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Ryuu Kiba
October 2nd, 2009, 7:31 PM

Hello everybody. Well I've been working on some roleplayed co-authoring with a friend of mine in Deviant art.
Since this is the first I'll be posting I'll explain our ODYSSEYS project ^^

ODYSSEYS consists of various Pokemon based stories and roleplays:

Odyssey of One - A fan-fic about a young trainer's adventures in the new land of Virdenna.
New Odyssey- An alternate adventure to Odyssey of One, starring characters made by my friends.
Highschool Odyssey- A story about pokemon being students at a boarding school with legendary pokemon as teachers!
Short Odysseys- Various short one-to-two shot stories about random students from Highschool Odyssey or just pokemon living in that world.
Desert Odysseys- A Co-authored epic, Prince of Persia style with furryfied pokemon as characters.

Well, with that said, and with no further adoo... the first Short Odyssey!

Part 1: Tears of Remembrance

It was noon, summer vacations, most of the students were off visiting their families. A Ninjask, one of the students who didn't have anything to go back to, stayed at the school. He had been practicing his moves before, and now had decided to take a break. He placed himself on the side of a tree and punctured it with one of his sharp appendages and began joyfully drinking sap.

THIS is life... he thought to himself. A Butterfree flitted through the forest. She landed on flowers collecting their honey. While it was summer vacation she wasn't welcome at home. She sighed and turned her head looking around. One of her eyes had a scar over it. The scar ran from her antennae almost to her mouth. If any other Butterfree would have been around, anyone watching could have seen she was quite a bit smaller than the others. She sighed and continued collecting honey. She looked up and saw a Ninjask at a tree. She smiled and flew up.

"Hello. I didn't know anyone else was here over the summer." The Ninjask turned to greet her but his mouth was full of sap. He hurriedly drank it up.

"Sorry, hi, yeah, hello, I am here every summer, I got nowhere to go to anyway so yeah," he said. He looked at her, not minding about her scar at all.

"Sorry, my name is Nicholas, but you can call me Nick. What's your name?"

"Hi Nick. My name is Molly. It's very nice to meet you. And I know what you mean. Though I do have a place to go, I'm not welcome there," she said with a sad smile. She landed on the branch next to him.

"I didn't mean to interrupt you. I was just happy to see someone else here. It gets a little lonely you know?"

“Yeah, don't worry. My discipline usually makes me be alone, it's nice talking with someone now and then," he said crawling his way to the branch where Molly was.

"If those others don't want you close they oughtta be very mean and heartless. What dishonor to not welcome one of their own kin," he said seriously.

"I'm an embarrassment," Molly replied simply. Her tone wasn't self pitying or sad, it only told the facts.

"I was born with this scar and quite a bit smaller than all the other Caterpie's. My egg had been attacked by a bird pokemon. My mom didn't care, she loved me. My brother's didn't care because they only cared about who was strongest and who would evolve first." She sighed.

"Then my mom was captured by a human... and I evolved before all my brothers." She smirked.

"They didn't take it too well obviously. Why should the little runt be the one to evolve first?" She stopped herself then shrugged.

"So yeah. I try not to let it bother me." Nick huffed.

"That is no embarrassment. Size never matters, besides scars tell of a pokemon with the strength to survive blows and keep living. Needless to say you evolved first. That is proof of your strength and skill. Humph, maybe it's better like this, they don't deserve the presence of a pokemon as strong as you," he said simply, like if passing judgment with simple facts. Molly blushed.

"Thank you Nick. It's nice to find someone who feels the same way I do and my mother did or still does. Too many people see size as strength now or my scar as something ugly. I've even been told my some meaner pokemon no one would ever want to date me because of it," she snorted.

"As if I'd listen to them." She looked back to Nick.

"Sorry. I'm rambling aren't I?" Nick chuckled.

"Just a bit but it's ok. And I don't see why someone wouldn't date you," he said, unaware of the implications of what he was saying.

"You look quite fine to me," he said simply and started flapping his wings.

"I'll be off to train, if you want to train with me or accompany me if you want to keep talking, feel free to come... just, tell me so I fly a bit slower ok?" he invited. Molly continued to blush but recognized that he hadn't realized what he had said so she pushed down her blush.

"Ummm sure. Training sounds nice," she replied.

"I haven't done that in a while. Just been collecting honey all summer," she laughed before flapping her wings and pushing herself off the branch.

"Lead the way Nick." Nick nodded and blasted off to a distance where he was still visible and waved at Molly to come as he settled on a wall to wait for her… Molly was astonished at his speed. She knew Ninjask were fast but this was the first time she'd seen one move so close before. She waved back after a moment and flew after him.

"I knew you were fast Nick but... that's just incredible," she said as she reached him.

"Wow." Nick blushed at his speed being complimented.

"Thank you, I take much pride in my speed for it's what us Ninjask compete in the most amongst ourselves," he said. He then blasted off to a nearby clearing, dotted with training targets, different terrains and mechanisms for training. The whole installations were of the highest combat level the school had machines for. Any higher training would be against professor Daniel himself, and he was taking vacations. Molly followed him again.

