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December 28th, 2004, 11:33 PM
Hey, its about time there was a Ronin Warriors RP! Ok, ok, the plot thingy.. here goes:
Centuries ago, there was an evil man with near-invincible armor. He would have conquered the world, had a warrior monk not finally felled him in battle. After the defeat of the tyrant, the warrior monk divided the power of the armor into nine portions: four that drew strength from the seasons, and five that were powered by the elements. To ensure that such a sinister force would never control the armors again, he attatched a virtuous trait to each armor that its wearer must posses: five Confucian virtues and four samurai virtures.

However, the man known as Talpa, though [email protected], remained a force to be reckoned with. His soul, corrupt and devious, entered a dimention where he amassed an empire. He recruited four generals and gave them each one of the seasonal samurai armors. Talpa is returning to this world in our time. Five teenagers from the present time have been selected to wear the five elemental Confucian armors and topple the Evil Dynasty: The Ronin Warriors!

We'll need someone for nearly every character, so I'll set up the rules:
1. PC rules
2. No powerplaying or godplaying
3. No one liners, post at least 5 good sentences.
4. I have the right to boot you out of the RP
5. Must submit a example of your RPing skills before you decide on a character, unless I personally invited you.
6. Have fun, after all, whats a good RP without some fun?

Side note: I know, most of the characters are males, g!rls, if you really want to be in this RP, you can act like a guy.. Its not THAT hard... ^_^ Also there are pics, from left to right: The good ronin warriors(name is above or below pic, depending on whether or not the pic is higher or lower), Emperor Talpa, The Ancient, and Lady Kayura

Here's the characters and a short bio, there will NOT be any made up characters because most people won't want to play the characters we need, and I'm not going to play them all, I will, however, play whichever characters we do not get people playing in addition to White Blaze, Ryo, The Ancient One, Yuli, Mia, and Emperor Talpa (Ryo is the only one that will constantly be around, Think of the others as "acessories") People are welcome to play up to two (2) different characters since there are a lot of characters. Crossed out names of characters are ones we don't need. Here's the list: (Extra note, I have changed it to where none of the characters die, even the bad guys, they will turn good and they all will be used later to take on Emperor Talpa)

Good Guys:

With the Armor of Hardrock, his attack is earth-elemental in nature. He is the strongest of the five, and Kento can often be heard commenting on how hungry he is. He eats a lot. A LOT.He suffers from an incurable appatite. Also, in spite of his (ahem) extra mass, he is very adept at jumping and leaping about in combat, which he displayed when he went one-on-one with Lady Kayura. It led Ryo on one occasion to say, "You must be part monkey!" His weapon is the three-part staff (naginata), which can have its ends connected to the central portion to create a long spear (naginata). Although the American version gives him a Japanese name, in the original series he was Chinese. Also, though his armor's name was translated as "Hardrock," its original name of "Kongoo" also means "Diamond."
How summons armor: says "Armor of Hardrock, Tao Gi"
Attack: Iron Rock Crusher

Although not as physically strong as someone like Kento, he is definitely strong of spirit. His armor, the Armor of Halo, is spiritual-elemental, manifesting its power in the form of lightning. He is equiped with a singular sword (no-dachi). I am told that in the original "Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers" (which I have not seen, sadly) He flirts with and has a crush on Mia. Lastly, while "chi" does mean "wisdom," the kanji on his forehead does not mean "wisdom." It means "courtesey."
How summons armor: say "Armor of Halo, Tao Chi"
Attack: Thunderbolt Cut

He was the last of the Ronin Warriors to be found (he was in space). His dark blue Armor of Strata gives him wind-elemental powers, including his "Arrow Shock Wave," which was something of an inspiration to me in my archery class. (I barely passed!) He is very skilled with his weapon, the hankyuu (compound bow) and arrow. The most intelligent of the Warriors, he is ored to have an IQ of 250! His defining quality was something I found a bit puzzling. With Life Force, he is able to help empower his friends and give them the strength to carry on. Actually, while "innochi" is "life force," the kanji on his forehead actually says "wisdom."
How summons armor: say "Armor of Strata, Tao Inochi"
Attack: Arrow Shock Wave

