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Grim Reminder
July 4th, 2010, 10:51 PM
Welcome, it appears you've stumbled across my my VERY humble trading post, all you'll see here, simply put, are either Pokemon I have and am offering out for trade or Pokemon I'm searching for.
I'll be using SoulSilver for all trades
For my FC just ask

1. We have to set up a time for our trade, if you don't show up, then we can hopefully reschedule.
2. If, per chance, I don't show up, I'll reimburse you (if you still want) and then I'll give you a freebie as a show of my apologies.
3. All of my Pokemon are 100% LEGIT, I for one don't believe in using hacks.
4.I only accept legit Pokemon as well.
That's all for now, I'll add more later if it comes to mind.

Searching For
Rhyhorn-Adamant/Jolly-Rock Head
Absol-Adamant/Jolly-Super Luck

Willing to Part With (For Moves, just ask and I'll post)
Lvl. 27 Skarmory-Adamant-Keen Eye
Lvl. 17 Misdreavus-Relaxed-Levitate
Lvl. 8 Clefairy-Bold-Cute Charm
Lvl. 1 Togepi-Naughty-Serene Grace
Lvl. 1 Charmander-Docile-Blaze *PKRS*
Lvl. 40 Suicune-Calm-Pressure