"You’re welcome," she said as she approached him again. She looked around.

"Wow. I just realized how long it’s been since I trained here. I'm gonna be really rusty," she frowned fluttering her wings in annoyance. Nick chuckled.

"I am sure the rust will go away after some rounds," he said. He then placed himself in the middle of the training area and prepared the automated training poles to strike at him. He placed maximum speed and after the countdown a barrage of attacks came his way. He sat quietly on the ground, breathed in, and began dodging the constant wave of blows flying at an extreme speed but maintaining his eyes closed and his general posture calm. Molly landed on a nearby branch, completely struck by how fast Nick was moving. She couldn't even see him move at times. Finally she shook herself and looked around the training ground for something for her to do. She saw some targets, both moving and stationary. She flew over to the stationary ones first. She closed her eyes to gather her focus.

"Psybeam!" She fired multiple beams of psychic energy at the different targets. She hit all the targets but there were very few bulls eyes. She frowned.

"Bug Buzz!" Her wings moved faster creating a sound wave heading for the wooden stationary targets. They all cracked and splintered before completely breaking apart. She smiled to herself. At least that attack wasn't that rusty. Nick kept avoiding and dodging, eventually using his double-team technique. He opened his eyes and smiled.

"That was impressive, Molly. No wonder you evolved first," he said, as if dodging were so easy he could sustain a conversation with no worries. After some moments, his speed steadily increasing with each move thanks to his ability, he used X-scissor so fast it was barely seen, the targets on the fighting poles that functioned as fists as well stopped for a second, and then fell, cut at perfect angles. Nick cleaned one of his blades with another and looked at his results, satisfied.

"Well thank you Nick but I must say compared to you, I don't really match up. Are you a senior?" Molly asked flying over to him.

"Your strength and speed seems like you must be ready to graduate. I'm a sophomore oh wait I passed so I suppose I'm a junior now," she laughed. Nick chuckled.

"I'm your same class I suppose we were in different classrooms," he said.

"Thank you, unfortunately my math and my chemistry isn't... as good," he laughed.

"Well you're welcome to come to me if you need help. I'm ok at math but gifted at chemistry simply because..." She didn't finish but simply fluttered her wings and particles rained down.

"I've been working with my different powders recently." She smiled modestly.

"As such I've been able to make my PoisonPowder a deal more dangerous than normal so I try not to use that attack too often." Nick was impressed.

"Why thank you. What skill to apply chemistry class to actual battle," he said.

"All I do is rely on strength and speed... not much brains going on there." he joked. Just then a joyful cry was heard from afar. The voice was female, and a bit too sweet.

"Nickyyy!" Nick went pale, turned, kissed Molly on the cheek and flew off at his top speed. The girl that had called out flew to where he had been. It was a Masquerain, delicate and elegant as she flew. She huffed.

"Oh, I always lose him..." she said, not noticing Molly at first. She then acted as if she hadn't seen her, not wanting to say hi first. Molly didn't have a chance to reply to Nick before he was gone. She touched her cheek where he had kissed her blushing slightly before turning to the Masquerain.

"Hello there. Do you know Nick too?" she asked politely. She hadn't missed Nick going pale at this girl's words but it wasn't really in her to treat the girl differently until she knew the story. The girl's voice was slightly annoying though. The Masquerain turned to look at Molly and smiled sweetly.

"Hello, yes I know Nick. My name is Clarissa, who're you?" She kept smiling as sweetly as one would ever think possible.

"My name is Molly. It's nice to meet you Clarissa," she replied smiling back.

"I just met Nick today. He's a really nice guy isn't he?" The girl's smile put her off. It was so sweet it almost looked fake and it kind of disturbed her.

“Indeed," Clarissa said, still smiling.

"And he is mine so back off or I'll kill you powder puff," she said, neither the smile nor her tone getting any less sweeter. She turned, not filtering her disdain for Molly and flew off into the woods in search of Nicholas, calling his name out from time to time.

"....Powder puff?" Molly said to herself in bewilderment. She was completely shocked at the waves of disdain rolling off Clarissa, all at her. She sighed and flew back to where she had originally met Nick and began to collect honey from the flowers again.

"Another person who hates me," she sighed. She looked around at the flowers. They didn't really hold her interest anymore. She sighed once again but continued gathering honey just out of habit her mind wandering.

“Pardon my Jhottenese but she's a pain in the ass..." came Nick’s voice from one of the tree tops.

"Sorry you had to endure her Molly..." he said, sticking his head out of the leaves.

"She used Attract on me in battle once and liked the romanticism she caused but it was an attack I don't like her... now she just wants to use Attract all the time..." he said.

"Thank Arceus I'm fast..." Molly looked up smiling slightly.

"At least you can out run her. She's rather horrible isn't she?" She sighed.

"I am not a powder puff," she said indignantly. She smirked at him.

"She's kinda protective of you. Did you know that?" she asked.