The true spelling of his name is unknown to me. Some say it's "S-A-I" and some say it's "C-Y". I have been told, however, that "C-Y-E" is the official spelling. It doesn't matter. It's pronounced the same as "sigh". At any rate, his light blue Armor of Torent gives him water-elemental powers. His weapon of preference is the trident (yari), perhaps an alusion to the mythological figures of Poseidon and Neptune. Cye of Torent is completely at home in the water, an excellent swimmer.
How summons armor: say "Armor of Torrent, Tao Shin"
Attack: Super Wave Smasher

Okay, there's a lot to say about this guy. Hot-tempered yet loyal to his friends, he is the unofficial leader of the group. He fights with the twin to-datchi (shortswords similar to katanas), the Swords of Fervor, which he had to find to replace the original swords that came with his armor. These swords can connect end-to-end at the handle to become a single dual-bladed weapon. His one quality, virtue, grants him the power of the fire-elemental Armor of W!ldfire. However, if granted four others, the armor will be "powered up" into the Armor of Inferno. Typically, he will "suck up" the virtues of his friends, but he has also usurped Piety, Serenity, and Obedience from the evil Warlords along with Rowen's Life Force on one occasion in order to power the Inferno Armor. He was also able to use the white armor once with power from the Ancient's staff.
How to summon armor: say "Armor of Wildf!re, Tao Ji"
How to summon other armor: Must have Armor of Wildf!re on, then say "Armor of Inferno, Tao Ji"
Attack (Wildfire): Flare up now!
(Inferno): Rage of the Inferno!

Yuli, Mia, and White Blaze(the tiger)
While they are not Ronin Warriors, they are definitely "Good guys." Yuli (Jun Yamada) was orphaned when the Evil Dynasty killed his parents. Mia Koshi (Nasuti Yagyu) took him in. Mia helped to find the Warriors and then used her knowledge and computer know-how to help out the Warriors. White Blaze (Byakuen) is the massive white tiger that Yuli and sometimes Ryo rides around on. He was bequeathed the essence of Black Blaze, a tiger owned by a bad guy called Lord Saberstrike. The guy got waxed in a fight with Ryo, but White Blaze died in the struggle. With his dying breath, he made a noble gesture and gave the essence of his own tiger to the fallen feline.

The Ancient One
The Ancient One (Kaosu) is the warrior monk who, four hundred years ago, defeated Talpa and divided the power of Talpa's armor into ninths, five linked to the Confucian virtues and four linked to the samurai virues. Even though we see his features in the shadows, his face is never shown. Why? I'm not sure. It just isn't. He is indeed ancient, as he has survived to the present time, only to trade his life for the Ronins' chance at defeating the Dynasty. Anubis, however, takes up where he left off, leading Mia and Yuli to the Jewel of Life.

Bad Guys:

There's a lot to say about Anubis. Many classify him as "morally ambiguous", rather than a "bad guy". Anubis would strike fear into the hearts of people everywhere with his sickle and chain (kasari-gama). After he realises that Talpa only wants him for his ability to wield the armor, he sees the light and goes on to travel in the guise of a monk, taking after The Anicent. His only weapon after that metamorphasis it the Staff of the Ancient, but it overflows with power. He dons the Armor one last time to free Lady Kayura from the control of the Dynasty, and in the end it costs him his life. She got his armor after he died.
How summon armor: say "Armor of Ogre, Tao Chu"
Attack: Quake with Fear

Crafty and cunning, he is the Warlord of Illusion. Lies and deciet are his arsenal. True to his animal sign of the spider, his special attack is the dreaded "Web of Deception." His weapon (?) is a spider-like shield-looking item he wears on his back, with bladed "legs" extending from it. This is where his ly web originates. From his weapon, energy threads extend into all over as the entire area becomes black. His opponents are entwined and incapacitated. Quite useful, especially since he wears an eyepatch over his left eye. That would impare his depth perception, wouldn't it? The kanji (Chinese symbol) on his forehead, "NIN," means "serene endurence," usually used with emphasis on enduring. It is the root word for "ninja."
How to summon armor: say "Armor of Spider, Tao Nin"
Attack: Web of Deception

