View Full Version : Tekken: King of The Iron Fists Torniment!!!

November 15th, 2003, 11:12 AM
You may be any charactor from Tekken 4 or make up your own(You will need a Physical and personality + a Origen for any made up characters.).

I will fill out my join form as an exsample.

Name: Armor King(2)
Age: 28
Phisical Discrip: Basically same as Armor King.
Personality discrip: Sort of a mix between Armor King and King 2.
Bio: one day in Kings orphinage he was wandering around and stumbled into a room. In the room he found Armor Kings Mask and put it on. He the realized he was destened to be the new Armor King. King 2 trained him and when the next King of The Iron Fist Tourniment was anounced, King 2 entered himself and Armor King 2 into the tourniment to try to win money for the orphinage and ounce again try to get revenge on Creag (Whatever his lastname is. I forgot it.).

Note that if you are using a current character used in Tekken 4 You do not have give a Bio.