"Or did you hear our conversation?"

“I didn't but I know her... and the way she treats our female classmates so I do know she has them all threatened if they come close to me..." he said with a sigh.

"I'm never gonna meet anyone for real if she keeps scaring them off..." he said, half to himself.

"So she's threatened to kill other girls other than me huh? Well she's not scaring me away," Molly said not realizing the implications of what she had said. She smiled at him.

"Don't worry. I'll be here," she assured. This time it was Nick's turn to blush. He shook it off as fast as he could and smiled.

"Well then, would you like to fly with me a bit? Up in the dense forest to the north there are some secret places I like to go to. I haven't taken anyone there so I thought, might as well take you since we have no one to go back to..."

"Sure," said Molly smiling back.

"But you have to slow down," she laughed. Then her smile kind of lessened.

"Why don't you have anyone to go back to?" she asked softly.

"I don't mean to nose but..." Nick pointed so that she would follow him, he flew at a relaxed pace.

"Well, I do have father, mother, and siblings if that is what people see as having someone to go back to. But... I don't even know their names or who they are... just my mother, and out of fuzzy memories from when I was just born... It is a part of who I am and the destiny I was born with... nothing more, nothing less... I am neither sad nor happy about it, it's my life and I wouldn't change it.... I took some decisions that stripped me of the place I could go back to... decisions I am not ashamed of taking," he said, his tone turning serious as he spoke. Molly flew next to him.

"I'm sorry," she said softly.

"I didn't mean to upset you or anything. At least you don't regret anything," she said with a small smile hoping to cheer him up.

"Do you have a lot of friends here?" she asked. Nick smiled at her.

"I'm not upset don't worry. And well I do have friends. None of them are here though... and there aren't many of them. Most of the people who treat me nicely is because they know I could beat them easily in a fight and think I'm some kind of violent monster of some kind," he said.

"But you aren't violent," said Molly.

"While you are strong, the key is your speed. How does that make you a monster?" she questioned before snorting.

"People are dense, afraid of what they don't understand. Too caught up in what they want to believe to see what's sitting right in front of their eyes..." She trailed off realizing her tone had gotten slightly nasty.

"Sorry," she apologized.

"I was rambling again." Nick chuckled.

"You still talk the truth," he said.

"You understand me better than anyone who I've met till now," he said merrily as the trees began to grow denser.

"Really?" asked Molly surprised.

"That's just the way I feel. I guess that means you understand me too." She smiled.

"Have you ever just told Clarissa you don't like her?" she asked suddenly.

"Sorry for the change of subject but I've been trying to figure out ways for her to leave you alone. It must be annoying."

“Yes, I have..." Nick said, sighing .

"I've tried every polite way possible... and even impolite desperate ways and the result is always the same..." Molly frowned.

"Idiot," she muttered about Clarissa.

"I'm sorry Nick. That has to be horrible... I wish I could help. I just can't think of anything that you probably haven't done already." She sighed.

"I shouldn't have brought it up. Now we're just going to be sad... So where are we going? I know you said secret places but what exactly?" she asked trying to change the subject. Nick smiled at her, he moved a willow's leaves to reveal a shaded pond. Its water was as blue as sapphires, it had a glow because of different gems mixed with the mud and sand of its base and shore. The vegetation around it was exuberant and beautiful. Finally, Nick flew to an abandoned Japanese kiosk with praying statue in its center. Nick placed himself in front of it and used a strange plant as incense. He then flew up, smiling at Molly. Molly gasped looking around.

"It's beautiful Nick," she whispered. She finally looked at him.

"How did you find this place?" she asked awe apparent in her voice.

"It's amazing!" She flew around the area. She turned back to him, a wide smile on her face, waiting for his answer.

“This is where I was raised," he said, nostalgia in his voice, the spray of a nearby waterfall reaching him from one side.

"This is a shrine, a sacred place. I was taught that one of the planet's chakra points resides under the soil of this area..." he trailed off.

"You were raised here?" repeated Molly even more in awe.

"Oh this is amazing." She flew through the area having fun looping through the air.

"Oh it would have been so nice to grow up in a place like this," she laughed. Finally she slowly began to calm down. She landed by the shrine.

"Is this the shrine for the chakra point?" she asked him.

"Yes," he said, landing on the shrine as well.

"Though being raised here was nice... it was hard," he said whispering. He rubbed his battered arm blades. Only now, in the calm and silence did he pay attention to the scars they had. Scars weren't rare in Ninjasks' blades, but his were a bit deeper and bigger than most other Ninjasks. Visions of his past danced in front of him, showing him mistakes and errors, but successes and victories as well. He shook his head.

"Sorry, my mind trailed off." he smiled sheepishly.

"It's ok," Molly replied with a slight smile. She shifted her attention to his blades.

"Is it because of those scars?" she asked softly. She shook her head.

"Sorry. I'm nosing again." She closed her eyes almost absorbing the feeling of the place.

"It's so peaceful," she whispered.

"And full of energy." She took a deep breath her eyes still closed then let it out. A smile formed on her face.

