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Composer of Requiems
December 27th, 2004, 6:48 AM
Note: This is heavily influenced by the set of novels "Otherland", written by Tad Williams.

The world is long past exploration, having decided that Earth was comfortable enough. But there was another reason.
Everyone just couldn't be borthered. They could easily visit anywhere in the galaxy they wanted at any time- for Virtual Technology had progressed beyond expectations.
Almost every person in the world had access to these devices, whether primative tanks to be submerged in, or direct neural implants allowing access anywhere, anytime.
The world had just expanded. With any amount of money, you could buy a domain online and build your virtual home, shop, park, office, or whatever you wished. The laws of gravity could be ignored- these structures were timeless, and architectual wonders have been created.
The streets are filled with the avatars of people, ranging from basic humaniod figures to outlandish decorations- for at any time, with some investment, one could create a three-dimensional image representing themselves in their personal realm of fantasy.
But the net has a dark secret.

Children, apparently unconnected in any way, whether by race, gender, age, family income, or any conventional method, were suddenly unconscous. They were living- but like coma victimes, they were effectively dead.
Concerned relatives have raised lawsuits against the net, blaming it for the harm. The net was innocent, but, in a sense, this accusation was true.
Less hasty citizens have done their research. The distinguishing factor- these children have all been using the internet. It was not that users were struck down, but non users were not struck down. Not a single one.
And, all of these citizens have found clues leading to a hidden node on the internet.

In this RPG, you will play the role of these citizens.
All of you have been brought together, after finding these clues in your research. This room was hard to get to- only the few of you have managed to hack through. But instead of answers, you are told to wait, until every expected guest has arrived.

Please list the following:

In your first post, you might want to make a short description of how you followed these clues up. In my next post, I'll give more details.
Please note that these characters are all civillians. You don't get any special military training (other than learning how to hack), you don't have any killer weapons with you (basically, you can use common sense like poking a knife into someone's eye hurts them a lot, but please don't say something like you ran up, stabbed them in the heart before they realised what was happening, etc...), and most importantly, you're unable to take advantage of the system. This is very important.
In this context, the virtual reality becomes like another world, where you see, feel and hear the world around you. You have to explore these worlds on foot (or in vehicles you find). Unlike other areas on the net, you cannot just issue a command to change your location. You can think of this as admin previlidges and all of you are new members =P
This becomes very important. I'll explain why afterwards. I will not be joining this RPG directly, seeing that if I join, I'll lag behind a lot. I'll just be controlling behind the scenes, and the general movements of the bad guys (Yes, there has to be some, no? Otherwise why are people falling into comas for no reason?) and stuff like that. Also, I'll give little prompting here and there to makes sure this RPG doesn't go totally wrong.
Please join only if you're quite sure you can keep this going. I don't want it to die too fast.

Edit: You can go ahead and make fighting characters, since you can train yourself to fight virtually with whatever weapon of your choice. But please remember that these weapons don't follow you everywhere, and I don't want too many strong fighters. Maybe, 1 or 2 will be enough.

December 28th, 2004, 1:09 AM
Name: Taisuke Kamura
Age: 17 (Is a victim's big brother)
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has Glasses with a silver frame (THe 2 lens are connected by one metal piece so there's no frame around the lens). Spiky silver and black hair, a black longsleeved t-shirt with a white t-shirt over it and khaki pants that go up to his knees.

Composer of Requiems
December 28th, 2004, 3:55 AM
*is lonely*
If there arn't enough I'll have to join in too XD.