am now in my true form. With this increase in power, your limitations will soon become apparent!"

December 14th, 2004, 3:55 AM
"man this not going to be alrigth" said Sean

"we need to help Ash" Jodi said back

but before they were able to command their pokemon to help Chezni stop them and told them "this is not a battle where anybody can figth. you will just get hurt. not Jirachi giving power to your Nector or even Sean's Eevee Celestial power can stop him" then he add once saw the look on Sean's face "you two are good but your powers have not reach where Ash and Pikachu are yet. you and Eevee are long a way from that"

then in flash of black ligth Manachu flew in the wall of the port from a black blast from Tiamat. he seem to get up and smile "i was able to peoduce an electic barrier to take most of the hits but try this on for size." and them shot a bolt of ligthing about the same size of Tiamat but before it hit her the white head made a sheild useing the gem on its head.

"that won't stop me!!" and with that said her red head spilt molten lava all over the port causeing it to burn.

Manachu was able to fly up to dodge the firely shot and then look back to where his friends were but saw that they were gone until Mewtwo said from a barriar with the group inside "don't worry i got them here. me and Mew will protect them."

knowing that his friends were safe Manachu countied the battle tring everything but was counter by the different heads until they said "now it is time to draw power to destory you the Power of the Relams shall overpower you! hahaha" then it seem that all the heads was drawing in air then they all pointed at Manachu. then all of sudden vines flew from ground and tied him down "that is just their to make sure you don't go away"

Manachu unable to move tried and stuggle to get out then a red, blue, white, green, and black beams fired from each mouth. then in a few feet Manachu use a bolt of ligthing to brack free from her bind. but was hit down. not he was laying motionless on the ground.

"it great Manachu is no defeated. not to come back. he.."she stop in her words when she recived a cut rigth above her chest. "it not not p-possible"

"that would have killed me but i draw stength from my friends and from rightgousness." said the battle beaten Manachu but he was now holding his sword.

"oh-oh. well this will get you then again shot up vines and tied the hero down. then Tiamat look like she was going fire the same beam.

"this is going to be good. he got his sword now" said Chezni

the beam hit Manachu directly. Tiamat was proud to see that it was smoke and sure he was gone. but when the smoke cleared there was Manachu with his sword growing with the same colors of the attack of Tiamat. "it abosrb your attack and now it going to use it against you."

then he stinge his sword around and then broth it down and then what fired from the sword look like he was minicing the attack she did. it cleared off Tiamat's white head rigth off.

the battle is at a new degree now that Manachu has drawn his sword and Tiamat is down one head

December 14th, 2004, 9:35 AM
Tiamat's remaining heads looked infuriated at Manachu. "How dare you..." they said. Suddenly they all grinned. "Very well... How about this?" With that, all 4 remaining heads took a deep breath.

"Not this trick again..." Manachu said, as he held his sword flat in front of him. "You know that won't work."

But this attack was different. Instead of beams, the green head shot a line of acid, the black head shot some sort of cone of darkness, and the green head shot out gas of some sort. Despite his attempt, it was all Manachu could do to avoid the acid. The other two hit. Then the red head shot a cone of fire at Manachu, and as it collided with the gas, it produced an enormous explosion.

For what seemed like forever, it was impossible for anyone to even see the two figures from the barrier. Even Ash was out of sight, probably caught in the explosion or under cover.

After a moment, the smoke cleared and Ash could be seen, as well as Tiamat, who now had her white head once again. Manachu was nowhere to be found, though. Ash seemed to be looking around the area frantically.

Tiamat's heads simply laughed. "Look around if you wish. Look in the water, he's there. Look toward the houses. He's there as well. Even here, there's probably pieces lying around." As she finished, frost could be seen on the mouth of her white head.

Ash was suddenly transfixed on the area behind Tiamat. The blade of Manachu's sword lay there, stuck in the ground. It had been broken in the blast.

Chezni had a look of disbelief on his face. "This can't be... She couldn't have..."

Sean suddenly seemed possessed in a similar way to how Ash was when the fight had begun. "He's not done yet. Look to the sky."

Everyone in the forcefield, looked up to see Manachu floating in midair, with the broken half-sword. Ash looked up and grinned.

Tiamat was in utter disbelief at what she had seen. Manachu was surrounded by the familiar golden aura. "That's not possible! Nothing can survive my breath weapons! There are pieces of..."

Manachu interrupted. "Look closer. I was not hit by the blast!" Tiamat looked in disgust at what the pieces actually were. Frozen pieces of glass and stone seemed to be scattered about.

Tiamat glared back at Manachu, and grinned. "Oh well... At least your sword is useless..."

Manachu suddenly tossed his broken sword aside, and it vanished, along with the blade in the ground. "I don't need it."

Tiamat looked confused. "What are you doing?! Isn't that how you use your most powerful attacks?!"

Manachu nodded. "But I don't need them now. You've used up so much energy with your powers that you are growing weaker by the second. I only need half of my power to finish you."

Tiamat glared at Manachu, but realized his words were true. He was right. She had lost alot of her power from the Breath Weapons, and would no longer be able to use them in this battle. It was a losing fight. "You... I won't forget this!!!" As she finished, Manachu slammed into her, sending her reeling into a building. As she hit, she pulled out a scroll and vanished.

The group could be heard from the barrier, cheering. Everyone ran to Ash to congratulate him, as Manachu suddenly began to glow. Slowly he shrank until he took the shape of the white Pikachu once again.

Chezni nodded in approval. "I knew you would come through."

December 15th, 2004, 3:43 AM
"what a coward" said Jodi "runing away when she going to lose"

"if she would have stayed then me and Eevee would take care of her" said Sean engerly

Rui said in surpise "oh no! you won't be able too. she still to powerful in her weakest form."

as mewtwo lower the group to the now burned airport he relesed the group from his protectiv orb. then said "congratuations. you were able to beat the god ash"

"pika pika" said pikachu

"you did well. since it was you who was battling too." responed Mewtwo

"but it felt that i was figthing too. well we havn't done that in a long time. rigth Pikachu" Ash said

"pika" sadi Pikachu as he climb up Ash's back and on to his shoulder where he always is

the sean weht to Chezni and asked "if pikzchu can evolue in to a legendary god beating pokemon because he's a Celestial. will Eevee be able to to do that too." then remembering the vision of the demonic like creature dog.

before chezni was able to reply Jodi said while remembering the vision of the angelic dog-like creature Sean was riding. "that must take some time. Ash and Pikachu have been trainerand pokemon much longer then you. i want to know what she mean be 'worshiping Bahamut' what are these gods?"

December 15th, 2004, 10:21 AM
Allicko replied. "Perhaps I can explain. In your world, you have supreme beings known as Legendary Pokemon, that govern all of the properties of your planet, making sure that nature and the elements stay in balance. But even they don't always get along... Normally, when two or more different Legendary Pokemon come near each other, they fight."

Ash knew all too well what Allicko was saying. It took a supremely evil Pokemon for the Legendary Pokemon to even work together. Each time before that, any two Legendary Pokemon that had come in contact with each other had fought.

Al continued. "The Gods of this world are similar in that fashion. But with one key difference. Unlike your world where all of the Legendary Pokemon are generally good, as far as we know anyway, there are good Gods and evil Gods here. In a way, it's the old-as-time, eternal struggle of Good against Evil. Bahamut is a good God, and Tiamat..."

"Is an evil God..." The group looked around and soon saw a man that had hair overlapped across half of his face. A half grin could be seen on the side the hair wasn't on. He seemed to be flipping 5 coins from hand to hand, and every time they hit a hand, they stacked perfectly in that hand.

Al immediately bowed to the individual. "This is one such God. I would like you to meet..."

The man suddenly spoke. "Please, let me introduce myself. I am called Olidamaara, the God of Thieves and Bards. Call me OliD. You were in that Gym Battle that I saw..."

Ash suddenly recalled how he was resurrected by this man. "You revived me?"

OliD's hair suddenly flipped to the other side of his face, and there was another half grin. "That's better. Muscles get sore after awhile... But, yeah. That was me. No autographs, please. Pikachu had been posessed by the one known as Zarnon. To be more specific, Zarnon Transmigrated his soul into Pikachu. That's how he was able to survive the attack on his castle, and why he appeared in front of you."

Ash was surprised at the sheer amount of knowledge that OliD posessed. It was as if this was some sort of game that OliD was running, and he knew the outcome already, or did he? All that Ash had to go by was what he said, as well as that strange half grin on his face...

December 16th, 2004, 3:38 AM
Jodi looking uncomfortable grab Sean and wispered to him "i don't trust this guy. i feel that we are falling into a trap of some sort."

Sean not surprise said "he's a good god. i mean he revived Ash. that must mean he is good."

"that the thing. did he or us said he was a good god. no!" said Jodi

"well. we should ask him" Sean said

after that she walk back to the group with Sean following her and said "what are you? a good god or a bad god?"

December 16th, 2004, 10:45 AM
His hair switched to the other side of his face. He now had a straight expression. "Well, that all depends on your opinion. Do you feel that I'm good? Or do you feel that I'm evil? Maybe you'll know the answer better with time." His hair switched once again to reveal a half-grin.

Sean and Jodi were both a bit confused by this. It didn't exactly answer their question...

Ash was just as perplexed as Sean and Jodi were. "So, in other words, you're not too sure yourself?" he said.

OliD chuckled. "I thought you'd say something like that. I know how I am, and you know how you are. To each their own... Isn't that the old saying?"

Allicko and Neb both seemed very entertained by this conversation. It wasn't often that someone couldn't trust OliD. It was an interesting sight to see.

Al spoke up after this. "Oh yeah, you probably already know, but Ash and Pikachu managed to trounce Tiamat."

Olidamaara's hair switched sides once again and a half-frown could be seen. "I know... Even I couldn't stop her... At least I didn't lose any limbs this time..."

Sean quickly asked another question. "Lose limbs? But aren't Gods immortal?"

OliD nodded. "Yes. But when two clash, injuries still occur..." Once again, his hair switched to reveal the smile. "But, enough on the past. What brings you all to the Realms?"

December 17th, 2004, 3:40 AM
Chezni answered this "we need to go to the Moonglades. that why we are here. at the port. but look around."

the group look around to see a burn buidling that was damage from the battle of Manachu and the goddess. then Misty said angerly "Now look what you did Ash. you burn down the only transportation we had!"

"but Misty it was Tiamat who burn it down with her lava breath." said Ash nervesly to Misty

"well as you can see around you.we lost our transportation. but i was thinking that maybe you could give us a ride over to the Moonglades."

OliD thugth about it then said "why not. just follow me." then everybody in the group followed except Jodi. At that time she found a piece of what looks like OliD's hair. once she touch it she recieve a vision from her Millenenian Necklace.

she saw the group in a palce she never seen before. then a black ligth came out and sround them. all that was seeable was her friends. then a pink rose srounded beam like laser being shot. it hit Jirachi. then another one was fired this one was heading for Neb.

"Jodi! come on or you going to be left behide." said Jirachi.

Jodi ran over their but was woundering about the vision. was Neb hit?

December 17th, 2004, 10:34 AM
Ooc: Rose, huh? Alright. Ooc)

As the group followed OliD through the city, the Necromancers could be seen raising the dead into Skeletons and Zombies. Sean shuddered at the thought that they might have been in that same situation.

Chezni looked to the Necromancers. "It's not as bad as last time. Last time almost half of the city's population had to be turned... But, this is the Pact of Prog... Anyone who lives in the City receives protection from the Necromancers, but death becomes undeath..."

As the group reached the center of the city, they once again beheld the Golden Warbird (Bird of Prey/ Romulan Warship hybrid). This time, a ramp came down, leading inside. As the group entered, they saw strange machines that only Al, Neb, and Chezni recognized.

Chezni immediately reacted. "This is like the No.... Um, never mind..."

Sean was too busy to even notice Chezni's remark, as he had never seen anything like the interior of the 'Airship'. Sean and Jodi were equally as intrigued, and didn't even notice Chezni's remark.

As the group reached what must have been the Bridge, strange individuals seemed to be manning the various controls. Their foreheads had strange wrinkles in them and they ALL had long black hair. They wore strange armor that Ash, Misty, Sean, and Jodi had never seen before. (Ooc: Klingons... Ooc)

OliD immediately spoke. "Our destination is the Moonglades. Don't overdo it."

The crew of the ship laughed and began speaking in a strange tongue. The ship then lifted off of the ground, and began flying to the destination. Literally in a matter of moments, they were at the Moonglades.

The Islands that were the Moonglades rarely had the typical 'average' group visiting them, so there was little commotion when a gigantic Golden Bird landed on the edge of the Imperial side. As the group exited the 'Ship', they could see some of the immediate changes in climate. It was a tropical paradise. A forest seemed to cover most of the island, as well.

Various types of people could be seen, the more coomon being the pointy eared individuals. Some of these such individuals had slightly gray tints to their skin, though. Another sight that beheld the group were the people dressed in Oriental Armor. They were obviously Feudal Samurai.

As the group made their way to the center of the island, they saw a Mansion that was in a bald spot of the forest. What relaxed the group a bit was the sight of humans. They seemed to be having some sort of party, as there was dancing and decoration in the enormous courtyard.

One particular individual fit the description of the gray skinned individuals. He seemed to simply be relaxing. Al immediately went up to him. "Gillim!" he said.

Gil looked in the group's direction and rolled his eyes. "Oh, great... What have you brought us this time, Al?" he said, sarcastically. He then began laughing, as he looked at the rest of the group. "Well, welcome to the Moonglades. Why don't you all sit down, have an Alexander..."

Al immediately cleared his throat. Gil examined the group closer. "Ahh! I see. Too young... Ok, everyone over 16, or any Elves, or Demons, over 200, why don't you have an Alexander? The rest of you can eat, drink anything non-alcoholic, and be merry! It's Rakhesacum!" (Rack e sac um)

December 18th, 2004, 9:34 PM
"what is Rack-e-sac-um?" Ash said mispronuncing it

"it is like Christmas in your world but with a little of new year in it" said Neb

Gillim led the group to a table cover in food. "eat!! Its Rakhesacum!!"

the group except Neb, Al, and Chezni was a bit confuss until Ash broke the slcence and said "i hungry" then head first into a dish what look like a purple pig head made up of little balls. soon the rest follow.

"if i remember rigth. wasn't Gillim the guy who the doubleganger copied back at Pewter gym." said Jodi

"i believe you rigth" said Rui then looking at Chezni for anwser.

the Gillian said "well. Chezni. what bring you to the Moonglades. it surly wasn't Rakhsacum. expectly after what happen a few years ago"

December 19th, 2004, 9:45 AM
Chezni remembered all too well what Gil was talking about. Hundreds of Samurai and a Wu-Jin almost wiped out the Moonglades. Fortunately, the Dispel Bomb affected the Wu-Jin's allies as well.

Chezni began looking around. "You know, I just realized something." he said as he got up. "We seem to have lost track of Neb."

Gil chuckled a bit and replied, "Neb's being... Neb."

Al and Chezni both nodded, as Sean and Jodi looked a bit confused. C's party lasted through the night without incident, as morning broke.

Allicko was sitting outside, as Sean and Jodi came out of the mansion. "Early birds as well, huh?" Al said.

Sean looked around. "This place is sure quiet. What if someone attacks it?"

Al simply pointed to the woods surrounding the mansion. A few sparkling objects could be seen from a distance. "The Rangers have the area covered." Al said.

At about this time, a strange individual came running up to the trio. He had a hood (a la Cobra Commander) over his face and his entire body was covered. Strangely, he was almost as tall as Al.

"Amon!" Allicko said with surprise.

The individual replied. "It HAS been awhile. I only wish I had better news."

Al stood up. "You're bleeding." he said.

Amon replied. "It's only a scratch." he said, clutching his arm. It was obvious he was lying, as blood was dripping in fairly large quantities onto the ground. "This can't wait."

Al shook his head. "First thing's first." he said, as he held up his hand, and the wound seemed to close after a few seconds.

The rest of the group woke up to see Al talking to the strange individual. Ash was the first to say something. "Who is this?"

Al replied. "This is Amon. He is one of our scouts, that infiltrated Baldur's Gate. He's been keeping tabs on Tiamat for some time."

Chezni's eyes widened. "Tiamat is in Baldur's Gate?"

Al nodded. "Yes. But there must be more."

Amon continued. "The city of Baldur's Gate has been leveled... There were no survivors..."

Allicko stared in shock at what Amon had just said. "Leveled? But... Why would Tiamat..."

Amon shook his head. "Not Tiamat... It was some sort of strange creature... The creature had reddish-purple skin and large bat-like wings. But that's not the worst of it..."

Allicko focused on what Amon was telling him. "Go on."

Amon finished. "Zarnon was with him..."

Al and Ash both looked as if they had seen a ghost.

Chezni replied. "Where are they now?"

Amon suddenly shook slightly. "They are on their way here right now... And they have an entire army of undead..."

