View Full Version : Have you guys noticed?

October 21st, 2010, 1:34 PM
Have you guys noticed how much george Lopez (the show) and family guy are alike? I made a few observations
1.)both wives' families are rich yet they don't really use the Cash
2.)both wives married someone less fortunate
3.)both the dads' moms were pretty bad when they were young
4.)both of the dads' dads left while they were young... (no that skinny christian old man isn't peter's dad)
5.)both have a little bit slower sons (max has dislecsia and Chris is just stupid)
6.)both of the daughters aren't very popular
7.)both of the wives' dads don't like the son-in-laws
8.)george's dad and peter's fake dead both die
I had more lemme just think...
Anyways what do you guys think?