“Don't worry, I don't find you nosy..." Nick replied.

"This place is full of spirits... the powers of that which go beyond the body are more than abundant here." Suddenly he sensed something and flew up, turning to where the vegetation was dense.

"Molly, get ready, we might have to battle..."

"Battle?" repeated Molly flying up as well.

"Battle who?" she asked looking towards where he was looking. She was hesitant about fighting in this place. It felt too peaceful for a battle to take place here. Though that wouldn't hold her back if a battle did come. She readied herself. Clarissa suddenly burst out of the foliage and threw herself at Nick, crying.

"I am so sorry Nick! I-I followed you here I didn't know I was being followed myself I swear I..." she began saying out of panic. Nick glared at her.

"There's nothing that can be done now so get ready to fight," he said.

"W-what?! Fight them?! Are you crazy?!" she objected.

"I will not let this place fall to them... damn dark assassins..." he replied.

"No! I won't let you! I love you!" she said. He looked at her slightly more softly.

"If you love me, then fight alongside me..." he said.

"And you will have proven your worth to me." Clarissa hesitated, but she shook her head and fled. Nick didn't seem surprised.

"Molly, the dark assassins are very powerful pokemon, and they'll be here any moment now... you are free to leave if you wish..." he said.

"I can't make you fight my battle," he completed before getting to a combat position.

"I'm not leaving," Molly said softly. She had stayed silent while Clarissa and Nick were talking. She felt odd about what Nick had said about Clarissa proving her worth to him. She shoved down her confusion and readied for battle.

"I'm not leaving...." she whispered extremely softly. Nick smiled at her and nodded. Just then a group of Crobat busted into the place, covered by black cloths. Instantly they attacked both Nick and Molly. Nick began dodging, and when he attacked with X-scissor his attack was met with Air slash from one of the opponents.

"Molly!" he simply cried out to her. Molly didn't reply but attacked with Air Cutter. The attacks cancelled each other out giving Nick his opening but getting all the Crobat's attention on her.

"Wait Nick not yet!" she yelled before flapping her wings hard once and sending her PoisonPowder towards the group of Crobat. She followed that with another Air Cutter so they couldn't send the powder back at them. Nick spun in the air in a massive burst of speed he used double team. He dodged attacks and increased his double team. Dodged yet again and used double team a third time. After all these moves his speed increased even more. He began a barrage of attacks against the foes.

"Molly! Your psybeam!" he simply said. Just then a group of similarly clothed Houndoom and Weaviles entered the place and began attacking, some of them concentrating on demolishing the shrine. Molly cursed herself in her mind before releasing her Psybeam. Each hit the Crobat with enough force to cause them to faint from the combined force of her and Nick's attacks. She quickly turned her attention to the Houndoom and Weavile. She quickly began to flap her wings before unleashing her Bug Buzz. All the Weavile stopped clutching their heads from the sound wave. The Houndoom also flinched the sound. While not as effective as against the Weavile, the sound hurt their advanced hearing. Nick concentrated on the Weavile, using his X-scissors to defeat them faster. Just then he heard a cracking noise, the Houndooms' attacks had demolished one of the shrine's pillars, making the kiosk topple down. Nick stopped completely at the sight of the destruction. Enraged he made the distinctive Ninjask clattering and deafening sound and attacked the Houndooms with such fierce strength they began to hesitate in fear. Yet too many fire attacks connected. And, panting, Nick fell to the ground, smoke emerging from his body steadily. Few enemies were left though. Molly cried out staring at Nick and in that hesitation she received a glancing blow from a fire attack to her wing. She winced before aiming her Air Cutter at the remaining Houndoom. Immediately after that she used her Bug Buzz and the remaining enemies fainted. She flew to the pond quickly and aimed her Air Cutter at the surface creating a wave of water that doused Nick. She flew back over to him.

"Nick. Nick! Are you ok?" she asked worriedly. She forced herself not to wince at the pain of the burn on her wing. He shouldn't have to worry about her when he had been hurt so badly.

“M-master..." Nick said, dragging his exhausted and wounded body to the debris of the kiosk.

"Master..." he called out as he began moving the remains of the shrine as fast as he could. Molly felt tears come to her eyes as she watched him. She flew over to the shrine and began to clear debris as well, though silently. She continually watched him though to make sure nothing further happened to him.

"Nick..." she whispered. As she lifted a rather large piece of debris she hissed in pain. She looked to her wing. It was a very bad burn. She was certain if she didn't get help in time she very well could faint. Her gaze landed on Nick again and continued clearing the debris. This was more important. Nick was blind with tears and dirt that fell on his insect eyes. He kept digging into the ruins until he came across a golden box that had been inside the prayer statue. It was broken, and ash was falling out of it, a Shedinja's moonlike aureole that had been placed on top of the box had fallen and cracked, some of it had been burned by the attacks. Nick dragged himself to the box and hugged it close, tears cascading down his eyes.

"Master..." Molly's tears fell as well as she watched Nick.