December 20th, 2004, 8:56 PM
"how will we beat the undead."said jodi

then out of no where Neb and Gillian came out and Gillian said we need to prepare. Ash and Misty take watch at the front, Misty you can use Golduck if needed. Ash if Pikachu can become Manachu again then go rigth ahead with it. Al and Chezni back up Ash and Misty. Rui and Neb take Sean and Jodi down to the basement for protection. this is to big for kids. As the rest of you guys." he was talking to the former partiers. "go out front and take the army down by any means."

"we would like to help" said Mewtwo and was pointing to Mew

"i stay with Jodi" said Jirachi

then Sean and Jodi were took by Rui and Neb into the house and into the basement. while the rest were left to figth.

"we can't let them figth alone. they need help" said Sean

"he's rigth." resoped Jodi

"well you hread what he said. this is not a figth fo kids" said Jirachi

"we nned to protect you" said Neb

"YES" repeated Rui

the place then turn balck. candles out. then a black glowed was seen. then all of a sudden a pink rose cover beam laser was shot. it hit Jirachi.

"JIRACHI" said Jodi

"he not the only to leave and he not coming back." said a vocie

then another one was shot and was pointed to Neb.

"GO Nector. Use Endure." the heracrose flew to take the hit. "who are you?" said Jodi.

Sean grab a ligth and then they saw Rui. her black pendent was glowing and then black feather like wings came out of her back. skin turn green. roses cover her body and she was wearing a vine like skirt. "i not Rui anymore. i am Roisa, the goddess of nature."

"did you posses Rui" said Sean

"no. i been in her for a a long time. before you knew her. i was defeated by Chezni first group of heros. after that i posse this young girl to survive." said the goddess. "but i must meet master Zarnon rigth now." then she left in a puff.

"we must find Chezni and tell him" said Sean

December 21st, 2004, 10:52 AM
Sean, Jodi, and Neb hurried outside to Chezni and the others, carrying the wounded Jirachi and Heracross. Chezni looked at the group, as they explained what happened.

Al immediately went over to Heracross. "No problem." he said as his hands began glowing. In no time, Heracross was fully healed. He did the same with Jirachi.

Chezni looked up for a second. "Why would the Goddess of Nature want to side with the Goddess of Chromatic Dragons?"

Neb replied. "There is no Goddess of Nature. That woman was lying."

Ash nodded. "Rui has split personalities. It happened a long time ago when she was part of Asmodia. She had severed her link to that Pokemon, but not without a cost... Right now, she has no control over her own actions..."

Al chuckled for a second. "It's a good thing she isn't a Paladin..." he said.

OliD laughed at the remark. "Yeah, how many times has your 'Transformations' gotten you into trouble?" he said.

Allicko knew full well what OliD was speaking of. Every time a Paladin commits an evil act, willingly or not, they have to pay a price to their God. Normally it is small, such as not being able to wield weapons for a small amount of time. But, if it is bad enough, like killing someone, the cost might be much higher. In Al's case, he permanently lost his power to transform into his full demon form. In the end though, it was a good thing.

Ash's Pokemon appeared from behind the dense trees in the form of Manachu. "How long do we have?" Ash asked.

Manachu looked at the rest of the group. "We have two weeks before the armies get here."

"How many are there?" Gillim asked.

Manachu replied. "I don't know, but there are about 100 Warships sailing here from the Eastern Continent."

Ash looked at Gil. "How many undead could fit in a Warship?"

Gil replied. "It depends on the type, but of they're just Skeletons and Zombies, we're looking at about 1000 per ship..."

Al replied next. "Was there anything else?"

Manachu suddenly looked grim. "I saw thousands of bats flying above the ships, as well as shadowy-looking creatures... Also..."

Al nodded grimly, knowing what he would say next.

Manachu finished. "About 100 giant flying creatures made of bone..."

Al replied. "Bone Dragons... Dracoliches..."

Gillim suddenly shouted. "Prepare for battle!"

Immediately, movement could be seen in the trees surrounding the mansion, as hundreds of figures were jumping from tree to tree.

On the eastern shoreline, the Samurai were garrisoning a defense of cannons , ballistae and strangely designed ranged weapons. An Oriental old man could be seen eating a bowl of rice with chopsticks. Somehow, the rice never seemed to run out.

"Yooou had betta move fasta than that! Undead never tire!" he said, chowing down on the rice.

Allicko looked at Gil. "I need to use the Mirror."

Gil nodded. "Quickly, I hope. We don't have much time."

Strangely enough, Chezni was nowhere to be found.

December 21st, 2004, 8:25 PM
"where is Chenzi?"asked Sean

everybody look around for him until Al said "he may have went ahead and plan for the future battle"

then Misty said. "can't we destory the airships before they make it here?"

"Not a bad idea but we may have to worry about zobies then. also the bats and dragons my stop that from happening."said Gillian.

"then we must ask Chenzi" said Neb

"what about Rui?" ask Sean thinking about how he doesn't want to hurt a friend.

"we ask about that too." said Al. then the group went to look for him.

December 22nd, 2004, 9:48 AM
Since there was two weeks before anything would happen, the group knew they had time enough to find Chezni.

Deep in the main forest of Gillim's island, Chezni sat, on a tree stump. A voice seemed to be talking to him, but from seemingly nowhere. "You know, it would be easier if you just told everyone." it said.

Chezni responded. "You know I can't do that... Besides..."

The voice echoed once again. "Besides what?"

Chezni replied. "They'll know soon enough... I just hope they will understand..."

Chezni's chest seemed to be glowing a light blue during this conversation.

Allicko headed back to the Mansion. Inside on the far wall of the Hall stood a gigantic mirror. After waving a hand over it, an image of a man with two white wings could be seen.

The man spoke. "Allicko. What seems to be the problem?"

Al replied. "Undead now use Airships? About 100 of them?"

The man replied. "I see... You need me to send as many reinforcements as I can muster..."

Al responded. "Yes. Zarnon is behind this assault. How many men can you spare?"

The man responded. "Myself, Treyfor Drakan... Let's see... I need guards for Dragon's Head... Taking out those... I can have 5000 men ready and able to battle by the time the army arrives."

Al replied. "I thank you..."

Trey nodded and the mirror went dark again.

Dawn broke, as Chezni returned to the Mansion. The Samurai had been busy through the night, as cannons and ballistae were now lining the eastern shoreline.

Sean and Jodi greeted Chezni at the Mansion. "Hey." Sean said. "Where were you?"

Chezni replied. "Sorry for running off. I had to do some thinking." He then turned to Ash and Misty. Then to Al, Neb, and Sean and Jodi once again. "I will be honest with all of you. There is a very good chance that we'll lose this battle. If any of you want to leave, now would be the time."

Sean, Jodi, Ash and Misty looked at each other. Sean spoke up. "No. I'm not going anywhere."

Jodi spoke next. "If Sean isn't leaving, I'm not either."

Ash looked at Chezni. "You should know us by now. We've gotten pretty good at these losing battles."

Misty nodded. "Would a Gym Leader abandon her post in an active Training Season? No way!"

Chezni nodded. "I see... That's what I thought you would say..."

Neb and Al both chuckled. Neb spoke up. "Now, you weren't refering to us in your little speech, were you?"

Chezni shook his head. "No, I know your answers already..."

Al looked to the horizon. "We DO have some reinforcements coming."

Chezni responded. "I know."

The group looked at him in curiosity. Chezni quickly replied. "I mean, yeah! Allicko called them in. That's why he went to the Mansion."

The group approached the beach, as Al looked out toward the calm water. "The sea is calm." he said.

Chezni nodded. "It's the calm before the storm."

Across the sea, hundreds of Realm Airships slowly approached the islands of the Moonglades. The main one that the Mansion was on was surrounded by an archipelago of smaller islands, each garrisoned for combat.

Skeletons and zombies manned the ships, making for quicker speeds. Despite this, it would still be a week before they got there.

Zarnon looked on from the bridge of the main ship, the Anxiety. Unlike the rest of the ships, this one was more like a metal bird. "I see... They are mustering a futile defense against our army... Ehe he he he he he he!!!!!!!" He then looked out.

"No matter..." Zarnon continued. "I have a little surprise for them... Ehe he he he he he he he!!!!!!!"

He looked out toward the back of the fleet. A dense fog covered a large area, making it impossible for anyone to see. It seemed to move with the fleet.

December 22nd, 2004, 9:04 PM
OOC: on Zarnon ship

IC: "i see that we have our forces ready." said Zarnon to his loyal servents. "Roisa, Tiamat, and Serinr. We are now ready to attack. Then my great monster is going to be fully awakned."

Serinr said wearing black and look almost like Al but darker blue skin. said "Chezni and his friends are going to be gone."

"you are rigth. but even in this time the things we need are not here. and Gillian's house has what we need" said Zarnon.

"i saw nothing when i was their but i didn't see all of the house." said Roisa

"but it could be in Chezni's portal hole." said Tiamat

"you are rigth" said Zarnon. " now go rest". then the three left.

back at Gillain masion Chezni saw the Airships. the Jodi came runing yelling followed by Sean "Chezni!!! I saw Zarnon. he was talking to Tiamat, Rosia and some other gy name Serinr. in my vision that i just had."

December 23rd, 2004, 9:50 AM
"You must have seen it through the Necklace." Chezni said. "Did you learn anything important?"

Jodi thought for a second. "Tiamat is with them. Asmodia seems to still be in our world... But something else bothered me. Zarnon mentioned another force..." she whispered to Chezni.

Gillim heard the whispering. "I see... I am not surprised... Zarnon had more than undead in our last battle... We could be up against far more than we think..."

Manachu looked out to the sea. "It appears that they will get here sooner than I thought..."

Chezni looked at Manachu. "How much time do we have?"

Manachu looked out again, as his eyes began to glow. "One week... At the rate they're moving now. Zarnon must be using some sort of magic..."

Chezni looked out. "That's not long enough for... um... Never mind. Everyone be on the lookout. We could be attacked any time."

As night fell on the islands, everything was at a deafening silence. The garrisons at the archipelago had fortified their defenses exceptionally. It would be very difficult for Zarnon's Ships to breach them, even with the advantage of flight. The main island was no exception, having the most powerful garrison. Still, Trey's army was nowhere to be found.

"They should have been here by now..." Al said, looking out to sea. "I hope they didn't run into any trouble..."

Ash responded. "We can still hold the islands for a little while."

Chezni seemed lost in thought. Perhaps it was fear of the battle, or perhaps it was the knowledge that his ultimate secret would be revealed in this battle. But there was no choice. It was the only way to ensure victory. In the midst of his contemplation, he found himself on the beach, staring at the garrison of Ballistae and various cannons.

"There is no way this garrison is going to last a single day..." he muttered.

The old man with the rice bowl appeared behind Chezni. "Do not lose heart. Remember, even the mouse will bite when backed into a corner."

Chezni turned around and bowed. "Master Wusou (Woo-saw). There has to be something else we can do to buy more time."

Wusou looked out to the sea. "The answer may indeed lie in the ebb and flow of the tide..."

Chezni thought about this for a second. "... ... ..." It was as if a life-long revelation had hit him right in the head. "Why didn't I see it before?! It's right there!" Turning to Master Wusou, he bowed once again. "Once again, your wisdom is unmatched, Master! I have to go. There is work I have to do." Chezni ran off, leaving the Master, with a confused expression on his face.

Chezni reached the area where Al was sitting. "Al! We have preparations that must be made."

Allicko looked at Chezni. "What do you mean?"

Chezni grinned. "I have an idea on how to level the playing field."

Sean, Jodi, Ash, Misty, Neb, and Allicko were gathered along with Gillim and Amon, who was now healed. Chezni unfolded a roughly sketched out battle plan.

"We know that most of the enemy ships fly. So a seabound attack would be useless. Therefore, I would like to try a new form of attack." Chezni explained, as everyone looked on with interest.

"Allicko. Is there anyone here that is good at making explosives?" Chezni asked.

Allicko was quick to respond. "Yes. The Alchemists."

Chezni recalled the two he had met at the Door of Doors. "Like those two in the Door of Doors, right?"

"Not quite." Al said. "Alchemists usually make potions and certain devices, as well as raw materials. But, we have one that has a large stockpile of various explosives."

Chezni responded. "Get him here."

Two days passed, as the Alchemist known as Bob, made his way to the Mansion. Bob was versed in the art of Alchemy, splicing items and creating new, more potent ones. It was something he was very proud of.

Chezni went over the plan with Bob, and there were no doubts. He could do it without any trouble. All that would need to be done, is to get the group to approve it.

"Air Mines." Chezni said. Al, Neb, Gil, Sean, Jodi, Ash and Misty looked on in interest.

Al responded first. "Are you saying that you can create these explosives and make them float in the air, destroying a large number of the ships?"

Chezni nodded. "Yes. You make the explosives. I'll worry about making them airborne. If all goes well, we'll have Air Defenses within three days."

December 23rd, 2004, 9:01 PM
"but is that enoth time?" said Mike who seem to have just arrive at the massion with two other people with him.

Al who look surprise said "well look who decided to come? i thougth you hated this place."

then MIke said "i do. but once i hread about the attack that going happen here from Mew i know that if we lose here then we migth just kiss our buts good bye."

"who your friends?" asked Neb

"you know these guys. or at least ash should." said Mike.

then a 18 year old guy in green shorts and a green strip organe shrit came and said "remember me Ash. its me Max."

the a girl in her 20's wearing a red and white dress came to introduse herself "long time no see. its me May"

"i haven't seen you two in what seem to be ages." said Ash in surprise.

"nice to meet you both again" said Misty

"guys i like to introduse to you the Petalburge gym leader known for his use in dark type pokemon, Max and his big sister may who is known in pokemon coornatoring." said Mike

Sean with a puzzle look said "what good they will do?"

Mike said "Well it like my mom always said 'the best way to beat an amry of the undead is with a good burst of fire' and what i brougth is a small group of flamethrowers. i brought my best pokemon with me and if things get messy them i believe May's Xatu can teleport us all away."

"you do know we may lose" said Jodi nervousely to Mike

"wes but imagin that we can slow down Zarnon if we give him a good figth." said Max.

"just think of us as the back up plan in case Chezni air mines don't work." said May.

"oh, Al i saw a group coming this way. they say they know you and they a most here by the looks of it." said Mike

"Looks like the Reinforcements are coming. but for now we got a battle to plan." said Gillain

December 24th, 2004, 10:20 AM
What was approaching wasn't Trey's Airship, though. This one was black, with silver lining on the rails.

Al looked ahead. "Actually, that is a Drow Ship."

Max and May both looked completely confused.

"But I thought the Drow Elves were evil." Max said.

Al responded. "The ones in the Underdark are, but these ones are on our side."

It only took thirty minutes for the ship to land. About 500 dark skinned individuals emerged, led by an ominous individual in a black cloak. He had a strange sword strapped to his belt. It didn't seem to have a blade.

Al nodded. "Sallelius. (Sal-a-lus)"

Ash shrugged his shoulders. "Sally... Huh?"

Chezni responded. "It's a Drow name. Most humans can't pronounce Elven names. Just call him Sal."

Sal nodded to Allicko. He then looked around. "Hmm... These people have a death wish... yes..."

Neb shrugged. "We don't plan to die..." he said. "Remember the Battle of Seven Swords? Seven people, including my father, fought an entire legion of Zarnon's undead."

Sal grinned. "Yes... I remember... They were overrun... yes..."

Al nodded. "Anyway... What did you see?"

Sal nodded. "Well... They have plenty of armies to spare..." he began. "But, I also saw their plans... They intend to attack from all sides... There are 20 Airships approaching from the west as we speak... yes... It seems that we will have to outsmart them in order to win..."

Chezni looked around. "We'll need to set up a defense for the western side. I should be able to deploy enough mines for the entire area of the Moonglades, but we'll need more manpower. Don't worry though. If we know their plans, we can intercept them."

Sal waved a hand and immediately, the Drow soldiers headed to the western side of the island. (For reference, this is a huge island.)

During the next few days, Chezni went to work placing the mines in the water around the islands. After three days, it was finished.

Chezni looked around the islands.

"Wait a second..." Neb said, as he approached Chezni. "Aren't those things supposed to be in the air?"

Chezni grinned, as he cracked his knuckles. "They will be in a moment." he said, as he held his arms out to his sides. His hands began glowing with a brilliant energy that everyone could see. "Guardian of Earth... Eden... I summon you!! Free what was once bound by the planet! Float!"

There was a bright glow surrounding the entire area of the moonglades. Immediately, the spiked mines of the sea became airborne, floating in random spots and at random altitudes around the islands. After the glow faded, the mines seemed to levitate on their own.

Al looked at the sight wide-eyed. "Incredible... I've never seen Magic like that before... How long will they stay airborne?"

Chezni seemed a bit out of breath. After catching his breath, he responded. "As long as they stay in one spot, they will float there indefinitely. It is a permanent Effect KI..."

December 25th, 2004, 10:34 PM
then it happen. one of the mines exploed. "it is too early!!" said Al

"No" said Gillain who was watching from a telescope "they shoting there Undead from cannons and Attacking the mines."

"In order to avoided them" said mike. "birlent. but bad for us."

"we must stop them!!" said Gillian

December 26th, 2004, 9:09 AM
Chezni looked through the telescope. "I thought they would do this... Not a problem..." Raising his hand toward the mines, Chezni began chanting again.

