View Full Version : Adamant's market: Pokemon freshly caught from the wild

May 5th, 2011, 7:32 AM
1. Be polite and respect everyone
2. Do not give hacked pokemon. Cloned pokemon are ok though
3.You may trade the pokemon you recieve from me
4. Negotiations will be made on this thread
5. You may only PM me for further inquiry on offered pokemon
6. If possible, nickname the pokemon you are offering to trade

-All pokemon offered are newly caught and immediately put up for trade unless stated otherwise

And now for the trades. Right now I'm currently offering:

-Pinsir lv.50, calm
-Raticate lv.47, relaxed
-Golbat lv.60 (trained), hardy
-Poliwhirl lv.55 (holding King's rock), Jolly
-Graveler lv.49, Modest
-Lickitung lv.49, Sassy
-Poliwrath lv.44 (evolved from Poliwhirl), Timid
-Shellder lv.43 (Holding pearl), Timid
-Farfetch'd lv.55, Bashful
-Staryu lv.55 (Holding Stardust), Adamant
-Lapras lv.70, Careful
-Sneasel lv.48 (Holding Razor claw), Hasty
-Shuppet lv.22, Bold
-Wynaut lv. 55,Timid
-Luvdisc lv.55,Sassy
-Sableye lv. 49, Lonely
-Carvanha lv. 53, Quirky
-Riolu lv.50 (Holding Soothe bell), Docile
-Combee lv. 47, Naughty
-Hippopotas lv.27, Naughty
-Bibarel lv.47, Jolly
-Rufflet lv.50, Rash
-All fossil pokemon