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October 22nd, 2009, 1:51 AM
Hiyas, this is my first fanfic! Enjoy, and I will need someone to edit for mistakes.
Chapter 1
A new beginning

Jaye sat upright in his bed, feeling a sudden ruch of excitment pulse through him, as he remembered that today was the day he was going to recieve his first Pokémon from Professor Rowan.

Jaye literally jumped out of bed, rushing towards the calender to check if today really was the day.

Yes! though Jaye, as he walked quickly towards his cupboard, grabbing out his clothes and getting dressed into his usual outfit; an orange cap, blue jeans and a plain black t-shirt. People usually made fun of attire; most people consider it weird.

As Jaye rushed downstairs, he noticed his mother wasn't sitting in her usual spot, drinking her coffee and watching the television, sitting on the pillow to the left.
'Mum? Are you around?' he asked into the room. No one replied, so Jaye implied that she was out, but where so early in the morning? Maybe she was at Ray's house?

Jaye exited his home with one of his Mum's delicious muffins. He heard the Starly tweeting happily at eachother, play fighting and and pecking each other. As Jaye made his way to Ray's house, he noticed that no-one was around.. maybe there was a gathering somewhere? The lab? Jaye decided to check Ray's house first.

He continued to walk, in a silent manner, up the small road which lead to his best friend's house. Both their mothers say they are like brothers; theoratically. As he approached the entrance to Ray's house, he stopped suddenly, putting his ear up against the door. The TV blared, but he couldn't hear any voices.

'Uh.. Jaye? What are you doing?' a voice asked. Jaye froze and slowly took his ear off the door.
Awkward.. thought Jaye. He fidgeted for a moment, and then spoke.
'I came to see if my Mum was here. Have you seen her?' Jaye asked. Ray looked as if he was thinking hard.
'No, sorry. I haven't seen you Mum. We can look for her after we get our first Pokémon!' Ray exclaimed. Maybe Jaye should get his Pokémon first, just in case he'd have to have protection if he had to go on a wild journey to save her from some evil Pokémon.

'Alright, let's head over to Sandgem Town. I have this special thing in my Bag that lets me climb ledges. We can get there without getting attacked by a wild Pokémon.' Jaye explained. Ray nodded, and so they headed up the lane which lead to Route 201.

'So, Jaye, which Pokémon will you choose? Piplup, Turtwig or Chimchar?' asked Ray curiously.
'You'll just have to find out when I challenge you to a battle.' Jaye replied, with a short smirk on his face.
'Well, I don't know about you, but I'm choosing a Chimchar.'
Jaye grinned. That mean's he'd have a great type advantage against Ray's Chimchar. He was going to choose a Piplup.

As the two boys reached the first ledge, Jaye got out the special equipment from his Bag.
'A ladder,' explained Jaye. 'My dad gave me this before he died, when I was nine. He told me that he had gotten that from the Johto region.'
'Interesting,' murmured Ray. 'Can you buy these at the Poké-Mart?'
Jaye thought for a minute. Did his dad ever tell him where he got this from in Johto? It didn't matter, as long as he has it.
'Sorry, I'm not sure.' Jaye replied hastily. He laid the ladder against the ledge, then opted Ray to climb up.