"Spirit of Wind, Sylph! Mask those that are visible from the enemy! Invisibility!" In an instant, there was another flash that was green this time. All of the mines were now impossible to see, at least by most of the group.

Allicko grinned. "Just like our spells... A Mass Invisibility Spell..."

Chezni nodded. "Now we just have to hold the area long enough for the reinforcements to arrive."

Allicko nodded. "Not a problem. I've taken out legions of soldiers before."

Gillim pulled out two short swords. One of them had a blue aura, while the other had a red aura. "Don't worry too much about how many enemies there are. Just worry about killing as many as possible."

Neb grinned, pulling out two daggers. "Let's kick these bastards all the way back to Ravenloft!"

Zarnon's voice could suddenly be heard by the entire group. "Very clever of you to mask your little trap. Well, I'll just have to... sacrifice a few ships. Ehe he he he he he he he!!!!!!"

Another voice could be heard from the same direction. "It's been a while Chezni."

Chezni's eyes widened. "Tyraxis! How did YOU get here?!"

Ash looked in confusion to Chezni. "Who is that?"

"Tyraxis..." Chezni began. "was one of our old enemies in Starlance. I thought he was dead... He had constructed a weapon that he planned to use to wipe out one of our major cities and he got caught in the blast. It would take forever to explain, but this shouldn't be possible."

Tyraxis replied. "Oh, it is indeed possible. I was not destroyed. I was transported here. Who knew that the 'Grudiev' would be able to create a rift in dimensions..."

Chezni looked in disgust toward the fleet of ships. "You know that you have no business involving yourself in the affairs of other Planets... Why are you here?"

"You should talk!" Tyraxis shouted. "Why are YOU here? To repair the rift? Oh, please! Don't give me that load of crap! You just can't stand by and do nothing! Like the wannabe hero you are!"

"That's enough!" Chezni shouted. "I may have failed to destroy you on Earth, but I will finish you here!"

"Sure..." Tyraxis stated. "I have news for you, as well as all of your 'friends'! Our forces far outnumber yours, even with the reinforcements you called in!"

Ash looked in shock. "How could he know about that?!"

Chezni shook his head. "I didn't think it was possible here, but he must have intercepted the transmission..."

Tyraxis continued. "You think I did, but I did not. It was Zarnon! He has... abilities that are quite unique... You're outnumbered! And nobody can help you!"

Allicko had had enough. "I don't know who you think you are, but we aren't backing down! I don't care how much you try to scare us! We have risen above worse things and we will rise above this!"

Manachu replied. "I know Zarnon can hear me! I'll be searching for you on the battlefield!"

Sean replied next. "You think you can just barge in here and take what isn't yours, you're sadly mistaken!"

Chezni nodded. "For Leon! For Trenoble! And for all those who you've destroyed! I will make you suffer!!!!" It was then that the entire group could see Chezni glowing. In a bright flash, he had white and blue armor on him. A sky-blue crystal was fused to the heart area of the armor.

Jodi shook her head. "You know, just once I'd like to meet a 'normal' person..."

Neb grinned. "Yeah, I'm about as normal as they come here..."

Tyraxis began laughing. "Very well! Your choice is made! Now, let's begin the battle."

With that, a group of Airships could be seen heading toward the islands. Faint explosions could also be seen. The outer defenses were actually holding.

December 26th, 2004, 8:31 PM
the battle bewteen Chezni and Tyraxis rage on while Mike, Max and May saw a small group of undeads coming so they took out their fire types. Mike with his Charizard, Max with a Houndoom and a Migthiana and May with her Combustion. any body could hear them sreaming "Flamethrower" and many of the undeads were on fire. then Sean saw Roisa geting ready ot fire her beam

"Eevee use ligth spear!" said Sean as Eevee fire towards the fake-goddess.

"Nector go help them by using your megahorn." said Jodi and soon after that the heracross flew towards her.

then Jirachi said "i help! she tried to kill me" then he glowed silvier and attack Roisa.

the woman just laugth and then summond a barrier of rose petals to save herself. "that the best you can do!!" then fire the pink beam at the group. "i seen daisys stonger then you guys"

"SHUT UP!!" said Sean angierly "USE TAKE DOWN EEVEE!!" then his pokemon fire itself at her.

Jodi never seen Sean so mad before "we must help!" said Jirachi the fire himself at her again

"yes, use horn attack" said Jodi

the group is speelit. Chezni figthing Tyraxis. Sean, Jodi and Jirachi figthing Rosia. Mike, Max, and May figthing the undead and the other waiting for the reinforcments

December 28th, 2004, 10:51 AM
A group of enemy Airships could be seen heading to where the previous ones had landed. All of the Samurai Cannons seemed to be concentrated on one. The effect was well worth it, as the Ship slowly lost altitude, becoming a descending fireball. However, it was still heading toward the base. In an instant, the center of the defensive wall was breached, as various troops were blown to the side.

Allicko looked at the fleet of Airships. Even he had to know that the battle was not going well. By now, all of the outer islands had been overrun and the main part of the fleet was now heading to the center island. On top of that, he had no idea how the western side was holding.

A voice could be heard from off to the right of the enemy fleet. It spoke in a language that not even Chezni could understand. Then the same voice spoke in common.

"Allicko!" the voice said. "It appears that you need my help!"

Zarnon looked in disgust at the armada of Airships and Warships that was now approaching. "Those bastards... Form a perimeter in the rear! Don't let them through!"

Tyraxis grinned. "Their reinforcements have arrived. The game is on."

A man in armor stood on the deck of the Dragon's Head. His angelic wings flexed as the feathers blew in the wind. "I am Sir Treyfor Drakan, Paladin of Bahamut, Defender of Dragon's Head! In the name of the God of Metallic Dragons, let us Smite these foes back to the Ninth Plane of Hell!!!!!"

Cheering could be heard from the various ships, as the fleet charged in.

December 28th, 2004, 8:44 PM
"look like we got some help" said Mike as he help figth off the army of undeads

then max resoped "hope they can help take down more off these undead"

"their is too many off them!" said May

Back to the figth of Sean, Jodi and Jirachi with Roisa. the combined attack of Eevee, Heracross and Jirachi hit Roisa. she flew backwards and then levitate back up. then she said "wow. look like you goten better since our battle that you had with Rui. but that was with your friends." then she created vines out of the ground and made arrows and shoot then at the group. they all missed. then She contiued talking "i don't feel bad telling Master Zarnon the secerts i got when travel with you weak fools."

"you were on his side even with us." said Jodi

then Roisa pointed to her black pedent and said "this little thing here made it easier to break free. Rui got it at the Door of Doors market."

"enothe talking" then look at Eevee and said "ATTACK!!" then Eevee fired himself at her she then protected herself with a Rose petal shiled.

"you mad little Sean-itly weanie. i pulling your chain. GOOD!!" said Roisa

then Jodi said "i know Rui in there somewhere.

"Rui is gone!!" said Roisa the she throw vine arrows again at her this time.

Jirachi protect her with a magic protection shiled "i got your back!"

"remember the good times we had" said Jodi "remember in Virendian Forest. the bugs. remember!!"

then Roisa began to use herself. then scream "NO!!!...I RE...MMMEMEMEM..BBEEERR" then she glide down and said "LET ME GGOOOOOOO!" the she rose up and said "GET OUT OF HERE SILLY GIRL" then she begain to fell and said "I IN CON CON CON trrooll"

then out of nowhere Serinr came and did a telporting thing and said "don't worry. she ok. i send her back to the ship for she can regain controll of herself." then look at the group of three. "the black pendent did help bring her out."

"SO it was you who sold her the pendent.' said Sean

then Serinr laugth. then said "yes it was me. i found it on Salor O9. nice little thing to help bring little things out."

"WHY!!" said Jodi

"she is a great person to have" reply Serinr

"then we figth. you and me. Just me!!" sai Sean then look at Jodi and Jirachi

"i accept your challenge!!" said Serinr

"let this battle begin!!" said Sean

December 29th, 2004, 9:40 AM
Trey's armada had cut a path right through the enemy ships, as it reached the main island. Except for the battle between Sean and Sernir, there was almost a lull in the action. Chezni, Ash, and Manachu had returned awhile ago, but they simply watched as Sean's Eevee and Sernir simply began exchanging blows.

Chezni looked to the enemy armada which seemed to be regrouping. "I couldn't find Zarnon or Tyraxis on the Flagship... I wonder where they went to..." he said, as the one-on-one battle began to heat up.

Sernir glanced at the fleet. Just then, a barrage of sharp lights hit Sernir, flinging him backward. "You... How can you use Magic Missile?! You're not from this world!!"

Sean simply grinned. "I don't know, but I have no problem with it..."

Sernir then began to grin, as he glanced back at the fleet. "Oh well. It doesn't matter... You'll all be dead in a few moments! I'll have to conclude this meeting early... Do try and survive what's coming next!" As he finished, he flew toward the fog that seemed to be concentrated behind the enemy fleet.

Zarnon looked on with glee from inside the fog. Tyraxis nodded. "It's time to end this." Tyraxis said as he looked to the soldiers, which seemed to all be dressed in black uniforms. They had on helmets with various colored visors.

"Ready the Grudiev II!" he said. One of the Airships was much larger than the rest, as it lay masked by the dense fog. A gigantic cannon was simply mounted to the metal Ship. An armada of smaller metal ships were also masked by the fog.

Chezni could see the fog begin to lift, as the entire horizon was covered with Airships that looked like metal birds. Even Olidamaara was impressed by the sight.

Chezni looked at the large one with worry. "Oh no... That can't be..." he began. Then, turning to the group he shouted. "We have to get on OliD's Ship! Now!"

Olidamaara heard this, as he hit a few buttons, making Sean, Jodi, Ash, Misty, Chezni, Allicko, Neb,and the rest of the group teleport onto the ship. Unfortunately, the army protecting the Moonglades was left helpless on the ground, as the transporter couldn't recover that many people. Chezni knew exactly what that meant for the army, but there was nothing he could do.

Gillim and Trey were left on the island, awaiting the next attack. Suddenly, Tyraxis' voice could be heard from the main ship. "I want you to listen, and listen well! As you can see, some of your friends were wise, and left the island. As for the rest of you, you have no chance against us, so I give you an opportunity to surrender. After all, it's better than throwing your lives away!"

Trey scowled at the thought of surrendering to someone like Zarnon. "I'd rather die than surrender to YOU!" he said.

Gillim nodded. "We'll fight you to the last man on this island!"

Trey grinned. "You may win this battle Zarnon, but there will be others. I will make this my final vow! Others will come to take our place, and Oerth will be FREED!!!!"

Tyraxis laughed at this. "Very well. You have made your choice. It IS a pity. I would've made you a General... Fire!"

Everyone saw an enormous beam of light hit the island. If it wasn't for OliD's altitude, they would have been caught in the ensuing blast as well. Chezni had seen attacks like this before. It was like a Nuclear Strike. And the group knew there was no way anyone on the island could have survived...

As the blast died down, a large crater could be seen with an outer rim that stretched above sea level. Nothing was left. The entire forest and Mansion had been disintegrated, and other than a few bones of the soldiers, there wasn't even a trace of remnants. Literally, the only survivors were the ones on Olidamaara's Airship.

December 29th, 2004, 8:39 PM
it was horrible. seeing all those people being killed. Just be one beam.

"How could you! WHY!" those guys didn't need to die for that." said May in a fit at what just happen

"Just be glad we survived. we get our revenge one day. but not today. just enjoy the ride" said Mike and then he pull down his cowboy hat down to cover his eyes and it look like he was asleep

"their their was to many of them sis. we would have died if we stay" said Max then he just fell down into a seat.

it seem that Al was praying in a coner. all you could hear was him murberig "plese let Gillian, Trey and all those who gave their lives today reach sarced place in the beyond...."

"I could have beaten him. Icould have beaten them both!!" said Sean. then look at Eevee. "we could have beat them if we stayed!"

Jodi who was listining said "for what!! for you can get killed!! you good Sean but if we stayed then it would have been us in that blast!!!" then she was quite for a bit the said "it was Rui who you was about to beat. would you want to beat Rui. she our friend. we need to get her back."

then Sean said "maybe you rigth. i know i can beat them but you rigth. she is our firend and we do need to get her back." then he coutined after lookingat Eevee. "but what was that ray thing. then rigth before Trey died he metion a guy named Oerth. Who is Oerth?"

then was about to answer this but then a his chest glowed blue and a voice was hread. it said "you need to tell them Chezni."

"but it not the time." he said in surprise.

the voice countined "it is time. it may be better."

December 30th, 2004, 10:35 AM
Chezni nodded in acknowledgement. "Oerth is not a person. It is actually the name of this world."

Sean and Jodi both seemed to understand what Trey and Gillim's final words meant now.

"There's more." Chezni said. "Asmodia... is from this world..."

Ash looked in interest to Chezni. "But, how can that be? I thought Zarnon created him on our world!"

Chezni shook his head. "No, Asmodia was simply summoned to your world. As was Rui..."

Ash, Misty, Sean, and Jodi looked in shock to Chezni. "What?" they said literally in unison.

Sean simply stared in awe at what Chezni was saying. "You mean to tell me that Rui is also from this world?"

Ash nodded. "It makes perfect sense! When we first fought Asmodia those years back, Rui was part of him! If Asmodia is from here, Rui must be too."

Chezni nodded. "Yes. Unfortunately, Rui is no longer bound to Asmodia, so there is nobody there to suppress his tremendous power. We're very lucky he isn't in this world right now..."

Ash thought for a second. "You said Zarnon is a necromancer, right?"

Chezni nodded. "Yes, among other things..." His eyes suddenly widened. "I just figured out what you're getting at..."

Sean looked around. "What?"

Chezni responded. "Necromancers control ALL of their warriors manually through their Spells. If we defeat Zarnon..."

Allicko suddenly responded. "Asmodia and the undead will be destroyed as well!"

"It seems we're always in the thick of things, huh Chez?" Chezni and the group turned to see a man about the age of Chezni standing in front of them. He had brown hair tied into a small ponytail and wore a uniform similar to Chezni's.

Chezni grinned. "Ahh, Lance! You're just in time."

Two more people could be seen by the corridor. One of them was well built and dressed like the Samurai that were on the island. He carried two swords sheathed on his right side. The other one had long blue hair and almost elven features. She wore a red dress and had an insignia on it that matched the insignias on the other three people.

Chezni nodded. "I see Neina and Roan are here as well."

Ash grinned. "I think it's time for the true introduction. I'd like you to meet Chezni, Lance, Neina, and Roan, the Elite Four!"

December 30th, 2004, 8:42 PM
"is that Lance of the Kanto Elite Four or somebody else!!" said Sean

"i let Chezni anwser those questions you beginninger trainers have later." said Roan then he look at the battle scared island. then he bow his head

then Mike jus seem to woke up "it you! the great trainers of the lands of the world. i remember beating you all!! but Roan you were the tougthest of the them all." then mike said to Chezni "i remember you still owe me a battle."

then Chezni just chuckle and said "this is not the time."

"i know. that we in a middle of this. i know. work first. play later." said mike the he sat back down and said "sit down kids. you are in for a story"

"what do you mean. Elite Four. or are these the best of all" said Jodi

January 1st, 2005, 9:47 AM
Chezni began. "Every Region has its Elite Four. Lance here isn't from Kanto. He just happens to have the same name as Lance of the Elite Four. Actually, we became Elites a few years ago, before the first battle with Asmodia."

Ash nodded. "Yes, it was then that you defeated Magnus and saved the Zanta Region. I remember. It was less than 3 months before I got to Zanta."

Chezni nodded. He was pleased that Ash recalled those events. "Yes. Magnus had been defeated, but his organization remained. Ash was the one that defeated it... The organization that I am talking about is now called Team Dark."

Everyone was shocked at what Chezni had just said. Sean walked up to him. "Team Dark?! But that's impossible! I thought the ones in Zanta were called the Dark Masters!"

Chezni nodded. "They were. After the death of Magnus, Jade Ashcroft took over as their leader and professed the principle of a world where Pokemon weren't captured and made to battle. I have to admit, I agree with some of what he said. But the means to which he was going to achieve his ideal world couldn't be ignored. You see, he was the one that revived Asmodia and caused Zarnon to walk Oerth again."

Sean nodded. "I see. So in other words, Zarnon is more of a ghost than a man."

Chezni replied. "You could say that. He is both mortal and immortal. It will be difficult to stop something like that."

Jodi walked up to the group. "Whatever happened to Jade?"

Chezni responded. "Nobody really knows. He fought alongside us against Asmodia and Zarnon. But, after the battle, he disappeared. He hasn't been seen since."

Lance nodded. "Yeah, so are we gonna chase this quasi-god, or are we gonna do something else?"

Ash looked around. "If we're really going to fight this person, we should get some help."

Chezni nodded. "Yes. I think we need to head to Prog. That is the only remaining line of defense."

Sean raised an eyebrow. "But, won't we get attacked again?"

Al shook his head. "No. Those demons were under Tiamat's banner. The rest of the residents trust me with their lives."

