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October 19th, 2010, 11:38 PM
Welcome to the 07-Ghost Fan Club !


If you love 07-Ghost, feel free to join !

Rules :

1. No Spamming, trolling or whatever is allowed.

2. Do not fight with/bash other members.

3. Members are allowed to change the discussion subject if they feel like doing so.

4. Please do not sign up and leave the group : try to stay active !

5. According to rule 4, if you feel like telling us you are going to be missing for a while : please do so, as we may miss a post you’d have done in the Absence/Leave Thread.

6. All Pokécommunity Rules apply !!

7. You gotta love 07-Ghost of course XD;
8. If you want to enter as a bishop/blackhawk, a.k.a "Group moderators", you must be sure that you will stay active to the group
9. Last but not least : Have fun !! ;D

Rules may vary, however, if they do, we will most likely post it somewhere so you guys are aware of it.

About the group :

Founder & Co-Founder ~ Contact us if you have any questions/problems :


Bishops/Blackhawks ~ Contact them if the founder and Co-founder are missing and you need help :

Nobody, HurrDurr /shot

Members ~ Those we owe the activity of the group :

To be filled with members xD

Group Topics :

-How did you discover the anime/manga ?
-Who are/is your favourite character(s) ?
-What do you expect for the Second Season ?

And then members, are free to discuss what they like about 07-Ghost !

Please enjoy your stay here ! <3