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November 5th, 2004, 6:30 PM
In this DBZ RP, you must create a new character.
Anyways, the story is: All of the Z-warriors have died, and you play as one of their kids, or a child from another planet. *NO, you can't be trunks, gohan, PAn, or anything*
You are around the age of 14 when you get a letter. This letter is from a fighter named Trinx. He has seen you fight in various competitions and in sparring sessions using a complex survaillance system. He is inviting you to participate in a tournament against other equally powerful warriors from across galaxies.....However, he has another purpose for this.....he transports you there in one day after you receive the note, allowing you preparation time and so forth. He wishes you to bring onwe item you find particularly special and a ready attitude.
Special Attacks-
Describe Attacks*optional*-
Item you bring-
Here's mine:
Description-He is a tale boy with a muscular build. He is of a race of people with incredible mind powers based on the shadows. He is always wearing a dark blue cloak with the pattern of the Egyptian Ankh... He has many secrets and an unknown past
Special Attacks- AM Zinthos, Shadow Bomb, Transformation, Dark Beam
Describe Attacks*optional*-
AM Zinthos-stands for Azarath Mentrion Zinthos. This attack calls forth the shadows to bind and constrict the opponent.
Shadow Bomb- Kind of like the Spirit Bomb. It takes a while to charge. It's his ultimate attack and it paralyzes you for a while....if you still live.
Transformation-He transforms into a giant Raven/human hybrid with heightened abilities.
Dark Beam- a beam of dark energy surrounds his palms and as he launches it, it grows in shape and power, taking out anything it touches.

Item you bring- He brings a Raven's claw. It is a family heirloom and inspires him. It seems to hvae a hidden ability as well......

November 6th, 2004, 6:50 PM
I luv BTH, especially the music video =D. Can i be Goku Jr.? Cuz he's the only one i'm concerned about...

NAME- Goku/Kakarot Jr.
AGE- 14
Planet- Earth?
Description- Is now wearing the same orange gi as Goku always did.
Special Attacks- Kamehameha, Masenko.
Describe Attacks*optional*- Kamekameha(notice the spelling)- Goten's version of Kamekameha. Masenko- Gohan's special move.
Item you bring- Nimbus Cloud

November 6th, 2004, 7:17 PM
YAY! Another member.....of course you can be him....it breaks my rule....but if I can break the habit I can surely break a rule! XD