January 1st, 2005, 9:51 PM
"well you hread what the man said. all power to Prog!!" yelled Olid to his crew.

as the reat of the group rested on the ship. Sean left Jodi to feed Nector. then walk over to Mike and asked "So what your story?"

"my story? it kind of like these guys here." said Mike then look out the window. "not much to say" added Mike

"it got to be something. or you won't be here. PLEASE!!! " said Jodi

MIke thougth about tit then said "Well since you asked so nice. i from the region of Chanano. a place northwest of the Hoenn region. stange compare to the other places on earth. i got Charzard like any other beginier. did the 10 gym challenge their. but before i was able to get to the elite four there. Team Rocket made a come back. it turn out that they wanted to destory the world by restoring an anicent pokemon. me and a few friends stop them and became heros back there. beat the elite four. thats it"

"but how you meet Chezni?" asked Sean

"well after that i became bored. so my professor came up on a thery on how Team Rocket did the bring back to live thing so she sent me to Kanto. o thougth it be good for me to beat a new set of gym leaders and get me a bit educated. after a few badges i came to meet Chezni and got invole in this wried stuff. the rest is history."

"What happen?" said Jodi and Sean together.

"I said history. end of story" finished Mike

"about time. because we about to landed. ahy ways they do not need to know that stuff rigth now." said Chezni.

sooned they landed in Prog

January 2nd, 2005, 4:26 PM
Prog was still... Prog. Plenty of the colored sheets covering a good portion of the populous, as always. Aside from that, there was a more somber feel to the atmosphere than when the group was there last.

Chezni bowed his head to the Necromancers. He then looked at the rest of the group. "They know. They sensed the battle and all of the death."

The lead Necromancer stepped forward. The group could see a tear hit the ground from where the Necromancer was standing.

Allicko knew what this meant. "They have been weeping for the fallen."

Chezni nodded. "I know how they feel." he said. "I've also lost dear friends in these kinds of battles. We have to find a way to stop Tyraxis and Zarnon, before they can do this again..."

Neina, the blue haired girl, looked to the sky suddenly. "No worries though. Here come our friends."

An enormous platinum Airship could be seen in the sky. Its size was several times larger than even Olidamaara's Ship. The Port of Prog was bustling with activity, as the massive ship docked by the Legion Tower.

Aboard the Anxiety, Tyraxis was getting quite restless. "They have called in their reinforcements, you fool!" he said to Zarnon. "If we don't strike now, they will gather enough manpower to pose a threat many times greater than the one they previously stood!"

Zarnon knew Tyraxis was right. Even now, he could sense the tremendous energy that coarsed through the new Airship that landed at Prog. But something else seemed to be bothering him as well.

"It's more than that." he began. "I have become concerned about the one named Sean. The creature he has with him, I think he called it Eevee..."

"Ha ha ha ha..." A voice could be heard from the bridge. "An Eevee, you say?" A man emerged wearing a silver uniform with a black piece of cloth tied to his right arm. A Rapier was sheathed to his right side. His eyes were covered with a white mask, and his long silver-blond hair almost matched its color. A white cape hung down his back, as he eyed the surrounding area.

"I see..." he said in a cold voice. "Chezni is with them. Lance is there as well. And... There's Neina and Roan..."

Zarnon didn't know what to make of the man. This was the first time he'd ever seen this individual on the Anxiety.

Tyraxis responded to the man's sudden burst of knowledge. "I see you've made it." he began. "Zarnon, I'd like to introduce you to Jade Ashcroft."

Jade began to grin, and Zarnon couldn't help but feel as if this man was staring directly into his soul.

January 5th, 2005, 3:47 AM
OOC: did you change to where Zarnon was. in Prog? it was confusing that you change from the group then to Zarnon

IC:Misty took a look at the Necromancers. then look in the direction of the island they just returned from. then she asked "if Zarnon is a Necromancer too. can't he relive the friends we lost and then make them work for him?"

"yes, he can. the only problem is he may wait until a while before he use them." said Lance

"then we must try to get our friends back then." said Ash.

"i agree on that but.." then Mike "we don't know where they are. if we know where they are. Then MAYBE we can raid the place for thier bodys."

then Nenia finish his senence by saying "then give them to the Necromancers to do their stuff or give them a proprer bearal."

some nodded at this idea but not all. Chezni seems uncertain about this so he remained silent.

then Jodi walked over to Sean and told him. "i just had a vision. it was about Zarnon."

Sean seemed a bit surprise and said "could you tell where they are or anything. was Serinr there with him?"

Jodi shook her head as to say no. "but Zarnon is in Prog i think. i saw that tower place."

"you need to tell Chezni. this is important." said Sean

Jodi nodded and then said "come with me" then she stated walking to chezni

"Ok?" said Sean and he nodded to Eevee to follow. so he and Eevee follow Jodi to tell Chezni

January 5th, 2005, 10:26 AM
Chezni was actually near the tower when Sean and Jodi went to him. "I see..." Chezni said. "That isn't Zarnon in there. But, I'm not surprised that you thought it was him. Zarnon actually has a brother. He was confined in that tower for his protection."

Sean was a bit confused at this. "Protection? From what?"

Chezni explained. "He looks like Zarnon to the point that people have often mistaken him for the real Zarnon. Allicko saw this and the man's good side and confined him to the tower for protection. If you want, we can go to see him. He enjoys visitors on occasion."

Sean nodded. "It might be a good idea." he said. "This man might know something that will help us."

Sean, Jodi, and Chezni made their way to the tower. Inside, the place was lined with shelves full of books and scrolls of various types. One room had all sorts of test tubes and beakers, like a medievil laboratory. A man fitting the exact description of Zarnon seemed to be entranced in one of the longer books.

Chezni nodded. "This is Noraz. He is Zarnon's twin brother."

The man looked up. "Ahh! Chezni! I see you've brought the newcomers to me."

Jodi was amazed at the resemblance to Zarnon. But at the same time, she quickly noticed the completely different personality that this man had. "You ARE different..."

Noraz chuckled from this. "Yes. However, we are similar in many things as well. For instance, we can both use the same magics. Also, neither of us age at all. Of course, these are just a few of the similarities."

The group also noticed that the high-pitched voice didn't exist in this man. Instead, he had a more typical elderly sound to his voice.

Chezni looked around. Noraz quickly spoke. "I understand you wish to defeat my brother." he said.

Sean nodded. "We're sorry, but he has to be stopped..."

"Don't be sorry." Noraz said. "I know he has to be defeated. I've been trying to come up with a way to do it for some time now. But, I think there might actually be a way to do it."

Chezni nodded. "Go on."

Noraz continued. "Have you ever heard of a Chronomaster?"

Chezni nodded. "You mean a Mage that has the ability to transport people through time?"

"Exactly." Noraz said, paging through another book. "Here it is." He showed everyone a picture of an old man and a large machine that was next to the man. "I have a theory that my brother got his powers from a certain event. If we prevent that event from happening..."

Sean nodded. "We can stop ALL of this from happening."

"Yes..." Noraz said. "But..."

Sean jumped up. "I'll be outside. Tell me when you get dorections to this Chrono-guy." With that, Sean had run out.

Jodi looked out the window. "I'll make sure he stays out of trouble..." As she finished, she followed Sean.

Outside, Sean, Jodi, and the rest of the group waited for Chezni to come out. Sean was a bit nervous about the whole time-travel thing. "I wonder if we'll change all of history by doing this?" he said.

Jodi simply nodded. "Probably, but some change is good. I just hope we don't mess anything up too badly..."

After a few nimutes, Chezni came out of the tower. "Ok. We have to go North of here. It's less than a day on foot, so it would probably be best to walk."

With that, the group was off on what they hoped would be the last leg of their journey.

Ooc: When I switched to Zarnon, it was on his flagship. Ooc)

January 6th, 2005, 3:54 AM
"it going to be tricky." said Ash "going thorugth time but i going to be cool"

then Misty said "well this is something new"

ahead of the group was Mike and Chezni. they were talking to each other. and the only thing that could be hread was Mike saying "does he know? you know about what my happen."

then Chezni said "doesn't"

"he must know or if this goes wrong then we my be in a grim predicment and we won't have him or her to help." said Mike then he walk to Sean and Jodi

"Sean are you sure you want to do this. have you thougth this thourgth?" said Mike

Sean said "yes.. why?"

Mike responed "well if we do this. then time will change. time is a weirld thing. if we do this then maybe you won't be here or you won't have this kind of Eevee."

"What do you mean this kind of Eevee? Sean Eevee is fine" said Jodi

"Zarnon killed Mew and Mew transfere some of its power to Eevee. rigth. well Zarnon didn't did that then Eevee won't be lke this." then Mike turned to Jodi and said "and you may never have met Sean. didn't your faimly move out of Clearen City because of the attack that happen a cople of years ago. then you went to Pallet Town and met Sean."

"how did you know that?" said Jodi

"i just do. just think about what my happen if we do this. what my happen if we mess up. Just think ahead. it is done in Pokemon battles and it is done outside of those battles too." then MIke went back ot Chezni to let them talk

January 6th, 2005, 11:01 AM
Chezni nodded. "That is indeed possible. Zarnon's influence is why Asmodia was there to injure Mew and cause her to transfer her power to Eevee. You will still have the same Eevee, but..."

Sean nodded. "But Eevee might lose his Celestial powers..."

Chezni nodded. "It is a possibility that can't be ignored... Of course, it is only a possibility..."

Neina looked at Chezni. "That's not the only thing that might happen..."

Chezni nodded. "Yes, but we'll worry about that when we get to that point..." Chezni motioned to Mew. "I'll be back in a moment."

Chezni and Mew took off toward a small patch of trees. Sean snuck toward where Chezni and Mew were.

"I see..." Chezni said. Sean could hear every word plain as day, but unfortunately Mew was talking in her native Pokemon Language, so he couldn't make out all of it.

"Mew... Mew Mew..." Mew said, as Chezni listened intently.

Chezni finally responded. "I know... It was the same with Pikachu and the Legendary Pokemon... Of course, Pikachu was already able to handle the sudden increase in power... Most Pokemon cannot... It will be a decision that Sean will have to make... I cannot force him one way or the other..."

"Mew Mew" Mew said.

Chezni nodded. "Yes... Once your Limiter is removed, Eevee will show his true power, like it or not... You seem to understand this history thing better than even me..." Chezni said with a slight chuckle. But, Sean could tell that Chezni was worried about Eevee. The next thing that Chezni said made Sean understand what the concern was about.

Chezni continued. "I've seen what happens to Pokemon that gain Celestial Powers. For every one that is able to handle them, five or six cannot... I've seen it happen... That is how Asmodia became the way he is now... Of course..."

Sean took a step back and almost tripped. It was as if he had just seen a ghost; his face had turned white. Eevee... like Asmodia? That couldn't be. He wouldn't believe it. He had heard enough! He ran from the spot to a clearing where nobody was. First Rui turned evil, and now there was a possibility that it would happen to Eevee?

"Why didn't Chezni tell me?" Sean said. He knew that he'd lose it if he ever had to fight against Eevee, his first Pokemon. "I never would have imagined something like that happening, but he was there... Why would both Chezni and Mew make up the same story? WHAT IS GOING ON?!!!!!!!"

But in his mind, Sean knew that it had to be the truth. He also knew that Eevee would go through with it to save the two worlds, even if it meant him becoming like Asmodia... "I know what the answer will be, but I'll leave it up to Eevee..." Sean said. "Chezni DID say it was our decision..." As he finished, he returned to where the others were. Chezni was already there waiting for him.

Chezni nodded. "You heard part of what we talked about. However, It wouldn't be fair to make the decision for you, so I will leave it to you and Eevee. If you two decide not to do this, we will not. I'll try to find another way to stop Zarnon from destroying both worlds. But if you want to, I can tell you that there is still a chance that Eevee will not turn evil... But the decision is yours to make."

Ooc: If you go through with this, I'm going to roll it to see if Eevee can control the power, just to let you know. It's not set in stone whether he can or can't. Here's how my system works.

I take my Percentile Dice, and roll them. I'll give you the table so you can see what the result will be.

01-39: Eevee plain cannot handle the power and dies from the overload soon after gaining the power. Such a death renders him impossible to revive. (Remember, Sean and Eevee don't know this can happen.)

40-60: Eevee is fine with it and gains full power.

61-00: Eevee goes insane from the sudden increase and turns evil. The party, in turn has to fight him...

In other words, 40-60 is the only real safe area. It is up to Sean and Eevee to decide what happens. If I narrowly miss the 40-60 range (by like 2 or 3), there might still be a chance to undo that damage. I'll tell you what I rolled if you take that path. I use the Honor System, otherwise you'd automatically succeed anyway. I don't like killing characters.

Remember also, it's still possible to beat Zarnon without taking this path. It's just whether or not you want to see Eevee's true power.


January 7th, 2005, 3:58 AM
OOC: well i had some sort of plan for Eevee and i guess it ok to tell you but this what i had plan for Eevee and Sean. i was planing for this when they figth Serenir but you pull him out the figth so now i just save it for another part. Sean and Eevee figth a person. Sean rage then cause Eevee to evo ,like Pikachu into Manachu, but into a part fully evil creature due to Sean rage. (if you see Digimon. it be like when Ti got graymon to degievo into Skullgraymon) Eevee in its dark Evo from goes crazy. friends try to stop it. fails. sean then trys to clam it down which he does and Eevee de-evo and gets a fur color change like Pikachu. then eventaully Sean gets Eevee to evo (like Pikachu into Manuchu) the rigth way. but what what i was pushing to. put this is a chain RP and which one of our ways work then ok.

IC: Sean was not sure but then he said "can you let Eevee and i to be alone. where you guys are not listining."

"a course." i would suggest the trees but i think that clearing over their on the road is best. we can still see you so incase something bad happens. we know." said Chezni

"come on Eevee." said Sean to Eevee. then Eevee and Sean walked over there with Jodi following then Sean look back and said "we need to do this alone, Jodi"

Jodi seem a bit surprise and said "well i just want to say. make this deiscision on what is good. but make it what you want too."

"we try" replyed Sean

Sean and Eevee were there. Sean was siting down. Eevee was laying down. Sean was stracting Eevee's stomach. Eevee seems to enjoy this. "i can't remember the last time we did this." Sean said

Eevee resoned in it Pokespeech

"i know we been figthing evil. but still when i dream about being a pokemon trainer and when i got you, even thougth you were not what i wanted, i dream about beating gym leaders and travel with you and Jodi. not figthing demons that could destry the world."

Eevee resoned

"well you do it because it is good. you do it to protect me. well i do it because it good. with this power i geusss you need to. and as your trainer i am responable to stand by you like you stand by me!"

Eevee resoped

"but i don't want you turn evil. like Asmodia" said Sean

Eevee reply in poke speek

Sean seem to understand and said "well then i geuss we won't let it happen"

Eevee then spoke

"then its a ok to travel in time" said Sean

Eevee nodded

now Sean and Eevee both walked back to the group and said "me and Eevee both decided that we should do it."

"ok then lets do it." said Al

then Mike wispered to Chezni "what about Jodi. she inspire Eevee and Sean but she does more then that.that girl is not just a regular girl. that girl has something speacal in her. what need to be done about her?

January 7th, 2005, 9:31 AM
At about that time, the sound of coins could be heard from behind the group. Everyone turned to see Olidamaara standing behind them. He had the familiar half-grin look with the other side of his face covered.

"Hey." He said. "I just wanted to say, good luck. We're all counting on you."

Chezni chuckled for a second. Ash and Misty did the same.

OliD looked around. "What? Do I have a booger hanging or something?"

Chezni shook his head. "No. It's a Leslie Neilson thing. On a movie called Airplane he comes into the cockpit and says that exact line three times exactly the same way. It just brings back memories..."

OliD shrugged. "I never saw that one."

Chezni looked toward the sky. "I'm not surprised... TV doesn't exist in this world... At least, not yet..."

Jodi looked toward the direction that the group was headed in. Her necklace began to glow again. "W...what..."

She saw a vision of Zarnon fighting an enormous creature. He eventually chased the creature away, but was injured in the batle. A strange Dragon appeared and fused with Zarnon, healing him. After that, Zarnon began destroying towns and armies with his undead minions.

Chezni nodded as she told him everything. "That might be our event. If we stop it from happening, it would stop all of this..."

Ash nodded. "But, what is that creature Zarnon was fighting?"

Jodi shook her head. "I don't know. It was tremendously powerful, even moreso than Asmodia... But, it was strangely familiar. I feel like I've seem it before..."

Mike looked to Chezni, Neina, Lance, and Roan. All four of them nodded.

Chezni looked at Jodi. "Do you recall at all what the creature's name was?"

Jodi looked in the same direction again. "I don't know, but it said something about the time of Apocalypse being at hand."

"Allicko!" Chezni said. "Exactly how long ago did Zarnon initially start destroying Towns and Cities?"

Al thought for a moment. "About six years ago."

"Six years..." Chezni said. "Right after I got to..." He then looked at the rest of the group. "We have no choice now. We MUST go back in time."

Meanwhile, at Zarnon's fleet, Tyraxis was becoming a bit bored.

