View Full Version : The Moveset Challenge (Revived)

June 25th, 2011, 9:19 AM
The challenge was first made by tente2

Let's see how far you can go using only 2 moves?

Basically you can only have 3 pokemon,with 2 moves each,a damaging and a status,meaning you's be stuck with at max 3 different types attacks.It's hard but it's possible


-Only 3 Pokemon may be used for battle,but you may have as many HMSlaves you want
-You may use the 3rd and 4th move if you have run out of PP on the first two
-[OPT.] You can do an easier run using only 3 moves,a physical,a special and a status
-As soon as a move is used it's considered that pokemon damaging/status move and the pokemon may not use another damagin/status move(unless using optional rule)
-If the damaging moves PP run out the user must use the status until it runs out,and after that if the player already have another pokemon(but HMSlaves) it must be switched
-You may not change already used moves!
-Have fun and discover your pokemon full potential!


MeanLook(Gold - Opt.)