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November 25th, 2003, 1:35 PM

Dnite here. My first Fanfic ever, be nice.

I dont own pokemon, im not making any money off this, etc etc bla bla yakidy smakidy


Ash had been hurt in his life. He had his fare share of scars, bruises, cuts, and bumps to prove it. He had even fallen off of a bird Pokemon from quite far up. But nothing could prepare him for the pain he felt now.

The pain of a direct hit from a hyper beam. The pain was so great that Ash just kept screaming until he could see nothing but darkness. He couldnt remember why he was in such pain; it was just a blur to him what had happened? He couldnt remember.

But Misty could. She couldnt forget.

The day started out normal enough. Our three heroes were walking through the forest somewhere, lost as always. Speaking of as always, Ash and Misty had found a way to blame each other for getting lost.

Well, Misty, if we hadnt of taken that left on the trail like YOU said Ash began.

WHAT? Misty cut him off. If we hadnt of taken that stupid detour for the Dragonite that really wasnt there

There WAS a Dragonite, we just couldnt catch up to it, it was too fast

Now I could go on and on and on about the argument they had, but you guys know the drill. Brock, who hadnt said a thing this whole time, was putting all his thought into the map that lay before him. Pikachu, bored of hearing Ash and Mistys argument, had scrambled to Brock shoulder and watch him curiously as he moved his finger around the map.

What is that? Gasped Misty, pointing to the ground.

I dont know said Ash, going over to look at it.

This made Brock look up. It wasnt the fact that there was something to look at that made him surprised. It was that the Cycle had been broken. Usually Ash and Misty had an argument, didnt talk for a while (like 2 minutes), then were friends again. It was a short process, but never in all of their journeys had it been broken. That surprised Brock.

Ash picked up the object and suddenly it became clear why this special object had stopped the argument. They all gasped.

It was a red Diamond! They all stared at Ash slowly turning it in his hands.

Let me see it requested Misty, her voice in awe.

No, let me look at my Diamond a little more

Misty gasped at this and snapped out of her awe. YOURS? I saw it!!

I picked it up first!


And here we go again. Brock and Pikachu sighed. Here goes the cycle again. They were going to argue, make up, and it never happened. It was normal for Brock to watch this.

This is when the day started getting un-normal. They didnt stop arguing.


It gets better, you'll get the begining probably after part 2

November 25th, 2003, 5:41 PM
Sounds good so far. I like that intro style. I like to call it the "WTH?!" begininning, for it makes people want to read on and find out what the heck happened.

November 28th, 2003, 10:09 PM
Nice first chapter Dragonite, the begining caught my attention and I kept on reading, great job and hope to see more.

November 29th, 2003, 12:43 PM
Dnite here. Part 2 is pritty cool.


Brocks head was beginning to hurt.




Oh boy thought Brock as he pulled some headache medicine out of his bag. They have never gone this long arguing, and Brock was getting both annoyed and mad. He swallowed his pills and stood up.

Why dont we just split the diamond? asked Brock, not letting his anger get the better if him. Ash looked at him oddly. No, ash, we cant literally SPLIT it, but you know what I mean.

FINE! Yelled Ash. But Im still the one who found it!

Ash began to walk very fast. Misty began to walk very slowly. Brock walked somewhere in the middle, making a very long line. Misty was the one who held the Diamond, still looking at it, but her eyebrows set in an angry line. It should be mind, Im the one who saw it, he is bei


A tree fell right in front of Ash, causing him to stumble backwards. On top of the fallen tree landed a Dragonite. Brock and Misty immediately ran to Ashes side, who was looking strait up at the Dragonite.

Give me the Diamond. Boomed the Dragonite.

You can talk? asked Ash; scared, but in awe.

Give me the Diamond and no one will get hurt.

Recognizing a threat, Picachu moved forward to defend the Trio.

It was then that Ash realized something about the Dragonite, something he didnt recognize before: it had no pupils. It was all white in its eyes.

Picachu was across the field faster than he could blink. Where Picachu was standing suddenly the Dragonite was standing.

I am very fast and aware that the female has the Diamond. Give it to me.

Its ours! You just cant just take it protested Misty.
The Dragonite shot off a powerful Hyperbeam heading strait for Misty. She was frozen: to scared to move as the beam moved for her. Ash, knowing what a hyperbeam could do to someone, jumped in front of Misty. Ash was hit in his chest and the two were thrown back at least fifty feet.

Ash? misty asked, still unable to get up: she was too weak and Ash lay on top of her. Ash? She tried again.

Ash was ether unconscious or no- he had to be unconscious. Thought Misty.

Brock immediately ran to Misty, quickly grabbed the Diamond from her backpack and threw it at the Dragonite. Take it and go away!

The Dragonite took it and was about to take off when someone shouted.

Dragonite! Wait! A man painted, running up the path. Stop!

The Dragonite heard the man calling and turned to see who it was. Its face turned from the cold and hard face that it was to a kind, playful face. Suddenly, the Dragonite dropped to its knees and got on all fours, painting and screaming as if it pain. Suddenly, it shook its head and took off into the nearby mountains.

The man rubbed his temples and walked over to the trio. Im sorry this happened. He said to Brock. The girl is weak, but I can see the main part of the blast was on the boy. The Dragonites attack can kill a person, but I dont think he used 100 percent of his power

Who are you and how do you know all this? Asked Brock as he helped Misty up.

My name is Lance, and the Dragonite was mine.

Brock drooped his jaw. THE Lance of the elite four.

************************************************************Why did Lance loose control of his Dragonite? Whats up with the diamond? All good questions to be aswered in (da da da DA) PART 3 of CH1