View Full Version : hello. There is a big difference between red and platinum.

March 6th, 2010, 10:21 PM

this is an awesome site. i play rpg's in my sweet free time and since my younger bro convinced me a few weeks ago to play pokemon as i wait for ff13, i am now addicted. the last pokemon i played was red so platinum is a huge leap for me. gotta say that fighting and psychic pokemon still rock. my team is

-monferno lv 35
-gallade lv 52
-luxray lv 55
-staraptor lv 54
-empoleon lv 62 ( i traded this from my girlfriend for a wierd grey cat called eevee lv 20)
-Machamp lv 58, the one and only.

i have two wierd pokemon which are gallade (i got as a kirlia and my bro did something to it and it became gallade) and machamp who i single handedly raised from a machop and yet again my bro did something to it and it became machamp from mchoke. the wierd thing is there color.....my gallade has a blue head and arms (as compared to my girlfriends) and my machamp is green (as compared to my bro's). i tried switching games with them but nothing gives.

i don't want to but i think i should restart to get thier original colors...

anyway i'm gettin the previous pokemons soon(yay for me) i should just start in those ones

ps: where do you go from snowpoint gym???

Sceptile Kiddie
March 7th, 2010, 12:27 AM
Hey and welcome to the forum! And to Pokemon!
DONT Restart or release your "Different coloured" Pokemon. There is approximately a 1/8000 of that happening. VERY RARE. Ive been playing Pokemon for 5 years and that's only happened to me twice. That GREY Eevee was also probably a Rare "different colour". Because you played red, which didnt have these features, Im not suprised you dont know about this. Its called a Shiny Pokemon. It's good and it's VERY rare. Keep them at all costs.

March 7th, 2010, 12:29 AM
Welcome to the forums! What you've got there are shinies, pokemon that are alternatly colored. They are incredibly rare your very lucky.