"Why don't we just destroy the Sword Coast?" he said. The fleet had gotten to the eastern lands of Ahm, but Zarnon had ordered them to stop.

"I would like to wait for our friends to triumphanmtly return!" Zarnon said. "Even if they change history, I will still end up with the same amount of power. Thusly, I will have the same army. It'll just take me a bit longer... Ehee hee hee hee hee hee!!!"
Zarnon's eyes widened in that moment.

Jade stood on the mast of one of the wooden Airships. "No..." he said. "It couldn't be..." But he knew it was what he thought it was. A massive misshapen abomination could be seen even ten miles off the coast of Ahm. Even that far out, the creature looked like it was right next to the ships.

Tiamat was floating in the air to the north when she caught a glimpse of the enormous mass that seemed to be engulfing at least half of the Sword Coast. "What is THAT supposed to be? Oh well. It should be fun to find out!" As she finished speaking, she headed to the massive creature.

January 7th, 2005, 8:58 PM
"the necklace could be wrong" said Mike

"but then when could it happen?" asked Ash

"we don't know?" said Max

"but what does Chezni mean by Six years ago." asked Sean

"it what happen that he worry about" said Jodi

everybody seems surpise and Sean asked "how you know that?"

Jodi answer back "i been messing with the necklace. and i found out i can look back into time but i not very good at it." then she saw Sean was about to say somethng but Jodi countined knowing what he was going to say "but i didn't see it clearly. We need to ask Chezni"

"you want to know. but you don't want to know." said Lance

Al then said "they need to know"

"yes they may need to that why i going to tell them if they don't ask any questions why i speaking" said Chezni

January 10th, 2005, 10:31 AM
Chezni looked at Al. "It's time I told you all everything. As some of you know, I am not of this world or the Pokemon World. Instead, I come from a place called Earth, in a system called Starlance."

Sean nodded. "I had heard about the Elites mentioning Starlance before. Is that what you are talking about."

Chezni nodded. "Yes. Tyraxis used to lead the Kingdom of Tyraxia, a militaristic power that sided with Synaria in an attempt at global conquest. They nearly succeeded. But there was a factor that they didn't forsee. I am more than a simple Pokemon Trainer. I am in fact a part of a secret organization that fights against oppression when others cannot. Our code name is Nova Warriors."

It was then that the crystal in Chezni's armor began glowing. Chezni simply nodded. "Yes, Eden. I was getting to that." He then looked at the rest of the group. "At the time of our initiation, we are each given a special crystal that enables us to tap into the very lifeforce of the planet that we are on at the time, summoning Attacks known as KI Attacks. As such, we called these crystals Nova Crystals. On a side note, they are also the source of our armor, such as the one you see on me."

Sean thought for a minute. "So, in other words... You people are like crime-fighters... And the crystals enable you to transform into these Nova Warriors."

Chezni nodded. "You could say that. But there's much more to it than that. Each crystal is sentient. They have their own Intelligence and Personality. Hell, I even have arguments with mine on occasion. Of course, only the owner of the crystal can hear it, since it communicates its thoughts directly into the mind of the owner."

Ash nodded. "Well... This is all new... First, you're an alien from a distant planet, and now you're a superhero... What's next, some huge enemy with multiple forms?"

Chezni sighed. "Actually, yes... You see, as you already know, the huge mass from Jodi's vision is called Apocalypse. This creature was supposed to be destroyed, but it appears that a part of it survived and regenerated into a completely new creature. It will start by devouring buildings, then cities. When it gets large enough, it will eventually be able to devour entire planets. If it is allowed to get to that point, it will be nearly impossible to stop..."

Jodi looked at Chezni. "How did this creature come to be?"

Chezni shrugged. "Nobody really knows what, or who created this creature. We think it is an ancient biological weapon, but there is no historical evidence to help us figure its origin out... The only thing we can do is destroy it. If we kill it in the past, it won't injure Zarnon and it won't be able to become more powerful."

For a moment, the entire group fell silent, as they tried to take all of this imformation in.

Finally, Neb spoke up. "Epic battle against an invincible foe capable of wiping out worlds? Well, I'm sold! When do we go?"

January 11th, 2005, 3:51 AM
"well i geuss it about time to report to the people in other earth, pokemon world earth, i mean." he dug up in a pocket on his overcoat and took out mirrow.

"a Two Way Mirrow. great for commuicating with other people" said Al

"yes most all the elites have these. we us these to keep in touch when PCs are not avaiable." said Mike

"who are you calling?" asked Lance

Mike looked up and then look at the mirrow and said "Champion Anna for Chanano regoin"

the mirrow blick and flash then a face of a black hair girl in white that was around her 30's and a bit older then Mike appeared. "Yes, who is it?"

"it me Mike. i calling from the plant Prog. it a bit harder for the mirrows to work between worlds." responed Mike.

the girl named Anna responed "i see you now. what you need?"

"i just reporting what been happening." said mike then contiuned "i recieve a message form Mew like you know aready. the battle with Zarnon was a lost. to many undead to figth, more then Max, May, and me to haddle. Some of Zarnon top people were their and plus the girl named Rui, you know about her, dark side awakened. we were able to escaped."

Anna was listening and said "well here. it been a bit quite. the undead armys battles have been a few. it seems he use most of them in that battle you were in. except for a few Zarnon trained trainers, which are not very powerful, that all been happening, but... their are a few disturbances here in Chanano. reports of a black dragon being seen. Then in Jhoto, their war some of Zarnon people hunting for Celeibii. but that it."

"we working on the black dragon thing at the time. we going back in time rigth now" then MIke look at Sean and said "Mike out"

Anna said back "Anna out" then the image on the mirrow disappear

"it look like our dragon is doing a dimansion shadow. now we need to go back in time for he doesn't mess anything up" said Mike

"What was that all about" said Sean

"well just like CHezni and his Nova Warriors. in the pokeworld we got some sort of world protection group called Grobal and it made up of the most powerful trainers from each region and it professors" said Mike then look at his watch and said "but we need to get moving" and walked on

January 11th, 2005, 10:30 AM
Ooc: Just for reference, Prog is a City. The planet is Oerth. Ooc)

Chezni nodded in agreement. With that, the group headed to the Chronomaster's house. After a few hours they got there without incident. Inside, there were various machines, some which were familiar to the group and others that weren't.

A large device that fit the illustration in the book was set in the far corner of the room. A short man with a grey beard was tending to the machine.

Chezni nodded to the group. "As Allicko would say, this is the Chronomaster."

The man turned around to reveal a middle-aged face that had one of those magnifying glasses on his right eye (the kind rich people of old would have.). "How did I know you were going to show up?"

Chezni grined. "Because we always end up coming when things like this happen?"

The man rolled his eyes. "And of course, you want to use my invention... Young people always relying on the old men to come up with the answers in these times... I wonder what you'd do if I were to suddenly just keel over right now... Just pffft... Out of the blue..." He then looked at the group at the entrance of the building. "Well come in! I don't have all day, and I'm sure the world doesn't either."

Chezni explained the situation to the man, as he rolled his eyes again. "Suuure... And you need to go back in time to stop all of this from happening..." the old man said. "Let me ask you something. Do you have any clue what the reprecussions of time-travel are? If you do this thing, defeat this monster, Chezni will have never gone to the Pokemon world. Thusly, you will have never come here, and none of you would have any memory of these events or any associated with Chezni. And this isn't the only time he has saved the world. In other words, you could end up making things far worse than they are now."

Chezni nodded. "But we aren't going to destroy Apocalypse. We'll just weaken it and make sure the dragon doesn't fuse with Zarnon."

The man nodded. "I know I'll regret this..." he said as he set a few dials on his machine. "You have two hours... You know the routine... Be back through the portal in two hours, or the gate will close, stranding you in the past. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have alot of work to do."

With that, the group was sort of pushed through the portal. On the other side, they were in a field with a mountain range in front of them. The portal had shut and wouldn't open for another two hours.

Chezni nodded. "We have to get to that mountain range. If we go on foot..."

Ash nodded. "On foot? I think not..."

Ash suddenly threw a Poke-Ball. An enormous multi-colored bird came out.

"You know..." the bird said. "I really have to stop letting you put me in that thing..."

Ash nodded. "It's not like you would have fit through the portal...'

The Pokemon nodded. "Well, everyone get on. Welcome to the Ho-Oh Express, a non-stop flight to... That place!" he said as he pointed to the mountain range.

January 12th, 2005, 3:41 AM
"Wow!! You have a Ho-oh" said Jodi

"This is not the time for this" said Mike and got on the Ho-oh

Everybody got on the large bird and were soon up in the sky. They went pass feilds of grass and then Sean point and said "I think i just saw a few Bagons and maybe even a Shelldon. Are we in the Pokemon World?"

"Must be. the Dragon did appear here first. That one of the reason Zarnon came to this world to begin with due to that dragon was most likly to be here." said Chezni

"Well Mike. In that mirrow thing, you said the dragon is creating a dimansion shadow. What is that?" asked Jodi

"A dimansion shadow, one of the few things I know about these other world junk, is when a usally powerful thing is in one dimansion but is kind in the other dimansion but not really their." said Mike

Then Ho-oh flew close towards a clearing. what could be seen was a flew Team Dark members in black and blue uniforms. were standing around a black mass. their were some machancal cages which may be use to capture something.

"They here! This is not good. Team Dark is going to capture the Dragon once it get full in this world." said Al

January 12th, 2005, 10:13 AM
Chezni shook his head. "The Dragon-Apocalypse... He won't be captured that easily..."

Ash looked toward the mountains. A gigantic black mass seemed to be pulsating at the mountains. "THAT'S a Dragon?"

Chezni nodded. "The one thing that is known about Apocalypse is that it used to be a Dragon. Of course, that is far from the case now..."

As the group headed to the mountains, Ho-Oh suddenly stopped. "You're kidding, right?"

Ash looked at the Pokemon. "What do you mean?"

Ho-Oh replied. "Remember how I was leading you to all those Regions to prepare you for the fight against Asmodia?"

Ash nodded. "Yes, what of it?"

Ho-Oh looked at the massive creature again. "This has absolutely nothing to do with that..."

The entire group facefaulted in reaponse to Ho-Oh. Chezni simply smacked his head with his hand.

Ash shook his head and sighed. "This is what I've lived with ever since he decided to 'choose' me..."

In a few more minutes, the group was near the mountain range. Zarnon could be seen over by a cave, hiding. Team Dark was near Asmodia.

Chezni raised an eyebrow. "The old Team Dark... This is before Jade joined them, Ash. They have no regard for life and show absolutely no remorse for their actions. If it comes to it, don't hesitate to kill them..."

As the group landed, everyone could hear a voice. "Become ONE with Perfection!"

Chezni grinned. "You may have shrunk, but you still act the same." Close up, Apocalypse was the size of a small city already, and tentacles covered its entire body. Three large eyes could be seen on one side of the creature.

Misty looked at the creature for a moment. "This has to be the UGLIEST thing I've ever seen!"

About ten Team Dark members could be seen around the massive creature. They seemed to be constructing a capturing mechanism of some sort.

Chezni yelled out to them. "Stop it you fools! This thing is too powerful for that!"

The Team Dark members turned to see Chezni. "Like we're gonna listen to a KID!" the closest one said. "Shut up and go home! Ha ha ha...." they turned back to the creature and continued building their contraption.

Chezni looked at Apocalypse. "We have to stop Team Dark and force this creature to go into hibernation again. That will hopefully put an end to Zarnon's power... Then history should remain unchanged..."

Sean looked at Eevee, who was looking at him. "Ok... Let's do this..."

"Celestial powers tend to manifest when the trainer is in great danger. It is in that time that a Celestial Pokemon will realize their true power."

Sean and the others looked around to see who was talking, but nobody could be found. All that could be heard was Eevee's usual cry.

January 14th, 2005, 3:54 AM
Eevee and Sean were the first ones down the hill then followed by the others. Jodi sent out Nector "use brick break necture!!" The Heracross hit the capturing mechanism and yelled out "Me and some of the others break this thing. Sean you keep them busy"

Sean understand. Chezni, Mike and the Elite trainers agree and took out one of thrie own Pokemon. The Team Dark members were throwing pokeballs and attack.

"Eevee use take down!!!" said Sean. Eevee slam hard into the Team Dark's Machoke.

the Machoke sring his arm and and it miss Eevee. "What!?!? how could that miss?"

Sean just smile and said "good one there Eevee" then Sean said "use double team"

Eevee illision were all over the place leaving the Machoke and other Team Dark pokemon confuse but they still attack and not even hiting the real Eevee.

Sean then said "finish it with ligth spear!!" Eevee glowed golden and all the other Eevee illsions and then they all charge and they hit one pokemon each. they were able to stop about half of the group.

"Good stagty." said Mike and coutinued battling with his Charizard

Then all of the sudden, Eevee was hit by a dark tenacle. Sean ran to his Eevee. then look up and saw that the dragon thing attack it.

"It must have awaken and attacking the only thing powerful here as in what it seen." said Chezni.

the tenacle was going to slam into Sean and Eevee again but Sean grab Eevee in his arms. then was hit again. it was going to do it again. it was going to hit them again but this time a shelldon took the hit.

"no. way it did it. it shouldn't." said Sean then he saw the tencle warping around the pokemon. "get your hands of him"

Then Eevee glowed gold. he was flowing with power and then slam into the tenacle. the tenacle then was cut off and disappear. Sean then throw a pokeball. "that should keep him safe for now."

""we need to stop that thing" said Chezni

Eevee was still glowing gold. and Sean said "We make sure it goes back to sleep!!"

January 16th, 2005, 11:02 AM
Chezni nodded. "Anything more and everything that is the entire universe as we know it could be at risk..."

Jirachi seemed to be chanting in a strange language. Suddenly, everyone could see his eyes glow golden. Beams shot forth from his eyes toward the machine, cutting it clean in half.

It was then that the real fight began. The massive misshapen creature that was Apocalypse radiated a tremendous aure, sending all of Team Dark, the Elite Four, and Misty back a few hundred yards. Sean, Jodi, and Ash were the only ones that were still close enough to attack. To make matters worse, a barrier was now between Sean's group and Chezni's group. They were trapped.

Chezni could be heard from outside of the barrier. "You MUST stop this creature. If you get to the point where the barrier is disabled, it should be enough to make Apocalypse go into hibernation!"

Zarnon could be seen unconscious next to Chezni. Chezni nodded. "We'll stop the Dragon from fusing with Zarnon! You stop that thing!"

Sean, Jodi, and Ash nodded, as Pikachu transformed into Manachu. A voice could be heard from within Apocalypse. "You seem bound and determined to defeat me. Very well! I won't hold back!"

At that point, the creature began glowing. Sean looked at the massive thing with a focused intent. "Oh yeah..." he said. "We'll win for sure..."

It was then that Eevee began to radiate an immense aura, far greater than the group had seen yet.

January 16th, 2005, 8:41 PM
Eevee seem to be a larger but cover in the golden flames. Jodi could be hread saying "ahh"

"It only powering up. It may not go all the way." said Chezni.

Jodi then said "Nector use Megahorn!!"

Sean then said "Use light spear!" Eevee form a spear- like shape and fire it self at Apocalypse. He hit him before Nector did but Nector did more damage by hiting the same spot Eevee hit.

Manachu form a sword made of ligthening and slash the dark creature. "Good job Manachu!" said Ash.

Apocalypse seem to get weaken but the figth is not over with let.

January 18th, 2005, 11:46 AM
The barrier began to vanish, and a face could be seen around where the three eyes were in Apocalypse. It was grinning. "Hmm... I underestimated you... I'll be back when I am at full power. It should only take a few years."

With that, the creature seemed to vanish. Chezni looked around frantically, but no trace of the huge creature could be found. "I can't detect him anymore!" Chezni said. "I sense no power coming from here, or anywhere around here."

Allicko had already healed Zarnon, and sent him on his way. "We don't have time to search. Zarnon is healed, so the Dragon shouldn't fuse with him. We just have to hope that is enough."

Chezni nodded, but Sean was unsure. As for Eevee, it reverted back to its original form without trouble, but was still displaying irregular levels of energy. "I don't get it." Sean said. "Eevee is still powering up!"

Chezni looked at Eevee for a second. "It should be fine..." he said. "Eevee is adjusting to the new power he has within him. You should know as well."

Sean looked in confusion at what Chezni had just said, but realized what he meant. "... You mean I'm also..." he said.

Chezni shook his head. "Not quite, but you are also beginning to show your true power as well. Ash did the same when Pikachu began to change."

Neb looked at his wrist, which didn't have a watch on it. "Um, shouldn't we get back to our entrance point?"

Chezni nodded. "There is nothing we can do here. We just have to hope that enough was changed to make a difference. Zarnon will still have a large army. It is just a matter of how big it is..."

With that, the group headed back to the base of the mountain, leaving the remainder of Team Dark in confusion.

January 19th, 2005, 3:50 AM
The group flew back to the entrance point. Then Sean asked, "So i also geting more powerful too?"

"Well yes. All trainers have some sort of connection with their pokemon. It just yours is with a Celestal and you feel it different." said Mike who look at his pocket watch and said "You better hurry Ho-oh or we not going to make it on time"

Ho-oh seemed affended by this and said "Don't worry we will make it." Then started to fly faster.

