View Full Version : Pokemon Ruby Version Gameshark problem

April 21st, 2010, 12:10 PM
This is the first time i have played Ruby in two years. When i put in the Gameshark cartridge and put the Ruby cartridge in the gameshark one, I go to the gameshark screen. I select all of the cheats that I want (Must be on is selected) such as Max Master balls, Max Money, other pokemon otherwise impossible to get. But the pokemon that are impossible to get (without gameshark) are working perfectly find (e.g. Treeko when i selected Torchic in the beginning, Chicorita, etc.) but Max Money and Max Master Balls don't.

Long Story short, some cheats work, but the ones I REALLY want don't. Any help?

[P.S.] Im playing on a DS lite (not the DSi) but my game works fine. Its just some of the cheats that aren't working.

Nevermind. Had the wrong Master code (there are two, one for Wild Pokemon Modifier and another one for Everything else.)