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March 14th, 2010, 1:22 AM
Showcasing :
Lv.50 / Timid
Earthquake , Hydro Pump , Psycho Boost, Feather Dance

Transferred from Pokemon XD : Gale of Darkness , this Lugia had a very unique set of move which normal Lugia couldn't possibly learn such as
Psycho Boost and Feather Dance .
(Notes: This isn't the picture of the Lugia =X The Lugia looks like any other ordinary Lugia , just that it has a unique moveset)

Shiny Pichu @ Everstone Lv 30
Volt Tacker , Charge , Endeavor , Endure

Jirachi @ Liechi Berry Lv5
Wish , Confusion , Rest , Draco Meteor

PKTOPIA Pikachu Lv10
Volt Tackle , Surf , Tail Whip , Thunder Wave

VGC09 Shiny Milotic Lv50
Rain Dance , Recover , Hydro Pump , Icy Wind

TRU Arceus Lv100
Judgement , Flamethrower , Shadow Force , Roar of Time

TRU Regigas Lv 100
Iron Head , Rock Slide , Icy Wind , Crush Grip

Movie 11 Shaymin Lv 50
Seed Flare , Substitute , Energy Ball , Aromatherapy

10 Anniversary Japanese Mew Lv 5

Manaphy Egg from Pokemon Ranger ( Not hatchet )

Shiny Pokemon :
Bold Chansey

will be updated again ...

All are Legit pokemon , if it's a hack one , I'm sorry , do inform me and I'll be giving away another pokemon of your choice to you as apology .
Anyway , I don't clone , Action Replay or whatever so my Pokemon MIGHT run out of stock .
Scammer stinks so don't scam =D
Happy trading everyone .

Wants :
I need someone to trade over a Gamestop Pikachu-coloured Pichu to my Soul Silver to unlock the spikey hair Pichu .

Mistress Rose
March 14th, 2010, 1:25 AM
Im interested in the Lugia =o
I EV Train for free =)
And I can transfer pikachu, anyway CMT my thread for Lugia
and btw do you have Ev Training items like Power Weight n stuff

March 14th, 2010, 1:25 AM
Hello there. I would just like to inform you that you need exactly 11 pokemon for a tradde thread. Thanks :)

March 14th, 2010, 2:46 AM
Mistress Rose>
Erm okay , will check your thread later ~
Yup , I think my Platinum version had lots of them . Pm you on details .

Arcanineflames23> Okay thanks . This trading thread was still in progress , I'm trying to make it look presentable like RNC and Mistress Rose's trading thread .