By now Eevee's energy was back to normal. the only difference was it's fur. The color wasn't brown any more. It change to a golden brown color. Sean was about to ask why Eevee fur change but they were at the time portal and Chezni said "Hurry, the portal looks like it is going to close."

Everybody jump of Ho-oh and ran into the portal. Ash returned Ho-oh to its pokeball. Chezni was their saying hurry to Sean, Jodi and Jirachi who were on the way to the portal but then the old man appear and said "You want to get stuck here! Come in here!" After he said that the portal closed.

The group were in the Old man house and Chezni was angry. "We need to go back. They are still their."

The Old Man was their shakeing his head and said "THat the problem with you young people. All ways in a rush. Well you going have to wait 3 weeks before you can go back. This thing need to recharge." With that said Chezni sat down

Back with Jodi, Sean, Eevee and Jirachi. Jodi was looking for the portal and said "WHere is it?! It was here a moment ago.!! Where is it?!?!?"

Sean was seting on a rock said "It gone."

"Then what we going have to do now?" asked Jodi

"We could wait for them to come back or we wait till your time period comes." said Jirachi.

Sean pondering on Eevee color change was straching Eevee's belly said "Maybe we can call somebody"

"But who can we call that can traval througth time. It must not be here. Jirachi can't travel througth time. So wait. Celebii Can. but who can call him."

"Jirachi can call her" said Sean

"YEs he can" then Jodi grab Jirachi and said "YOu call Celebii!"

Jirachi floated a way and said "OK I try."

Now their hope to leave and go back to their time rest in Jirachi

January 19th, 2005, 4:49 PM
Chezni looked at the rest of the group. "Well... We should wait here."

Ash looked confused. "What do you mean?"

Chezni simply responded. "They will find us here at some point. I doubt we'll have to wait long."

Sean was getting a bit restless. MewTwo seemed a bit distracted about something.

"So..." Sean said. "Why did you originally decide to fight Asmodia?"

MewTwo looked toward the sky. "I really don't know." he said. "For my entire life, I have been searching for a purpose. At first, I thought that I could take control of the world, being the most powerful Pokemon. But that was a mistake that cost the lives of many people, and almost claimed Ash's life as well..."

Sean looked in interest at what the Pokemon was saying. "So, you were originally evil?"

MewTwo nodded. "You could say that. But those events led up to a revelation that I couldn't have imagined. Pikachu and the rest of the Pokemon that I had cloned began shedding tears. Somehow, these tears tapped into an ancient power and revived Ash. That was the first time I saw the Shining Power, which we call the Celestial Power."

Sean looked toward the sky again. "Yeah. And that was a sample of what it could do..."

"Ouwee!" Eevee said, staring at the moon. It was quite different from the one that resided over their world. Instead of being grey, it was blue and almost resembled another planet.

"I wonder..." MewTwo said. "If my purpose is related to the Celestial Pokemon..."

"Mew!" Mew said. The group looked in the direction Mew was looking in. Jirachi and Celebi could be seen heading toward everyone.

"Bi! Bi!!" Celebi said.

Sean grinned. "I guess it's time."

Back at the house, Chezni was finally getting tired of waiting. "We will have to leave soon. If we wait here much longer, we'll miss the battle in Prog..."

Without warning, Sean, Jodi, Jirachi, Mew, and MewTwo appeared with Celebi. Allicko grinned. "I don't know how, but they're back."

Sean looked to the rest of the group. "It's because of Celebi. We figured that he would be able to transcend time, so Jirachi picked him up. Plus, he wants to fight with us as well!"

Chezni nodded. "That's great! He has the ability to heal others as well. It is a very welcome addition."

Al nodded. "Now that that's settled, we need to get back to Prog."

The old man stopped the group in their tracks. "First, let me tell you what changed. It's not all good."

Chezni stopped. "That would be a good idea. Fill us in!"

"Very well." the Chronomaster said. "Zarnon's powers have been reduced to an extent, making him vulnerable. However, Tyraxis and the Grudiev Cannon are still a part of the enemy army. As such, the Moonglades are still lost."

Chezni nodded. "I figured that we wouldn't be able to stop that... Continue."

The man resumed. "Currently, the army is headed to Prog. They will reach the gates in a week. But it gets worse."

"How so?" Al said.

The Chronomaster's face suddenly turned grim. "Tiamat is with them. On top of that, she has acquired the powers of a certain Gem." Holding up a book, the Chronomaster showed the group a picture of a black Onyx Gem.

Chezni looked at it with concern. "The Core!!! How did she get the Core of Apocalypse?!"

"You had it weakened, but it didn't recover in time..." the man said. "She easily ripped the gem from Apocalypse and took control of the beast. Now, it is at full power through her magics and she uses it as her Flagship."

Chezni lost the color in his face. "Full power... How much of the world... No... How much of Space is left?"

The group suddenly looked in awe at Chezni.

The Chronomaster responded. "The Solar System with Sean's world is untouched as of yet... But half of Oerth is gone... You can even see it in the sky."

As the group looked out the window, they saw what looked to be red lines running through the sky.

Chezni nodded. "If we wipe out Apocalypse, we'll reverse this effect. We can't save the people that already lost their lives, but we can save our worlds..."

Al nodded. "Ok. Then we should get going to Prog."

January 20th, 2005, 3:49 AM
"We need to get moving" said Mike

Ash then grab the pokeball with Ho-oh in it but then Lance said "No, we would not fly on him. We do not want Zarnon to know we back or anything. Ho-oh will glow and we could be seen."

"Go Charizard!!" Mike throw the pokeball and his charizard appear, "We would fly on Charizard. the others can fly on the hot air balloon that is going to be tied to him."

After some time from puting the balloon together, the group was now ready to leave. Mike was on Charizard and the others in the balloon. "Charizard fly us to Prog." Charizard mumber something under his breath but Mike said back "I know, but this is the only way. I know you hate this. So lets go!"

So they group was off into the sky. then Sean had a chance to ask Chezni his question. "Hey Chezni."

"Yes" said CHezni.

"Do you know what happen back their? You know with the battle and Eevee new fur color? What about Apocalypse, What are his powers. Why is it bad for Tiamat to have them. It will only make her more powerful." Sean asked

Chezni was about to answer but MIke interupted saying "We about to get there in a few" Mike look at the Prog "I guess a few minutes"

Sean asked again "So what happen?"

January 20th, 2005, 9:56 AM
Chezni responded. "First Eevee. The Celestial Powers work sort of like a bond between the Trainer and Pokemon. When it gets strong enough, the true powers of the Pokemon will manifest themselves. Eevee was beginning to realize that level. At this rate, Eevee could transform at any time..."

Sean nodded. "I see. So he wasn't completely transformed..."

Chezni responded. "No. But he might be soon. We just have to wait and see."

"So, what about Apocalypse and Tiamat?" Sean asked.

Chezni knew full well what could happen, and that it was already happening. "If Tiamat is cunning enough to figure it out, she could fuse herself with its core, making her 10 times more powerful. It would be like a basic Pokemon evolving into a Legendary one. The good news is that I don't sense a power that high yet, so she probably hasn't figured that out yet. But if she does, even Manachu won't be powerful enough to stop her..."

Sean nodded. "Then we have to take her out before she learns how to fuse with Apocalypse!"

Chezni nodded in agreement. At that time, they had made it to Prog. The battle hadn't started yet, but the massive creature could be seen in the distance. It was heading the armada.

The Necromancers saw this coming and had already fortified the city. Multiple Airships were in the sky ready to intercept the army. This time, undead would be serving the good cause.

Charizard landed in the city and a few familiar faces could be seen, namely Trey and Gillim.

Allicko grinned at this sight. "You were able to get your armies to safety?"

Trey nodded. "We received a message from the Chronomaster regarding the attack. He instructed us on how to make the Air Mines, so we were able to destroy a few enemy Airships over in the Moonglades, but their numbers are vast. On top of that, they have that gigantic creature with them now. This won't be easy."

Lance looked over to Apocalypse. "Yeah. It got bigger since the last time we fought it. But we'll work on that."

Allicko nodded. He then turned to Chezni, Sean and the others. "Me and Neb will stay here and help defend the city. You get inside that thing and destroy Zarnon and Tiamat. Killing them will wipe out their undead army."

Chezni shook his head. "First we need to destroy the Grudiev. Otherwise, this'll be the Moonglades all over again. We can't let that Cannon get into range."

Sean nodded. "Should we split up into two teams then?"

Chezni nodded. "Yes. I'll go with Ash to the Apocalypse. You should concentrate on stopping that Cannon. That's a top priority. All other things can wait. Once you're finished there, get inside Apocalypse and help us stop Tiamat and Zarnon."

Gillim nodded. "Tiamat... Then I'm going with you, Chezni."

Chezni nodded. "I knew you would."

Sean looked at Chezni. "How are you going to get inside unnoticed?"

Chezni grinned suddenly. "Oh, they'll know we're there, but it will stop them from finding you. Don't worry. We'll be fine. Lance, I need to..."

Lance rolled his eyeballs. "Borrow the Super Nova. I know. Just return it in one piece, ok? Every time you use it, it always gets badly damaged..."

With that, Lance handed Chezni a control device and headed back to Sean's group. Sean's group took to the sky and began to fly toward the Grudiev. Chezni pressed a few buttons and grinned.

"It should be... Now..." Chezni said, as an enormous platinum Airship materialized out of thin air. Chezni and Ash boarded it, with Gillim. Immediately, it flew to Apocalypse.

January 21st, 2005, 3:50 AM
Sean's group reach the ship on Mike's Charizard. They landed on the leader ship. "All off. This should be the ship with the cannon. It looks like the one from the Moonglades." then he talked to Charizard "Good job. you deserve a rest." then He return it to its pokeball.

Lance then lead the group and said "This part of the ship is un gruarded so we should not be seen." then he saw the worry look on some of the faces and said "I know this place like the back of my hand. We should be ok"

The group walk on and then Jodi asked Sean "Do you still have that Shellgon on you."

Sean responed "Yes, why?"

"Why you caugth it?" asked Jodi.

Sean said "Well it help me and Eevee. It was badly injured so i thought it be salf in a pokeball. It could even come in handly. Anyways maybe it could help Eevee out."

Jodi laugth and said "Whatever"

Then Celebi came and said "Bi Bi Ser" and then touch the pokeball that hold Shellgon.

Mewtwo said "Celebi just healed your pokemon. Now it should be ready for any battle."

"Thanks" said Sean

The group then stoped and Misty said "There are some gaurds"

"Let me take care of them" said Mewtwo. He got in frount of the group and wave his fingers at the gaurds. They seem a bit sleepy but they just stood there doing there job. "Ok, lets go to the other side"

The group walk on past the gaurds. Jodi asked "What you did to them?"

Mewtwo smile and said "i hypotnitsis them into thinking that there was nothing there except air. So we were able to walk pass them. I could make them think that they were dancers in a music video but that my look suspicous to Zarnon and then he would know for sure we are here."

Lance was leading the group and soon they were in the frount of the airship. The group then saw the cannon, Grudiev. "Now we need to destory it"

Then a voice was said "Not unless you get killed" Everybody look towords the source and saw Rui as Rosia and Serinir.

"Now die!!" said Rosia as she threw a barriage of a thosand vine arrows at the group.

"Go Jynx!! Use Protect!!" said Mike and soon his Jynx made a shild but it wasn't powerful and was broken by the vines. The vines then were stop by a golden barrar created by Eevee.

"We need to figth and break the cannon" said Lance.

January 21st, 2005, 9:38 AM
Chezni, Ash and Gillim had finally reached the Apocalypse. Immediately, Gillim drew out his swords, Icingdeath and Twinkle.

Ash looked at the immense gargantuan creature that seemed to float in the water. "Whoa..." he said. "That's one huge monster..."

Ash wasn't lying, as the creature made the Super Nova look like a mere insect in comparison. And that's saying something, since the City of Prog is only about 4 times the size of the Super Nova.

Chezni looked around. "That's not all..." He then motioned to the continent behind the monster. It was nothing but a wasteland, that seemed to have been poisoned by the monster. "Apocalypse feeds off of the energy of the planet it is on. Then it moves on to the next one. If we don't stop it, this world will be destroyed. And there's no telling where it will go next..."

Manachu glared at the immense creature. "I'll make sure that doesn't happen..." he said, as the group headed toward the creature.

Without warning, a giant floating metal humanoid machine was standing between them and Apocalypse. It was almost as big as the Super Nova. "Still going on about that crap?!" came a familiar voice.

Chezni looked straight toward the robot. "Tyraxis!" he said. "This time, I'll finish you!"

Without warning, Chezni flew out of the Super Nova. "I want you to lead Ash and Manachu into Apocalypse!"

"Affirmative." the ship said.

Ash shook his head. "But what about you?"

Chezni grinned. "I'll be alright. This guy's nothing. I'll catch up to you later. Find Tiamat and Zarnon. They should be together somewhere inside that thing."

With that, Ash, Manachu, and the Super Nova headed toward one of the chasms that resided on Apocalypse, and entered.

"Now it's just you and me..." Chezni said, as he began emitting a golden aura.

January 22nd, 2005, 9:56 PM
Eevee's barriar threw the vines everywhere away from it's friends and then Mike "Sean, you, Eevee, and Mewtwo take on the funkies. Me and the others start taking this thing apart. Now go. We don't have much time."

After Mike said that the cannon atarted to charge up. A grin appear on Serinr's face and he said "It only a matter of time before this city is to be dust like the others."

"What do we do" asked Al

Mike looked to Roan and asked "Do you still have Lanturn?"

Roan nodded and said "Go Lanturn. Absourb the energy of the cannon."

"Go Ligthing and Beedrill. Do the same Lanturn is doing." The Manectric did the same as the Lanturn. Then Mike look at Jynx and said "Ice punch. Beedrill use Twinneddle" After that the ours follow as they too try to stop the machine.

Jodi ran and send out Nector and command it to attack Rosia.

Lance just look at her and said "Watch yourself!"

Nector attack hit but Rosia was angry. "How dare you hit me!!" Then she charge a pink orb from her hands and threw it at Jodi and Nector. With that Mewtwo intersect it with its own barriar.

"You need to plan this thing a bit more you know" said Mewtwo

Jodi blushed and said "Just doing what I can do to help."

"Well watch this." Then Mewtwo use a shadow ball and aimed it at Rosia. It missed but soon it was followed by Eevee flying at it in a golden ball.

"Show them what you got." Yelled Sean.

Eevee hit Rosia then bounce off her and hit Serinr. The ball attack seem to do more damage to Sernir. This took the smile off his face

He then form a black orb in his plam and said "Now it is time to kick it up a noch"

January 24th, 2005, 9:43 AM
Ash had gotten pretty deep into the massive creature. As he and Manachu exited the Super Nova, they were surprised to see what appeared to be the interior of gigantic veins.

Manachu looked around for any signs of energy. "This way." he said, pointing to what almost looked like a living corridor. "That's where Zarnon is."

Ash nodded as they both charged in.

Chezni was finally getting somewhat of an upper hand. For being only the size of an action figure compared to Tyraxis' robot, he was doing surprisingly well. As the robot lunged, Chezni dodged the attack with ease. "Is that all you've got?" he said, grinning.

"Not quite." Tyraxis said. "I have one more trick to show you..." With that, the robot's chest area opened to reveal what appeared to be an old man wearing a black Karate Gi.

"You bastard..." Chezni said, realizing the truth. "Release Leon NOW!"

Tyraxis simply grinned as he looked at Chezni. "What a predicament." he said. "Leon is still alive, and can be saved. But, if you destroy this robot while he's connected to it, who knows if he'll survive the shock? Of course, pulling him off of the core suddenly will probably kill him as well, as his life is being sustained by it."

Chezni gritted his teeth. This is exactly the type of thing this monster would do, and Chezni knew it. "Tyraxis..." Chezni began. "I swear to God, you will NOT survive this battle."

"Ah. Ah..." Tyraxis said. "Remember that your friend is connected to my machine. Of course, if you do as I say, then maybe..."

January 25th, 2005, 3:55 AM
"This thing is pretty tougth to break" yelled Roan.

Then Lance said "Well just keep up smashing it. If you see something like a core then better. We just unplug it then."

Sernir power up the black orb and aimed it at Sean. "You die now" is all the black hooded field said while powering the orb up.

Sernir then throw it at Sean. The orb was fast but Sean still mange to dodge it. When the orb hit the ground it instead expoled it let out a thick black smoke. Now body could see each other by this smoke.

"Eevee!! Where are you" yell Sean to find his friend

"Weeve." Eevee yell back.

Then at that moment Sean saw Rosia flying at him with a long rose color dagger at him. She was only a few inches away to stab him but the Eevee then takle her.

"Get off of me you little fuff." Then she throw Eevee. After she did that Nector slam into her and Jodi shot an arrow at her.

