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December 12th, 2004, 10:03 PM
Hi. This RPG is about Bionicle. To join it, you must pass a very easy, 10 question test (made by me) to prove that you are worthy of being in. Once you pass the test, you can choose to be good or evil. Good=Toa, Turaga, or Matoran (the originals). Bad=Rahi, Infected Tribe (tainted good beings). Then, play and adventure around on the island of Mata Nui and interact with other people- even fight the opposing side!

What the goal of this RPG is, is to create a fun and interactive environment all about Bionicle that is very clean and orderly. What I really don't need in this RPG is a post like,

"AHHHHHHH! I atak u adn kil u an all goood peeps AHAHAHAHA!!!!"
(I Know that's spamming, but it's only an example)

If you do join, just post (orderly) at the top of the page somthing like a journal entry-

"Lava Plains; Ta-Wahi.
And as Tahu strayed farther and farther from his home..."

Just to keep the RPG from getting out of hand.

This, also, is the form that you must fill out after you pass the test. Please PM me with the form and I'll give you an answer yes or no. I'm a really nice guy, and I won't be unfair and give my best buddy the Toa he wants over you- it's first come, first served.

Origin- (good or bad)
Race- (Toa, Rahi, etc)
Character- (Tahu, Infected Onua, etc)
Element- (ice,earth,fire,water,air,stone)
Weapon/item- (ice sword, shield, lava board
Mask- (mask of vision, mask of shielding)

Thanks to all who join and all who try. Here's my information.

W-Ice Sword, Ice Shield
M-Mask of Time

PS- no godcoding. Godcodes are things like,

"Mata Nui, Mask of Invincibility, Invincible Sword, Invinclible Crystal, Killer Fire"

Please, It's not fair to everyone else that way. Imagine a world where immortal godcodes fight forever, damaging the lands, and killing off the newbies. I will ask the Mods for the RP to be closed if this happens- no kidding.

(The Mask of Time is not godcoding- it is real and very hard to control!)

So, PM me for a test request, and PM me again for a Form send when you pass the VERY easy Bionicle test. Then, you are free to play in the wonderful Bionicle Mata Nui world!

Here is an example of a test-

1-What element does Tahu have?
2-Which city is made of all females?
3-The ice sword does what?
4-Onua is very sensitive to what?
5-(Well, you get the idea!)

December 12th, 2004, 10:18 PM
OK, I'm now guilty of double-posting along with spamming, but I wanna make an example of a good post. I already have my information, and am starting off in the great city of Ga-Koro.

Ga-Koro, Sea Gate

Kopaka, after resting and supplying himself in Ga-Koro, was heading off to journey back to his homeland- the frigid and icy Ko-Wahi. Armed with his shield in his hand, and his sword on his back, he started climbing the slippery rocks over the grand waterfalls that spotted the landscape in Ga-Wahi. Once he got to the top, a Matoran villager was waiting for him. By first glance, Kopaka could tell he was a Ko-Matoran messenger.

"For you, sir" he squeaked.

"Thanks." Said Kopaka as he opened up the letter just handed to him read it-

I know you're on your long journey to seek out the power to use your Mask, but I must ask a favor of you. Would you please return to me the last copper mask that is hidden in the mountains between Ko-Wahi and Ga-Wahi. It is worth a lot of money, as it is the last known copper mask left, and it's powers are worth more than it's price! Thanks you, wise one.

-Turaga Nuju

"Well, I'll attempt to find that mask. But don't give him any promises- that land is very dangerous. I might lose the mask before I even find it! Tell Nuju, will you?" boomed the giant Toa as he bent over to speak with the tiny Matoran.

"Yessir!" He said, importantly, as he floated away with his mask of Levitation.

"Well, I guess my return home will be later than anticipated, then." Thought Kopaka as he continued to head to the towering, snowy mountains in the distance.

He walked, bored, and started counting his steps. Kopaka lost count sometime around 300. He looked up, and noticed that the sky was getting dark. No, just a swarm of Rahi monsters. Rahi!? Well, at least there's some fun, he thought.

"Complete Rounds, Circle back to base"
"Cannot comply"
"There is a ......."

Kopaka was shooting his freezing ice-beams at the swarm of Rahi. They were easily beaten alone, but this swarm was roughly made of 20 robot-monsters that attack in waves.

Kopaka decided to blast himself higher with his sword and was eye-level with the flying Rahi. He slashed and thrashed with all his might- al least 5 were down, along with the 2 he froze earlier.

The Rahi were aware now, there was an intruder attacking the squad. They tried hard, but almost half their number were already down.

Kopaka landed with a thud, and armed himself with his shield. He the propped his sword on it, and sent it careening like a boomerang, into the rest of the flying Rahi. Now, there were only three left.

"Fusion process started. Sound off. Fuse 1"
"Fuse 2"
"Fuse 3"

Kopaka immediately noticed what the last 3 were doing- transforming together into a Nui monster- a real threat.

"Fusion complete. Commensing on target"

Kopaka's weapons, his sword and shield, lay some 30 feet away- left there from the less-than-sucessful boomerang throw. He lunged twords a sheet of thin ice to his left. It set him far enough away from the new attack from the Rahi Nui. Now, to get that sword!

"Commense self-destruct mecanism. Count down- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"

Kopaka saw what was happening in slow-motion. The Rahi exploded, and he was flung into a wall of rock- out cold, and hurt. The Rahi, obviously, was destroyed. But, as darkess started to seep in, Kopaka set his mind and soul on getting his sword and shield back. The last thing he remembered was that the sword, nestled in the shield, slid over- 30 feet over. Then, he passed out.

December 19th, 2004, 9:47 PM
Sorry for the multi-post, but I would like one of the Mods delete this RP. No one has posted, and no one will. I thought it was a good idea, but I guess there aren't that many Bionicle fans out there... Thanks.