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September 7th, 2009, 9:04 AM
Hi! Welcome to my new fic, 'Johto's Gold'. It basically tells my own version of Pokemon Silver/Soul Silver, with various plot twists and just general changes here and there, but still completely my own. For example, Soul is included, by I think having someone travel along with the main character is too cliche, so I've made it so that she's already done her jounrey, and is now simply 'travelling' the Johto region, whilst appearing here and there when they are in the same places and helping out, like at the beginning, when Elm is taken to hospital, and near the end, when the Rocket's take Goldenrod City under a siege.

Anyway, I'd jsut like to point out that the team of Pokemon that the main character has, I am hoping, will be my future team on Pokemon SoulSilver. Okay, Let's get on with chapter one!

Chapter 1: Johto's Gold

Gold hated being woken up from good dreams. Or, more specifically, woken up form good dreams by his alarm clock, which his mother had somehow rigged the volume level to near maximum, a trick he’d been unable to figure out, and thus had been unable to lower the volume. He groaned, and flung his arm out to stretch, and in doing so, knocked the said clock from his chapped, wooden bedside table.

A brief flicker of satisfaction and smug victory wavered across his face, before it was snatched away by a call from his mother from downstairs.

“Honey? I can hear that alarm clock, so I know you’re awake. Prof. Elm called earlier this morning. He wants you for... something or other. I can’t remember exactly. So hurry up and get down here! I’m making pancakes... I’m trying to make pancakes; you can have some when you come back.” He heard a clatter of pans, and was sure he could hear his mother curse to herself quietly; the floorboards were so thin, and his mother was so loud, it wasn’t that hard not to.

He groaned, reluctantly dragging himself from his soft, fluffy bed. He rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes, scratched his stomach, and stretched, not knocking over any alarm clocks in the process. He drowsily made his way to the small, white-tiled en suite, to the right side of his bedroom, and... Did his business, brushed his teeth, the works.

20 minutes later, much to the annoyance of a black haired mother, with a red headband, light pink blouse, black trousers, and a curly brown poodle-perm, red hoop earrings, and a slightly burnt finger, which she had wrapped in a wet flannel.

She scowled as he hopped down the last steps, dressed in his casual clothes. Black cap, with a wide yellow stripe at the back – although, since it was turned around, the stripe was at the front, with the strap – and a spike of his unruly lack hair that fanned out from underneath the cap’s rim. He had a red hoodie jacket with a black rimmed collar, a soft, white inside, and black shorts that went down to his knees. He had red and white shoes, with three Velcro straps and, strangely, no socks.

His mother, Meredith, handed him a plate with two slightly burnt pancakes, with an extra dollop of ‘Mr. Honeez’s Imported Combeez' Syrup’ to hide the taste; however, it wasn’t something Gold ever particularly noticed. He and his mother were so close, he’d gotten quite fond of her unusual cooking methods. They both ate it with gusto, savouring it s sweet, sticky taste.

Gold dabbed at a runaway fleck of syrup on the side of his cheek, and licked it from his finger. His mother laughed, before clearing away the plates.
Gold stood up, brushing off his sleeves and licking his fingers clean.

“I suppose I’d better get going. I’ve kept the Professor waiting for half an hour already.” He smiled, and headed for the door.

“Oh!” his mother exclaimed, rushing to get something from the cupboard. Gold paused at the door, and turned to see his mother rushing towards him with a dark blue device. “Here, honey, your PokéGear came back from the repair shop! Don’t sit on it this time!” she said, hurriedly trying to get in on his wrist. Gold protested, and did it himself. His mother laughed, and apologised, and sent him off.

New Bark Town was a small, but refreshing village. Gold’s house was one of the smaller houses, but wasn’t attached to a string of other houses like lots of his other friends’ were, which counted for something. A row of tall, flourishing green trees ran along the side of the road, and they each whizzed past at a seemingly breakneck pace, as he sprinted towards New Bark Town Laboratory, owned by a mister Steven Elm.

