View Full Version : Cinderluigi(a cinderella parody featuring luigi)

August 29th, 2009, 8:37 PM
I do not support this anymore. I wrote it 2 years ago and decided to post it here so everone could see it's suckishness


Once upon a time, in a magical land called New York, there was a man. His name was Luigi; everything in his life would have been perfect… if Gonzales didn’t exist. But unfortunately, he did. Gonzales was luigi’s evil Yoshi roommate who wrecked is plans on many occasions; this is just one of them…

Luigi sprung out of bed, feeing good about himself. You see… it was the day of the great New York dance; everyone would be there, even the mayor’s daughter, Maria. So of course luigi was looking forward to it!
“No! You can’t go to the dance!” Gonzales told Luigi.
“But why not?” luigi asked
“Because I said so!” Gonzales replied “and besides, it’s your turn to clean the bathroom!”
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” Luigi yelled as he went upstairs to the bathroom.
After Gonzales left for the dance, luigi sat up in the bathroom and cried. Suddenly a short, fat smelly, bald old man appeared.
“Who the heck are you?” Luigi asked
“I’m your fairy Grandpa and I’m here to get you to that dance!”
“Well have a shower first! You stink!” luigi said.
“Fine! Geez...”
After the shower, The Fairy Grandpa waved his magic wand and all of a sudden, luigi was dressed in fine clothes, and his hat was turned to glass.
“You look great!” The Fairy Grandpa said “but beware, once the clock hits midnight, you will lose all of your clothes!”
“But how are we going to get to the dance?” luigi asked
“I have an idea!” The Fairy grandpa answered
And so, luigi went over to Mario’s house and jacked his racing cart…
Later at the dance, luigi was the most handsome person there! And Maria (you know, the mayor’s Daughter! I mentioned her before…) asked him to dance, of course he accepted. But little did they know that Gonzales was watching them…
“Grr… How did he get here! I hate that luigi…”Gonzales said to himself ”And where did he get those clothes? Hmm…This is like that story! What was it called… Oh yeah! Cinderella! And if it really is just like that story… He’ll lose his clothes at midnight… Gwahahahaha!!!”
So Gonzales grabbed the clock and changed the time to midnight. luigi soon realized that his clothes had disappeared (except for the glass hat) luigi screamed as he ran out of the party in his underpants. But he left his glass hat behind…
luigi drove home quickly, not realizing that he had taken Gonzales’ car. Gonzales ran out after him and realized is car was gone! So he took Mario’s and drove back so fast that he crashed Mario’s cart into a wall. When luigi got home, he noticed the smell of pasta was in the air! And it was coming from the closet! He looked inside and noticed the biggest bowl of alfredo in the world! Then Gonzales popped out of the alfredo, grabbed luigi, and locked the door.
“Gwahahaha!!! Loser! Maria is searching around town for the guy who dropped the hat! But you’re going to be in here!”
Ding-Dong! The doorbell rang
“I’ll get it!”luigi said as he grabbed Gonzales and used him to beat down the door. He ran up to the door and opened it expecting to see Maria. But instead it was Mario! And he was holding a baseball bat!
“LUIGI!! YOU DOOFUS! YOU STOLE-A MY CART! AND YOU-A CRASHED IT!!!” Mario yelled at the top of his lungs.
“Actually, it was him!” luigi said as he pointed at Gonzales
“Really?” Mario asked “oh, well in that case… GONZALES! I’LL-A GET YOU!!!!”
“I didn’t see that coming…” Gonzales said
Gonzales sprinted out the door, with Mario (and his baseball bat) close behind
And so, Maria found luigi and they went on a date, the fairy grandpa went on a vacation and everyone lived happily ever after(except Gonzales, who is in the hospital for breaking every bone in his body)