View Full Version : One Piece English songs

August 30th, 2009, 9:48 AM
Hi all, I need an honest opinion on what you think of this video

I can't post links just search on youtube: Luffy Zoro Nami ussop sanji chopper robing franky english sing along lyrics
All of those words in the search bar and it's the second video

I need to know what everyone thinks of the idea of singable Karaoke songs for One Piece. This is kind of a test to see what the song would be like when Funi actually does a proffesional version of the song. I just want to see what One Piece fans think of it. Try to sing the English lyrics aloud or in your head to get the idea of the video. If you don't like One Piece or have never seen it I reccomend you DO NOT watch this video as it contains major spoilers plus it is mainly something only fans would appreciate.