View Full Version : Anyone knows fluent or bilingual in Japanese and English? Inquiries within!

May 23rd, 2011, 10:44 AM
Neoぼろくず工房 my unofficial Facebook fanpage is hiring human translators to become admins. I don't own Neoぼろくず工房 and I only create this Facebook fanpage for someone else and I am a fan of their work. Only 1 can join!

What is Neoぼろくず工房?
Neoぼろくず工房 is a ROM-Hacking website where most of the works are Kirby, Rockman/Mega Man, and F-Zero. It is owned by Puresabe (ぷれさべー).

Your duties:
Whenever the main administrator of Neoぼろくず工房's unoffical Faceboook page post updates from Puresabe, it is your responsibility to translate them to English.You must "LIKE" Neoぼろくず工房 on Facebook if you want to be considered for this position.

1] You must at least know English or Japanese for at least 6 months minimum. That means Japanese people must have fluency in English while others that knows Japanese should be able to encode it.
2] Spelling and grammar counts, the admin will check to see if it's accurate.
3] ABSOULTELY NO USING TRANSLATOR SOFTWARE! Chances of using it will be slim for fans that want to understand English. We are only seeking human translators only.
4] If you are considering translating to other languages besides English, then this may not be the job for you unless we are authorized to do so! Right now were seeking only for English.
5] You must check Neoぼろくず工房 on Facebook every day to see if Puresabe's news are posted.

I'm expecting people that knows Japanese professionally should get the position!

May 24th, 2011, 4:20 PM
Please don't advertise here.