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October 8th, 2010, 8:08 AM
The old thread sorta died. AGAIN.

Welcome to my shop!

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/1/1b/Spr_4d_384.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/94/Spr_4h_144.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/f/f4/Spr_3e_157.gifhttp://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/1/14/Spr_4d_006.pnghttp://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/a6/Spr_4d_373.pnghttp://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/95/Spr_4h_130_m.png
Check out my Pokemon! I have some legendaries, and quite a few events. I have a bunch of shinies. Some of my stock is bred. Some are EVd, but none are EVd by me. I will trade items too, so let me know what you want.

My Rules(read em):
1. I won't rush anyone, so don't rush me.
2. No hacked Pokes. EVER. I'll report you quicker than you can think if you deliberately send one.
3. Please, trade fair. If I put up a Palkia, a Bidoof is NOT a fair trade for it.
4. If you think I sent a hacked Pokemon, tell me and I'll take it back.
5. In item trades, whether it be in-game items or the games specified below the in-game items, you will be permanently blacklisted.
6. It it's NFT, it's NFT(it is always for a reason, such as inability to clone). Deal with it and pick a different Poke(or shop, if you choose).

What I want:
-EV'd Shinies
-Any 10ANNIV or TRU event
-Any HG/SS Event Poke
-EVd Adamant Lucario
-EVd Shieldon/Bastiodon(any nature)
-Anything I don't have

-Moriarty(quick trades, great service)
-RNC(good trades, wide selection, good service)
-JadeX(helped me by trading me a starter set of EVds)


Here's what I have to offer(bred, Shines, and Events):
-UT Eevee LVL 5 *SHINY*
-UT Bronzong LVL 56 *SHINY*
-UT Floatzel LVL 28 *SHINY*
-UT Whiscash LVL 37 *SHINY*
-UT Machoke LVL 39 *SHINY*
-GTS Obtained Gengar LVL 78
-UT Gastly LVL 14 *SHINY*
-UT Shieldon LVL 20 *SHINY*
-Fully trained un-EV'd Palkia LVL 100
-UT Mesprit LVL 50 *SHINY*(currently out of stock)
-Fully Trained un-EVd Palkia *SHINY*
-GTS Obtained Dialga LVL 51
-3 UT Gibles, 2 LVL 16 and 1 LVL 17 *SHINY*
-UT GameStop Shiny Pichu LVL 30
-UT GameStop Jirachi LVL 5
-UT Ariados LVL 52 *SHINY*
-2 UT LVL 27 Meditites *SHINY*
-UT Kadabra LVL 20 *SHINY*
-UT Shinx LVL 3 *SHINY*
-UT Sudowoodo LVL 23 *SHINY*
-UT Camerupt LVL 55 *SHINY*
-UT SoulSilver Ho-oh LVL 70
-GTS Obtained Japanese HGSS Suicune LVL 40
-UT 10ANNIV Latias LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Latios LVL 70

-4 UT Chikoritas LVL 1
-2 UT Snorlaxes LVL 1
-2 UT Turtwigs LVL 1
-6 UT Piplups LVL 1
-Somewhat trained Regigigas LVL 30
-5 UT Dratinis LVL 1
-UT Phione LVL 1
-UT Ranger Manaphy LVL 1
-UT Gyarados LVL 48
-GTS Obtained UT Rotom LVL 20
-GTS Obtained Japanese HGSS Latias LVL 40
-GTS Obtained Japanese HGSS Raikou LVL 40 (POKERUS INFECTED)
-GTS Obtained Japanese HGSS Cyndaquil LVL 1
-UT Eevee LVL 1
-UT Bulbasaur LVL 1
-UT Mareep LVL 34
-UT Shieldon LVL 20
-TRU Arceus LVL 100
-TRU Regigigas LVL 100
-Shotokan Pichu LVL 30
-UT Wishmaker Jirachi LVL 5(POKERUS INFECTED)
-UT World09 Weavile LVL 30
-UT Regirock LVL 30
-UT Regice LVL 30
-UT Registeel LVL 30
-UT Japanese McDonalds Pikachu LVL 20
-UT VGC09 Milotic LVL 50 *SHINY*
-UT GameStop Deoxys LVL 50
-UT Mattle Ho-Oh LVL 70
-UT GameStop Shiny Pichu LVL 30
-UT GameStop Jirachi LVL 5
-UT Red Metagross LVL 62
-UT Ageto Celebi LVL 10
-UT PokeTopia Surf Pikachu LVL 10
-UT 10ANNIV Charizard LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Blastoise LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Articuno LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Zapdos LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Moltres LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Dragonite LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Typhlosion LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Espeon LVL 70
-BT 10ANNIV Umbreon LVL 73
-UT 10ANNIV Raikou LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Entei LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Suicune LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Tyranitar LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Celebi LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Bulbasaur LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Blaziken LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Absol LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Latias LVL 70
-UT 10ANNIV Latios LVL 70
-UT Crown Suicune LVL 30 *SHINY*

