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January 7th, 2010, 9:34 PM
Ok, before I start, I'm totally unsure if this is the right topic or whatever for this, and it probably would go under emulation but anyway, here I go.

Flash carts or 'fire cards' include titles such as the R4, the most common of them. I however think that the R4 is not so great (I would use other wording there if I were in person, but...) so I used the EDGE, until they went extinct for a while (iEDGE came out) and so I bought an Acekard 2i.

I am surprised how many features such a small card can have, although one thing that bothers me is the fact that the cheats will not function properly.
Stated to use either .dat, .cc or .xml files as filetypes for the cheats, I figured I'd check up my EDGE cheat file in the R4cce. It all checked out after adding a couple of cheats for a couple of new games I'd got (and I do know how to do this properly) and copied it across to the Acekard 2i microSD.
I renamed the file to match the old one (I was used to the EDGE and didn't know about the whole 'choose your own cheat file' piece and just went ahead.)

I found the changer and changed it to my own cheat file (.dat type) and tried to access the cheats on 'Pokemon Heart Gold Version' as the cheats for this had been working on my EDGE.

'No cheat DB found'

So I swapped to the 'usrcheat.dat' and tried that, on all of the games.

'No cheats found in cheat DB'

I checked the file in the R4cce and a whole heap of gibberish (probably the computer translating the Japanese into English). I loaded the other cheat files and they all checked out so I tried again, to no avail.

So... a long story cut short: What should I do to make my cheat file work or where can I download some relatively up-to-date cheat files.

Thanks to all in advance. (and thanks if you read all of what I just said... wrote... whatever;))