"Oh Nick, I'm so sorry..." she whispered. She stood by him but wasn't sure whether to comfort him or not. Her wing throbbed in pain and she almost screamed aloud.

It's getting worse... she thought. But still she didn't do anything. She stood there silently supporting him as he grieved. Nick looked at Molly he wiped his tears, used his claws and a leaf to pick up the fallen ashes and get them back into the box. He covered it with the leaf and placed it upright, with the aureole delicately on it. He stood up, bowed at his master despite the excruciating pain of his wounds and, taking Molly's hand, he took her to the water and gently pulled her down.

"Rinse your wound... in the water... Molly..." he said, huffing and his voice halfly taken by sobs.

"But what about you?" she immediately asked, though she did dip her wing in the water. She hissed again.

"You're badly hurt," she continued after suppressing the pain.

"What are we going to do? We need to get you back to the school." Nick let her go and dragged himself to his Master's grave.

"Not... until I am sure that my Master... can still rest in peace..." he said... once more bowing in front of the box, and staying in that position, praying. He didn't care that his blood began slowly oozing out of some of the more dire wounds. Molly felt tears coming to her eyes again. She raised her wings and flew into the forest despite the pain in her wing. She came back with leaves which she lay by Nick before flying off again. She was gone for quite a while this time before coming back with thread from a very nice Caterpie. As she got closer to Nick she felt the tears fall as she saw his wounds. If only she hadn't forgotten about her Psybeam against the Crobat! She took the leaves and sprinkled tiny amounts of her paralyzing powder on them. It wasn't enough to paralyze Nick but it would do for numbing the wounds. She then used the Caterpie thread to tie the leaves to his wounds while he prayed to his Master. She would have waited until he was done but some of the wounds looked too serious for her to wait. When she finished she sat back panting slightly. Her wing throbbed painfully and her head had begun to spin from the pain. She shook her head trying to clear it. Nick opened his eyes. He whispered.

"Master, this woman that is with us, has grown very dear to me... I must help her... I must leave, please, may your soul rest in peace despite the destruction..." He used rocks from the ruins to build a sturdy little replica of the shrine just around the grave. He then placed three incense plants and flew up. He took Molly by her hands.

"We must get you cured Molly, close your wings and hold yourself close to me, I'll fly us back to school... I'm much faster and my wings are fine..." he said, his voice gentle yet serious. Molly hesitated.

"I don't want to hurt you further Nick... Your wings may be fine but your body..." However when she looked in his eyes she knew he would stop at nothing to get her cured. Slowly she closed her wings.

"All right..." she whispered.

"But please stop if you hurt too much..." she continued as she moved closer to him to hold on. Nick nodded and blasted forward at an incredible speed. In essence, the effects of the battle still resided in him so his speed was still elevated from his ability. Not even a minute passed before they had reached the school nursery and had their wounds healed. As they rested, Clarissa barged in and began nuzzling Nick enthusiastically.

"Oh Nick! You are alright! Oh I was worried sick!" Nick ignored Clarissa, he simply stared at how Molly's wing was being treated. Clarissa glared at the Butterfree. Molly met her gaze before looking away. She grimaced. Her wing was being treated with a Burn Heal but the process was painful. The area that had been healed felt great but that could barely be felt because the next part was being healed. Finally the process was done and she let out a breath. She looked at her wing. It had been healed though it seemed the coloring in the area was darker than before. She sighed. As if she needed something other than her scar. Though... she gave a small smile, it was worth it. She didn't say anything to Clarissa. To be truthful she didn't trust herself. She was so angry at her, for more than just abandoning them, she wasn't sure if she could control herself. Nick frowned.

"Clarissa, leave," he said simply. The Masquerain looked at him with a hurt expression.

"But... Nick... I was..." she began.

"You abandoned us, you fled demonstrating not only that you are a coward but that you do not truly love me. If you will not desist and stay with just friendship... then I do not want anything to do with you and I'll kindly ask you to disappear." Clarissa first got infuriated, but then the reality of the facts won over and she left the nursery, sobbing. Nick shook his head...

"I hate it so much when I am pushed to do mean stuff like that..."

"It was something that had to be done," said Molly.

"To be honest I'm surprised she didn't attack me or something like that," she said with a small smile. She stood up and flapped her wings once before moving over to him.

"How are you feeling?" she asked softly. Nick remained silent.

"I am not sure..." Tears began forming up on his eyes once more.

"My Master died before I entered the school... he had been my only... place to go back to... And I failed to protect his resting place..." he said, tears falling.

"I...I’m sorry Nick," said Molly sadly.

"If I hadn't forgotten about my Psybeam... the Crobat would have been defeated before the others came and the shrine would have been saved." She bowed her head sadly.

"I'm sorry..."

“If you hadn't been there... and said hi to me while I was eating... and understood me... I would be dead, and my Master's ashes scattered everywhere..." he said.

"Thank you..." Molly stayed silent still feeling as though it was her fault.

