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December 29th, 2004, 1:34 AM
I'm proud of this cuz it's pretty so I decided to post it :P 'tis a wolfie. Enjoy.

Edit: I added anothe one...It only took 28 minutes and I couldn't add a BG though...

December 29th, 2004, 1:38 AM
Sugoi piccy! *huggles wolfy* I <3 how you did the shading and the background too! =3~

December 29th, 2004, 1:42 AM
Thanks ^^ It's also the most realistic wolf I've ever drawn...Took me 52 minutes :P

December 29th, 2004, 1:46 AM
No problem~

And yeah, the way you drew it makes me think that you sketched a real wolf. ^.^

Oh, and, why don't you want to show your other wolf drawings? I'm sure all your works are as good as the first one. =]

December 29th, 2004, 2:05 AM
I don't have any saved on my computer ^^; *scurries off to draw another wolf*

December 29th, 2004, 5:05 AM
I like the first one a lot~ (The one with the background). It has very good anatomy and it's pretty XD;

December 29th, 2004, 6:10 AM
The first one is very nice. I still wonder how you make it look so realistic..

December 29th, 2004, 6:47 AM
I used oekaki Shi Painter ^^

Lil' Schu
December 29th, 2004, 7:30 AM
*jaw drops* Wow! Those are really realistic! I love that background on the first wolfie ^^. The shading is awesome on both of the pictures. If you keep this up, you'll become an awesome artist in no time! Phwee~!

Elite Four Lance
December 30th, 2004, 9:25 AM
The moon youve made looks beautiful. ^^