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April 30th, 2010, 8:20 AM
I was awake about 2-ish last night, and that's probably responsible for this.

Has anybody else ever tried to map out all the crossovers in media on a piece of paper? If not, you're probably normal. I figured out, by way of my knowledge of guest appearances, references, and intellectual property, that Darth Vader could end up in Winnie the Pooh somewhere. It goes like this-

Star Wars Characters appear in Soul Calibur 4
Soul Calibur 2 had Link as a guest character
Link is a recurring character in SSB
SSB provides a connection to Mario and his games
Mario RPG's Bonus bosses come right out of Final Fantasy
The Final Fantasy continuum, as it were, is home to everyone's favorite emo child, Cloud
He appears in Kingdom Hearts
Which links to, among others, Winnie the Pooh.

This is just something in my head that needs to leave, so I'll put it here. Also, Tatsunoko links right up to SSB by way of Megaman, Boktai and Solid Snake.

I guess discuss, maybe help me link up Portal and Disgaea's continuity. I doubt No More Heroes is gonna work. I'd put this in Games, but I can see it expanding beyond that.