"You’re welcome..." she said reluctantly but only to leave the subject where it lay. She knew she would always carry that guilt. Her eyes scanned Nick's body.

"Your wounds are healing well?" she asked. Nick nodded.

"And stop looking guilty. My wounds can heal if you are feeling bad," he said and he smiled to her, holding a blade out to her for her to grab. Molly slowly took his blade. She gave him a small smile putting the guilt to the back of her mind.

"I'm glad you're feeling better. I was so scared after you fell," she said. She didn't mean her words to make Nick feel bad, she just needed to voice what she had felt. Nick looked at her.

"I should have protected you... I should have been strong enough for both of you..." He fell silent.

"I... don't want to be alone again..."

"You were more than strong enough for me," said Molly smiling.

"You gave me the courage to fight. And you had enough strength to keep them from damaging your Master's resting place further." She paused.

"You'll never be alone again... I'll be here..... if you want me," she offered. A blush had tinted her cheeks. A second meaning was in her words. True she would always be there as a friend but she knew... she wanted something a little more. Nick looked at her, he too blushed at the words if you want me; those words... he was almost sure they didn't mean just friendship. He hesitated... would he drag Molly into the life of an exiled shinobi? Would she still want him if she knew the danger she'd be in?

"Molly... because of who I am and what I am... my life will be forever perilous... danger and battles on every turn... maybe even death..." he said softly... Molly looked at him before smiling.

"I'm not leaving," she said in a mirror image of earlier. She moved closer to him.

"I'm not leaving," she whispered. He closed his eyes and cursed at his stupidity, yet when he opened them he was resolute.

"Thank you..." He said, pulling her close into a kiss, a gesture that unlocked his complete emotions, tears falling, now for joy, not sadness. Molly kissed him back while gently wiping away his tears. She knew their road would be tough. She knew there would be times he might try and push her away to protect her... She didn't care. You're welcome Nick... I swear... you'll never be alone again.... I promise.

------------------- ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------------------- ----------------------

Thanks for reading and we hope it was to your liking. Please do comment, feedback is what keeps us going and makes us better ^^

Ryuu Kiba
October 3rd, 2009, 7:45 PM
Here goes story numer 2!

Part 2: Marsh Fiesta

A Lombre swam around in a pond, he was relaxing a bit, on his back hung a guitar made out of a big hollow nut, a branch, and strings made of plant fibers. He sat on a rock and smiled at the rain. He took his guitar and started playing merrily.

"La lluvia, cómo me ayuda, ay como me encanta, como me ayuda a soñar. Con la lluvia puedo volar y mirar las nubes me dan ganas de cantar... qué hermosa la lluvia esplendorosa," he sang. A Bellossom was wandering through the grass, dancing. As she wandered past a pond she heard music drifting across from the other side. It was quite beautiful and she found herself adjusting her dance to the music. It was quite a lively song and her skirt of petals swished along. After the song had ended she found her way around the pond.

"Who is it that plays such wonderful music?" she called while looking around. The Lombre got up and turned to where the Bellossom was.

"That would be me, señorita," he said, with a stressed accent. He then bowed exaggeratedly and smiled. The Bellossom giggled.

"Well hello good sir," she said while curtsying.

"Your music is wonderful. I couldn't help but overhear. I quite enjoyed dancing to it.
May I know your name?" The Lombre jumped from the rock to the shore. He took her hand and kissed it.

"My name is Leopoldo Del Río, thank you for the compliment. What would your name be linda Señorita?" he asked. The Bellossom blushed prettily as he kissed her hand.

"My name is Rosa Esmeralda. It is very nice to meet you Leopoldo. May I ask how you learned to play? And where you got your instrument?"

“Please, call me Polo. Well I owe my playing to my Pá, and the guitar I built it with him too," he said smiling and looking at his instrument.

"Here want to get a better look?" he asked, offering his guitar. Rosa took the guitar carefully.

"This is quite clever," she said as she looked it over. She handed it back.

"I don't want to damage your guitar Polo," she said smiling.

"Would you play something?" Polo put a foot on a rock to rest the guitar on his lap.

"Sure, what do you want me to play, Rosa?" he asked, winking at her.

"Something I can dance to," she replied smiling at him.

"I love dancing and you're music just fit so well with my style."

“Very well Rosita." he said with a smile and began playing,

De la sierra morena, Cielito lindo, vienen bajando Un par de ojitos negros Cielito lindo, de contrabando. De la sierra morena, Cielito lindo, vienen bajando Un par de ojitos negros Cielito lindo, de contrabando.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, canta y no llores, Porque cantando se alegran Cielito lindo los corazones. Ay, ay, ay, ay, canta y no llores, Porque cantando se alegran, Cielito lindo los corazones.

Ese lunar que tienes Cielito lindo, junto a la boca, No se lo des a nadie Cielito lindo que a mi me toca. Ese lunar que tienes Cielito lindo, junto a la boca, No se lo des a nadie Cielito lindo que a mi me toca.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, canta y no llores, Porque cantando se alegran Cielito lindo los corazones. Ay, ay, ay, ay, canta y no llores, Porque cantando se alegran, Cielito lindo los corazones.

