View Full Version : The Yogscast Fan Club!!!

June 19th, 2011, 11:05 AM
I was stalking the forums so far...and I saw that theres no Yogscast Fan Club!!Soo..here we are!!!We will talk about the things they do and your expects etc. What is Yogscast?:Yogscast is a group of people(Simon,Lewis and Hannah) who makes series mostly about Minecraft.

1-All the PC rules
2-Dont be inactive
3-Never hug a creeper!(The joke rule)
Real 3-No trolling!!
5-This has a password..the pass is:''Lets just hack the game and give us some TNT'' or ''FUMBLEMORE!!!!!'' you can use one of them.Just making sure that you read the rules.

1-Your hopes from the next chapter of ''Shadows Of Israphel''
2-Your fav words that Simon shouts?