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July 8th, 2011, 3:40 AM
If you have ever tried to play the wifi ladder, your rating probably hasn't moved considering every 4/5 people disconnect on you, which inspired me to make this:

PC's Rotation Battle League

The tournament will be a constantly running, with seasons lasting about 9 weeks, including an end-of-season knockout tournament and battle videos for all to watch

-All battles are rotation flat battles on wifi
-8 people per divsion, players battle all other players in their division, one per week
-A win is 3 points, a draw is 1, and a loss 0
-At the end of the season, player in first of the division moves up (unless in division 1)
-Player in last place moves down (unless in bottom division)
-Player in second place of lower division battles second-to-bottom of higher division. Winner placed in higher division and loser in lower for next season. This will happen on the first Tuesday once the league matches are finished. The video for this match will be displayed on the site.
-Each week battles will take place at a set time: 9pm GMT on Tuesday. If you are more than 15 minutes late without re-arranging it with your opponment, you forfeit the match. If they cannot re-arrange with you, you forfeit the match. This may seem harsh, but you knew the rules when you signed up.
-Results should be emailed to ([email protected]) before the following day. This is due to the fact I have limited access to the internet, however I can send and recieve emails with my phone.
-The battle video should be saved after a match, uploaded, and the video number sent in the email. This is to prevent any cheating.
-If you disconnect, its a loss, unless your opponment believes it is genuine and agrees to a re-match
-The video of one match each week will be posted on the forum for all to watch. You will know when this is the case for you, and it is up to you to decided whether to use your usual team or use another to conceal your stratergy.

End of season knockout tournement-
-At the end of each season a knockout tournement will begin at 9pm on the final Tuesday before the next season.
-Invitation will be sent to certain people depending on final standing before the deciding battle for next seasons division (ie. the top 4 of division 1, top 3 of division 2, and the top of division 3)
-When you are knocked out, you should leave the wifi room, upload the results and email the results and video code. All tournement videos will be posted on the forum.
-This tournement has no effect on the league standings

Rules and clauses-
-Flat battle rule. All pokemon are set down to level 50 (pokes under will not be leveld up)
-You bring six, see the oponments team, then select 4. You may change your team at any time during the tournament
-Wonder launcher is off
-All standard clauses apply:
-Sleep clause
-Evasion clause
-Species clause
-Item clause
-Uber clause (going by the ban list on the PC tournament ban list thread)
-Inconsistent clause
-Drizzle + Swift swim clause
-OHKO clause
-Hax item clause
-(dont know if I have missed any)
-Self KO clause is off, matches may end in a draw
-Note shadow tag is NOT banned. This is due to the fact it is nowhere near as effective due to the ability to rotate
-If you break these clauses, you forfeit the match and will get a warning. If it happens again you will be permanently banned.
-Forging results will result in a permanent ban.

Emailing- [email protected]
-Please use one of the following as the email subject and set out as follows:
-Join:Include PC screen name and friend code
-Battle result: Including date of battle, Your screen name first VS Opponents screen name, your result (either win, lose, or draw) Battle video code
-Question: Include....I won't bother with this one
-Resign: Include your PC screen name, your friend code, and your reason. This is so I can use feedback in a positive way =]

To join, please send an email to the address, not a PM or VM or a post in this thread. If you have a question you may post here, but it may be a while before you get a reply.

Past winners and videos

Divisions and freind codes
Divison 1
-Name:: FC

Fixtures will go here. Matches marked with a {V} will have the video posted on the site.

League Standings
Division 1
Name:: Points

Battle Video's and results
Results [video code if applicable]

Once at least eight people have joined I will post fixtures and the tournament will begin. If more people show interest I will create groups. All groups will be equal position, and next season divisions will me made based on peoples finishing within their group.

I think that's everything, so good luck and have fun!

August 1st, 2011, 5:22 PM
Interested. FC: 2752-3079-2807