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March 18th, 2010, 1:27 PM
It's me! Vagabond! The one and only!

Well... maybe not, but I am certainly unique. And definitely one. It would be... very odd if I wasn't. Anyhow, I'm here, hopefully to stay, but who knows in this world of ours that we share and live in? Things happen and words are said, and as always, we just have to make do and get by. I do that by taking chances and living my life as fully as possible... And I just love to try new things!

I'm thirteen years old, and I've been told that I'm too old to play on Pokemon, but it doesn't hurt anything, so what's wrong with it? As long as I'm happy and no-one else is hurt by it, then surely it doesn't matter how old you are? If it does, then let me go back to a simpler time, please. I have two dogs, English Springers, and a British Shorthair cat. I love them all to bits; And I have two brothers. They aren't so lovely, but I make by with my usual assortment of tricks, pranks and charm to make life that much more bearable.

I wouldn't describe myself as popular... Or cool... Or anything like that. In fact, I'd say I'm quite the opposite. I don't get on with other people. I prefer my own space. After a while with other people I feel the need to be alone. I'd say I was an invtrovert; I'm reasonably kind but I'm not that outgoing. And I don't have too many friends. But I don't envy the people who are popular and who are always surrounded by "Friends". They always have to keep up a pretence; one wrong move and suddenly they're the joke of the school. I train myself to see the good in all circumstances of life; and to see the good in all people. But sometimes it is hard... And I just want to be left alone.

One of the things I love doing is walking with a friend and talking... I can talk for hours. I won't, because there's not enough time for that, but I am a very interesting person, or so I've been told. But my travels have given me quite a few tales to tell, from the metropolitan New York to the tribal villages of South Africa, I've been to quite a few places, and I've loved every moment of my travels. It's what gives me my thirst for adventure, amongst other things.

I'm quite a pacifist, as well as a devout Christian. While I believe that most of life is completely up to chance and luck, a little prayer now and then can't hurt, can it? I live my life by the Bible, trying to help others and keeping free of sin. Although, I must admit, I am partial to a small prank or something now and then... But that's just one fish in the sea, most of the time, I'm an angel with a halo. Honest! :cer_wink:

I'm a clever young chap, If I do say so myself. I especially enjoy learnign about people, places and languages, especially French and Spanish. My favourite subjects are R.S., History, French, Spanish and English, all of which I'm taking for GCSE next year, although I don't really have a subject which makes me think "Argh nooo, I'm ill, send me hoome!" I'm quite agood artist, my room's got a few pictures of my art, and I'm a deft musician, particularly on the Violin and Clarinet. I'm quite an agile sportsperson, being good at 100m, 200m, 100m hurdles, as well as martial arts, tennis and badminton, but I'm not the strongest of people in the world... In my martial arts, I use speed and precision over force and constiution, and I've won medals for my fighting skills.

But despite all of my successes and strengths, it's people who really scare... They say everyone has a feay, and other people are mine. I don't literally cringe away from them, but they do unnerve me... Don't get me wrong, I love talking to friends, and I do have a current... romance, if you would, going on, but it's people who I'm not familiar with who really scare me. I often feel alone, and that's fine for me, most of the time; I like being to myself. But I do often feel... completely alone, and I break down in sadness. But I see myself as fortunate; no matter what people say or do to try and hurt me, I'll always have my skills and brains, and I'll never be completely beaten down.

I named myself Vagabond because I feel I am one; in the meaning that I always want to know what's out of my sight, and what's beyond me, and I love a good adventure; the further away, the better! There's just something about doing a new thing that makes my blood race, and it makes me feel unstoppable, and I never back down... Until I realize I'm at the top of a massive zipwire above a lake... and the only way down is... Well, down. Some people say I'm foolhardy and reckless; others call me weird. Me, I say I'm adventurous and romantically so. I also consider myself to be quite the romantic... I'm loyal and kind, and i'll never let you down. I swear.

In Pokemon, I use a mix of speed and deadly attacks as well as status conditions and unconvetional methods to beat my opponents in battle, and I can proudly say I've never lost. Yet.

So, that's me. Maybe I'll stay, maybe I'll go. But I'm not often one to leave things unfinished... So I'll be around for a while, maybe. I hoep I can make myself welcome here. Thanks for reading! See you around!

March 18th, 2010, 6:09 PM
You know, this is one amazing introduction, but it is that same diction you used that led me to believe you were Dimenticato, and sure enough, the IPs match.

You're a smart guy, Dimenticato, I would have thought you would have looked at the community rules by this point. Creating a new introduction constitutes as pretending to be a new member, and I just can't let that fly.