-UT Dialga LVL 1(currently out of stock)
-UT Palkia LVL 1(currently out of stock)
-UT Giratina LVL 1(currently out of stock)
-UT Raikou LVL 40
-UT Entei LVL 40
-UT Suicune LVL 40
-UT Flying Pikachu LVL 15(NFT, just yet)

EV'd Pokes


LVL 100
Modest Nature
HP: 290
Attack: 180
Defense: 183
Special Attack: 348
Special Defense: 203
Speed: 298
Item Held: none
Moveset: Sunny Day, Heat Wave, Dragon Pulse, Air Slash

LVL 100
Timid Nature
HP: 240
Attack: 148
Defense: 189
Special Attack: 273
Special Defense: 185
Speed: 348
Item Held: Leftovers
Moveset: Ice Beam, Surf, Thunderbolt, Psychic


LVL 100
Brave Nature
HP: 339
Attack: 364
Defense: 215
Special Attack: 120
Special Defense: 196
Speed: 179
Item Held: none
Moveset: Night Slash, X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Iron Head

LVL 77
Modest Nature
HP: 269
Attack: 125
Defense: 203
Special Attack: 226
Special Defense: 205
Speed: 202
Item Held: None
Moveset: Substitute, Ice Beam, Surf, Calm Mind

LVL 100
Lonely Nature
HP: 383
Attack: 314
Defense: 211
Special Attack: 183
Special Defense: 202
Speed: 135
Item Held: Leftovers
Moveset: Stone Edge, Earthquake, Wood Hammer, Crunch
LVL 66
Naughty Nature
HP: 178
Attack: 222
Defense: 110
Special Attack: 148
Special Defense: 103
Speed: 189
Item Held: Life Orb
Moveset: ThunderPunch, Close Combat, U-turn, Flare Blitz

LVL 100
Sassy Nature
HP: 298
Attack: 188
Defense: 181
Special Attack: 300
Special Defense: 313
Speed: 130
Item Held: Shell Bell
Moveset: Ice Beam, Surf, Toxic, Stealth Rock

LVL 100
Jolly Nature
HP: 292
Attack: 345
Defense: 152
Special Attack: 176
Special Defense: 194
Speed: 317
Item Held: none
Moveset: ThunderPunch, Earthquake, Cross Chop, Ice Punch

LVL 57
Modest Nature
HP: 178
Attack: 88
Defense: 112
Special Attack: 207
Special Defense: 80
Speed: 164
Item Held: none
Moveset: Air Slash, Bug Buzz, Protect, Hypnosis

LVL 100
Timid Nature
HP: 292
Attack: 245
Defense: 148
Special Attack: 349
Special Defense: 176
Speed: 361
Item Held: none
Moveset: Flamethrower, Psychic, Grass Knot, Nasty Plot

Egg Move Pokes


Anything that can be bred, I'll breed for you, if you want. I can try to do egg moves. All breeding done with Ditto unless otherwise requested.

Rare Candy Service:
Wanna level up your Pokes quickly without battling the E4 over and over and over? Send em to me, and for 1 shiny, I'll level em to whatever you want me to.

Hardcore Training:
For those of you prefer your Pokemon better trained, with stat gain just one tier below pure EV training, but don't have time to do it, for the price of one shiny I'll drag em around and train em up.

EV Training:
Currently unavailable.

Shiny Hunting Service:
Lookin for a certain shiny but can't seem to find it? It's not in my thread? I'll go hunt it for you. Specific natured shinies will take a while to search out however. Specific genders AND natures, sorry, just can't do it.

I have ITEMS here too. Here's what I can offer:
-All TM'S
-All Poké Ball varieties
-Most types of berries(just ask for a berry type and I'll see if I have it, I have most)
-Exp. Shares
-Shards(not too many)
-PP Maxes
-Soothe Bells
-Starpieces(only when I have enough)
-Full Restores
-Vitamins(ex: Protein)
-Flame Orbs
-Toxic Orbs
-Life Orbs
-Fire Stones
-Thunder Stones
-Leaf Stones
-Water Stones
-Moon Stones

Giveaway Dates
On some days throughout the year, I will hold giveaways. Certain Pokemon will be given away based upon the day(ex: Christmas, I'll give away rare events, while I'll give out shinies on April Fools' and the like).
Giveaway Dates:
-March 14th-March 21st 2010(HGSS giveaway)
-Spring Break(for as long as I'm here)
-Christmas(for as long as I'm here)

Trade Affiliates:

That's all, for now.