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April 13th, 2010, 11:30 AM
I have many Pokemon to trade! Their gender is represented by M and F.

Lvl. 7 Ponyta F
Lvl. 7 Mareep F
Lvl. 17 Wigglytuff F
Lvl. 8 Doduo F
Lvl. 17 Skiploom F
Lvl. 6 Venonat M
Lvl. 15 Stantler M
Lvl. 14 Poliwag M
Lvl. 16 Sandshrew M
Lvl. 16 Bellsprout M
Lvl. 20 Krabby M
Lvl. 32 French Delibird M
Lvl. 20 Chinchou M
Lvl. 15 Geodude M
Lvl. 23 Victreebel M
Lvl. 23 Electrode
Lvl. 10 Psyduck F
Lvl. 1 Chansey F
Lvl. 5 Aipom M
Lvl. 35 Clamperl F
Lvl. 23 Wobbuffet F
Lvl. 48 Sneasel M
Lvl. 13 Raichu M
Lvl. 17 Clefable F
Lvl. 33 Donphan M
Lvl. 30 Tangela M
Lvl. 35 Wingull M
Lvl. 9 Wurmple M
Lvl. 29 Mr. Mime M
Lvl. 9 Goldeen F
Lvl. 4 Exeggcute F
Lvl. 8 Buneary M
Lvl. 17 Arbok M
Lvl. 17 Weezing F
Lvl. 6 Numel F
Lvl. 14 Venomoth F
Lvl. 23 Whismur M
Lvl. 16 Slowbro F
Lvl. 10 Abra M
Lvl. 40 Remoraid M
Lvl. 3 Budew M
Lvl. 7 Chingling M
Lvl. 18 Taillow M
Lvl. 4 Chatot M
Lvl. 5 Meditite M
Lvl. 6 Carnivine M
Lvl. 14 Slakoth M
Lvl. 9 Starly F
Lvl. 11 Combee M
Lvl. 12 Sunkern F
Lvl. 22 Smeargle M (Still has sketch)
Lvl. 22 Natu M
Lvl. 2 Pineco M
Lvl. 20 Lapras M
Lvl. 16 Marill M
Lvl. 17 Magmar M
Lvl. 23 Nidoking M
Lvl. 40 Wooper M
Lvl. 25 Pidgeotto M
Lvl. 11 Tentacool M
Lvl. 13 Illumise F
Lvl. 36 Golduck M
Lvl. 35 Dewgong M
Lvl. 40 Qwilfish M
Lvl. 15 Horsea M
Lvl. 13 Roselia F
Lvl. 19 Surskit F
Lvl. 5 ! and ? Unown
Lvl. 50 Zapdos

These are the Pokemon I am requesting:
Spinda (With an interesting pattern)
Shiny Clamperl
Shiny Roselia
Shiny Luvdisc
Chimecho (Or Chingling)

April 13th, 2010, 12:26 PM
i have shiny female hoppip, but i will trade her only for event pokemon i don't have.

April 14th, 2010, 7:27 AM
which ones dont you have?
I only have one :( (the arceus)

I have added more Pokemon to the want list :)

April 14th, 2010, 11:18 AM
Im interested in Zapdos, Magmar, Arbok and Pineco and Im willing to swap any of the following; Teddiursa, Murkrow, Misdrevous, Slugma, Chimecho, Spheal, Nosepass etc... let me know if your willing to negotiate or PM me :)