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February 17th, 2011, 8:18 PM
I'm not that new here, as you can see by the number of posts I've made. But I'm not an old-time user of PC either. So I decided to say hi to everyone. Yes, I've only discovered that I could now. I've mostly been looking at the Black and White/Pokemon Groups stuff, not really browsing. I have read the rules though, like any good PC member should. Yay! :)

February 17th, 2011, 8:22 PM
Yeah, I've seen you around. :x Hope you've really studied those rules though, cause it didn't seem like it before. But people change. :P Glad to see you've found the NU/W forum though. Took you long enough!

I'm sure I don't need to link you to any helpful sources or anything, so just continue posting around like you were, and (late) welcome to PC! :)

Miss Doronjo
February 18th, 2011, 5:14 AM
Hey! Yeahhhh judging from the posts, I can say your not a new member as well. :3 [/but I'm playing cap'n obvious here. @[email protected];] Hey, I guess you're excited for pokemon black and white? :3 I'm...STILL counting down the number of days! Just about 4 weeks to go on my side if I'm not mistaken! With Pokemon Groups, I think I joined one, I don't remember which at the moment...[Short term memory strikes again.]

Well yeahhhh, every good member of PC would of read the rules at least once or twice to understand it more! Straighforward they are, but yeah, that's good of you to do. <3 So yeah, welcome back, maybe if we bump into each other, we can have lolipops! Seriously, I bought a carton full of em' and I suck on one almost everyday. @[email protected];

Elite Overlord LeSabre™
February 18th, 2011, 8:43 AM
Good, we'll be administering an examination on the rules later...

Nah, we won't do that xD Well, let me formally welcome you here even though you've been around for a bit. How are you enjoying the site. I'm personally staying away from B/W. Might be my age but I'm just not excited about them...

Anyway, we have a lot of content here, not just B/W, so I invite you to explore the site and see what we have to offer!

February 19th, 2011, 8:04 AM
Thanks guys. I just can't wait for Black and White! I've marked the date on my calendar and am counting down the days. Also, I've spoilt the storyline a bit... *shuns myself*