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Prof. Pine
December 7th, 2004, 9:51 AM
A Land Of Nothing

Long ago in a land not of common folks was a great King named Tallas. Tallas Ruled the land Through many Ages. One day in a terrible Age callled the Dark Age of Kaklet The Dark King Summoned a great Force to Destroy King Tallas. He would of if it wasn't for Four Brave Knights of Cilidel and A great Elf Knight. Now 3000 years later a great evil has struck and The 5 warriors have returned to defeat The Dark King.

Now here is the form for becoming one of the Knights:
Weapon:(middle-aged wepons,Swords,bows,Axes)
Race:(Cilidelian,Bakalon,Marifon,Derson)(1 knight from each race.)
Here is mine, I am The Elf Knight
Weapon:Axe and Sword
Personality:A great Warrior But does not tell much inforation unless it is needed to be said.Willing to help his fellow knights.
Any One can join this RP.