View Full Version : Trading a lot.

August 18th, 2010, 8:38 AM
I have an extensive list of pokemon to trade from Platinum. These will all have pokerus, few/no EV (know nothing about IVs) and several will have items.

Name Lvl Nature Item Moves Ability
Banette 50 Jolly Armor fossil Faint attack Shadow ball Sucker Punch Embargo Frisk
UnownH 20 Careful Armor fossil hidden Power Levitate
UnownT 20 Sassy Armor fossil hidden Power Levitate
UnownX 20 Lax Armor fossil hidden Power Levitate
UnownP 21 Bold Armor fossil hidden Power Levitate
Zubat 7 Serious Claw Fossil Leech life Supersonic Fly Defog Inner Focus
Golem 50 Bold Armor Fossil Dig Magnitude Earthquake Rock Throw Rock Head
Shieldon 20 Bashful none Tackle Metal Sound Take Down Iron Defense Sturdy
Geodude 16 Serious none Mud Sport Rock Polish Rock Throw Magnitude Rock Head
Armaldo 20 Docile none Harden Mud Sport Water gun Metal Claw Battle Armor
Armaldo 20 Modest none Harden Mud Sport Water gun Metal Claw Battle Armor
Manectric 31 Calm Armor Fossil Spark Thunder Wave Thunderbolt Shock Wave Lightningrod
Magikarp 20 Rash none Splash Tackle Swift Swim
Pelipper 32 Lonely Armor fossil Water Pulse Defog Fly Surf Keen Eye
Wooper 27 Quiet Root Fossil Mud Shot Waterfall Mud Bomb Surf Damp
Sharpedo 50 Relaxed Armor Fossil Crunch Slash Skull bash Water Pulse Rough Skin
Happiny 22 Hardy Armor Fossil Charm Copycat Refresh Sweet Kiss Serene Grace
Ursaring 33 Serious none Fury Swipes Faint attack Sweet Kiss Slash Quick Feet
Rhyhorn 41 Mild Hard Stone Scary Face Rock Blast Take down Horn Drill Solid Rock
Taillow 11 Lax none Peck Growl Focus Energy Quick Attack Guts
Gible 17 Timid Smooth Rock Sand Attack Dragon Rage Sandstorm Take Down Sand Veil

I don't have a preference at to what I get but I'd like details on what it is before I get out a Friend code.