View Full Version : What is your favorite color?

December 14th, 2004, 5:26 PM
*didn't find any other thread like this*

What is your favorite color? Yes, I know it isn't the most original thread ever, but no one else remade it. :P

My favorite is blue ^^

December 14th, 2004, 5:50 PM
My favorite color is black. That is what I voted for.

December 14th, 2004, 5:50 PM
Hey, I love all colors but I'm most fond of black, red, and blue.

December 14th, 2004, 6:42 PM
Aww it ain't multiple choice. I have four pink, black, blue and white. Anyways I chose other.

December 14th, 2004, 6:44 PM
I'd go for pink, but it's not a choice.

December 14th, 2004, 6:46 PM
O.O *is surprised pink isnt a choice* but i like uhh fiery red and dark blue

December 14th, 2004, 6:46 PM
My favorite color is black. *coughcoughusernamecough*

December 14th, 2004, 6:47 PM
For just picking one choice, I would say...blue.

But I also like other sorts of colors...like green and purple (though it depends on what shade of green or purple), and some pastel colors. ^_^

December 14th, 2004, 6:48 PM
I love the color Blue. It is the color of early evening plus most things look better blue.

December 14th, 2004, 8:25 PM
my fav color is black... well duh, i'm a goth >_N

December 14th, 2004, 8:30 PM
My favorite color is Orange, so I choose Orange ^^.

December 14th, 2004, 9:05 PM
You forgot Pink... HOW COULD YOU?!?!

my fav color is black... well duh, i'm a goth >_N
When I was a goth, My favorite coulor was orange. And don't be a goth... it's no fun to cut. Plus you get more chicks if your rad, like meh! Buy my guide to being rad for only USD$15.99 plus S/H, Tax, and Umm... COnvience Fee

December 14th, 2004, 9:09 PM
I like blue and yellow. Both are good! ^_^

Electric Hero
December 14th, 2004, 9:50 PM
does this font tells you anything? XD

espeon and umbreon
December 14th, 2004, 9:58 PM
No pink? Ok, I guess it's in other. I also love blue, but I prefer sky blue.

Ninja Retsu
December 15th, 2004, 3:24 AM
My favourite colours're green,blue and silver.

December 15th, 2004, 3:25 AM
Black is my favourite colour :D

December 15th, 2004, 6:12 AM
#333666 is my favourite colour. Erica showed me some colours yesterday, I like them, but I don't want to steal them. So, I'm staying with this.

December 15th, 2004, 6:21 AM
Orange (#ff9900)
Purple (#cc99ff)
Blue (#0066cc)
and Green (#006600)

=D Those are my favourites right now.

December 15th, 2004, 7:44 AM
You forgot Pink... HOW COULD YOU?!?!

When I was a goth, My favorite coulor was orange. And don't be a goth... it's no fun to cut. Plus you get more chicks if your rad, like meh! Buy my guide to being rad for only USD$15.99 plus S/H, Tax, and Umm... COnvience Feeweird... cause the girls in my class like me cause they say the like goth guys... oO

December 15th, 2004, 7:49 AM

*flops around on the floor*

December 15th, 2004, 8:18 AM
i have a couple of favourites....
dark purple (w)
neon green (w)
black (w)
pink (only if its with black) (w)
it is too bad that it isn't multiple choice, I'm more into colours that are dark or that stand out in the dark....or goes good with dark colours really....

Mr Cat Dog
December 16th, 2004, 8:35 AM
This should really have an "Other" category, as mine are: Silver, Gold and Purple. None of which are on the list. Orange is 1337, but it's not one of my favourite colours. :/

December 16th, 2004, 8:43 AM
blue, it's such a calm color, seriuse, and kind, *blushes* ^_^ aww blue, it has so much life in it, water, sky, rain, ice and some of my favorite pokemon: Latios, Dragonair..ect. XD

December 16th, 2004, 10:59 AM
I love all of the colours, but my favourite is Purple. Cadbury Purple. ^^

December 16th, 2004, 2:40 PM
I'm I actually required to anzwer the queztion? o_o Or can I juzt make thiz pozt and let you guezz?

But for thoze of you who have recently become color blind, then I'll zay orange =D I really prefer a yellowizh orange but it dozn't really matter, I like all bright colorz ...except blindingly florezant onez @[email protected]''.

Red iz my zecond favorite.

December 16th, 2004, 3:40 PM
I chose Green XD!(Message too short)

The Fallen
December 16th, 2004, 4:50 PM
Since black i the closest color to grey i guess that one lol.

December 16th, 2004, 7:18 PM
I love pink; it's my favorite color! I prefer the lighter shades of it though, such as 'cherry blossom'. My second favorite color is coral -- I don't think it's a very well-known color, but I've seen a lot of make-up products with the name and I think they're so pretty.

My other favorites are purple, Cerulean blue, orange, (Like the color of my username) red, bright green, (Not neon; like the color of Sakura's eyes on Cardcaptors! *points to picture in signature*) white, silver, and softer/golden shades of yellow. ^_^ There are others that I like as well, but I can't seem to think of them at the moment.

December 16th, 2004, 7:25 PM
My favorite color is red, but I really like ocean blue too.

December 16th, 2004, 7:44 PM
My favorite color at the moment is Pink. =] Though it's not a choice... =/ My all time favorites are Purple and Blue though. =3

December 16th, 2004, 8:06 PM
PINK! ^^ All of a sudden I love pink... bright pink, but not scary hot pink. o_o; And besides pink, I like blue (like a cerulean blue or a light blue) and bright orange. I love bright colors!

December 17th, 2004, 3:30 PM
Black and blue i like dark.

Lucy Lu
December 17th, 2004, 8:16 PM
I love purple. It is so pretty. The other colors are nice, but purple owns all. ^___^

Elite Four Lance
December 18th, 2004, 2:51 AM
Blue or green. They fit toghter! :)

December 18th, 2004, 5:30 AM
Black...although I would of said pink if it was on there. XD

December 18th, 2004, 9:10 AM
Black, but I am not gothic. I just like black for some reason.

December 18th, 2004, 6:46 PM
Oh.. No gray? Oh well. That's my favorite color.. The most missunderstood color of all. =/