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August 12th, 2010, 7:54 AM
Welcome to the


Keroro Gunso Club!

Here, you can talk all you like about the Keroro Platoon and their antics. Talk anthing you like about Keroro, the fact that he's still managing to take over Pekopon with the stuff he gets us to buy or just stay and learn, get into it and have some Curry while you're at it!

Keroro Gunso is about 5 'Frogs' that have flown from their homeplanet of Keron to invade Earth (known as Pekopon) But they didn't realise that Humans could resist them so easily, and end up being split up. The series starts with Keroro in the household of the Hinatas. He has lost his Keroball, the Ultimate weapon of invasion, without it he is unable to invade. Ove the course of the days, he regroups with the other members of the Platoon. Tamama, the cute mascot of the series. His cuteness can turn into a powerful blow, when enraged, with his 'Tamama Impact' or 'Jealousy Ball'. He lives with Momoka Nishizawa, Momoka's Famaly owning around half the world's total economy. Giroro, the weapons master of the Platoon. Able to outsmart some of the toughest foes with his experience and knowledge of war. He camps out side the Hinata residence. Kururu, the technology wiz. He designs and supplies the Platoon with most of their equipment however, most of the time the equipment has a bad side effect on those who use it. He lives inside the Secret Base Keroro and the others built during one plan of invasion. And Dororo, who is often forgotton about and constantly having his 'Trauma Switch' turned on by Keroro. He lives with Koyuki Azumaya after being freed by her from a Bear Trap. He learnt Ninja skills from her before found by the Platoon.
That's the PLatoon for those of you who are new to the series. There are other Keronians who hang around for a time, including Pururu, who became the Platoon's healer.

All PC rules apply.
No Flaming, Trolling or Bashing of other members or characters of the show.
No Porn/Hentei material
To join, there is a word hidden in this page in a Dark Blue colour. To prove you read the entire post (lol)

This is the members list. The Leader has the power of the Kero Star. He is able to Post new topics, Banish other members under him and runs the Platoon. Any word said against the leader results in temporary or complete banishment. Platoon members are those four who fill the remaining spaces in the PLatoon, however do not have the power of the Keron Star. They can post topics but can only PM/VM the leader about the banishment of a member. The supervise the area, and can give warnings to members who have only slightly stepped out of line. Other Keronians, are those who hang around with the Platoon but have virtually no power. They can post a topic request to a Platoon Member via PM/VM. Pekopons are those under the power of all the Platoon and Keronians. THey can reply to topics, but cannot request a topic. Everyone can become a Keronian after they have posted 20 times. This shows you intend to stay around. Until filled, Platoon member spaces are first come, first served.

Platoon Members
Platoon Leader:*Firestar*
Private, Second Class:
Sergeant Major:
Lance Corporal:

Other Keronians



If you are of rank Other Keronian or higher, you may customise your own Keronian (your sybol, colour etc). Please no offensive symbols or features. Just post what you want your Keronian to look like.

Entry Form
This is the form you must have in your first post to join.
Keronian Name:
Blue Word:

That's it for now. If you have a topic you'd like to see added here, VM/PM me with it. It'll probably be added as soon as I'm on. Have fun!

Okami Chi
August 28th, 2010, 3:05 AM
Yes! This only my favorite manga and second favorite anime. I'm in.

Name: Okami Chi
Other Name: Taco
Blue word: >_> ?

August 30th, 2010, 1:04 PM
Blimey, been a while. Yes, you're in! Lol, there isn't a blue word, yet. There is still four platoon spaces unfilled. If you want one, you may take whichever one you fancy.

Okami Chi
September 5th, 2010, 5:40 PM
I guess no one else cares for Sgt. Frog... :(