"We not going to let her mess with Eevee. You take care of Sernir." Jodi told Sean

"the girl is rigth" said Mewtwo

Sernir then said by now his face seem to recover from the hit with the golden ball. He then throw another black orb but Mewtwo use his telnetic powers to refleck it to his self. He seem unaffect and the smoke cleared

"You think that would work on me. Well let me say that was far from maybe." said Sernir

"Use double team Eevee" said Sean

The Eevee illuison now appear but Sernir just simle and said "This old trick" Then his arm seem to extend and grab the real illuison. "Wow. What are you gong to do now?"

The illuison seem to be there still but were about to fade. Then Sean then yelled "ligth spear Eevee."

Eevee glowed white but was unable to get out of his hands but the illuisons aim thenselves at Sernir. He seem hurt by the attack but hold his grib on Eevee. "That was a bit strange but no dice."

Sean then thougth about what to do. He could send out Shellgon but he maynot do to good in this kind of battle. It was up to him to save Eevee but how.

Mewtwo then was flying from an attack of a black ligthening bolt shot by Sernir and was hit. he was now on the floor and was knock out

Sernir then started to crush Eevee. Sean was thinking about what to do. He then flet a energy from his self, deep inside him self. Sean then hread Eevee cry for help. Then out of nowhere and white ball shot from Sean and hit Sernir.

Sernir then let go if Eevee and flew due to the shot. He was badly hurt and was surprise. "How you learn to use that magic missile?!?"

Eevee was hurt but it glowed gold and recover itself

Sean saw this and said "I just want to save my pal. Anyways it like asking how then my Eevee learn recover."

Now the battle has a new way to figth.

January 25th, 2005, 11:12 AM
Tyraxis continued to laugh at the irony of the situation. Chezni had thought that Leon was dead, but there he was. "What's it going to be, Chezni?" he said. "Join me, or lose your mentor once again?"

Chezni looked in disgust to Tyraxis. "You sick bastard..." He knew there was nothing he could do to save Leon, but he didn't want to admit it. "I'm going to make you suffer, I swear!" Chezni said. Immediately, he flew to Tyraxis.

Tyraxis couldn't believe what Chezni was doing. "But Leon is here!"

"That's not Leon!!!" Chezni screamed, as he formed a sword in his right hand. Immediately, he slashed the robot's chest. Sure enough, Leon was an Android. "I sensed something just now. It wasn't Leon's life signature at all. It was artificial."

Chezni grinned, as Tyraxis squirmed uncomfortably in the robot. "Nice try." was all Chezni said, before going on the offensive again.

January 26th, 2005, 3:56 AM
Mewtwo was knock out and Jodi was figthing Rosia while Sean and Eevee fougth Sernir.

"Rui, I know you in there!! Figth her. You did it before and you can do it again." said Jodi.

Rosia was just wipping Nector with a green whip. Nector was taking the hits because he wanted to protect Jodi "Foolish human and pokemon thinking that you can stop me. Rui is now gone. She is not coming back."

Jodi does not want to her Rosia because she knows Rui is in there some where. "Help me you necklace. Do something for Rui to come back!"

Rosia was going to stick Nector but stop die to a white lite coming from the Necklace around Jodi's neck.

Back with Sean and Eevee. Sernir was attacking Sean with a smokly sword while Sean was defending with his own sword.

"Your Eevee can't help when you figthing me so you can't give orders to your Eevee and it can't help you." said Sernir.

Sean tried to yell an attack but he got hit by Sernir sword. It hard to defend because you can't see where the sword blade is going to be.

Eevee was going to attack but was afraid he would hit Sean. He try to use a light spear. When he did attack he hit Sean's and so Sernir didn't get full hit of it.

Sean was strigning his sword but wasn't as skilled with it as he thougth.

"Your sword play is very bad. I can teach you to be the best." said Sernir.

Sean was dumbfound by what he just hread and said back "Are you offering that you want to be my teacher?"

Sernir just smile and said "Well, I guess i am. Look at you. CLearly you have train your Eevee well for being a celeaistal. Then you are good in training and in sword play." Then his vocie got deeper and said "But under my training and teachings, you can be unstopable." His vocie became normal and countiued "Also your Eevee can join you."

Sean was surprise at this offer. He always thougth that the bad guys want the good guys dead, but here he is and he is geting offer to be teach by his emeay. Then he saw Eevee and said "NO! I will not join you. I hate to hurt people. If that what i going to do under your wing then forget it!"

When Sean said that Eevee shot a white ball from his month and hit Sernir.

Sernir was surprise by this attack "What. Why your Eevee? How??" He touch the spot he was hit. It was bleeding. "That is impossible. Both you and your Eevee know Magic Missile."

At that time Sean look deep in himself and shot a Magic Missile. This one hit Sernir on the side where Eevee hit.

January 26th, 2005, 9:57 AM
Chezni brought his sword to the head of the colossal robot. He wanted to finish this right now.

"Stop!" Tyraxis said.

Chezni paused for a moment. As much as he wanted to kill Tyraxis then and there, he knew that doing so would make him no better than this scumbag. He backed off.

"That's a good boy." Tyraxis said. "Now, why don't you ask me why I'm helping Zarnon? Simple answer. Power. Zarnon gave me something that I never had before. He gave me something that can destroy you, in exchange for my technology."

Tyraxis motioned to the Grudiev, which was preparing to fire. "Speaking of technology. It is time..."

As he finished, the cannon charged up and fired the familiar intense white beam at Prog. The beam headed to its target with everyone knowing that it was too late to stop it. However, no explosion resulted from the beam getting to Prog. It had missed its target.

"No matter..." Tyraxis said. "I can always fire again. You've merely bought yourself a few extra minutes."

Chezni grinned, knowing that a few minutes is exactly what they needed.

January 27th, 2005, 3:52 AM
"I think the cannon just fired." said Lance.

Mike laugh and said "Well lets speed it up." He grab 2 pokeballs and a Dragonite and his charizard appear. "Charizard use Blast Burn. Dragonite use Hyper Beam."

the two attackes hit and made an explorsion. half of the machine was gone.

"Is it destory let?" asked Misty

"i believe it is." said Lance

But Jirachi, Mew, and Celibi keep on hiting it until Mew pull out a orange crystal. "We got it. Now it IS destory."

Jodi, Nector, and Roisa exit the flash and were now in Virendian Forest but in the air.

"What trick is this?" asked Rosia.

Jodi said "It my necklace. It taking into vesions of the past."

"Get me out of here! Or I kill you!" Rosia order.

Jodi laugh and said "If you do that then you be stuck here. You just got to let this past."

So Jodi watch with Rosia paying little interst. Then a scream was hread. It came from Jodi but this Jodi was on the ground. After that she took confort with Rui. After that many other flashes came. Some from Mt. Moon others in Pewter and other cities.

"YOu see that. I look for stength from you." Said Jodi. "I you as Rui was a tough girl. I saw you asked a role model."

Rosia laugh and said "you can only get stregth from yourself and not everybody have it." A tear could be seen on her cheek.

Then a bright flash return them back to the airship where they were.

January 27th, 2005, 11:52 AM
"It's over..." Chezni said to Tyraxis. Immediately, he swung his sword again, creating a white light. The light pierced the robot, cutting it in half.

"You.... AAAAAAAAAA!" was all Tyraxis could say, as he was taken in the ensuing explosion. Chezni grinned.

"Now to find Ash and D... Gillim..." he said. Immediately, he entered Apocalypse.

Ash, Manachu, and Gillim had finally reached the Central Core of the massive creature. Tiamat and Zarnon immediately looked on from in front of the core. Zarnon was the first to say something.

"I see the pests have made it this far." he began. "But no matter..."

Tiamat nodded. "They are too late to stop us..." she said.

Immediately, Manachu flew to Tiamat. However, Zarnon was between the two in what seemed like an instant. "That's not very nice, is it?"

Ash looked on in shock. "Nobody can move that fast..."

Chezni nodded. "Zarnon's gotten stronger since the last time we fought..." Ash looked behind him to see Chezni walking into the area. "I think I should take care of him."

Without warning, Chezni's armor turned gold. He was surrounded by an aura similar to Eevee. Even Ash was impressed.

"Ok. You defeat him, and we'll go after Tiamat and the Core." Ash said.

January 28th, 2005, 3:38 AM
Rosia, Jodi and Nector return to find Sernir all the floor with Eevee and Sean about to finish him off. The machine was broken. It seem no one notice they were gone.

"It time to finish this, Sernir" said Sean. He was pointing his glowing sword at Sernir neck and Eevee was geting ready to attack with a Ligth Spear.

Rosia watch this and saw this would be a perfect chance to attack Sean and Eevee or Jodi and Nector by catching them on surprise. Then she said "I would kill any of you here but my conrade is hurt so it best for us to leave. So bye, until next. I will destory you all." Then show a small smile to Jodi. The smile wasn't "I going to kill you smile". It was a smile a friend would show. With that said and done. Rosia turn into smoke and suround Sernir and with a pop. They were both gone.

"Where he went? Why you let her escaped Jodi?" Asked Sean

With a smile Jodi said "I think we were save from her raft. Also..." then Jodi tone of voice lower and said in a whisper "A friend a came back"

"What?" said Sean and Eevee seem to asked the same question.

"I explain later. Here maynot be a save spot to say this." said Jodi.

While this was being said, Celibi was healing Mewtwo. Soon He was relived from being knocked out. Mewtwo got up and said "He was just luckly with that hit"

"What now?" asked Misty.

Lance then said "We find Chezni."

Mew said to the group "I can help with that!"

Everybody seem intersted. "How" Mike said then countuied "by teleporting?"

Mew just smile and said "Yep. Hold each other hands"

Everybody hold hands and then Mew touch them with its tail. Then in a few minutes in a flash of ligth the group was gone and reappear in the room with Zarnon and Tiamat.

Sean was the first to asked "What is happening" to Gilliam

January 30th, 2005, 11:18 AM
Sean and the others immediately saw Chezni attacking Zarnon and the others attacking Tiamat. Without warning, Zarnon slammed Chezni into the wall. His aura immediately dissipated as he changed back to his normal form. He was out cold.

Tiamat immediately saw the others and teleported to Zarnon. "I think it's time for Round 2, what say you, Zarnon?"

Zarnon immediately nodded in agreement. "Yes. Let's fuse our cores together." As Zarnon finished, the room began to shake. Chezni was starting to regain consciousness as this happened.

Outside, the entire fleet could be seen from Prog. The ships seemed to be bunching together. Al knew what this meant. "They are fusing with that creature... Tiamat and Zarnon are combining..."

In fact, without warning, the entire group had been cast outside of Apocalypse as its entire form changed.

"What's going on?!" Sean said.

Chezni responded. "They're fusing... This will be the true test of not only Eevee's powers, but all of ours..."

A bright flash suddenly engulfed the entire sea that the creature was in. After the flash, the sea was barren and the group stood on the bottom of the lifeless patch of land that used to be the Dividing Sea.

That was not all of course. Apocalypse had now sprouted wings and was airborne. This was going to definitely make matters more difficult.

Tiamat and Zarnon could be heard in unison from the innards of Apocalypse. "Now that we are fused, your limitations will become apparent. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!"

January 31st, 2005, 3:41 AM
Sean was a bit scared when he saw this thing that Zarnon and Tiamat have became but then he hread Jodi said "We can take them on. Rigth Nector" Looks at Nector and gave her a nod. Then Jodi look at Jirachi and said "And you will help too rigth" Jirachi nodded too.

Sean was still a bit uncertain but he felt he still was not ready. Then all of a sudden Eevee jump on to Sean's sholder. Eevee seaced Sean's uncertainly and smile and said "Weeve. Vee Wee vee vee. Wee."

Some people may not know what Eevee may have said but Sean knew what he said like Eevee was speaking english. Eevee told Sean to be brave. That they can beat this guy or surrvive. Living is all that matter and if we figth and die then at least we did it to give others a chance to live. This speech from Eevee gave Sean the power to figth.

Some of the others began to figth. Misty send out a gray golduck and began to send out a siliver beam from it's gem on it forehead. Ash and Manachu were figthing with the others.

Jodi' Heracross was now in power by Jirachi celestial temperarly celestial power. Nector was glowing gold. He use a megahorn on the beast Tiamat and Zarnon have became. This seem to do little damage. This attack was folled by a Doom Desired attack from Jirachi. This did some damage. Soon a black goo was sent out at Jodi.

It was about to hit Jodi but Sean and Eevee use a Magic Missile to destory the goo and the attack countued and hit the beast.

Sean just smile and he recieve a smile back Jodi.

January 31st, 2005, 11:03 AM
Chezni looked at the huge monster that beheld the group. "Just like old times..." he said, as he began to gather power once again. Immediately, he was in his golden armor once again.

Manachu had flown toward the enormous creature. As he was doing this, he also seemed to make a fist with his right hand. "Celestial Blade!" he said. Immediately, the familiar sword formed in his hand.

Sean and Eevee seemed to be doing fine in the midst of it all. However, the enormous mass of a creature suddenly hurled some sort of black energy at Sean. Chezni saw this and immediately flew toward Sean to intercept the attack. However, by the time he got there, he could only take the hit. There wasn't enough time to block the attack.

Chezni could be seen by the entire group falling, as his armor disappeared and he reverted back to his original form. He slammed into the ground with a tremendous force. From that height, it would be in question whether he even survived the attack.

However, after the critical blow, Chezni was still breathing. "Not... Gonna kill me with one simple attack..." he muttered before passing out.

Manachu slashed the creature with his sword, but couldn't seem to cut through its armor. However, the entire group could see that the creature was shrinking to human-size. It wasn't finished transforming.

After a moment, the transformation stopped. The creature looked alot like Asmodia, except with darker skin. Its wings also had many holes in them. "Finally." it said. "My true form is complete..."

February 1st, 2005, 3:43 AM
Sean was in shock at what happen. Chezni took the hit for him. "Eevee use ligth spear!!"

Eevee flew thwords the Asmodia look-a-like and when he hit it. Eevee was grab and hurled towards Sean. Sean caugth Eevee. "Are you ok?" Eevee nodded.

Manachu and Ash were shlashing the beast but Asmodia beast then shot a black mass at it. They were hit but they got up and were not in good shape.

"It is time to finish this." He said in a dark voice. "COME TO ME MY SERVENTS" When he said that many of his servents came and were abosrb all except Sernir and Jade were seen.

"NO!! Rui don't go" Said Jodi when she saw Rui as Rosia go into. She had a face of regret then smile at Jodi and Went into the beast. When alll of those that came were in that when the jem on Amodia head glowed.

"Now Darkness Sweep." A dark energy mass flew out and hit everybody and they all flew back even Manachu and Ash. Manachu deveovle into Pikachu. Sean fell back too with Eevee in his arms.

Lagther could be hread from Zarnon. Until Jodi got up and said "You not taking me down that easy. Nector use Megahorn!!" Nector was just a regular heracross now due to the effects of Jirachi was only temperartry.

Zarnon lagth and shot a black ball at Nector before he attack. The shock of the attack also knock Jodi out.

"JODI!!" Sean said and ran out to her, Eevee still in hand. He felt her. She was knock out but it seem she is only hanging by a tread.

"That girl got what she deserved. Think she can defeat me. Now it you, The chosen." said Zarnon.

Sean was fill with rigthogous rage and said "You moster. You.... you had hurt all my friends. even the ones I love and you treat this as a game."

"Shut it. Game over" then the beast shot a black ball. when the ball got there it desappear. "What!?"

Eevee then began to glow like it was going to evole but then a beam of ligth was shot from the sky. Sean knew that he had to but Eevee on the ground. The form began to change from Eevee to an unknown form. When it wasover a great white beast lade before Sean.

This new creature was a white dog-shape. It had 3 anglic like pair of wings coming out of it back. It had a long siliverish tail. Long white legs that are powerful. It had clouds-like fur where it feet are. It head was had a jem on there that has many colors in it. The only thing that makes him look like a Eevee was the fur mane around it neck.

Sean was amazed. He said "Wow, Shoeon."

The forces of Ligth now has a chance to win aginst the forces of darkness.

February 1st, 2005, 11:58 AM
Shoeon immediately released an aura of light. In an instant, the entire group was fully healed. Jirachi and Ash both looked straight to Eevee's new form. Then they looked at Sean.

Ash was the first to respond. "It was true... Eevee is a Legendary Pokemon..."

Asmodeus could only scowl at this new outcome. Then he began to grin. "No matter..." he said. "There is no way you can defeat me." With that, he charged toward the group.

Shoeon was suddenly between Asmodeus and the group. "You have committed your last act of evil." Shoeon suddenly said. He seemed to be communicating via telepathy.

As he finished, Asmodeus threw a punch. It was lightning fast and only Ash and Chezni could see what happened next. Shoeon literally grabbed the fist in his teeth, and threw Asmodeus into the air like a rag doll. In an instant, he flew into the air and gave Asmodeus a headbutt, launching him toward a large rock and causing him to smash through it.

Ash and Chezni could only look in wonder at the sheer power that Shoeon and Sean now possessed.

February 2nd, 2005, 3:54 AM
"What?!?" Asmodeus said but he quckily recover. "No matter that was only a piece of my power.

