View Full Version : please help me!

May 19th, 2010, 11:35 PM
well i'm planning on entering the PGC tournament on may 22nd,
but i'm in need of a Adamant Groudon
i dont have much to trade actually, but i would be very grateful if some one would let me borrow one or trade me one.
I prefer a non ev trained one, because i have altered the ev spread for him, but if that isnt an option, and its borrowed, i'll return it the way it was given to me, just i will require the ev's that were put into him, moveset, and item. also preferably one that is under level 100.
all the help i can get is grately appreciated, i procrastinated too long, and now time is running out =[

message me in any way to see what i have for trade, unless it's only being borrowed.
Thank you so much ^.^

also, if you know any one where i could get one from, please let me know
thank you very much to anyone that helps =]