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siper x
April 25th, 2010, 6:59 AM
Ok, i'm making a Halo 3 machinima, and need help. i'm short on help for acting, so if you are intrested, own halo 3, and have xbox live, post if you want to help. This is suppose to be a comedic action Machinima.

STORY (rough draft):
SEASON 1: it is me (not named yet) (a major cop) and my drug addicted partner (also a major cop, but no one is acting for it) bust regular criminals (bank robbers, car thiefs, etc.)
SEASON 2: it is me (same person) and a new idiotic recruit (drug addict died) named Chris, and i go on busting gangsters, usually with Chris, but sometimes he goes off on his own. at the end the chief of polices house and main police station get destroyed.
SEASON 3: it is me and Chris in a war, but we also end up running into criminals on the way, but because of the war we usually kill them. the war is a war aganst terrorists.
SEASON 4: Aliens (Elites) go to war aganst Eath for the purpose of gaining another planet, and me and chris go to that war as soon as the terrorist war is over.

any other ideas for seasons, or filling for seasons, just post you ideas

things to include for becoming an actor
1. do you want to be a good guy, or a bad guy
2. when you're usually online
3. if you want to be a main character, or play as multiple minor characters
4. what armor you have (we don't want to have people look the exact same, unless they're supose to)
5. please also put the gender down, so you play as a character of your gender
6. MOST IMPORTANTLY YoUR GAMERTAG if you don't include it, you won't be accepted

if you are a good guy include this information as well
1. do you want to be a minor cop (ODST armor all seasons)
2. do you want to be a major cop (any armor except MARK V all seasons, but some might die)
3. do you want to be in the army (any armor but only in a few episodes until season 4)
4. do you want to be chief of police (recon armor only all seasons, and also gets to be commander in chief of the army)
5. do you want to be minor characters (people who get robbed from, etc. all seasons except 4)

if you want to be a bad guy include this information as well
1. do you want to be a regualr criminal (all seasons, but mainly season 1)
2. do you want to be a gangster (season 2)
3. do you want to be a terrorist (season 3)
4. do you want to be an elite (season 4)

Also, if you want to add efects, you have to have a video that shows proof of you're skill

if you have ideas, post them. if you have ideas for unnamed characters post them and the character.

Notes: if you help out you will put in the credits under you Xbox Live Gamertag.