View Full Version : Pokecommunity Mobile Style?

October 10th, 2010, 5:58 PM
I sometimes link going to Pokecommunity via mobile phone, but the layouts don't suit it very well. I think we should get a special "Mobile Style'.

October 10th, 2010, 6:09 PM
are you suggesting that we get a mobile version theme? We already have one. Though I dont like it.

October 11th, 2010, 4:54 AM
Yeah, and the current one fails to render properly on anything but mobile Safari. >_>
(Yes, this is a huge problem, some of us have other mobile devices~!)

Other than that, the only theme on PC I find is easy on mobile browsers is PokeGeneric. VBulletin Default has a small banner too so it might be helpful.
If you go through the different themes you can find the ones that look like they have a small header and won't have that ridiculous stretching problem. XD