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August 14th, 2010, 11:12 PM
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introduction.[a id]Introduction[/a id]

Hola y todos. The name's Chicara, but most know me on the Internet as Coukie. I enjoy trading and collecting Pokémon greatly, and have had several trade threads in the past. Please read the rules and wants list before making an offer.

As a side note, I also code CSS for trade threads, and have a rather extensive waiting list. If you are interested in graphics or a CSS layout, feel free to PM me for examples (other than the obvious: my own trade thread) or to request a project for me to do. I also code layouts for Web sites and can do logos, banners, and various other graphics. Just ask!

contact.[a id]Contact[/a id]

I am an extremely busy person, what with schoolwork, my trade thread, and everyday responsibilities. This means that I am not always the quickest to respond or trade. My trade times are flexible, but I am mostly free from 6 PM - 9 PM on weekdays and usually any time on the weekends.


Pokémon Diamond
Name: OGG
Friend Code: 3609 9004 0547

You may also contact me at my personal e-mail, [email protected], for any reason you see fit. Please keep e-mails related to Pokémon only.

updates.[a id]Updates[/a id]

08.15.10: Today marks the grand opening of my new trade shop! I hope you all enjoy trading with me.

rules.[a id]Rules[/a id]

█ Do not offer "two-for-one" trades, or any variations similar.
█ Do not trade me hacked Pokémon. I will find out, and if I do not receive a full refund, I will black list you.
█ All PokéCommunity rules apply.

white list.[a id]White List[/a id]


black list.[a id]Black List[/a id]


wants.[a id]Wants[/a id]

I am currently looking for good-natured, IV bred Pokémon, shiny or not.

All offers are considered, however.

Under construction.