View Full Version : My Semi-Glorious Introduction

Herrzer Brechlich
March 10th, 2011, 10:10 PM
Hello, fellow Pokemon fans. You can call me Herrzer.
I'm a long-time Pokemon fan... Somewhat. It had fallen out of my interest for some time, but now it's back, and I like it even more than before.
Either way, I'm here to make friends who are also into the series, battles, and whatever.
And... Obviously, I'm no good at introductions, so, if you would, give your introductory messages and nonexistent gifts to this glorious Delibird
*throws Pokeball*
I will recieve them.... someday .___.;
And nice to meet you~

Miss Doronjo
March 11th, 2011, 6:54 AM
Hey, fellow pokemon fan~! Welcome to PokeCommunity. <3 I've been on and off pokemon over the years myself; when Pokemon Heart Gold came out, I became interested in pokemon again and played it non-stop; as well as pokemon white which recently came out; and now I love pokemon more than ever myself. <3 Sooooo yeah, this cat is also into the series, battles, and so on. :3 Trades...not so much.

Introductions come in all shapes and sizes, I don't really believe there's ever a "bad" intro so long as you introduce your name and alittle about yourself, soooo... its good. <3 I had a non-existant gift which I bought at the last minute! I lost it though. ;_; Well, have a cookie instead. :3 *bakes some*

Its nice to meet you as well~! I hope you'll enjoy your stay! I kind of ran out of "enjoy your sciencey day" puns. ;3; Science hasn't failed me yet! D= Also, don't be afraid to ask for help when your having some trouble. <3