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The Gaurdian
October 16th, 2009, 9:38 AM
Codex Pokemon
INTRO: Yes, I know I *took* most of this from the Platinum guide book, but I also added in alot of other stuff. Besides, I have seen some bad battling before in RPs and FFs and think that players in said places need to read something to help with their thoughts on battles. Its not just about who can KO the other pokemon the fastest, "Victory is one part planning and nine parts faith." and hopefully, this will be your one part planing. ALSO just reading "AND the X Tackled Y into the wall and Y passed out." is boring. I will also be editing this Codex every so often. SO have a good read.

Table of Contents.
1] Battle.
2] Abilities.
3] Power of Pokemon.
4] Contests.
5] Apendixs.

[MEGA-EDIT]ALSO, if you fell as though you have something to add to the Codex, please post what chapter it should go under and I shall move it there for you. I want this to be a "open" Codex that anyone can add to.

The Gaurdian
October 16th, 2009, 9:39 AM
Chapter ONE

"A good general does not lead an army to destruction just because he knows it will follow."

Stats are useful things during a battle. A Pokemon with a high Speed stat will move faster than others and in the scale of the battle, effect who wins. A Pokemon with a high Attack stat should use more Phyical attacks such as Fire Punch, where as a Pokemon with a high Sp. Attack should use Sp attacks like Flame Thrower. Giving your Pokemon items can also alter their stats, items like the Macho Brace lower the Speed stat, but they will get other stats faster. Chosing the right moves for a pokemon can be a deciding factor in a battle. Because a Pokemon can only learn four moves at a time so you have to be picky on what they learn. Some moves can raise(or lower) stats for the duration of the battle[from here on out known as Auxiliary Moves]. Take speed, which is used to determine the order of attacks, or Attack and Sp. Attack, these determine the amount of damage ones Pokemon dish out, and can place the battle in your control. [See Apendix for Auxiliary moves]. One way to combat these buggers, is to use Set Damage moves, even if they have a really high defence, moves like Sonic Boom will still do a set amount of damage.
Speed determines who attacks first in a battle. But the main rule of battle(But the most important rule in a battle against a HUMAN!) is to be unpredictable. Dont let your foe see your full hand in the first four attacks, some moves make it so they move first. Moves like Extreame Speed or Quick Attack, go first no matter who is fastest. So if your in a battle and loseing it because your foe is busy going first, use an attack that allows you to move first and get the jump on them.

Moves that cause a TON of damage are great, but moves that also inflict status conditions, alter stats, or help allied pokemon, all make the path to victory much smother. Rather than just pounding the enemy, it's sometimes better to just inflict a status condition on your foe - being paralyized or having ones HP gradually lowered is just as decisive in battle as hitting the foe with all out attack.

Some moves cause damage and have side effects that can alter a foes stats or cause status conditions. These can be used in a sequence so that you cause damage and lower their stats making you foe less effective of a pokemon, or Moves like Poisen Jab make it so that they are poisened. Make sure to use these in the event that you have a pokemon that is weak against Poisen, because then they will lose even more HP.
There are also a lot of moves that alter Weather, well thats just grand, but some Abilities will allow your pokemon to harness the powers of nature. Abilities like Swift Swim make a Pokemon's attacks in rainy weather stronger. But some Abilites make certian Weather happen, such as Sandstorms. Sandstorms harm all types of pokemon that are not Ground, Rock, or Steel; this can be useful as long as you are willing to send out an entire Ground, Rock, and Steel team other wise your inflicting "Black Fire"(AKA friendly fire)

If your foe has just lowered your Accuracy by using a move like Double Team(times fifty in some cases) or Fog, then throw a Sure-Hit attack. These attacks will make it so that even if you cant hit them with a tackle, you can hit them with something like Magical Leaf. These moves always annoy those fools that think they can get away from an attack.

We have all had the problem of HP, so get pokemon that know Recovery Moves. These, give your pokemon HP, and my favrote ones are those that take HP from your Foe and give it to you. Some moves even make it so that they gain HP and moves like Roar wont effect them. This is good if your pokemon have the upper hand against a pokemon.