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March 3rd, 2011, 2:10 PM
Hey everyone!

I was looking on the internet for an online pokemon community to join up and chat with some fellow trainers :P So i found this site and after exploring it a bit, I like it! :D

Anyway, I got started on pokemon during 3rd gen when a friend of mine was showing me the TV show and her games. So I went and bought Ruby and Sapphire. And that's how it got started on Pokemon. Currently I have Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Diamond. I also have XD and Pinball RS.

Uhhh... thats about it I think...

Fun Fact!: I got my first shiny [Noctowl] on March 1st 2011 :D (I don't hunt for them tho :P)

March 3rd, 2011, 2:30 PM
Welcome to the forums!

And congradulations on the shiny Noctowl I wish I could find one haha (:

Hope to see you around in the topics!

March 3rd, 2011, 2:58 PM
I think that's how most of us got into this site, well at least I did anyway. Looking for a site which offers forum stuff, as well as being primarily about Pokemon. :P It's pretty much what I did, and now I know all about this place, and I love it. Maybe you will too if you give it the time. <3 Have an awesome time here. :D

I think I got started on Pokemon in the second generation, which imo is the coolest generation, apart from maybe Unova which has a Freezing Container, and that's pretty cold if you ask me. But if it counts, I'm currently playing Ruby and Emerald, both at the same time for various challenges, which will be tough, but I want to try and get through both of them myself. My Emerald run is pretty much a simple Nuzlocke run, and is an emulator, while my Ruby is a cartridge and is a solo Shroomish run, although I'm not too sure if I'll be evolving it yet or not, since Shroomish has many benefits when it comes to not evolving. :D

[Fun Fact:] My first shiny Pokemon was a Golbat. I found it on the way to Snowpoint City in Diamond, and luckily I caught it. :D

Have a great time here! I'm pretty sure you know the jist, like read the rules, ask for help whenever you need it. :)

Miss Doronjo
March 3rd, 2011, 5:04 PM
Yeahhhh, scientifically speaking, I got here via google.com while searching for a pokemon site as well. :3 I dunno, I was bored, and I wanted to join up other forums, and meet new people. So yeah! Glad you can join us. :3

I got started on the first gen myself! From Pokemon Yellow, all the way up to Pokemon Platinum / HeartGold, but I mainly play HeartGold until the release of Pokemon Blackand White coming out soon. <3 But yeah, I liked the 3rd gen! Its where me and my old pals played during grade 8; we used to connect our gameboy advance SP's and show where are secret bases are, and battle each other there. We also used to go and connect our SPs on pokemon XD, because it looked so cool 3d! @[email protected]; Anyhow...on verge of tips; you can check out the pokemon boards, since this is a pokemon forum, there are alsonon-pokemon boards, wich you can look at as well. <3 I'd...probably reccommend you to try out al lthe boards; and participate in the ones you like; but, it wouldn't hurt to participate i nthe boards you don't visit once in a while; you can meet more people that way, and have more experiences. <3

My first shiny was that red gyarados on the origional pokemon gold; until I caught a shiny stantler, and a shiny noctowl on the same game. <3 Then a shiny oddish on pokemon Ruby; which I remember my friends going crazy for; [one of them gave me $60 for it! =O]

Anyhow, since that's it, welcome to PC! :3 Yeah, for any question you may have, its a good idea to ask a staff member for that. <3 And also, have a blast. :3