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July 17th, 2011, 11:29 AM
Hi everybody, I´ve come to get help with my Black team. Please keep in mind: I´ve already chosen my Pokemon and I came here mainly for moveset and items, since I´m a n00b there, but if you REALLY think a Pokemon doesn´t fit then tell me. I am currently up to Dragonspiral Tower.

I designed this team to be incredibly Special Attack oriented, since I find that Pokemon with high Sp. Def is semi-rare.

Lillil (Lilligant) @ Miracle Seed Lv.41
- Giga Drain
- Quiver Dance
- Solar Beam
- Aromatherapy

Lillil is one of my Special Attack attackers. I mainly bring her out against Pokemon I want to inflict massive damge to in a short time and...pokemon weak to grass. (Duh!)

Quiver Dance was obvious, and Solar Beam was there to deal massive power during important battles. However, since SB is unpractical, I have Giga Drain too. Aromatherapy is there because I don´t have anything better.

She is incredibly useful, I don´t have any problems with her.

Gloomick (Lampent) @ Scope Lens Lv.41
Flash Fire
- Flame Burst
- Inferno
- Hex
- Solar Beam

Gloomick is another Special Attacker. (My team has a lot of these, if you haven´t noticed.) Flame Burst is what he uses mainly to fight, and Inferno is there because it is better than Will-o-Wisp (the Lens are there for accuracy). Hex is there to combo Inferno and because it´s the only decent Ghost type move he can learn until Shadow Ball. Solar Beam is there for variety. I don´t really have anything else for him at this point.

He doesn´t any issues either. I´m just posting him (and Lillil) so you get an idea of my entire team.

Galvantula @ Rocky Helmet Lv.41
Unnerve (I didn´t pick this ability, if it wasn´t obvious.)
- X-Scissor
- Volt Switch
- Signal Beam
- Charge Beam

Galvantula was traded, I didn´t get to pick the nickname :( Anyway, she kicks Flying types to the curb and possesses one of the best Physical moves on my team, X-Scissor. (Did you hear Dark types scream from all over the planet?) Volt Switch is there if things get hairy, but honestly more so because I don´t have anything better. Charge Beam is nice to power up Signal Beam.

I think she´s fine how she is.

Okay, I know up to this point I don´t really need that much help, but here´s where I ´m having trouble!

Mijumaru (Samurott) @ Mystic Water Lv.41
- Surf
- Encore
- X-Scissor
- Cut

Mijumaru is one of the few sources of Physical on my team as I have stated, and is the only one that is actually Physical-oriented. However, I waste the only STAB move he has (Surf) on Special. X-Scissor is self-explanatory, Encore is there to have fun and Cut...I probably should pay the Move Deleter a visit, but I need to ask first, what should I replace it with?

Cherry (Audino) @ Amulet Coin Lv. 41 (Amulet is weak, I know, but I need the cash temporarily. I´m looking for suggestions.)
Healer (I was crossing my fingers for Regenerator on this one, it didn´t work out)
- Secret Power
- Surf
- Solar Beam
- Charge Beam

She´s my "wild card"; she was designed to take on anything and she does it pretty well. Surf and Solar are there...to attack, Secret Power is a STAB move I can use if no other move is super effective, and Charge Beam is to power herself up and to attack Flying types. I still think her moveset could be better though. What do you think?

Crecent (Musharna) @ Quick Claw Lv.41
- Psychic
- Calm Mind
- Charge Beam
- Yawn

Last but not least, it´s Crecent! After she sets up, she´s a beast. My problem with her is that she´s fragile. Psychic is obvious, she doesn´t learn any other useful reliable STAB move, Calm Mind is kinda obvious, Charge Beam is there to help her set up while dealing damage, and I use Yawn because Hypnosis is unreliable. I have a sleep-inducing move in the first place because during most important battles she doesn´t last too long without some sort of protection.

Despite this, she has her usefulness.

Now that you have seen my team, what do you think? I haven´t entered Dragonspiral yet because I think the basic team structure is good but there are little issues that can be fixed.

July 23rd, 2011, 9:48 AM
I can help you with most of your team! I haven't used Lilligant or Audino though, so I can't help too much with those but I can try!

@Lampent: Evolve it when you can. If you haven't gotten a stone from the person on the Castelia City dock, you can get one from him. He'll ask which monkey you have, say Pansear and you'll get a Fire Stone. Or you can get one from dust clouds, and apparently there's one somewhere in the Desert Resort. If you want, TM Psychic is on Route 13 and Energy Ball is on Route 12, I don't know if you can get to those now or not.

@Samurott: Try this:
- Razor Shell
- Megahorn / X-Scissor
- Dragon Tail
- Aerial Ace / Return / Revenge / Aqua Jet / Slash

Razor Shell is a cool physical STAB, Megahorn & Scissor have good coverage, Dragon Tail causes opponent to switch and hits Dragons, and the last slot is just a filler, really. Aerial Ace is found in Mistralton City, Return is if he likes you, Revenge is a good fighting type move if he's slow, Jet to hit first, and Slash to hit everything but ghosts. Whatever you want.

@Audino: I haven't used her so I can't really help, sorry. :P

@Musharna: Dude, Bianca's Musharna basically destroyed me. Hypnosis would put me to sleep (because NPCs have higher accuracy) and she'd Calm Mind like 10 times. If you want you could replace Charge Beam with another special attacking move because you have Calm Mind.

Hope this helped!

July 23rd, 2011, 5:31 PM
Thanks a lot, Barn! I like the Samurott moveset a lot, way better than the one I have now. (Don´t have Dragon Tail yet, but I can use Surf or Scald as filler for a bit.)

(Chandelure evolves by Dusk Stone, and I already have one. But Chandelure doesn´t learn Shadow Ball, Lampent learns it at 49, I think) I like the Energy Ball idea on Gloomick, but I don´t have the TM yet.

Yeah, now that you mention it I could swap Charge Beam for something else. I may do something like Psyshock, Gyro Ball, or Energy Ball.

...I´ve finished the Samurott changes, I playtested a bit and it works much better. I´m still stuck with Musharna´s current moveset though, since I don´t have any of the TMs yet.

Anyway, thanks so much again, I think I got what I needed. Can somebody close this thread?

July 23rd, 2011, 6:16 PM
Collecting feathers on the Driftveil Drawbridge is the easiest cash I can think of. The feathers sell for 1500 PokeDollars each.