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Undertaker the Deadman
November 10th, 2004, 3:45 PM
I got Zelda the Minish Cap!! A couple screens below!!

More later!!

November 10th, 2004, 3:53 PM
The rom came out? *goes to his fav rom site* I will try to supply screens as well. EDIT: WTF? I found a english one!

Undertaker the Deadman
November 10th, 2004, 3:57 PM
Yes Darklink it's out, but in jap. More Screens!!

November 10th, 2004, 4:07 PM
This is a screen of the English one.
EDIT: More screens!

November 10th, 2004, 5:23 PM
TMC is already out in both Japan and Europe. To my knowledge, ROMs of both version exsist.

This game is very short (like all the recent Zeldas sadly), but apparently the best handheld Zelda thus far.

Undertaker the Deadman
November 11th, 2004, 7:39 AM
Well I managed to find codes for it.

Enable Code
00006E8A 000A
1001D6A6 0007

Infinite HP
32002AEA 00A0

Max HP
32002AEB 00A0

Infinite Rupees
82002B00 03E7

Infinite Bombs & Arrows
82002AEC 6363

Bow Lv. 2 Always Shoots Light Arrows
73003FA0 0E00
83003FA0 7800

Infinite/Max Shells
82002B02 03E7

Always get new Figurine (added by likk)
330019DA 0064
Increase the number of shells you want to use and then decrease back to 1. The probability will stay at 100 while you only lose 1 shell.

3300119D 0040

Infinite Multi-Link Time
73004024 0006
83004024 0325

Press L to Jump Over Things!
73000FF0 0200
3300116C 0004
*Try it, you might be surprised at Link's jumping power.
Stand right next to something and press L.

Walk Faster
73000FF0 0010
E300118E 0003
73000FF0 0020
E300118E FFFC
73000FF0 0080
E3001192 0003
73000FF0 0040
E3001192 FFFC
*Only up down left or right, I didn't include diagonals 'coz of code length. And Be careful, you might walk through some stuff like walls..

Link Color Modifier
3300117A 006?
*Values range from 0 to F, and 6 is the original.

Have Minish Cap
32002C9E 00FF
*I'm not sure if this will ruin the story or not, but you'll be wearing the cap.

Have Flippers, Rings, and Bracelet
32002B43 0055

Have All Equipment
82002B32 5555
82002B34 5555
82002B36 5554
*At least I think that's all of it.. Though there is a bar underneath the main equipment in the menu.
Oh, and you MUST have the minish cap before using this code, 'coz the game doesn't have animations for link using most the equipment without the cap.

82002B38 5555
82002AF6 XXYY
82002AF8 XXYY
*Each bottle is two digits, there are 4 Bottles. (XX would be one bottle, and YY would be another.)

Bottle Digits

21=A Bit of Yellow Stuff
23=Milk Half Drank
24=Red Liquid
25=Blue Liquid
27=Green Liquid
29=Red Drink That Makes You Sparkly.
2A=Another Sparkly Drink..
2B=Yellow Drink That Makes You Sparkly
2C=Green Drink That Makes You Sparkly
2D=Blue Drink That Makes You Sparkly
2E=White Drink That Makes You Sparkly
2F=Blue Liquid That Dyes Your Tunic Blue Momentarily
30=Green Liquid That Dyes Your Tunic Purple Momentarily
31=Red Liquid That Dyes Your Tunic Red Momentarily

Have All Scrolls
82002B44 5555

Press L+A To Shrink, L+B To Normal Size
73000FF0 0201
8300116C 0009
73000FF0 0202
8300116C 0209
7300116C 0309
8300116C 0409
*I've improved over my old shrink/normal code, this one you can see the effects without leaving the area!

Press Select To View Ending Credits
D0000020 0004
83001002 0004
*Of course this goes without saying, don't use this code unless you wanna ruin it. The game lets you save after the credits, and adds a piece of triforce mark to your save.. Dunno what it's for, maybe difficulty.

Press Select to Enable Language Options.. [at load game menu]
D0000020 0004
32000007 0002
*Um, turns some small things into english, but not major dialogue which it turns to jibberish+Japanese.
If you want the language back to japanese, change the value back to 0000.

01=English [Dunno if euro or US]
02=English [Dunno if Euro or US]

Thing equipped on B Modifier:
32002AF5 00XX

Thing equipped on A Modifier:
32002AF4 00XX
00= nothing
01= very first sword
02= Green Sword
03= Red Sword
04= Blue Sword
05= some kind of lamp? If you use it, youll swing your sword.
06= Big Sword
07= Normal bombs
08= Remote bombs
09= Bow
0A= Bow V2
0B= Boomerang
0C= Boomerang V2
0D= Shield
0E= Shield V2
0F= Lamp(the real one)
10= Lamp V2
11= Wind Jar (Vacuummer)
12= Magic Staff
13= Claw
14= Wings(more of a high-jump)
15= Run Boots
16= something, creates glitch-squares
17= Ocarina, summon bird
18= Book, no use
19= Mushroom, same here
1A= These thingys for swimming, whatever theyre called, if you use them, youll create glitch-squares
1B= Fake Lamp, if used, youll grab.
1C+= useless, non-useable items

November 20th, 2004, 2:08 PM
I have the ROM(english), it's really great. I give it 8/10.