It was a large, dome-topped building. The glass dome on the top was held up by a symmetrical maze of white metal bars, which aught the sunlight and reflected it to various places around the town. It had a square annexe off the left side, with a balcony that ran all the way around, with around 5 accessible doors that each led to bedrooms, living rooms and such. Gold guessed that this was where he and his family stayed, as he’d never actually seen him go inside, nor had he ever been inside himself.

“Ah, Gold. Not too late, not too late, I see. Come in, come in. I have something for you.” Elm was a young man, with brown, spiky hair, a blue shirt, brown trousers, and a long, white lab coat. Elm led Gold to a large room with many intricate and complicated looking machines lining the walls, which were a light green, as opposed to the blue tiled floor. Near one of the largest machines in the room, with a cylindrical device, with a glass case inside, with three Poke Balls placed in a triangular pattern.

“Gold,” Elm explained, “inside this capsule are three Pokémon. Each on of them is extremely rare, and native to Johto. I’d like you to take one.” He pushed a round, yellow button on the control panel of the machine, and a blue screen flickered into life. It was a grey-brown background, with a spinning white platform in the centre of the screen. “You see,” he continued, “I need you to run an errand. Just past the next town, Cherrygrove City, there is a house belonging to an acquaintance of mine, Mr. Pokémon.”

He led Gold over to digital map on a screen, which was mounted on the wall. He repeatedly touched an area, which magnified with each prod, until it came to a grassy clearing, and a house, surrounded by trees.

“I’ve received word from him, that he’s discovered an important... well, discovery. I’d like you to—“

“—to go and see what he’s found, yeah.” Gold finished for him. “And you want me to take a Pokémon with me, to keep me safe, right?” Elm nodded, smiling.

“Correct. Now, if you could make you choice and be off as soon as possible, I’m sure Mr. Pokémon is waiting. He says it’s a very important discovery—“

“I know, you said.” Gold walked over to the device, and looked over the choices.

The first was Chikorita, a small, creamy-beige coloured Grass type Pokémon with a leaf on its head, small bud around its neck, and bright, gleaming red eyes. He pushed a button, which spun the platform, until another Pokémon’s data came up on the screen.

‘Cyndaquil’, a Fire type Pokémon. It was small, with a creamy-white underbelly, small paws, blue fur on its back, and four red spots which, apparently, spouted fire. It said on the screen that the amount of fire and the way it flickered reflected Cyndaquil’s emotions and feelings at the time.

The next Pokémon, Gold took an instant liking to. It looked like a small blue crocodile, with a yellow belly, sharp teeth, red spikes down its back, and lively, energetic blue eyes. Simply looking at it filled him with a warm, anticipated feeling. Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokémon. He read the data, eagerly. Its jaws may be small, but they have the capacity to crush almost anything. Even its Trainer must be wary. Gold smiled, and knew he’d found the Pokémon he’d be taking.

“I’ll have Totodile, please.” Elm nodded his approval, and typed something into a keyboard next to the machine one the wall. The Poke Ball with Totodile disappeared disappeared down a hole, and came rolling out of a hole near the bottom of the machine, into a small metal container, from which he picked it up.

“Where do I put it?” He was at a loss of any pockets big enough to to put it in, and he didn’t have his bag with him. Elm looked up from a device he was fiddling with.

“Just let it follow you around for now. I’ll give you a belt when you come back.” He said, and continued with his... fiddling.

The exit from New Bark Town was a long, winding path, surrounded by trees from all sides, until it came to a grassy clearing. Totodile hopped happily along, snapping his jaws. He seemed happy already, which made Gold smile.
Now that Gold had a Pokémon, he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do with his life.

