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June 9th, 2010, 8:25 PM

I can now trade, anytime you'd like. Please send me a PM, or post a reply to ask for a Pokemon, thanks!

1.) (?) Possible Hack
2.) (*) Shiny
3.) (!) Event
More to come!

1.) Follow all of the PokeCommunity rules.
2.) Please be patient.
3.) No trolling, flaming, or swearing.
4.) Wait your turn, no one is going to steal it.
5.) Enjoy your new Pokemon.

Okay, so first, I must announce not many of my Pokemon are in tip-top shape, they are mostly Legends, a few shinies, and other similarly great Pokemon. I am just starting out, so I do not have a bunch of games filled with thousands of Pokemon, but that's the fun thing about just starting out, you get to gather new Pokemon and continue your journey.

All of these Pokemon have been legit checked and the hacks have been deleted. If you find a hack, from me, please PM me and tell me, and I will delete it from my thread immediately.

I am going by boxes, not events/shinies/normal/ev'd/iv'd/etc. Once I get more of those groups, I will modify my thread.

Box 01
Houndoom Lv. 86 (Jolly Nature)(F)
Floatzel Lv. 22 (Naughty Nature)(M)
Weavile Lv. 60 (Mild Nature)(F)
Roserade Lv. 100 (Timid Nature)(M)
Dragonite Lv. 100 (Mild Nature)(M)(NN; Chinese/Japanese Name)(Pokemon Event, no other info) (!)
Milotic Lv. 2 (Bold Nature)(F)
Darkrai Lv. 50 (Timid Nature)(Pokemon Ranger)
Roserade Lv. 100 (Modest Nature)(F)
Roserade Lv. 100 (Timid Nature)(M)
Bibarel Lv. 27 (Quiet Nature)(F)
Psyduck Lv. 15 (Modest Nature)(F)
Mesprit Lv. 50 (Naughty Nature)
Uxie Lv. 50 (Impish Nature)
Onix Lv. 42(Careful Nature)(M)
Staravia Lv. 30 (Hasty Nature)(F)
Palkia Lv. 70 (Lax Nature)
Dialga Lv. 70 (Adamant Nature)
Heatran Lv. 50 (Rash Nature)(M)
Bulbasaur Lv. 1 (Jolly Nature)(M)(?)
Hippowdon Lv. 52 (Bashful Nature)(F)
Rampardos Lv. 30 (Sassy Nature)(M)
Empoleon Lv. 36 (Bashful Natures)(F)
Torterra Lv. 55 (Jolly Nature)(M)
Lucario Lv. 30 (Hardy Nature)(M)
Croagunk Lv. 28 (Quiet Nature)(F)
Quagsire Lv. 58 (Hardy Nature)(F)
Cleffa Lv. 1 (Bashful Nature)(F)
Clefable Lv. 36 (Timid Nature)(M)

Box 2:
Vaporeon Lv. 6 (Gentle Nature)(M)
Magneton Lv. 41 (Quirky Nature)
Regigigas Lv. 100 (Jolly Nature)(!)
Sealeo Lv. 49 (Adamant Nature)(M)
Weavile Lv. 47 (Timid Nature)(M)
Unown Lv. 25 (Naive Nature)
Elekid Lv. 10 (Careful Nature)(M)
Azelf Lv. 50 (Brave Nature)
Bibarel Lv. 18 (Hasty Nature)(M)
Bidoof Lv. 4 (Quirky Nature)(F)
Bronzor Lv. 14 (Sassy Nature)
Budew Lv. 12 (Bold Nature)(M)
Buizel Lv. 20 (Timid Nature)(M)
Chatot Lv. 41 (Gentle Nature)(F)
Chimchar Lv. 5 (Relaxed Nature)(M)
Chingling Lv. 12 (Careful Nature)(M)
Cranidos Lv. 20 (Sassy Nature)(M)
Cresselia Lv. 50 (Jolly Nature)(F)
Dialga Lv. 47 (Brave Nature)
Drifloon Lv. 22 (Quirky Nature)(M)
Turtwig Lv. 1 (Impish Nature)(F)
Floatzel Lv. 30 (Bold Nature)(M)
Gible Lv. 16 (Adamant Nature)(F)
Giratina Lv. 70 (Lax Nature)
Glameow Lv. 40 (Jolly Nature)(F)
Happiny Lv. 1 (Quiet Nature)(F)
Heatran Lv. 70 (Adamant Nature)(M)
Dialga Lv. 100 (Lax Nature)
Uxie Lv. 100 (Brave Nature)
Zubat Lv. 6 (Quirky Nature)(M)

To Be Continued...

I am once again, sorry, that I do not have the best Pokemon up for trade, ever, but they may have sentimental value to another, so please don't flame me, even though this thread may be worthless, but I'm giving it my best. Thanks.

If you have a shop, that looks dull, and you want a nice, nifty banner to go with it, drop me a line. After I am allowed, I will post my shop banner. You may also donate more Pokemon for this art, as well.

Donation List:

June 9th, 2010, 8:30 PM
ill do a kyoger and groudon for darkrai there both level 50

and ill do a lugia lv.70 and a rayquzalv50 for your regigigas

June 10th, 2010, 9:33 PM
Now reopened.
Auro, I've sent you a PM regarding our trade.

June 10th, 2010, 9:39 PM
heyare you online cause i can do the trade

i just gota die in the elite four ill be five cause i need to put your friend code in

pm me back when you are online and i am

Radiant Nightmare
June 10th, 2010, 10:18 PM
Would you be interested in the following?:
Male Ponyta Lv. 42 Hasty
Male Ursaring Lv 42 Relaxed
Female Seaking Lv 40 Gentle
Male Onix Lv 48 Quirky
Male Golduck Lv 51 Brave

In exchange for:
Weavile Lv. 47 (Timid Nature)(M)
Croagunk Lv. 28 (Quiet Nature)(F)
Clefable Lv. 36 (Timid Nature)(M)
Hippowdon Lv. 52 (Bashful Nature)(F)
Sealeo Lv. 49 (Adamant Nature)(M)

June 10th, 2010, 10:21 PM
Interested in:
Gible, Lucario, Azelf & do you have a squirtle?
Check my trade thread ... (below in sig)