View Full Version : It's a two for one deal, unfortunately.

March 25th, 2010, 5:43 PM
Yo, Syrp here. I like to consider me and Pnoob here like the Salem/Rios of this here PokeCommunity. We are gonna do everything together, and nothing apart. This account represents the both of us.

I guess our main mission here is to post our co-op stories here. Which we are gonna do.

You might recognize me as just plain ol’ Syrp here, which is an account I will still use, but I’m the same person, don’t worry. Still a rebel.

And just so you guys know who is posting what, I’ll put a signature after everything I post. This sig is going to be as follows:

“ -S “

Simple as that. Easy money. And, as you will notice, Pnoob and I got completely conflicting personalities.

Later guys.


Hey, I'm the PNoob part of the duo, short for PikaNoob. Not only do I enjoy writing, I also enjoy drawing. I'm completely new to PokeCommunity, so you guys will have to actually get to know me, unlike my alter ego. I'll also have a signature, so you guys won't have to bother trying to tell us apart.


It won't be hard to tell us apart. I also bet you don't know who is typing this.

... But we hope that we can get along with everyone.

March 26th, 2010, 3:30 AM
Umm, nice to meet you both.

Eh, I mean, nice to meet you. Nope, there's no one else there.