Shoeon just stood there and said "You still follow teh path of wrong even after what just happen. Then no matter. LIke i said before, you have committed your last act of evil." Then Shoeon open it month and shot a flamethrower at Asmodeus.

Asmodeus quikly jump to dodge the flamethrower but as soon as he did that he was stuck with a blast of water. Asmodeus was dumstuck by this but soon ligthning was around him and he was stuck by that too.

Sean was impress by Shoeon. He couldn't believe he got his Eevee to become that. But he knew that this form is more then cool. When Sean saw the tri attack of the elements he said "He has the power of the other five elevoltions."

Asmodeus was grinning and said "You done warming up. Are you done testing your new found abitities yet. Because I hope you enjoy them because you won't be useing them again since you going to die." With that said he threw a black mass orb.

Shoeon but up a ligth barriar to dodge the attack but when he brougth it down. Asmodeus was rigth beside him. He made his arm into a needle and then stab him with it. "Poison. Die slowly"

"Healing Ligth attack, Shoeon." yelled to Sean.

Lance then srocol at him and said "Don't imterupt. THis is a battle of a Legendary pokemon. He doesn't need you to tell him what to do. ALso how you know he knows that attack, he may not know it."

Mike just smile and said "Cool it Lance, He trying to help his friend out. Shoeon did evole from Eevee and Eevee is his pokemon."

Shoeon hread this command and said "Thank you Sean." Then from the wound that Asmodeus did a brigth ligth came from it and it was healed and the poison was gone. This ligth hurted Asmodeus. "Your tricks won't work here." Said Shoeon.

Asmodeusthen said "I have more." Then he disappear.

"Do you think he ran away" asked Misty

"No, he still here" said Chezni.

"On Shoeon left, He on your left, Shoeon." said Sean.

He was rigth. Asmodeus reappear and hit Shoeon with a darkness cover punch. After that Asmodeus disappear again only yo do it again a few seconds later and after that he disappear again.

"He needs help" said Jodi who was on the side of Sean now.

"Yes." said Sean.

Ash hread this and said "Pikachu. Transform into Manachu and help Shoeon"

Shoeon was geting hit by Asmodeus but he said "No, NO offence to you and Pikachu but I only want Sean to help me. Only him."

Sean was not surprise and said "I coming."

Sean was runing over there but Jodi grab his shirt. Sean asked "What is it?"

Jodi was a bit sad but she said "Be careful. I" She stop but countued "I want you to be careful. i ..."

Sean seem to know what she was going to say and said to her "I will." Then he was leaning towards her face. Lips were about to touch each other but then Sean was pull back and his shirt was in Shoeon month.

"Sorry. If i didn't do that you two be there forever." then he was telekinic to left Sean on his back. Sean drew his sword and said "I ready." He on your rigth.

Shoeon shot a fireball at the rigth and hit Asmodeus.

Asmodeus did recover and said "SO you two decide to die together. Ok. Them you will."

February 2nd, 2005, 11:48 AM
Asmodeus seemed to still be alright, even after that attack. "I guess it's time I let you in on a little secret." he said. "I've been holding back the majority of my power for the sake of amusement." Asmodeus grinned as he spread his wings.

Sean grinned as well. "I figured that much out. We've been holding back as well."

Ash's eyes widened. "How could they... Even Manachu doesn't have that much power..."

Chezni nodded in response to this. "When a Celestial Pokemon becomes a Legendary Pokemon, they take traits from each possible evolved form of their base Pokemon and add Light to it." he said. "Since Manachu only has two other forms to tap into, his powers are limited to Electricity and Light-based attacks. But Eevee..."

Ash immediately knew what Chezni was getting to. "Has an evolution for each Element..."

Chezni nodded in response. "Yes... Theoretically, Eevee, or Shoeon as Sean calls him, could be much more than a simple Legendary Pokemon..."

Lance looked in confusioon at what Chezni said. "What?" he said. "You mean he's some sort of Ultimate Legendary Pokemon?"

Chezni nodded. "I guess you could say that... And Sean seems to be aware of it, even moreso than I am..."

Asmodeus seemed to be pleased to hear what Sean had said to him. "You've been holding back about fifty percent of your power, huh?"

Sean nodded. "You're good." he said.

Asmodeus laughed at the response. "That's all?! Here's what I've been holding back..." he said. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Even Prog could be seen in the distance feeling the effects. The city was falling apart.

In the midst of it all, an aura could be seen forming around Asmodeus. Immediately, Shoeon began gathering energy as well. It was all he could do just to match the power that the monster was putting out now.

Suddenly, Asmodeus was gaining power much faster than Shoeon. Sean saw this. "No... You're topped out... How can a creature be this powerful?!" he said, as Asmodeus continued to gather energy.

Without warning, the tremors stopped. Asmodeus let out another laugh. "This should be enough." he said. "Of course, if need be, I can go one step higher than this..."

Everyone could feel the enormous power that Shoeon and Asmodeus were putting out now. It was literally mind boggling.

Chezni simply stated something out of the blue. "Ok..." he said. "I'm starting to have Dragonball Z flashbacks..." Lance, Neina, and Roan all started laughing in response.

Ash looked at the four in confusion. "Dragonball Z?" he said.

"It's a TV show from my world..." Chezni said. "The characters were all near-godlike in power. Like here, hence the remark..."

Ash simply nodded. "Right..."

Without warning, Asmodeus charged into Shoeon, scoring a direct hit. Shoeon immediately regained his footing and prepared to counterattack.

February 3rd, 2005, 3:40 AM
It then jump up and disappear and then reappear to shoot a ligth beam at Asmodeus back side. Sean atthe same time slash him.

The attacks didn't seem to effect him. "Stupid human and pokemon. I can't be stop like that." He then form a black energy ball but this one was smoke like. Then he fired multiple of these at Sean and Shoeon.

He tought, thougth Sean but it seems that Shoeon read his mind and said "Yes but we can beat him."

This reminded Sean of the time when he just began his journey. At the Virendain Gym. Eevee gave Sean the hope and stregth he need to beat the gym leader. "Yes! We can beat him." Said Sean

Asmodeus seemed amused to hear that and said "Your power is nothing compare to mine's. I am too powerful. The suroundings around Sean and Shoeon turn black. They were unable to see. Asmodeus was going to attack them in the dark. He was an inch before hiting Shoeon but then he was strick in the gut by something. Then he saw a white long ligth coming from the place he was stab. Then the darkness disappear and it can be seen that the long white ligth was Sean sword. Then it could be seen that Shoeon was powering up and shot a magic missile. Sean did one at the same time too.

"We can beat you. Just keep up." said Sean.

This not over let. Then Asmodeus began to power up. At the same time Shoeon use double team on both himself and Sean. These illusions are ready for anything Asmodeus have for them.

OCC:Here a bit of a spiolier. It does look like the RP is going to end but after my next the story is going to coutuiued. Zarnon is going to survive but not the same way he did before. i don't like telling people things like this but it have something to do with my last comple of post. There more to the RP. Still feel free to add thist to the story but this figth most likly is going end tomorrow but the story will keep going. I just wanted to clear that up if you were worring about this RP was going to end.

February 3rd, 2005, 12:18 PM
Ooc: Don't worry. Zarnon's only been killed like a thousand times. He's like a Comic Book Villain. He seems to not stay dead. Just remember. Things aren't always what they appear to be. Ooc)

Asmodeus seemed to be a bit off kilter due to the illusions. However, he simply grinned. Raising his right hand he simply closed his eyes. A large light radiated around him, wiping out the illusions.

"Enough games." he said. Immediately, he flew to Shoeon. His sheer speed caught the Pokemon off guard. He grabbed Shoeon, throwing him into the ground. Shoeon slammed into the earth, but managed to recover from the hit without much trouble.

"Like this?" Asmodeus said. "Let me show you more of my tricks." He put one hand in front of him and hundreds of black orbs appeared around him. "Orbs of Destruction!" he said, firing them off.

Shoeon managed to dodge most of them, but was hit by a few. Sean knew that Shoeon couldn't take much more. He was wearing down gradually. But Asmodeus didn't seem to be so much as breaking a sweat.

"What's wrong?" Asmodeus said. "Don't tell me you're quitting now."

Sean looked at Shoeon. "We're not quitting." Sean said. "Not by a longshot."

"Sure..." Asmodeus said, as he seemed to disappear and reappear right behind Sean. "But you've talked enough..." With that, he grabbed Sean.

A blade seemed to extend from Asmodeus' left arm. Immediately, Shoeon charged toward the monster. A sickening impaling sound could be heard even from where the rest of the group was. Sean had the blade through his chest.

His eyes widened as Shoeon suddenly collapsed in front of Asmodeus. Immediately, everything went dark. Asmodeus pulled the blade out of Sean and threw his lifeless body toward Shoeon. The blade retracted and the blood on it fell to the ground.

Chezni and Ash both looked in shock at what just happened. Both Sean and Shoeon were laying lifeless before Asmodeus.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Asmodeus said. He brought his hand up to his face and stared at it for a moment. Then he once again looked at his handiwork. "HA HAA HAA HAA HAA!" He continued to laugh, as if he was literally enjoying it.

Jodi looked at the Millenium Necklace once again. "No..." she said. "It shouldn't have been like this..." The necklace continued to glow. " The Necklace..." Immediately, Asmodeus grabbed Jodi.

"That's not nice!" he said, as he tore the necklace from her and threw it to the ground, shattering it. Jodi smiled at Asmodeus, who simply held her by the shirt with his right hand.

"What did you see?!" Asmodeus said with rage. "Tell me you wench!!!"

"I saw..." she said. "How you die..." Immediately, Asmodeus threw her to the ground. Her body literally bounced off the rocks like a rag doll. She simply laid there facing up with her eyes wide open. A smile still lay across her face.

Celebi flew to Jodi. However Asmodeus intercepted the Pokemon. "No you don't." he said. The Pokemon's eyes widened in fear at what he knew was coming next. However, he then looked behind Asmodeus. Sean was on his feet, and so was Shoeon. Sean's sword, however, was shattered. Strangely though, he was completely healed.

Asmodeus looked toward Sean and dropped Celebi in the process. Celebi immediately flew to Jodi.

Ash looked toward Sean. "I sense nothing..." Ash said. "He's masking his energy perfectly..."

Asmodeus fired a black orb toward Sean. But this one was much bigger than the many orbs that hit Shoeon. Even still, Sean stood his ground.

"It's not going to work anymore." Sean said out of the blue. "Dark type!" he said. Immediately, he raised his hand and caught the ball of energy. He stared at it as it pulsated in his palm. Immediately, he closed his hand, detonating the attack. The explosion rang through the group's ears, but everyone remained transfixed on the confrontation. After the smoke subsided, Sean could be seen standing in front of Asmodeus. He was completely unscathed.

Ash immediately knew what this all meant. It was like when he and Asmodia first fought. "He is a Pokemon Master..."

Sean could now see everything. He knew exactly what types of Attacks Asmodeus could use, and he was able to think of every Pokemon that he has ever come across and know exactly what they were capable of. He even knew what Manachu could do. And Shoeon knew the same as well.

In addition, he could change his type at a moment's notice, which explains how he was able to catch the attack.

February 4th, 2005, 3:58 AM
"But how you were dead!!" Why don't you die!! YOU ARE DEAD!!" yell Asmodeus. Then he fired a fury of black orbs all were the size of the same one he shot at Sean first.

This time Shoeon intercepted by standing on its hind legs and bounccing them off with it's frount paws. Many of the orbs just flew of and not hiting anything and a few hit Asmodeus. He was in shock at what Shoeon was able to do. He doesn't believe it. Shoeon just said back "Let say thing are not as what they may appear."

"What! Does not matter." Said Asmodeus. Then he grew larger then Sean and Shoeon.

"He as big as a ten story building" said Ash.

"My vision!" Jodi said looking at Sean and Shoeon. Not even noticeing that the Millenium Necklace just put it self together. "You can do it guys."

"We can take him on. Rigth Pal." said Sean

"Yes. Soon i be getting a belly rub when this is over with, rigth?" said Shoeon.

"Rigth" said Sean as many dark orbs seem to be bouncing of them as Asmodeus fired them.

Asmodeus was dumbstuck. "They all hit the target but you two were untouch by them!!"

"Time to finish this!" said Shoeon "And we need the help of everybody"

"We need a bit of your spirt to fuel the ultiment attack." said Sean

"You hread them" said Chezni "Just rasie your hands up and let them take a piece of your sprit"

Little beams of energy flew and hit into Shoeon. "Thank you guys."

Asmodeus was now afraid. seeing all of these things flying around him and to Sean and Shoeon. "WHAT!?" Then he saw swords of ligth appear around hiim making it impossible to escape. He Said "How you know what i was going to do?!?!?"

"People like you always find ways to escape things like this." said Jodi.

Sean and Shoeon said in unison, "Celestial Spirt Bomb!!!"

A giant firely ball of white ligth was shot and was turning blue as it came closer to Asmodeus. He just stood there unable to move. "NOOOOOO! IT CAN"T BEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" was the last words he said.

After he was destory the group look for Sean and Shoeon only to find them still where they were and Sean was straching Shoeon's belly. "You like that don't you"

"Always did" siad Shoeon.

"He a Legendary pokemon and the other is a pokemon master but they act like beginning trainers. Imangen that" said Ash.

They came down still just playing with each other. Soon Sean was going to body slam Shoeon but then he turn back to his original form as an Eevee but with a gold fur color.

"You guys were great" said Jodi holding the necklace in her hand.

Then Sean, after saying sorry for body slaming his pal, ran to Jodi and gave her a kiss. "That was suppose to happen before I went to figth but this is just for that."

"Thank you." said Jodi back

Others seem in surprise but then Chezni said "Well done. I"

Then out of nowhere. it look alike a shadow fell from the sky and landed where Asmodeus was and it reach for the ground. He pick something up and said "Let them all out" At that moment all of the people who were abosrb by Asmodeus were out on the ground around him but they all look good now. Even Rui was back to Rui and not Rosia.

"Who are you?" Said Lance

The shadow then stood up strigth and said "You know me."

Sean then said "It Sernir."

"Rigth but now I have this." Raise a black jem. "This Jem have the power of Tiamat, Zarnon and Aplyisus. NOw i WIll learn to use it." Then he jump up and flew off. Last said "Follow me Jade." and then he seen flying off with him.

"Well that was off" said Misty.

The group now just destory the fiend known as Asmodeus and now had a reason to be celeibrating

February 6th, 2005, 12:46 PM
The enemy army had already left, as if the head of a great beast were cut off. Cheers could be heard from Prog, as celebrations were in order. As the group got back to the city, Al and Neb were enjoying the festivities, already in progress.

Chezni looked at Sean and grinned. "Are you convinced now?" he said, regarding Shoeon and Sean's new powers. Sean simply nodded in response.

Ash looked at the mountain of food that was layed out in the city square. "Well..." he said. "I guess we should eat." Everyone nodded as they enjoyed a well earned rest from the massive war that they had just won.

However, in the distant land of Ahm, a familiar figure loomed over the horizon, carrying the black gem that was the core of Apocalypse. "Ha ha ha..." he said. He then raised three other gems, one blue, one white, and one green.

"One more to go, and my master will be awakened. Fear not Tiamat. I, Venger, will restore you to your former glory yet." With that, the figure seemed to change his form. He now had rough black skin and a red horn protruding out of his head. He also wore a red and black robe.

"Soon..." he said, as he flew into the distance. He now seemed to be riding on a Black Dragon.

Ooc: I am not sure if you wanted to continue this one on a different Chain RPG, but this is a great cut off point if that is the case. If you didn't know, Venger is from the D&D show (I was using D&D references left and right here, of course I'll add the bad guy from the show.). I decided to add him for a reason, so when you continue this one, make sure you post that it is a continuation of this one, so I know. Ooc)

February 7th, 2005, 3:39 AM
OCC: This does seem a great place to cut off. But when I start the next one it may be later in the future.

IC: The group now well rested and fed now headed to bed. Ash and Misty were talking while Pikachu was playing. Sean was straching Eevee's belly while Jodi watch. Then Chezni came up to them.

"Well I guess it good bye." He said.

"What you mean good bye?" asked Jodi.

"Well Sean learned mostly everything I have to teach him. The rest is his to do. He now a hero of not just this world but in all worlds.

"Well ok. We will see each other rigth?" Asked Sean.

CHezni smile and said "Yes. We will."

Later the group travel thur the Door of Doors and were back to the pokeworld. Ash and Misty flew away together. Mike and CHarizard flew away with the others that can't. CHezni, with Rui by his side, was about to leave before Sean yellded and said "CHezni!! I channelge you to a 1 on 1 battle."

Chezni grab a pokeball and said "I accept." The battle began.

While the other two battle Jodi and Rui watch. Then Jodi saw a flash.

She saw...

"Ha ha ha..." he said. He then raised three other gems, one blue, one white, and one green.

"One more to go, and my master will be awakened. Fear not Tiamat. I, Venger, will restore you to your former glory yet." With that, the figure seemed to change his form. He now had rough black skin and a red horn protruding out of his head. He also wore a red and black robe.

Jodi snap out of it and said "Look like we be back soon, Rui."

THE END.......?