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Death Reborn
December 23rd, 2004, 2:02 PM
The SÚregon Galaxy is a wide place in the universe teeming with life of all sorts. All creatures of this galaxy can strangely enough breathe in the vacuum of space and nobody knows why. These life forms have met each other, formed allies and enemies and most importantly is that they set trading posts on each planet. The galaxie's sun is named Jumboie which is named after the God they all believed created the universe. I shall now give a list of planets in order of the nearest planet to the sun first:-

Sphinxiren- This planet is covered in many landscapes ranging from forests to deserts and wastelands to swamps. Many creatures inhabit this starnge planet but the most important race in the planet are the humans. These humans are given a animal (From Earth) to tame for themselves. When they die the creature will jump up and grab the soul which causes a reaction to take place. The soul of the reature will break free and merge with the human's soul thus giving a new life for the human inside their creatures body. If their creature is not able to carry them and fly then they will either use the local dragons or buy one for themselves which is rather expensive.

Brackenwood- A planet covered in dense forests. On this planet live many intelligent races, too many to describe. Two of them are the Drydon Elves which look like the night elves from Warcraft and the Fire Fearies (yes, its spelt like that on this world) which are ordinary, small fearies but are covered in burning hot lava which continuosly runs down them burning whatever they stand on. For transportation through space they once again use dragons.

Ecthelion- This strange world is covered in a wasteland. Its temperature is so hot other races have to wear special clothing which is given to them by its inhabitants. The race that stay here are the S˙rions. A race of kind, trustworthy beings. Here is a pic of a female one:-

http://ewancient.lysator.liu.se/pic/art/m/o/moonfairy/demon_child.jpg (They may be given any type of hair you want them to have They don't have to be bald!)

The males of this race look the same but black skin and red tattoos. They can fly so they don't need transportation through space.

Bidoney- Technology City they call it regularly. Their technolgy is beyond your wildest dreams. The whole planet is a city. Every single building is a skyscraper. Instead of the cars we use on Earth they use flying cars of all types. Its just all the cars we have on Earth but they fly! They also use these cars in space. The race here are just ordianry humans.

Loamsdown- Lets just say the whole planet is Antartica. Yep, this planet is just a wasteland with snow and ice. Only one race lives here and most people say their mad and this is the Bigfoot. Nobody knows the race's real name cause its too long so they called them The Bigfoot. They are like a giant polar bear which stands on two feet and can weild a lot of weapons, but they are rather dum though. For transportation they use large drop ships.

Brockenborings- Swamps. Swamps. Swamps and more swamps. That is all this waste of a planet is and it absolutly stinks. Nobody lives here. The only thing this planet is used for is gathering important minerals with are deep underground. So, that means this place is littered with mines. Do you want to know what this mineral is? Ok, it is... A metal called Danderfluff, strongest metal around.

(Thats all the planets.)


~ No god-modding
~ Romance is Ok, but don't go too far.
~ I allow guns but no guns which fire a thousand rockets which cause large implosions which can destroy a whole unvierse in a matter of seconds. I rather perfer swords and stuff but some of you won't..
~ Sphinxirens may only have animals from EARTH only!
~ No spamming
~ Don't add any more worlds/ planets to the list!
~ Only choose races which are shown on planet's descriptions!


Character Sheet Layout!

Race: Only choose the ones in the planet's descriptions! (Humans from Sphinxiren are called Sphinxirens)
Creature: Only for the Sphinxirens
Job: Here is a lost of jobs to choose from:-
-Scientist (Only humans from Bidoney)
-Miner (You have to go to Brockenborings during RP for this..)
- Pirate
-Alchemist (Only for S˙rions, fire faeries and Drydon elves)
-Enchanter (Only for S˙rions, Fire Faeries and Drydon Elves)
-Space Cadet (Its the galaxie's army..)
- Black Market Dealer (Sells illegal items..no drugs or I will get very angry! The illegal items include guns, so that means most of us will be crminals :dead: )
- No job (For all those lazy people out there)
Bio: (I want a decent sized bio, please? No "Not much is known." Cause thats not really interesting. Atleast a paragraph.)

(There is NO excuse AT ALL for not reading everything on this post! You will see my character sheet right before we start)

December 23rd, 2004, 7:23 PM
Name: Arayl
Age: 14
Race: Sphinxiren
Weapon: a legendary bow and arrow given to her by her great grandfather, it is said to have magical powers
Creature: Wolf
Job: Pirate XD
Appearance:Has white messy hair that goes to her shoulders, her eyes are silver and her skin in pale, she is tall for her age and known to be quiet kind, but stobbern at times. She wears a shirt made of male (you know, what knites have), and wears light pants so she can move aorund without any problems. She wears black boots and has half paws for hands
Bio: Lived with her family and had a loveing white wolf for a companion, until one day she was murderd mysteriously and her wolf combined with her and she is now a half white wolf. She heard later on that her hometown was destroyed, but heard nothing of her family. WHen she searchd the area her family was no where to be seen and so she joined some master theives who lived on the streets and they all pityed her and let her join their group. At some point they all found a likeing to the open seas and so she became a pirate and now tries to slowly find out what't happend to her family.
I hope there isn't a problem with what i wrote, this sounds like a lot of fun