View Full Version : PSB Recent Drawings- Azami, A Friends Fursona, My Evil Kitty celbra-- a lot of stuff!

December 29th, 2004, 5:21 AM
http://www.pichusb.com/berry/Tsu/gasp2.pngOMG! The art mod draws~~!1111oneoneone (Bwahaha)
http://www.pichusb.com/berry/Tsu/laugh.pngComments and Critiques welcome. No requests please and don't steal my art (who would though?).

Azami: I don't htink I posted this but if I did then oh well =3 <3 Shading.
Sneezy <3 Christmas: He is my death kitty. The shading was fun. This was my ferst oekaki in a long time.
Rakue: This is my Christmas gifty for one of my best friends, Tiger-Girl. I like the drawing but the CG isn't that good imo (Though someone said my shading is really good o-o)
Aqua: She's not Goth, She's not Punk, She's a Rave like your's truley! Drawn in my new human style <33 I needed a new character so there she is.
Kogomi x Rira Battle frontier: This image is adult-ish for intimacy but really it's nothing bad >> Just telling you though.


December 31st, 2004, 6:50 AM
those are some neat drawings Tsu-sensei.