He’d thought about becoming a Pokémon Trainer, like everyone else, but that seemed a bit common. He thought becoming a Coordinator wasn’t quite his thing, but then that left... what? He looked down at Totodile, and wondered what kind of adventures they could have. Perhaps he could become some sort of archaeologist, or scientist. He’d often thought about wandering the Earth, searching for new species of Pokémon, but that seemed more daunting than going on his own Pokémon journey.

He was snapped from his trance when he felt a tug on his trousers. He looked down, to see Totodile pointing at something. Upon looking, Gold saw the path come to an end in the near distance, which he guessed led to Cherrygrove City. He began running for it, Totodile happily keeping up.

Cherrygrove city was larger than New Bark Town, understandably, and it was the first time he’d been there. The first thing he saw was a large, cylinder-shaped building, with a domed, red top, and a poke ball sign on the roof. He guessed that was the Pokémon Centre.

Next to that was a long building, with a blue roof. There were many glass windows along its front, through which he could see it was the PokeMart. There were two streets of houses, behind which were more streets, lanes, and avenues, filled with whatever restaurants and cinemas and other shops their might be.

“Right, so, I need to go somewhere around here...” Gold flicked on his PokéGear, and checked the Map application. According to it, he needed to go to the top left area of the city. Flicking off the map from his PokéGear, he set off at a run, Totodile in tow.

It was a good hour and a half before he reached Mr. Pokémon’s house. It was a small bungalow, in an empty field, that was surrounded by trees. Gold wondered up to it, and knocked on the door. A man in his thirties answered. He was tall, had combed brown hair, and wore a dark blue suit, with a white shirt and a red tie, and polished black shoes. He had clear, round spectacles resting on the end of an almost perfect nose. An average Joe, as Gold would usually say.

“Yes, young man?” he asked, showing lovely white teeth.

“Um, I’m Gold, Professor Elm sent me?” said Gold. A look of realisation passed his face, before inviting him in.

Gold sat down on a comfortable couch, and declined the offer of a drink; he was eager to get out of this house as soon as possible. There was something strange about it, and it felt... not right. Hostile, even.

“He said you’d made an important discovery?” Gold asked. The man’s face brightened, and he went to his desk. From out of it, he took... an egg. It was smoothly round, cream in colour, with various red and blue triangle patterns and spots.

“Is that... an egg?” Gold asked, still staring at it. Mr. Pokémon nodded, as he sat opposite him once more.

“I think it may be a new species,” he said, looking more closely at it. “I’ve never seen any other egg that looks like it. Although, it does bear resemblance to Togekiss, which is native to the Sinnoh region.

Gold had heard of Sinnoh before. His mum had told him stories of the water-rich Sinnoh, where the supposed representatives of time, space, and anti-matter took rest. He’d also heard one wild rumour that to God of all Pokémon resided in Sinnoh, but he wasn’t going to get his hopes up.

At that moment, the door opened, and an elderly man came in. He had brown, spiked hair, although it was much older, not like Elm’s. He, too, wore a long, white lab coat, but had a beige jumper on, a blue collar, average dark-brown trousers, and worn, black shoes. He looked like Professor Oak, whom Gold had seen on TV.

Sorry, I’ll have to be quick. Dragonite’s outside, I need to get back to Kanto very quickly. I have the data you wanted. Mewtwo is a very rare Pokémon indeed.” The man said. He then noticed Gold, and his face lit up at the sight of Totodile. He pointed at Gold, and said “Pokémon Trainer?”

Gold hesitated, before shrugging. “I’m still not sure.” Oak laughed, and placed the black disc he appeared to have been holding in a drawer in Mr. Pokémon’s desk, where he slammed it shut a little too hard for it not to look suspicious.

“Never mind, my boy. You’re at the age, now, where you’re not quite sure what you want to do with your life. I know it happened to me when I was younger. Err, Mr. Pokémon, could I have a drink?” he asked, to which Mr. Pokémon smiled, and scurried off into an unseen kitchen through a door Gold hadn’t seen beside the desk.