Siempre que te enamores Mira primero, mira primero Donde pones los ojos, Cielito lindo, no llores luego. Siempre que te enamores Mira primero, mira primero Donde pones los ojos, Cielito lindo, no llores luego.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, canta y no llores, Porque cantando se alegran Cielito lindo los corazones. Ay, ay, ay, ay, canta y no llores, Porque cantando se alegran, Cielito lindo los corazones.

Rosa smiled as the song started and soon her body began to flow with the music. Her dance was very earthy. One of her feet was always on the ground and she used her hips a lot swishing her skirt around. She danced and danced. As the song finished she stopped and clapped her hands.

"That was great Polo! Really great!" Polo smiled.

"I could barely play in accordance to the beauty of your dance, Rosita." He nodded.

"You dance gloriously," he said.

"Thank you Polo. You flatter me," said Rosa modestly.

"If anything your music inspires my dance and makes it better," she continued smiling. Polo chuckled.

"Well, now that we have sung and we have danced, Señorita, want to take a walk in the marsh?" he offered, holding a hand out for her.

"Why of course," giggled Rosa taking his hand.

"Where are we going? Just a casual stroll around the scenery?" she laughed.

"Well then again spending time with you will be very nice," she smiled.

“Well there is a special place in the Marsh, if you wish we could go there," he said with a smile.

"Lead the way," she replied.

About 45 minutes to an hour later…

After the long stroll. Polo was helping Rosa get on a clearing, which had numerous paper lamps and tables. Polo smiled at Rosa.

"Wait here," he said.

"Ea muchachos! No me diban que nadie ha llegado! Canijos hay que festejar! Además traigo una invitada muy bonita!" And with that a bunch of pokemon emerged from the marsh laughing and greeting each other merrily. A Ludicolo started up some stoves and began cooking. Everyone seemed to want to know Polo's new friend and they came by greeting her with phrases like,

"Un gusto conocerla señorita,”

"Hola Señorita, qué tal está." Even a Pachirisu with a knit hat that looked at her, breathed in and heavily breathed out.

"Que buena vieja te encontraste compadre, queee bueeena vieja sí señor." And he walked away after patting Polo's shoulder.

"Want to take a seat Rosita?" he offered.

"Of course. Thank you Polo," replied Rosa. She took a seat looking around, smiling.

"This place is awesome," she complimented.

"What were all your friends saying?" she asked him. Polo sat down infront of her, it was a two seat table with a paper lamp in the middle.

"They were simply greeting you, and well," he got a bit close to her as if it were a secret.

"Telling me how pretty you are," he said winking at her.

"After that long a walk you must be hungry," he said before turning to the Ludicolo at the stoves.

"Ey Checo! Un pár de órdenes para acá!" he called out.

"Enseguida Polo!" came the reply. He then turned to Rosa and blushed.

"Sorry... I know that kind of shouting disturbs people."

"It's ok," replied Rosa.

"And your friends are very polite," she giggled.

"So what is Checo making? I hope I got his name right. His cooking smells wonderful." Polo smiled.

"Checo's actual name is Sergio but we call him like that as friends." He breathed in deeply.

"That should be his Arrachera Tacos... but I don't think that's for us, oh nice special salad tacos would be the thing," he said.

"That sounds wonderful," said Rosa.

"I am quite hungry." She looked at Polo.

"So why were you all the way out by the pond if your friends and this wonderful place is here?" Polo chuckled.

"Well, this place is active only at dusk and night. In the day most of us go our own ways or hang out just a little. I for one like some time with just me and my best friend." he said patting his guitar.

"Though sometimes it does get lonely, and Pancho does come by to talk and see what we can do." He paused.

"Pancho is the Pachirisu, my compadre."

"Pancho the one with the hat?" she asked.

"Didn't he say something to you? When you were introducing me?" She looked around.

"Aren't there any girls?" she giggled.

“He is the one who said you are pretty," he laughed.

"Of course there are. Que levanten las manos toddas las chicas que aquí quieren saber cuantas niñas bonitas hay!" He called out and from the tables the girls raised their hands laughing. Once wouldn't be able to say if there were more boys or more girls in that place.

"See?" he chuckled. Just then an Ambipom waiter brought them their food.

"Provecho Polo, Señorita," he said.

"Gracias Tomás," replied Polo.

"Oh I see them now," said Rosa.

"The food looks fantastic!" she cried looking at the plate in front of her. She picked up a taco and dug in.

"It's great!" she cried again after she had finished that mouthful before taking another one. As both of them were finishing their plates, music started, a lively song filled the air with its rhythm, and Polo looked at Rosa, his eyes almost sparkling. He held his hand out to her.

"Want to dance?" Rosa smiled back her eyes sparkling as well.

"Of course," she replied taking his hand. She twirled up from her seat ending rather close to him her skirt still moving after she had stopped.