Sekmet is the evil Warlord of Venom, and his animal sign is, apropriately, the cobra. The snake imagery is aparent not only in his armor; his swords can be linked end to end and like a snake, and he even has reptilian eyes. As the Warlord of Venom, his armor oozes toxic goo, and his spikes and weaponry are laced with poison. He even leaves corrosive footprints! Usually, he can be found at odds with Cye. Interestingly enough, when he was renamed for North American distribution, they used the snake imagery associated with Naaza and renamed him after and Egyptian snake godess.
How to summon armor: say "Armor of Cobra, Tao Ko"
Attack: Snake Fang Strike

Kale is the evil Warlord of Corruption. He is also the evil counterpart of Sage of Halo. (Interesting, since Sage was born under the sign of gemini, the twins.) Kale, like Sage, is equipped with a longsword (no-dachi). But, Kale's sword absorbs light in stead of immitting it, like when he executes his "Black Lightning Strike." He is the only Warlord with a direct opposite. In the Japanese version, his animal sign was the jackyl. Combined with his original name Anubis, he was a walking reference to Egyptian mythology.
How to summon armor: say "Armor of Panther, Tao Tei"
Attack: Black Lightning Strike

Lady Kayura
The other "morally ambiguous" character. She spends most of the series as a villainess, controlled by Talpa via the amulet around her neck. But, Talpa, not about to let another of his minions go, has Badamon, his chief of the soldiers, take control of her and turn her back. Anubis, in his armor one last time, breaks Badamon's control and sets Kayura free. The lady gets his Ronin Armor in the process. She uses her two Swords of Starlight and can unleash the power of her "Star Sword Scream" on any adversary. She, unbeknownst to her, is the descendant of the Ancient, the monk who gave his life to fight against Talpa.
Armor: None
Attack: Star Sword Scream

Emperor Talpa
This is the bad guy to end all other bad guys. He was slain by the original Ancient, and now he has no body. At least, not in the first part of the show. Later, after taking control over a large portion of Tokyo and setting up shop there in a ghostly fortress, he regains his corporeal form by temporarily usurping the power of all nine armors. His face is always hidden behind that grotesque mask. Whether the hair is part of the helmet or if it is his own, I do not know. In either case, this bad dude is f'ugly. No wonder he's got such an attitude. Well, he's now, so we don't have to worry about anything anymore. The Warriors, with the help of Lady Kayura and last-minute repentants Kale, Sekmet, and Dais, put an end to his reign of .
How to summon armor: Unknown, armor is combination of all nine
Attack: Unknown

December 28th, 2004, 11:36 PM
awesome job babe, it looks aweome thanks for inviting me to be in it! ^^
can I be Cye, I dont care if I have to be a guy, lol

December 28th, 2004, 11:47 PM
Yes, you can be Cye, but don't forget that you can have up to two different characters! *goes and crosses out "Cye" as a needed character*

December 29th, 2004, 10:06 AM
I'll take Rowan, and Anubis. If possible (or needed), I'll do Lady Kayura. Looks fun.

December 29th, 2004, 10:40 AM
Alright, I'll let you play Lady Kuyura if needed, Now to go cross off Anubis and Rowan!

December 29th, 2004, 12:02 PM
Come on ppl, its time to join this RP!!

Electric Hero
December 29th, 2004, 4:45 PM
I will be Sage! if that's ok with you pokefan007? =D

December 29th, 2004, 4:54 PM
Of course!! *kills character limit as he goes off to cross sage off*

Cool [email protected]
December 29th, 2004, 6:34 PM
Hey thanks for the Invitee.I'll join This sounds good.BTW who's my char.

Vampire Sugar Junkie
December 30th, 2004, 1:00 PM
I dont have an example of RPing skills, because im new. I am content to just follow the story, but if you are struggleing to find characters, i could step in...

January 1st, 2005, 9:56 PM
Cool Cr@cker- I don't care, its your choice ^_^ and thanks for joining!

Vampire Sugar Junkie- What I meant by example of RPing skills, is that you must first submit a little bit(at least a paragraph) of what you are able to do, show me your best work, stick with it, and I *might* let you join, but I'm still waiting for the others I invited to tell me if they want to join or not.