The moment he was gone, Oak slumped back into the chair next to Gold, and leaned over to whisper.

“Jeez, I can’t wait to get home. I have to wear these darn clothes every time I come over here, they’re too tight. He sure is a strange man, isn’t he?” he gave a hearty chuckle, and Gold decided that he liked Oak more than Mr. Pokémon. He seemed to have more to him. Despite his age, there was a look of exuberant, lively youth in his eyes, as well as that of age-old knowledge.

Gold smirked, but hid it quickly as Mr. Pokémon came back in, and decided he’d better be getting back, now that he’d gotten what he’d come for.

He stood up, and announced that he’d have to go. Oak stood up almost immediately after he’d said it, draining his drink in one gulp, and announced that he’d better be getting off too. Mr. Pokémon’s face dropped, and Gold suddenly felt a pang of pity for him.

But he was just as determined to get away from the strange man. As he stepped outside, Oak turned to Gold and took something out of his pocket. It was a smooth, slender red device that looked like it swung open somehow. He could see a flat, blue light on the edge, which made Gold realize it was a PokeDex.

“Listen to me, Gold,” he said. Gold was confused, but let the professor continue. “When I saw you and your Totodile together, I just knew you were going to do great things. It’s clear with its posture and attitude that it already likes you, yet its actions and features imply it has impressive, perhaps even exceptional battle skills.” Gold was quite lost, and still confused, but kind of got the idea. “So,” Oak continued, “here’s what I want you to do...”

PokeDex stowed away in his pocket, Gold had decided how he wanted to travel the region of Johto; he considered it partly his very own adventure, collecting Gym Badges and training Pokémon, and partly a really long errand for Professor Oak, to travel and get the data for every Pokémon in the region on his PokeDex, for Oak to study. He was also quite tired, after carrying the small but surprisingly heavy ‘Pokémon’ egg from Mr. Pokémon’s house.

He was nearing the exit route of Cherrygrove city, when someone jumped out from the bushes. It was a girl, a rather good-looking girl, was Gold’s initial thought. She pounced onto the road and pointed an accusing finger at him, as if she were some world-renowned detective, having just caught an elusive criminal. Gold was startled and rather taken aback, by her unexpected and uncanny appearance.

“A-ha! Caught you!” she exclaimed, looking proud of herself. Gold sweat dropped, before asking who she was, and what exactly she thought she’d found in him.

She giggled, before replying. “I’m Soul. Nice to meet you. Now, I’m afraid you’re going to have to come with me.” She tried to grab his arm, but he pulled it back.

“What!? Who are you, some policewoman?!” he exclaimed, and she sighed, and made another grab for his arm.

“Hey! Come with me! And you’ll need to return that Totodile to Professor Elm, thief!” she said, and made another grab for his arm, which he effortlessly swatted away.

He got a proper look at her, and saw she looked like some kind of farmer. She was wearing a red top, whose sleeves’ stopped about two inches before it reached the wrists. She was wearing a pair of blue dungarees, red shoes, and really long white socks, that came up well past her knees, and ended in a large, wide black stipe. She was wearing a big, bouffant looking white hat, tied up with a red ribbon, and had a large, heavy looking yellow bag strapped over her shoulder, which she now put on the floor.

For the first time, he noticed that a Quilava sat at her feet, silently waiting for an instruction.

“What!?” Gold exclaimed. “Thief?!” Soul realised he was truthful, and did indeed, not know what she was talking about.

“Yes! Someone broke into the laboratory and stole a Pokémon! I assumed it was you, since there was no Totodile. But, then again, there was no Chikorita either. But, the Professor...” she trailed off, her face awash with worry.

“What? What’s wrong with him?” Gold asked, somewhat worried. Soul bit her lower lip.

“Well, the thief detonated a bomb when he broke in... the Professor is being taken to hospital! And... The doctor said it’s not looking good...”