View Full Version : Blasting Toys with Egg moves!

May 1st, 2011, 5:09 PM
7 Deinos with Tackle, Dark Pulse, Dragon Rage
4 Tepigs with Overheat and tackle
6 Turtwig with Synthesis, Crunch, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain
5 Larvitar wtih Leer, Bite, Iron Head, Earthquake
8 Snivys with tackle
5 Charmanders Growl, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw
7 Bagons with Rage Dragon Dance
4 Skorupi's with Bite, Poison sting, leer
9 Bagons with Rage, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw
2 Ralts with Growl

EV'D Pokes, I'm specifically looking for an EV'D Snorlax level 100 and an EV'D Hydriegon level 100 preferably male both. But any others will do. I'm not looking for any specific shines, but i'll inform you if I already have that shiny or not.

Sig has my FC.