"Let's dance." The music enveloped them as they danced like no one else had danced before. For a moment, the world disappeared, and existence was defined by them, their dance, and the music. Their bodies coming close and apart as the rhythms changed and transformed. When suddenly and finally the music stopped and both pokemon finished holding each other, panting slightly. After a moment of awed silence the whole place roared with applause and praise to the dancing couple.

"You truly are the best dancer in the world Rosita," Polo complimented in a whisper.

"You flatter me Polo," she whispered back.

"I'm sure there are much better dancers in the world than me. Prettier too," she continued modestly.

“Well, I have been around dancers all my life and none have been as good and pretty as you Rosa," he said, blushing a bit before standing upright and halfly letting go of her. Suddenly a rock hit one of the lamps and, turning to where it was thrown, Polo frowned. A group of pokemon with dark expressions were walking towards the place.

"What's up, amigos?" A Feraligatr greeted in a sarcastic tone, his accent was clearly not Hispanic.

"So this is where you lowland scum come and have your parties," he said.

"Get out of here Frank, if you don't like our people you shouldn't come looking for us all this way," Polo said, frustrated.

"It's still my marsh, so you're gonna either leave or we'll beat the crap outta... hey hey hey what have we here?" Frank said getting close to Rosa.

"Hoooola,” he said, reaching out to touch her. Suddenly he was pushed back strongly by Polo.

"Don't you even get close to her, idiota," he said, visibly angry now. Rosa retreated behind Polo.

"Go away," she said fiercely.

"Leave them alone." Despite the force behind her words she was slightly scared of Frank. The look he gave her disgusted her to her core. She felt as if she needed to scrub her skin to erase it of his gaze.

"And leave me alone." Frank glared at Polo and with a Slash, threw him backwards to the ground.

"Get lost you ugly duck thing," Frank said. He then took Rosa with one arm.

"Alright gang, blow this place up," he said, and the pokemon, grinning, readied their attacks.

"You, gorgeous, are coming with me," He said to Rosa. Just then an Energy Ball attack hit Frank and threw him back. Rosa was flung into the air. Polo then caught her mid air.

"Rosita, are you ok?" he asked placing her behind him and confronting Frank. He held out one of his hands and an energy ball began forming just in front of his palm.

"Go away..." he simply said. Rosa cried out as Polo was hit, looking to see if he was ok and that was when she was grabbed by Frank.

"Let me go!" she shrieked beating at his arm.

"Polo!" Then she was thrown in the air. She cried out in surprise but found herself in Polo's arms.

"I'm ok Polo," she replied.

"Be careful," she said worried. As she stood behind him she rubbed her arm where Frank had grabbed her. He hadn't been very gentle. She glared at Frank, completely disgusted by him. Frank blasted out of the murky water and, enraged launched a Giga Impact at Polo, who barely dodged and, rebounding on a branch, shot the energy ball. Frank turned and blasted it away with ice beam. Polo emerged through the smoke of the colliding attacks launching a thunder punch at Frank, the hit making the crocodile pokemon roll some meters backwards. Polo held out his hand once more, sparks of lightning emerging from his fist and ultimately forming a ball of electricity around it in a second thunder punch. Frank got up and launched himself in a second Giga Impact. Polo was blasted against a dry tree, which collapsed to one side. Panting and shaking, Polo got slowly up. He held both hands to his sides and started shooting Energy balls at Frank, who, while running towards Polo, began shooting the attacks away with ice beams. Finally he reached Polo and attacked with Giga impact once more. Polo rolled to a side avoiding the attack. A Yanmega, friend of Frank's, attacked from behind. Polo swirled, and landed a devastating fire punch at the Yanmega's head, it fell back defeated. In that instant Frank turned and attacked with slash. Polo ducked, rolled to the frond and slammed a thunder punch straight into Frank's torso, forcing the air out of his lungs. Frank fell to the mud and murky water, defeated. Polo turned to look at the pokemon that had come with the crocodile to cause havoc. They hesitated, shivered and finally fled. Polo fell on one knee, panting and coughing. Rosa was frozen as Polo fought, her fear for him rooting her to the spot. She winced each time he was hit. Finally the spell seemed to break as Polo fell to his knee.

"POLO!" she cried out rushing over to him. She knelt down by him looking up at his face.

"Are you ok?" she asked worriedly tears starting to form in her eyes. Before he answered she threw herself at him hugging him.

"Polo," she whispered.

"I was so worried." Polo hugged her back. The other pokemon just got close enough to say thank you and went off to their homes. Polo's compadre patted him and went off.

"I am ok Rosita...” he said. He only parted from her enough to see her in the eyes as it started raining.

"Rosita... me gustas mucho... I mean... I like you very much..." he said blushing.

"Would you... want to give me a chance to date?..."he bashfully added. Rosa smiled at him.

"I like you a lot too." She raised her hand to lightly touch his cheek.

"I would love to date you Polo." She hugged him again.

"I'm so glad you're ok," she said softly. Polo hugged her back.

"I am glad I could protect you..." he said and hesitatingly kissed her in a gentle and soft way.


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